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Join Me for the Captain’s Gala Dinner Aboard the River Voyager

Dessert, Captain's Gala

Welcome to the 397th Tablescape Thursday! For this week's Tablescape Thursday, I'm taking you with me to the Captain's Gala Dinner on board our ship, the River Voyager. The tables are set beautifully with a single tulip for our centerpiece.   Our lunches and dinners have all been five and six course meals and truly wonderful! Unfortunately, the Captain couldn't attend the gala this evening. We were to be entering rough seas that … [Continue Reading...]

A Canal Ride in Bruges, Belgium

Canal Ride Through Bruges

Take a little ride with me through one of the many canals in Bruges, Belgium. Click on the photo below to ride, or click here: A Canal Ride in Brudges, Belgium.   … [Continue Reading...]

Ferris Wheels and Windmills, A Visit to Amsterdam and Kinderdijk

Ferris Wheel in Front of The Royal Palace, Amsterdam

Welcome to the 378th Metamorphosis Monday! Early Saturday morning, as I was flying into Amsterdam, I looked out the window of the plane and did a double take. Do you see them down there?   Lots and lots of windmills, smack dab in the middle of the ocean. How is that even possible, windmills in the middle of the ocean? I thought I'd see windmills on this trip, just had no idea I'd see before I got anywhere near … [Continue Reading...]

Fruit Infusion Pitcher, Love This Thing!

BPA Free Infusion Pitcher

Pssst: Little Reminder, I'll be posting photos periodically each day on Instagram while I'm in Holland and Belgium. If you would like to follow along on this adventure, be sure to follow me on Instagram here: Between Naps On The Porch on Instagram.  Instagram is the easiest way for me to share something with you in real time. :) Recently while shopping in Marshalls, I came across an Infusion Pitcher. Have you seen these? It came with three … [Continue Reading...]

8 Table Setting Ideas for Mother’s Day

Delphinium for a Spring Table Setting

Welcome to the 396th Tablescape Thursday! Mother's Day is just a few weeks away! For this week's Tablescape Thursday, I'm sharing eight spring tables I've put together over the years that would easily work for a Mother's Day celebration, too. Happy Spring! Click on the titles of each tablescape to view that tablescape in full. Daisy Centerpiece with Bunnies for Mother's Day   Mother's Day Setting with Delphinum Floral … [Continue Reading...]

Packing for The Netherlands & Going With a Go-Pro

Packing for a Vacation in the Netherlands

Packing is definitely my least favorite thing about travel. It feels a bit overwhelming, trying to decide what to take to a far-a-way place you've never been, especially when the trip is occurring during the changing of the seasons. Per The Weather Chanel, the weather is going to be quite chilly during the time I'm away. I'm leaving sunny weather that's in 70's for a place where the high each day is in the low 50's. Those tulips better be … [Continue Reading...]

Vintage Style Bins for Napkin Ring Storage Ideas

Storage Bins for Small Items, Organization

Welcome to the 377th Metamorphosis Monday! Thanks so much for all your awesome suggestions and comments on Saturday's post about my upcoming trip to Holland and Belgium! I'm so looking forward to sharing those places with you. I'll be posting throughout the trip, I've heard they have good wifi on board so keeping my fingers crossed it will be able to handle uploading photos. Be sure and follow Between Naps on the Porch on Instagram … [Continue Reading...]

Last Minute Travel and An Amazing Deal!

Tulip in Bloom in Holland and Belgium, Travel

One of my favorite things to do these days is to check out travel tour websites and dream. It's almost as fun as the travel itself. Almost. Recently while stalking Vantage Deluxe World Travel, I came across a deal I couldn't believe. The trip is called: Springtime in Holland & Belgium: Tulips, Windmills & Canals. It's for a river cruise through Holland and Belgium. I'll be blogging throughout the trip just as I did last fall when I … [Continue Reading...]

Antiquing at A Classy Flea

Green & Cream Check Wingback Chair with Ottoman

It has been ages since I took you antiquing/thrifting with me at A Classy Flea. I try not go too often because I'm always super tempted by so many things! I do love antiquing, though and find it so relaxing. Do you find that, too? As I pulled into the parking lot of A Classy Flea, these chairs caught my eye. They were priced at $199 each or $349 for the pair. I hope someone buys the pair and keeps them together.   This little … [Continue Reading...]

Makeover a Hutch with a Nautical-Beach Theme

Porch Hutch with Beach Makeover

Welcome to the 395th Tablescape Thursday! Recently I de-pollened the porch and gave it a little spring makeover.   I dressed the porch hutch with my fave porch dishes: Tabletops Unlimited, Ma Maison.   For this week's Tablescape Thursday, I decided to give the hutch a little beach makeover using a dishware I purchased back in right after the porch was completed.   I found this beachy dishware in … [Continue Reading...]

Awesome Spring Sale From One of My Favorite Stores!

Beaded Lobster Sweater

Your comments on yesterday's post have me excited to get the results of my DNA test back! Thanks so much for sharing the amazing things you've discovered. After reading your comments, I went ahead and signed up for Ancestry dot com on a month-to-month basis to see what I can learn. Last night I discovered several cousins that I've never met, have started their own family trees which has greatly helped fill in some of the dates/gaps on mine. … [Continue Reading...]

Where Do I Come From Anyway?

How to Use a Ancestry DNA Kit

Ever since I first heard about DNA testing, I've wanted to give it a whirl. How cool would it be to learn if you really are a combination of all the places recorded in your baby book, or if there's more to your life's story than you know. When DNA testing was first made available, I waited for two reasons: 1. The cost and 2. Reliability. It used to be very pricey and I was a bit suspicious of the accuracy since it was kind of a new … [Continue Reading...]