A Case of DIY ADD

Do you ever find yourself pulled in a gazillion directions, so many you’re not sure where to start? That’s me today. I have a new project I’m eager to get started on. I purchased the wood today.



It’s such a gorgeous day out (66 degrees right now) so I’d really like to get a started on a table setting for Tablescape Thursday before it turns cold again. As I opened the doors on the porch hutch to pull out some dishes…

Porch Hutch Decorated for Spring


I saw this. I know it’s hard to see but a year or two ago the floor of the hutch began to sag under the weight of the dishes. It’s kind of pain to store dishes in there now because they all lean toward the center.

China Storage on the Porch


So, I pulled out some more dishes and stood there staring at it thinking how that piece of thin plywood I brought home today for another project, would be just the thing to fix the floor of the hutch. I have a jig saw now and I think with a little measuring I could fix this on my own, that is if I can get the old bottom out.

As I was standing there trying to decide if I should pull out all the dishes and start this project (which would mean some demo, sawing, painting and hammering) OR make hay while the sun is shining and set the table on the porch, OR  start on that new project…the doorbell rang.

China Cabinet on the Porch


The McCloskey marine varnish I ordered has arrived.

McCloskey Marine Spar Varnish


Now I can get to work adding some protection to the potting bench I built recently before it goes to live on the deck. See what I mean…too many projects and I want to start them all right now! Definitely a case of DIY ADD! Do you suffer with it, too?

Pottery Barn Abbott Inspired Potting Table & Buffet Server 1_wm


Red Candlesticks

In the meantime, I have something else to share for those of you who have asked over the years about these red candlesticks. I bought these in Hobby Lobby around 5 years ago. They made it into the 3rd Tablescape Thursday on September 9, 2008, only then it was called Tablescape Tuesday.

Bird Themed Table Setting


 I’ve used them many times over the last 5+ years in autumn table settings.



Father's Day Table Setting


Each time I’ve used them, folks always want to know where I found them. (Tablescape can be viewed here: Autumn Table Setting with Acorn Tureens)

Fall Table Setting on the Porch


Sadly I always have to say I’ve had them for 5 years, which means they would be impossible to find now. Right?



Maybe not! These aren’t exactly the same but pretty close! I haven’t been in Hobby Lobby in ages but recently a friend and I stopped by and I spotted these. I instantly thought about all those folks who have asked about them over the years. So if that was you and you have a Hobby Lobby near you, you may want to check these out. I just noticed, it looks like they have them in blue, too…see them there on the left?

Red Candlesticks from Hobby Lobby


Okay, I’m off to get into some kind of trouble…not sure what it will be but I’m going to try to pick one project and FOCUS! 🙂

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  1. I can totally relate, Susan! Hope you’re enjoying the day!
    xo Heidi

  2. Susan, Thanks for the smile. I know that in a few weeks I am going to have garden ADD because there will be so many projects to be done outside.

    Will look forward to seeing your new project

  3. If you buy a chain saw and start cutting down trees, I am going to worry!
    Wear your goggles, Bobette the Builder! 🙂

  4. Hobby Lobby should give you a commission. 🙂 You made me laugh when you said, “I have a jigsaw now.” You forgot to say, “So look out world.” 🙂

  5. LUV “Hobby Lobby!” FOCUS!! franki

  6. I started reading your blog because I Love the name! I keep coming back because I find it very interesting! I’ve only been blogging for a few months. I have a Lot to learn!

  7. Love HL, but have not been in a while. Still trying to get rid of – not bring in.
    Hope you are enjoying the weekend. 60’s here today – doing the happy dance. 😀

  8. I can sure relate today. My husband just took out all the shelves in the pantry today and is putting in much stronger ones. He said I was the only one with sway back shelves in all my cabinets. I think it is all the dishes I can’t seem to part with. Good luck with all your projects. PS For Fat Tues. I wrapped the beads around the napkins as napkin rings and then everyone put them on. Lots of fun

    • Carol, what a great idea for napkin rings! Love that! I need to do the same thing in my food pantry…the shelves are wood and are terrible. Another project, another day!

  9. A gal after my heart…..so many projects, so little time. Story of my life! Then you show the cute candlesticks and now I’m thinking trip to hobby lobby…love your blog! Love all your beautiful tablescapes!!!!

  10. Susan, you are becoming quite the carpenter! Can’t wait to see what you are getting ready to make this time. I was also happy to get a glimpse of Hobby Lobby. We are about to get one in our area & I can’t wait because I have heard so much about them.

  11. Hi Susan, thanks for the info on the candlesticks! I am going to Fl. next week and there is a HL near my sister!!!! None up here. I can kinda relate to the DIY dilemma except that JOE is the one who actually DOES the projects while I “help”. I thank God all the time that he is so handy!!!! YOU are amazing!!!!!!

  12. Susan,
    I can’t wait to see the potting bench with the varnish. I too have the DIY ADD bug – I think caused by Spring fever. It was 70 here in Apex, NC today (yesterday the crazy low was 19) and you could hear the sound of hedge cutters all over the neighborhood as folks ventured outdoors with the hope and optimism that perhaps winter is finally over. I love this glorious time between winter and green pollen!
    We have a jigsaw (I love the jigsaw) so I asked my husband for a band saw or a kreg drill for Mother’s Day (whichever one I don’t get I plan on getting him for Father’s Day). I have a tip for the jigsaw I’d like to pass along: if you’re cutting a surface you don’t want scratched up, tape off all around the surface area with wide painters tape double the width of the jigsaw guides (so that when you make turns with the jigsaw the surface will still be protected). The guides of the jigsaw will run along the tape while you’re cutting and won’t ruin the surface. Once you’re through, the tape is easily removed. We did this when we needed to cut a rectangle into a painted kitchen island end cabinet to install an outlet and it worked like a charm. Have a terrific Sunday!

    • Yep, the dreaded pollen season is coming, not looking forward to that! Thanks for that tip, I never even thought of that! I keep wishing I knew how to use a Kreg Jig. If I keep thinking of projects to do, I’ll have to learn more about those. I bet there’s probably a few video on YouTube I could watch. It looks like one of those things that could take a little practice to get the hang of. A Band saw would be amazing to have. I bet you guys have a great workshop! You know what I wish I had the most right now, Terri? A work bench! lol I think I need to build myself a work bench so I have a place to work! 🙂

  13. pam ~ crumpety cottage says:

    Susan, I have “LIFE ADD.” At any given time there are at least 17 things I want to be doing (and I’m not kidding.) Sometimes it’s crippling just trying to make a decision! At least you’re doing something useful. 😀 Can’t wait to see your new project. Hee hee.

    Btw, couldn’t you just put a new bottom on top of the old one in your hutch? Might be a time saver. And it was so much fun to see your 3rd tablescape! I hadn’t found you yet, way back when. How nice of you to think of your girlfriends (us 😉 ) when you saw the candlesticks. Come to think of it, I could give you a long list of things I’ve seen on your blog and throughout your house that you could, you know, keep an eye out for, for me. 😛

    • Pam, I had that same thought when I was looking at the pictures after I published the post. 🙂 I’m just not sure how thick the bottom would end up. I think what I’ll end up doing is cutting it out and then lay it in there to see how it looks. If it just doesn’t look right, I may attempt to remove that bottom piece. I may need to look for something thinner (but still sturdy) than the plywood I bought.

  14. I cannot figure out the new system. I cannot post my blog. too complicated.

  15. Regality3 says:

    BoyHowdy, I resemble that remark. My projects are nowhere near as major as the ones you accomplish, but I always have something half done in almost every room (particularly at change of season time). The house often looks as if we’re either moving in or moving out. *L*

  16. Absolutely relate, Susan! I often suffer from OCD & ADD — everything has to be perfect, but not for very long! This is probably more me than the DIY & ADD. I certainly hope no one thinks we are making fun of these serious disorders. I would never do that and I know you would not either.

  17. Hi Susan, You have coined the term DIY ADD and yes, I to suffer from this! I enjoyed reading this and can definitely relate!


  18. Hi Susan, Oh my gosh – yes, DIY ADD. That’s it! I knew there’s is a medical term for what I have. My husband thinks that I just never finish a project. I have three projects started in my kitchen plus built ins that were started last fall. I tell him its because they all have to tie in with one another and have to be finished at the same time – right? I’m new to the blogosphere (three weeks old to be exact) and love finding gorgeous websites that inspire me to keep on bloggin’. I’d love to get involved in your parties but sometimes I feel like I’m out of my league. Maybe you would stop by sometime at http://www.makeitfixitplanit.com, give me some pointers. ;D

  19. Mary Beth says:

    OMG — I just saw your picture with the dishes at the bottom of the hutch. I had those very dishes forever — sold them at a garage sale about 15 years ago. They were my first everyday dishes when I first got married 39 years ago!
    My cousin had them and I fell in love and I registered for them. I think they’re by Franciscan or something like that?
    They are very heavy dishes but still look like Spring!

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