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Fall Tablescape with a Beautiful Hydrangea Blossom Centerpiece


Welcome to the 419th Tablescape Thursday!Mary, a reader of BNOTP, shared some wonderful photos with me recently. She is an avid gardener and grows a lot of beautiful hydrangeas in her garden. Mary enjoys using hydrangeas in arrangements and centerpieces all around her home. She recently shared some pretty table settings with me including this wonderful summer table with a tiered centerpiece filled with yummy … [Continue Reading...]

A Tour of Daisy Room at Giraffe Manor & A Visitor to my Balcony

Romantic Bed with Mosquito Netting

I'm finally going through all the photos I took on my visit to Giraffe Manor and I realized today that I had never given you a full tour of the beautiful room I stayed in while visiting the manor. This post has 20 photos in it that I've never shared from my visit.Each of the rooms in the manor is named after one of the Rothschild Giraffe who have either lived or are currently living on the property. Rothschild Giraffe are endangered and … [Continue Reading...]

Transfer Old Videos to DVD or MP4 Files & Preserve Your Precious Memories


Do you have a drawer somewhere in your home filled with these? These were all in two small drawers in my family room. They date all the way back to the 80's and contain so many memories like birthdays, baseball games, ski trips, beach trips, scouting award ceremonies, swim meets, Christmases, trips to Disney World and Epcot, and a lot of "firsts" like the first time my son rode his bike without training wheels and the first time he read a book by … [Continue Reading...]

Best Biscuits: Taste Better Than They Look, I Promise!


Welcome to the 400th Metamorphosis Monday!Wowza! Where have these last 400 weeks gone? I've enjoyed every single one of them with you! Here's to the next 100! We'll have to plan something fun for when we hit 500 around two years from now. :)Best Biscuits (A recipe from the book, Heart of the Home, by Susan Branch)So you know those recipe blog posts you see in Blogland where the food looks absolutely amazing in the finished photos, … [Continue Reading...]

Friday Finds and Follies & An Amazing Sale


Some days I have so many things I want to share with you, I almost become paralyzed not knowing which I should share first. As I write this, I'm thinking I should just put them all into one post, despite the fact they are all a bit random. Random is good, right? lolEvery time I put together a "favorites" post, I keep forgetting to mention a CD I purchased a while back and absolutely love! It's the soundtrack for Rogers & Hammerstein's … [Continue Reading...]

Dining at Mahali Mzuri and Giraffe Manor, One Could Get Used to This!


Welcome to the 418th Tablescape Thursday!I have a lovely friend coming to visit real soon who is super crafty. She creates beautiful cards and the most amazing scrapbooks/photo albums! You can see her beautiful work in these delightful, 3-D, handmade cards I've received this past year. Aren't they wonderful?! Each is such a treasure, I could never part with them! This dear friend offered long ago to take the photos from my … [Continue Reading...]

Chihuly in the Garden, Atlanta Botanical Garden, 2016


Last week a friend and I visited the Atlanta Botanical Garden to see the garden and the beautiful art of Dale Chihuly. This beautiful piece hangs inside the main building in the garden. I think it may stay there full-time, seems like I've seen it there on previous trips. This is another piece that I think remains in the garden year round. Isn't it beautiful! This shaggy dog topiary made me laugh, loved it so … [Continue Reading...]

A Recycle-Upcycle Idea and a Limelight Hydrangea Update


Welcome to the 399th Metamorphosis Monday!If you follow Between Naps on the Porch on Instagram, HERE or have subscribed to Postcards from the Porch, the free BNOTP newsletter, you'll have seen this photo shared from a recent visit to the Atlanta Botanical Garden. Currently they have a delightful Chihuly exhibit in place all throughout the garden and it's beautiful. Every corner you round reveals a wonderful, enchanting surprise. I will share … [Continue Reading...]

Can a Fashion Piece Become a Decorating Accessory?


If you love handbags, chances are you've collected a few over the years. I don't have a big collection, but the bags I do have I really love and try to care for them as best I can so they'll last and look nice for a long time.Lately I've been doing a little reading about the best way to store a handbag when you're not carrying it. Normally the recommendation is to keep handbags inside a closet away from sunlight and the elements, with … [Continue Reading...]

Two Beautiful Table Settings & A Brilliant Storage Idea for Napkin Rings


Welcome to the 417th Tablescape Thursday!A while back I shared some bins I had purchased as a possible solution for storing my napkin rings. I ended up returning the bins, they were just too large and took up way too much space for napkin ring storage.Candace who reads BNOTP sent me a photo sharing how she stores her napkin rings and I think it is such a clever idea! She uses a slacks or pants hanger, the type that will hold multiple … [Continue Reading...]

Take a Tour of Beautiful Mimosa Hall


Pssst: I've been sharing pics on Instagram from my trip to the Atlanta Botanical Garden to see the wonderful Chihuly Exhibit. You'll find those here: BNOTP on InstagramBack in May of 2010, I was out for a walk in Roswell with a friend and we passed by historic Mimosa Hall. I've never really been able to get a good look at Mimosa Hall because the front yard is so wooded. Even in winter it's impossible to really get a good view of the … [Continue Reading...]

Come On Fall, Bring On the Leaves! I’m Ready!


Last Friday I shared a few faves and promised to share the rest this week, so here they are!This Has Been A Life ChangerRecently in a post I shared a photo of a fern on my deck. There were leaves on the deck that day and normally I would have taken the time to use my electric blower and blow them away, but my yard guy was coming that afternoon and they usually blow off the decks while here. So, I didn't want to waste time doing something … [Continue Reading...]