A Little Bit Of Everything aka What A Week!

This has been a crazy, slightly stressful week. Definitely a week of stamping out fires. It feels like it should be Friday of next week already with all that’s been going on. Ever feel like you’ve packed two weeks worth of stuff into a few days?

Friday I drove the 9+ hour trip back home from Louisiana and arrived in Atlanta exactly at 5:00 PM, just in time for rush hour. In the rain. Yuck.

Saturday and Sunday were spent on fabulous, garden tours followed by sipping icy cold margaritas on the outdoor patio of the Raging Burrito in Atlanta.

I got a call during the day while touring the gardens from a sweet son and these (along with chocolate) were awaiting me when I returned home. Love that boy, now a grown man and a dad. He’s still my boy, even if he is grown.

Lillies & Iris for Mother's Day


On Monday, as the day began to heat up, I turned on the air conditioning upstairs for the first time this season and after about a half an hour, the thermostat had not budged. Ugh.  I turned it off and called my A/C company. They couldn’t come out for a long time so I changed companies and went with a highly regarded company in the area. They promised to come out on Wednesday. Monday and Tuesday were some hot days here in the office. Thank goodness for fans.

1 004


As I type this, I’m now enjoying cool comfort. The A/C guy just left, he showed up right on time and had the problem diagnosed in seconds…a bad MFD Capacitor…whatever that is. Sounds like something Marty or Doc would have attached to their DeLorean time machine in the movie, Back to the Future, doesn’t it?


Email Woes

Having been unable to solve the mystery of the failed-e-mail-post-deliveries prior to leaving for Louisiana, I worked on that much of Monday. I found a couple of great tutorials online and followed them setting up a domain email for Between Naps on the Porch and Denim Do Over at the server cPanels for both blogs. Next I made the necessary changes in Feedburner and was so happy when some of the BNOTP readers began reporting they were getting e-mail updates again.




Unfortunately, some folks are still not receiving them. I’ve talked to a few IT folks who told me it might take a little while for the big companies like AT&T, Comcast, AOL, etc… to start unblocking the emails again. What’s really weird is some Yahoo folks are getting emails and some aren’t.

I’ve spent hours working on this and I’ll continue working on it until it’s solved. I know you’re as frustrated as I am that you’ve subscribed to something you want and your own email service is blocking it. I will figure this out, don’t worry.


Commenting at BNOTP

While we’re talking bloggy stuff, you may notice the “comment” box works a little bit different now. Some folks were seeing teeny, faded writing when they tried to leave a comment. I just started working with a new service for tech help and they said another comment plugin I had activated was somehow interfering with another one that came built-in to Jet Pack, another plugin I use. They deactivated Comment Reply Notification and I think it corrected the problem.

Comment box


Let me know how you like the new comment box/process. If you’re a blogger and you use a particular comment plugin that you and your readers love, please share the name of it. I would love some alternatives in case the Jet Pack Comment thingy doesn’t work out well.

I noticed Jet Pack doesn’t let you see your comment once you hit submit. Even though I moderate comments to stop spam from posting, the old comment plugin I was using did at least let you see the comment once it was written and submitted. So, we’ll see how this one goes and you can let me know what you think.


Grass Update:

Several folks have ask for an update on the Zeon Zoysia lawn I had installed late last summer. (You can see those posts HERE and HERE.  Well, remember the ugly ice storm that hit Georgia this past winter?

Ice Storm in Georgia, 2014 13


It left cars stranded all over metro Atlanta for days, including on the road that’s back behind my home.

Cars stranded in the snow and ice, Atlanta 2014


Apparently it’s now responsible for my front yard looking like this in mid May. My neighbors lawns that have been in for years, have all greened up. But my “just planted last July/August yard” is struggling and it’s slightly freaking me out. This wasn’t an inexpensive investment so it has me a bit nervous. Leave it to me to sod my yard the summer before we get a bad ice storm…great timing, huh?

Zeon Grass Extremely Slow To Green Up


Here’s a close-up of some of the “still asleep” areas.  There are hints of life showing through.

Zeon Grass Extremely Slow To Green Up


Look at my neighbors lush green lawn across the street. Hope I’ll be seeing that soon. My lawn service came out yesterday and on their invoice they wrote, “New Zoysia-winter injury, give time to recover.” They treated it with two things: “summer green organic” and something called speedzone. I watered it in and now I wait.

Zeon Grass Extremely Slow To Green Up


The side yard looks a little better.

Zeon Grass Extremely Slow To Green Up


Remember this picture of the back yard right after the sod was installed?

Backyard with Zeon Sod (2)


It’s a total loss. I could cry. This area gets a lot of shade so I never expected the grass to be super wonderful but I didn’t expect this. Apparently, the ground just stays too wet back here after it rains and we got LOTS of rain last summer. If that’s not it, I have no idea what happened. Same grass as in the front, Zeon Zoysia. Dead as a doorknob now. :(

1 037


Painting the Porch, Pergola and Decks

Monday and today I was busy getting estimates for having the exterior of the whole house pressure washed, including the screened porch. The estimates are also for painting the exterior and interior of the porch, along with the decks and pergola.

Screened Porch with Sheer Curtains and White Wicker Furniture


It’s been six years and the humidity is finally beginning to take a toll on the paint. The rest of the house is still fine, paint wise, but this area in back surrounded by trees is in need of some freshening up.

Mildew on Porch


One of the companies I got an estimate from recommended using a product called Superdeck for the deck handrail and deck floor. I normally just have the decks pressure washed or clean them myself and then restain them with a good semi-transparent stain, like Cabot. But each year after I clean the decks or have them pressure washed, it strips the stain right back off. A never-ending maintenance job year after year.

1 056


Apparently, Superdeck is supposed to be extremely durable and only has to be applied every 6 years or so. It can be just about any color you can imagine, I even saw lavender and turquoise in the brochure. Don’t worry, I won’t paint my deck lavender, but if I had some shutters on a beach house, the turquoise sure would be tempting. :)

I was thinking of using it in white for the deck handrails since it’s supposed to be a lot easier to wash than paint. It’s supposed to be really good for badly damaged decks but since my deck flooring isn’t damaged, I sort of hate to use it on there since it’s a solid color treatment. I’ll let you know if I end up using it.

1 052


It’s been 6 years since everything was painted…

Pergola with Outdoor Chandelier


…and this one corner board on the edge of the bay window, under the pergola, has to be replaced. This was replaced last time I had the house painted. They will be using Hardieplank this time, like the siding that’s around it, so hopefully this won’t be an issue again.

1 065


Ditto for the corner pieces of the fireplace. Those were replaced last time but for some reason the company I used replaced them with wood instead of Hardieplank. Maybe they only made siding back then. The only damaged part is at the very top, but I’m going to have the whole piece replaced on all four corners with the fiber cement Hardieplank material so it will be done for good.

1 021


I wonder if the woodpecker who did this to my bird house decided to go for the main house, too.  Grrrr!

Dove Cote Damaged by Woodpecker 2_wm


So this week has been AC repairs, painting estimates, fixing (or trying to fix) email issues and comment box issues, along with a little sod worrying mixed in. And it’s just Wednesday!

How is your week going?

I can’t leave you staring at holey chimney siding and dead grass so here’s a pretty picture from the streets of New Orleans. House tours coming soon. Promise!

New Orleans French Quarter 2_wm



  1. Marty@A Stroll Thru Life says:

    Oh my word, sounds like to week that should have not been. Sometimes it just goes like that. Take care, have something cool to drink and relax.

  2. Ugh! Those are the kinds of improvements (must-dos) that I hate managing (did several of those last Fall). And yes, I’ll bet the woodpecker took a hit at the house – that was my first thought. What a shame about the sod. I’ve been babying spots of no grass zones against our brick where the weedwhacker did its thing over the years. I seed mulched (basically covered the hand-tilled dirt with lots of seed and just kept watering daily), and it’s coming in! Makes me a happy girl because grass is not my bailiwick. Keep on keepin’ on….you’ve made it this far, and you KNOW what day it is! :)

  3. We have the same grass in our play area and its just now starting to green up. Dont despair…it will green up. Oh no on your backyard.

  4. hi. i have been getting the email updates, yeah. so sorry you are having a rough few days. it will get better!!

  5. Yvette Key says:

    That sounds like a week you won’t want repeated! I certainly have enjoyed reading your blog the last few months.

  6. what a week! good news…AT&T is letting the emails come through. thank you again for your perserverance. Mary in AR

  7. You have had a lot going on! I turned my a/c the first time this year with a prayer. I did NOT need another surprise. Sure hope your landscaping will recover, or the company will help you out. Looking forward to reading more about your trip to NOLA.

  8. Carolyn Price says:

    Wow … what a half week, Susan!
    You might want to look into the price of PVC. When we repainted last year after 7 years in our new home, our painter used PVC for areas of wood rot before we sold. It may be cheaper than the Hardie product.
    So sorry to see this about your grass. The installer should have known it was not the best choice for the backyard. : /


  9. Soon we will be back at our home in Maine, and I suspect we will have some similar issues to deal with.

  10. Carolyn Price says:

    Have to thank you for all of the deck and porch info, Susan. Have to replace decks here and have decided to go with KDAT. While Google-ing for more info on it, there was an images option I checked. Did you know your porch made it into Google KDAT images? It’s entitled, Snowbound.
    Just a little FYI … maybe it will make you feel better.

  11. Linda S. in NE says:

    Your last/this week troubles sound like my last six month troubles!! It’s just been one problem after another, or even three major things going on at once. Just wanted to let you know that my e-mail subscription never stopped arriving, but it went into my “junk” folder every day. No problem to open and read, so I never tried to change it. Now it is suddenly starting to arrive back in my “inbox”. Again with no action on my part, so it must be your hard work trying to get things straightened out. As long as it doesn’t stop all together, I’m good.

    • Linda, is that just the weirdest thing! Maybe the change I made in switching the emails to a domain email worked for that issue, too. Thanks for letting me know! Hope your next 6 months are trouble free! It feels overwhelming when you’re dealing with it all, I know!

  12. My goodness Susan! Any one of those things would have sent my head into a tizzy! So sorry about your sod :(. I’m sure the front will spruce up, but the back of your house is heartbreaking! I know how pricey landscaping can be and not to have gotten even one year out of your investment is terrible.

    Do you use Askimet for spam? Lately I’ve been getting around 100-200 spam comments a day, and if I didn’t have it I would go crazy trying to moderate comments. Btw, I have aol and have never had a problem getting your updates.

    While I prefer your former comment system (I’m not crazy about having social media platforms see my comments) I certainly won’t let it stop me from visiting and commenting,

    • Doreen, can social media platforms see comments with this system? I didn’t notice that. I’ll have to take a look again. Where did you see that part?
      Yeah, I’ve been getting tons and tons of spam…seems like thousands a day. The new company I’m using now for techy stuff, went in and “blacklisted” a gazillion words and phrases and now my spam in Akismet is down to like 100 comments a day instead of thousands per day. Several times a day I’ve been looking at the few comments that are in Akismet and I’ve noticed 5-6 readers comments in there today. I can now see them in there and get them out since there are so many fewer spam comments, so I’m able to find them and publish them. Before there were so many, I could never go through them all. Makes me wonder now if a few readers comments were going in there every day and I could never see that because there were thousands and thousands of spam comments in there.

  13. So delighted that you take the time to share your lovely home et al. I do enjoy these. And if you want to talk snow – I’m Canadian.

  14. Peggy Thal says:

    It sure looks like you have many projects in store. Same here. Right now I am just hoping the leak in my roof is fixed and then the wall has to be torn out. Crazy. Just when you feel everything is looking good something’s else pops up. The joy of home ownership!! — I just finally received your Email. I had to do a new request and it worked this time. I am so glad because I look forward to your blog Susan. You are one of my favorites.

  15. Carol Neibling says:

    WE used Hardie Plank back in 2001 on our 150 year old home and once it was painted, we haven’t touched it. Just love it and maybe your woodpecker can’t get in it. I dislike weeks when all I do is repairs, but it happens. maybe the rest of the week will be better. Sorry about your lawn. I redid a small area and it’s finally coming.

  16. Geesh what a week! I am getting the e-mails and I am on aol. I am sorry about your yard, that is VERY frustrating, ugh. The last picture did my heart good, we just bought 3 window boxes and I need to fill them with flowers that will take full sun. Do you know what the center spikey greens are in the window boxes? They are beautiful!

  17. Carol Wood says:

    We had emerald zoysia installed in our back yard last September. (We are in Jonesboro.). The low lying areas stood in water all winter and most of this spring but seems to be surviving. We have other problems back there but we think the grass is gonna make it. The front yard is dead. We had centipede there for two years. The cold killed it. :( Seems like every lawn care company we consult with has a different take on the cold damage and what type of grass is best suited for our front yard. Apparently centipede shouldn’t be planted north of Macon. Wish the guy who recommended and planted it for us had known that little fact. If misery truly loves company you are not alone!

    • Carol, he should never have installed Centipede if that’s the case. How could he not have known that?! We count on these folks to help us and they totally let us down. So sorry about your front yard. I think I’d give him a call to see if he is willing to do something. Maybe he would at least install it for free if you pay for the grass. He at least owes you that! He should pay for a complete redo.

  18. Pam ~ Crumpety cottage says:

    First of all, what a gorgeous bouquet! Lilies and Irises are my two favorite flowers! I’d be thrilled with that arrangement, too. Awww, Chip is a good egg.

    Sod worrying, 😀 Awww, *hug* I had to laugh at the way you phrased that, but I sooo get it. I hope they gave you a guarantee. It seems that they should have known that with all the trees, it would stay shaded in back and also, wet. So I would think they bear some of the responsibility there. As for the front lawn, I know it’s not great now, but it seems that enough of it is green so that it will likely fill out nicely, given time.

    *Phew,* what a week is right! The margaritas and Mother’s Day flowers were definitely the best part. 😉

    To commiserate, we never did get our sod down last fall, but we did do THOUSANDS of dollars worth of landscaping and we did lose a Japanese Maple, 5 hydrangeas, a couple of large Loripetulam, a Schip Laurel and one Crepe Myrtle with another one on the iffy side. I feel lucky that’s all we lost because we’re such noobs we didn’t even know you’re supposed to cover plants in the freezing cold. D’oh!

    Now I’m trying to decide what to use to replace the hydrangeas. Any suggestions? I do love color, but at this point I would live with white as long as it’s hardy, lol! I may just go with a different hydrangea (I had pink and blue …. so gorgeous) but my landscaper has now told me that Oakleaf, which only comes in white, is much hardier than my Endless Summer variety. I need to see if Rhodoendron do well in my area, because that could be another possibility. Susan, you always speak so knowledgeably about plants, please feel free to chime in with ideas. I am also yearning for some honeysuckle, ever since I read Barb’s post last week. I’m thinking of doing some type of architectural screening with climbing honeysuckle to disguise the A/C units. The other things will be replaced with the same item and I’ll be a lot wiser this year. This fall we intend to do the sodding. Like you, I’m a bit concerned. It’s VERY expensive and we have a big yard. Boo – hiss to bad weather that beats up our beautiful plants and grasses. And anyway, what ever happened to global warming? Although, being the same age you may remember that back in our high school days, they were predicting a ‘coming ice age.’ Twenty years later it was global warming! I’m starting to think they were right the first time. 😀

  19. Okay I don’t feel so bad about all the needed maintenance around my house now! It’s a never-ending cycle, isn’t it? Can’t wait to see your vacation photos! XO

  20. Donnamae says:

    Wow…you have had quite a week! Our excitement, seems to be with our 3year old refrigerator…it just stopped cooling. First repair attempt didn’t work…second one is scheduled for tomorrow morning. Let’s hope this one works. Thankfully we have a spare 20 year old one in the basement. I can’t believe how many times a day I have had to go down there to retrieve something, or put it away. And, we’ve been doing this since Saturday. My legs are sore! Hope the rest of the week goes better for you! 😉

  21. Sister, when it rains… we just replaced the same capacitor part on our AC yesterday and up until that moment, I never fully appreciated my ceiling fans. The tech said that at 12 years old our unit is past its prime. They don’t recommend paying for a maintenance plan as it will need to be replaced soon. (Soon as in the first 100 deg. day next summer, I’m sure). Our white screened porch is sad too. Washing it down recently exposed a lot of repair needs and I’m convinced the only thing holding the old paint in place was the green pollen. We had initially used an inexpensive deck and porch paint. Never again. We know the value of a meticulous prep and a good paint and have learned our lesson.
    PS: The comment box was very clear and I like the font – it’s very easy on the old eyes!

  22. Susan, I’ve had such a busy week that I haven’t even stopped long enough to photograph and blog about it! I am so sorry about your grass. It was so beautiful last fall. Hopefully there was some sort of guarantee. Our grass looks dead, but it’s because we haven’t had any rain in such a long time! Keeping everything watered in the garden has been quite a chore! Hope things slow down for you soon!

  23. Mercy — that was the week that was!

    FYI I have not missed any of your posts. I know a lot of people have been complaining.

  24. Hi Susan, sorry about your landscape and other problems, I had some of my own this morning that put me in a sad mood. Thanks for all your trouble trying to fix my problems yesterday. I’m happy to report that as I write this comment, I can SEE it, although it is still small and the part with name and email is VERY blurry, But I can see what I write and for that I thank you for time and trouble. It will probably work itself out, sometimes I turn on my computer and things are different and I KNOW I didn’t do anything different.

    • I thought the writing was a bit small, too. I can’t find a setting to change that. I may try another comment system when life slows down a tad and I have time to research it a bit more. Glad it’s better. Sorry about your landscape woes…hope this next year will be a better one.

  25. I just came from FB Susan and tried to duplicate how I initially found the comments but couldn’t remember. I stumbled upon it one day a few months ago. They are not visible on your fan page or personal page, but they’re definitely there. Makes sense since we have to log in to FB that they would get those comments.

    Since I use WP I thought I could comment that way but it’s .com not .org. :(. The other issue that I really wasn’t aware of until now is if a blogger like myself comments using FB and you click on my name it will take you to my personal FB page, not my blog, and let’s face it, I’d rather someone visit my blog than my personal FB page! I’m pretty sure other bloggers share that sentiment ;).

    (I thought I got a lot of spam comments, but you’re leading the pack! How annoying. I guess I shouldn’t complain then.)

    • Doreen, I just brought up the blog in my IE browser since I’m not logged into that. I can see the social icons now. I noticed it says: Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in.”
      The icons shown are WordPress, Twitter, Facebook or Google +. But it looks like it will allow you to comment without using a social icon to do it, I think. I’ll email you a print screen of what I see. Maybe if you happen to already be logged into one of those social networks when you visit and comment, maybe it doesn’t give you the option of “filling in the details below.”

    • Doreen, just emailed you, but also check out this page: http://jetpack.me/support/comments/
      Tell me if this info helps at all.

  26. Susan, I thought it was just me with part of my lawn still sleeping… I was looking at it yesterday and thinking I may have to re-sod some areas. I’m hoping not. And how sad about your back lawn. So much money and so much water and not a green speck insight. And I think the same woodpecker likes the corner trim of my chimney as well. I already had it repaired once and I now need to do it again. It’s an never ending battle trying to keep with the house maintenance! A nice little downsize to a condo or townhouse is looking mighty fine about now. Just not sure if I’m ready to pack up this house…. Hope your week and my week get a little better!

  27. You poor dear, I hope things get better! It has happened to me as well, it’s so frustrating to lose your landscape—especially if you just put it in! :(

  28. Norma Bethea says:

    I would be very interested in how to repair the dove cote. I have these issues, too!

    • Norma, I’ve never been able to find cedar shingles in the size I need or cedar sheets in the thickness I need so I could cut the shingles. I am thinking of ordering the redwood shingles that the company that now owns Lazy Hill is currently using. They won’t match exactly and not sure how they will weather, but it may be my only choice. I had to leave it alone for now because the blue birds are nesting in it again this year.

  29. LindaSonia says:

    Sorry for all the challenges you are facing. I can sympathize with your lawn issues. I’m not in your region, but here in the Midwest. My lawn has seriously been impacted by the brutal winter we had here. It’s always something, isn’t it??

    Weren’t you doing something with brick walkways last season? Whatever happened with that project?

    Hang in there!!

    • I got one quote, but never got around to getting the others. I still need to work on that and adding back shrubs, etc… Probably going to be a project for this fall. Hope your yard improves, Linda…it really is always something. I feel like I’m always a step or two behind lately.

  30. It DO GET overwhelming!! There is so much to do in our yard since spring has lasted about “two hours”…more rain coming…”Noah good ark??” franki

  31. You sure had some kind of week! Hopefully all of the bad stuff is behind you. Sheila

  32. Sandra Garth says:

    Sounds like it’s time for another margarita!

  33. Thanks for “being real”, Susan, and letting us know that your gorgeous home and porch that we see in your blog posts pictures takes a lot of upkeep. That is an inspiration for us to do the same thing for our homes too to keep them “picture perfect”.

    • Thanks! Actually, the upkeep isn’t that bad since this is the first time it’s needed painting in 6 years. That’s about on par with most exterior wood siding. I could probably just have it pressure washed and get by for another couple of years since the rest of the house doesn’t need painting, but I’m going to go ahead and do the porch this year, I think. If I didn’t have all the trees in the backyard, it could definitely go another couple of years before painting. So don’t be afraid to add a screened in porch, they don’t normally require anymore maintenance than the home it’s attached to.

  34. SharonFromMichigan says:

    Oh you poor girl. I’m sending hugs to you! We have a huge area of our backyard that did not make it through the winter. We used the snowblower on top of the grass so the dog could go out and it created several inches of really thick ice. The ice is what killed the grass. After regular winters the brown spots are what they call snow mold. If you lightly rake those spots, they should come back, but it does look like your backyard is toast :( I’ve also heard that plants and lawns are approximately 1 month behind in greening up this year. Maybe yours is just a little behind since it’s a newly planted lawn. (fingers crossed for you)

    The only difference I can see using your new comment service is that there are no more emoticons to choose. (I miss those) Have a wonderful weekend.

  35. Patricia Mason Katirji says:

    Hi Susan ! I just want to thank you again for working so hard to try and figure out this issue with the email delivery of your new posts. You are so kind to be so caring – I appreciate it very much…..
    I chuckled when I read this post about all the jobs around the house needing to be done – much as we love our homes, and your home is so beautiful, they really are a ‘money pit’ aren’ t they ?
    Thanks again for working on the issue with email – I am still trying to get a ‘live human’ on AOL’s customer service – I will update you once I get to talk with a person !

    • Patricia, Thanks so much! Yes, please do let me know what you learn. Also, this won’t help for other blogs you’ve subscribed to but you may want to try adding this email to your address book in AOL: admin@betweennapsontheporch.net That’s the email address I set up at my server and it worked for some folks who are now getting the emails again.

  36. Wow…this post made me glad to be a renter! :) Hope this next week isn’t quite so chaotic for you!

  37. Oh, the joys of home ownership. We are at that point with our house too. Not only expensive but daunting to decide what’s first! Hope you get good estimates & more grass soon.

  38. oirish44 says:

    Susan, enjoyed so much, your post today… lots of updates! Your home is stunning, but houses ARE a lot of never ending work, for sure. Thank you so much for all your tireless efforts on this. So far, you are the only one of the blogs I subscribe to that are reacting, period. I’ve contacted the others that I’m not receiving their posts, and even forwarded to them the info on this DMARC issue… and don’t even receive a reply, other than they “don’t know why I’m not receiving their posts, and to try re-subscribing”, which we know is to no avail, since it tells you that you’re already a subscriber! It’s a shame, for sure, that this is happening, but others I subscribe to apparently don’t see it as an “issue”. Thanks again for all your work! Love my blogs, and feel helpless. I so enjoy yours, and very glad that I’m continuing to get your emails! Oh, and when I comment or do a reply, my avitar and screen name show up automatically. Thanks Leslee

  39. Susan, I’m hearing the same thing from the nursery and lawn care experts here in Ohio. “Be patient and give it time; it’s going to take a little longer than usual after the harsh winter.” Hopefully that’s true for your lawn too. I’m a fairly new follower to your site, but I just love your posts. Thanks for taking time out of your busyness to share.

  40. What gorgeous flowers, from a very thoughtful son.. That type of arrangement is my favorite.
    Is your thermostat really set on 84 degrees? Ours is set on 64-67 (I’ve become very hot natured in the past few years).

    • lol No, that’s what temperature it unfortunately was in the house because the A/C wouldn’t work when I turned it on for the first time this year. I keep it set around 67-69 because I’m so cold natured…always cold. It was HOT upstairs until the AC/Heating guy came out and changed the part. 84 was even too hot for me.

  41. Sorry about your grass and all the other things happening. Let’s call it a week that happy time forgot!! :)
    Can’t wait to see your details on your trip, a place I have always wanted to visit. One day…..

  42. Jean Tucker says:

    Uh oh, your posts are going into my spam, I have Yahoo and thought after receiving one post in my inbox that it was fixed. I’ll keep checking my slam folder!

  43. Sounds like my week!lol (Sorry for the laughter but I guess misery does love company:)) We put new floors in this week, while trying to keep my nosey dog and cats locked upstairs, what a fiasco! Then there’s the up and down weather that’s really taking it’s toll…south, north, east and west. I’m struggling to keep arborvitaes alive between hurricanes, ice and snow…they’re really putting up a good fight and I’m helping them every way I can. I’ve been afraid to look too closely at certain things, as every time I do…I find a new problem:) Your post has given me renewed strength!
    Here’s hoping to smooth sailing ahead:)


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