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Heat and Enjoy Those Outdoor Spaces Into the Fall and Winter Months


Welcome to the 404th Metamorphosis Monday! Recently I shared Terry and Mark's fabulous redesign where they turned an outdoor deck into a fabulous porch with space for dining and entertaining. If you missed that post, you'll find it here: Deck Makeover: A Covered Porch with Room for Dining & Entertaining. While writing that post, I noticed Terry and Mark had an outdoor heater on their porch. That started me wondering if I could use one on my porch, too. My … [Continue Reading...]

10 Ways to Stay Warm This Winter: My Winter Survival List, 2016


Those wonderfully high temps we had here in the Atlanta area this past week are starting to fade away. It got rather chilly last night. As I write this mid-afternoon, it's still 59° outside. I know that's not cold to most folks but it definitely falls into the category of "sweater weather" for this girl. Each year I put together a post with my favorites for surviving winter in comfort. Since our temps are starting to head south, I thought it was time to share … [Continue Reading...]

Halloween Entertaining: David Carter Brown’s “Pumpkin Hollow”


Welcome to the 422nd Tablescape Thursday! The leaves in my yard are changing color and both they and the acorns are falling like crazy right now. The oak tree in my front yard must have a special vendetta against my home. It's hurling acorns day and night at my bedroom windows and the metal roof of the front porch. Who knew autumn could be so violent. And noisy! lol Despite the falling leaves, the last few days have felt much more like summer, than autumn. I … [Continue Reading...]

5 Fabulous Designer Shoe Styles: Get The Look Without the Price!


Do you ever see shoes that you love, only to discover they are a designer brand and way more than you wish to pay? There are a few pairs of shoes that I've stalked over the years, hoping for a fabulous sale or a miracle. Usually the fancy designer brands don't go on sale and on the rare occasion that they do, they are normally out of my size or still more than I really want to spend. Every now and then, if it's a purse or pair of shoes I've been wanting for a … [Continue Reading...]

Deck Makeover: A Covered Porch & Room for Dining and Entertaining


Welcome to the 403rd Metamorphosis Monday! A while back I shared a great idea Terry and her hubby Mark had come up with for their deck that would allow more time spent out doors. Sometimes the summer heat can just be too much and forces us to abandon our decks and patios and head inside. But Terry and Mark found a way around that by setting up a screened, tent-like structure on their deck . It created a great spot to enjoy summer days out of the hot summer sun. … [Continue Reading...]

Tour the William Root House In Mourning, Oldest Home in the City of Marietta


Recently a friend and I visited the William Root House Museum & Garden. The Root House was almost demolished back in the 1980s because it had fallen into terrible disrepair. Fortunately, some savvy folks realized it was the oldest known home in the city of Marietta and preservation efforts got underway just in time. In 1989, the Cobb Landmarks and Historical Society acquired the home and it was moved to its current location in Marietta. It took quite a few … [Continue Reading...]