A Little Halloween Decorating

Halloween Decorating:

Come on in! Welcome…so glad you are here!

Decorating for Halloween

I’ve been decorating for Halloween…would you like to see?

Decorating for Halloween

Stole the plant from the upstairs family room…it balances well with the height of the lamp. Found the scary ghost about 20 years ago in a Hallmark store.

Decorating for Halloween

Yikes! I was trying to take a little test pic in the entry with all the lights turned off…and the shutter speed was much slower than I expected. So I must have moved the camera before the pic completed. Isn’t this photo wild? Normally, I don’t share pics where “the photographer”  ends up in the pic, but this was just too cool to not share!

Decorating for Halloween

In the Family Room…it was time to bring out the fall fire screen. Do you remember the topiary one that was here before?

Fall Firescreen

It’s been chilly here…let’s get a nice, hot fire going. You can just see Max curled up on the ottoman.

Decorating for Halloween

How about a little snack? Just sit down right here, put your feet up…and enjoy!

Decorating for Halloween

Have some yummy ginger snaps and hot mulled cider. The cute mug is Fitz and Floyd and was purchased 25 years ago at a F & F Outlet. It’s two sided, witch on this side…

Decorating for Halloween

Jack O’Lantern on the other.

Decorating for Halloween

Decorating for Halloween

A little gnome with pumpkin, created by Dr. Tom Clarke…

Decorating for Halloween

Let’s go in the kitchen and I’ll show you what I used to make our mulled cider. I really like this mulling spice from Williams-Sonoma. I buy some every fall. It also makes a great hostess gift. Just put some in a kettle or pot on you stove when you have a party, and your guest will LOVE the way it makes your home smell. Each time I have a fall party or Halloween party, I always simmer some on the stove and my party guests can’t stopping talking about how good it smells.

Mulling Spices_wm

You’ll need a little cinnamon stick for your mulled cider.

Decorating for Halloween

Happy Halloween!


  1. Chari at Happy To Design says:

    Hi Susan…

    My friend, I love, love, LOVE all of your autumn/halloween decor! I really enjoyed all of your beautiful florals! The really tall arrangement with all the cattails in your entry is fabulous!!! And I love your pretty wicker basket's new autumn look! Everything just looks sooo warm and inviting, Susan! Ohhh yes, I would just love to come and have a cup of mulled cider and a gingerbread cookie with you in your study!!! Ohhh…and who could resist that fire!!! By the way, I loved getting to see your beautiful autumn firescreen once again…it's gorgeous! Thank you so much for sharing your fabulous home with us, sweet friend! It is always such a treat!!!

    Warmest autumn wishes,
    Chari @Happy To Design

  2. Purnima@a creative project says:

    wow.. It is so stunning!! Every decoration is so well thought of!! I love all of them!!!

  3. Sailing Simply says:

    Very nice! Gorgeous as always, glad you reposted this. I love Fitz and floyd, those older pieces you have are wonderful. Can't wait to see this years post!

  4. Gloria (The Little Red House with the White Porch) says:

    Everything looks beautiful — very festive!
    Best regards,

  5. Happy To Be/ Gl♥ria says:

    Very warm and pretty Susan…you always do the best things my friend..I love coming to the porch…Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  6. Wow, thanks for the tour. I might have to spruce up my house just a little more. Busy weekend, maybe next week. Have a great weekend and enjoy all your cute vignettes.

  7. Your decorating looks great, your fabulous porch especially!

  8. The Inspired Nest says:

    You did a great job falling up your house! I love your porch and the touches are perfect! Happy Fall!

  9. your home is so beautiful! Love the porch, does look like a great place to relax.

  10. bunny, The Paris House says:

    I love your home and porch, you have incredibly taste and style!! I just want back into my post and added your link as I had forgotten to do so last evening! We are traveling to Vermont and I have been a little busy.
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful talents and generosity with all of us.
    Happy Autumn

  11. currentlychic.com says:

    You are adorable! Love your homey look! The green basket on your door is filled in such a beautiful way! …may have to copy for my back door!
    Thanks for sharing.


  12. LindaCrochets says:

    Love all the lovely photos of your home decorated for fall! Get's me in the mood to get movin'.
    Thanks for sharing

  13. Liz - Infusewithliz.blogspot.com says:

    Great decorating as usual! I love all the accents, not too much, but enough to make a statement! I love the arrangement with the cattails…Th welcome sign is too cute! Great job all over!

  14. Green Willow Pond says:

    Your porch is so lovely and inviting. Makes me want to curl up with a cup of tea and a good book…or better yet, take a long nap!

  15. Love all your decorations. It looks so cozy there by the fire!!! Love the porch too!

  16. Aunt Amelia's Attic says:

    Lovely! Such a wonderful setting of ambiance. Wonderful making the coziness of your displays, come right through to your Readers.

  17. Susan, that arrangement is absolutely breath-taking! "Curiosity killed the cat!" From the view in the photo, I can see the columns on your front porch..is that another door next to the table where the arrangement is? It looks like another door, but maybe it is one of your windows and you have a full length blind on it? Did you ever take a course in floral arranging or it just comes from your own creative juices flowing? You have so many talents, gal; you amaze me! Thanks for all the beauty you bring to our lives through your blog. When I look at your blogs, I feel so much better inside afterwards. You are definately an inspiration to all of us. Thanks as always!

  18. erin rogers pickering says:

    Susan – you create such amazing atmospheres and settings! Just lovely. Can I move in? I would be quite happy on the porch. :-)

  19. Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) says:

    Hi Betty!
    You are so nice!. I wish I could take credit for the arrangment but it came from Old Time Pottery several years ago. No…never took any floral arrangement classes…though, I could use that! :)

    In the photo…on the left is the sidelight beside my big front door and on the right is the door leading into the dining room. Hope that helps a bit with the perspective. :)

  20. Susan, Your home is drop dead gorgeous!!!
    Your Halloween decorating looks great.

  21. It looks great, Susan! I just took an outdoor shower so it is still warm here in NY! Can't seem to get my Fall mojo on! I love looking at yours, very tasteful, and yes, that pic is amazing. Call Ghostbusters!

  22. Just lovely. Your home looks delightful in any season. Your Fall swing pillows are so pretty. Fall colors without being more leaves. Since I still have my AC on, I claim I decorate for Fall in order to fake it. Otherwise I'd miss my favorite season.

  23. It is always such a delight to visit your home (and Max!, who reminds me of our new Baby kitty with the dark on white markings).

    I just love your autumn decor, and I especially loved your cardinal firescreen and the dog lamp.

    Your home truly is magnificent yet homey – the perfect combination of gorgeous decor, yet so inviting you know you are allowed to actually use the rooms and enjoy them, not just look at them! Happy fall to you!!!!!


  24. Susan, I love all your Fall touches! Your home always looks so warm and inviting.

  25. On Crooked Creek says:

    You are such a calming and soothing hostess. . .I wasn't frightened (until I saw that scary picture of the jack~'o~lantern out of focus!)at all! Your Max is much like our Maurice! SHE poses for Warren Kimble photos. .. I'm just sure of it! HA! Thank you for sharing your adorable Halloween decor! I'll be waiting to see the halloween tablescape. . .coming soon? ? ?

  26. I just LOVE all your F and F pieces!!! Anything they make is beautiful IMHO! Thanks for this repost, I enjoyed it all over again! XO, Pinky

  27. Your fall decorating is beautiful! You have it all so nicely done. The pumpkin in the corner on the porch is especially neat sitting on, is it a piece from a victorian porch?? I really like it!

    I've been doing a little decorating myself today. I enjoy the different seasons and fall has such great colors.

    Looking forward to your next post.


  28. Mid-Atlantic Martha says:

    Ginger snaps and cider -ummmmm! two of my fall favorites. Love seeing your fall decor — I'm going to try and "scare" up some Halloween fun this weekend at my house too.

  29. As usual, everything looks beautiful! I love my front porch but wish we had a screened in one. My cushions and things get rather dusty and dirty…guess the wind blows it in. I'm all decorated for fall as I'm having a bridal shower here tomorrow. Then I'll pull out the halloween stuff for the grandkids!

  30. Well, everything looks as good this year as it did last! LOVE the F&F decor, some of my favorite. Reminds me to 'like' them on Facebook so maybe I'll keep updated on what's new. I'm still decorating for Halloween too, and making new decor. Can't wait to see what you've got up your sleeve! ;O)

  31. If I say that your Halloween decorations are just bootiful, would that be lame?

    Too late.

    I really do love them all and the way you have them spread about the house. My favorite part is the basket on the door changed out for the season, but I really just like it all.

    And yes, your picture of the ghostie is way cool!

  32. Smocking with Gwen says:

    Love the inspiration here. I mostly hit the outside with fall decor and not the inside so much but this has me rethinking this! Thanks for the reminder to check the Hallmark store for some really cute stuff….that little ghost is really cute even being 20 years old! Thanks for sharing….oh, I absolutely love your foyer mirror.

  33. Everything looks so lovely with touches of fun about too. I love your porch, it looks like a great place to spend time.

  34. This porch looks so inviting. Lots of inspiration here. It is gorgeous. I do believe your cat, Max, has a side job posing for pillows. You might want to start charging him rent! First time visitor and new blogger enjoying your site. Thank you!

  35. faithful love says:

    Love your porches and home!
    When you mentioned you changed out your throw pillows it reminded me of myself, and how I used to buy them…then I got smart…now I buy one yard of 54" fabric, and I can make 2 throw pillow shams to cover my throw pillows for the season…they just tuck right in and you can put velcro for the closure, or buttons, or just don't show that opening side out. Easy! In a snap, I have even used hot glue, they come right off for the next set and store so easy…iron them out, and wala! New pillows! Without the cost!
    I have red velvet ones for Xmas, and Valentines…I can simply buy beautiful ribbons that tie like a present and it's done…I do love versatility!
    The red can come back out for the 4th and summer if I want….but I have denim covers with lace for that…it's so easy to do…I can also gather a pillowcase at the top and tie up with a pretty seasonal ribbon, especially the lace edged ones..and the pillow has a new do!
    Thanks for all your pictures, you must have a great camera!!!

  36. Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) says:

    Faithful, Thanks for the suggestion and ideas! I didn't have a good sewing machine until just recently. I purchased one and have started making covers…a lot less to have to store, too. :) You can see the ones I made for the 4th of July at this link:

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