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An “Italy-Inspired” Table Setting & A Special Story

Italian Themed Tablescape with Lemon Centerpiece 01_wm

Welcome to the 358th Tablescape Thursday! Terri and Johnny just returned from Italy and that wonderful trip was the inspiration for today's tablescape. They had been planning this trip for a while but it had to be put on hold for a while. As we enjoy Terri's beautiful table setting created for a dinner with family after their return, I'll let Terri tell you why she celebrates each and every day with joy.   "My name is Terri … [Continue Reading...]

An Inspiration Update For My Home Office

Office Updates, Scratch-off Bucket List Map

Yesterday afternoon I made a little update here in my home office.   You may remember seeing this large decorative clock on the wall in previous photos. (This photo was taken back around Halloween one year so ignore the pumpkins.) I like this clock but I purchased it mainly to help fill that big blank wall. I've always wanted to do a gallery of photos there, instead.   Maybe eventually it will showcase lots of photos … [Continue Reading...]

10 Rolling, Carry-On Bags That Are Beautiful, As Well As Practical

Feminine Floral Rolling Carry on Bag

I've been giving a lot of thought lately to what luggage I'll be carrying when I travel to Italy this fall. When I first started dreaming and planning for a trip, the travel company I was considering using really emphasized taking a very small suitcase (like a carry-on size) for the whole trip because they often booked rooms in small Mom-Pop owned hotels where there were no elevators. Also, due to the location of those places, they warned you … [Continue Reading...]

A Screened Porch Addition, No Haints Allowed!

Screened Porch with Haint Blue Ceiling & White Wicker 1

Welcome to the 339th Metamorphosis Monday! Recently I received the nicest e-mail from Gloria. She recently added a screened-in porch on to the back of her home and it turned out beautifully! Gloria said, "I found you and your blog in 2012 when I was doing my research to convert a deck on the west side of my house to a screened porch.  My husband and I never used the deck because it was just too hot and buggy. In early 2012 while … [Continue Reading...]

In The BNOTP Library: Great American Houses and Their Architectural Styles

Great American Houses by Virginia & Lee McAlester

If you have an interest in the architectural history of the homes we see all across America, you'll love this book. Many of the homes featured in this book are of historical significance and you'll probably recognize the architects and often the owners of these beautiful homes,   In the BNOTP Library: Great American Houses And Their Architectural Styles Author: Virginia & Lee McAlester 3 Things I Like About This … [Continue Reading...]

What I’m Loving These Days…These Are The Bomb!

Flowerbomb Fairytale

Does anyone still use that expression? I had to use it for this post...that will make sense in just a minute. One of the most popular posts I write here at BNOTP is when I share my favorite finds, products I've discovered and love using. I'll try to create one of those posts about once a month and they will most likely always be a mix of things from beauty products to household products to fashion to whatever. If it's something I've recently … [Continue Reading...]

A Nautical Table Setting by Candlelight

Nautical Tablescape by Candlelight 1

Welcome to the 357th Tablescape Thursday! Soooo, remember yesterday how I mentioned plans to create a table setting on the little bistro table that lives here on the deck. HA! Mother Nature had other plans.   A huge storm came and  raged on for quite a while. It ended about half an hour before it became totally dark out. When the storm finally ended, I  rushed downstairs and quickly put the table I had been thinking about … [Continue Reading...]

5 Hidden Reasons To Travel

Scratch off Travel Map of Where You've Traveled

This morning I made a trip over to a local garden nursery, hoping to find geraniums for the pots behind my bistro table. I'm running behind this year, normally those would have been filled in early spring.   Every year I place geraniums here since this area gets a lot of sun. Last summer I had tall hibiscus growing on either side so the geraniums got a lot of shade and didn't do so well.   The reason I'm so late in … [Continue Reading...]

In The BNOTP Library: The Finest Rooms in America

The Finest Rooms in America by Thomas Jayne

It was the title of this book that first caught my eye, but the "Editorial Reviews" and the reviews on Amazon prompted me to take a chance and buy it.   In the BNOTP Library: The Finest Rooms in America Author: Thomas Jayne 3 Things I Like About This Book: This is another one of those books that let's us take a peek into the homes of some very famous people. They come from all walks of life and include designer Carolyne … [Continue Reading...]

Tour a Beautiful Victorian Home, Rebuilt After a Devastating Fire

Beautiful Curved Staircase in Victorian Home

Yesterday we toured the outside of this beautiful Victorian home belonging to Christy and Don. You may remember the original home was destroyed by fire after a lightning strike. It's really scary to think that lightning can cause such destruction, isn't it?   We'll start our tour here in the entry and a grand entry it is with a beautiful curving staircase. I think it may have been around Christmas when this photo was taken since … [Continue Reading...]

A Beautiful Victorian Home Rises From The Ashes

Victorian Home with Wrap Around Porch

Welcome to the 338th Metamorphosis Monday! In 2008, the unthinkable happened. A storm came and lightening reduced this beautiful Victorian home to charred rubble. The owners, Christy and Don, began a new, determined to rebuild their home following the design of the original house as their guide.   It took two full years to bring it back, but oh my gosh, is it wonderful!   I love the turret, the larger dormers on … [Continue Reading...]

Like Living In a Novel

Lantern Hanging from Tree

The listing described this home as "like living in a novel" and I couldn't agree more. It's over-the-top romantic and if it's this beautiful and enchanting in pictures, I can't imagine what it must be like in person. (Psst: Press Ctrl + 2-3 times on your keyboard to view the pictures in bigger form and Ctrl 0 (zero) once you're done.) Whoever built this home was definitely a romantic at heart to hang a beautiful glowing lantern from a tree … [Continue Reading...]