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A Little “Behind the Scenes” of Running a Blog

This  has been a busy week. I don’t often talk about the mechanics or the behind-the-scenes stuff of running a blog but there’s almost always something going on. Each day brings plugin updates, MySQL updates, theme updates…there’s always something going on to interrupt or sideline what I had planned to work on.

If you were trying to access BNOTP late last night around 11:30 and you saw an error page, the blog was down for a few minutes while my hosting company, Liquid Web attempted to do some WordPress updates on my server. Things didn’t quite go as planned so instead of the blog being down for a few seconds, it turned into 5-10 minutes. When that happens, I have to just get up and walk away because I know they are working on it, but it still stresses me out a bit.

Have you heard about the latest big security vulnerability named, Heartbleed. Ominous name, right? I’ve gotten numerous emails from my hosting company and other sources warning about it this week.


My hosting company was already on it and made sure my server was protected along with all the others they host. That process required a reboot of my server and at my request they waited until 3AM to do it so it would inconvenience the least amount of people.

I noticed this morning, Feedburner sent out yesterday’s post via email again. Ummm, not sure why that happened. Maybe they had to reboot their servers or something and it reset some things.

The BNOTP server will go down again tonight around 3AM. My hosting company will be moving BNOTP over to a Solid State Drive server (SSD), an upgrade that I’m really looking forward to. The server will be down a while longer this time, probably closer to half an hour. Update: Ha! I totally got that wrong…the process took almost 5 hours!

Anyway, this is boring stuff, not what you come here to read but just wanted to let you know in case you saw those brief outages over the last day or so. I’m thankful to have such a pro-active hosting company. They are truly amazing, always answer their phone in seconds and keep me calm when I’m slightly freaking out, not that I would ever do anything like that. ;)

Okay, I’ll be back later today with something fun. Happy Friday!

Update: Here’s a list of sites that could be effected. If you use any of these, you may wish to change your password: The Heartbleed Hit List


  1. Carolyn Price says:

    Bless your heart! Don’t stress, Susan. : / We’re all kind, patient and understanding. If you’re “not there,” we will be back, we can wait. Your posts are work and they are worth waiting for. It’s all good! : ) As a friend tells me … stressed-out person that I am at times … Stay “zen.”

  2. Linda Page says:

    I am so glad that YOU know what you are doing because I would be as lost as possible. We, and I know I speak for everyone, don’t want anything to interrupt or take away our daily dose of BNOTP!!! We are so glad that you are on top of the situation. You are much appreciated.

  3. You aren’t the only one having problems. The amount of hacking being done to even people like me that don’t blog and to doctors and dentists offices is unbelievable. I’ve had my computer in to the shop 3 times and finally sent it to VoTech and they told me they had never seen so many problems on one computer. I am in the country at the end of the end of the signal and they think that is what is causing my problems.

    Go sit on that pretty porch with a nice iced tea and I would love to share my pecan/coconut bars with you. They are such a nice spring change. The recipe is in a 50 year old Betty Crocker cookbook and so easy to make.

  4. PatinCal says:

    I didn’t actually get yesterday’s email; so for me, this morning’s wasn’t a duplicate.
    Interesting post. Thanks

  5. It’s a teckie war out there!!! franki

  6. Susan, I do appreciate when you talk about these things. I got a update from my host/server people saying they are working on it and we need to update our plugins et al. I sometimes think I am the only one, not the only one with issues, just the only one that doesn’t understand. I am having an issue with a plugin. It worked fine until an update, then problems set in. I think it is conflicting with another plugin, but I have not been to isolate which one. ugh!

    I did get an email from you this morning to see yesterday’s post which I had already read. I get two notices, one from g+ and one from my email. I guess I signed up twice… I started to email you, but held off to see if it was a glitch or there was a real problem.

    Thanks for the post. Again I appreciate it.


    • I don’t fully understand it either…thank goodness the folks who host the blog do, though. Plug-ins are a pain…can’t live with ‘em and can’t live without ‘em!

  7. I heard about Heartbleed yesterday. Scary stuff! I love your blog, Susan! Linda Crafts a la Mode

  8. Susan, thank you for your email…………….Have been ” out of the loop”, this is the first I have read about Heartbleed. I know I speak for many,many of your loyal followers, your blog and posts mean so much to our days. And thank you for that also!

  9. Reading this makes me realize how little I know about running a blog! I heard about heartbleed- crazy! It’s been out there for two years so that’s kind of freaky.

  10. Susan, sounds like your host has everything under control, but I know how hard it is to put the blog into the hands of others! My step-son is technically our host, and I freak out when he’s not available. Thanks for the list-I have a lot of passwords to change!

  11. Ack! I hate technical stuff! I am so lost when it comes to anything like that! Like I told my kids, I didn’t even touch a computer until I was in my 30’s and had to learn how to use one at work~they grew up with them! My youngest (back in the 80’s) learned by working on a computer that someone in the family won years before, and came to us in a box with a bunch of floppy disks. (That computer belongs in a museum, it was a Kaypro and had a little tiny screen with green letters). Anyway, he got it up and running like a top. It turns out that’s his thing. He keeps a computer lab that trains aviators going. I guess that’s what you call it. He’s responsible for all those computers~~I think he checks his caller I.D. and if it says “Mom” he doesn’t pick up. He’s scared it’s me saying, “Can you come over and see what’s wrong with my computer? I think I’ve screwed it up again? *whine*” How I had a son that smart I don’t know. We dropped a line in the gene pool, and pulled this big ol’ smart fish out~~he didn’t get it from his Dad & me, that’s for sure!
    Oh, and Susan thanks for all your hard work. I have several sites that I keep up with, but when time is short I never miss checking out yours. It’s a “must read” for sure!

  12. Rochelle says:

    I thought this was an interesting post. I received a notice from Pinterest yesterday about Heartbleed. It also had a link about other possible sites that might be affected. Facebook was one mentioned that I use. It stated that although Pinterest and Facebook felt that they took actions to protect their sites they still recommend that you change your password, which I did.

  13. Pat Cobb says:

    You are always worth the wait! Hope everything is all better now!

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