A St. Patrick’s Day Teascape

Welcome to the 81st Tablescape Thursday!

Since St. Patrick’s Day is next Wednesday, I’m sharing a little teascape I put together last year for this occasion. What a difference a year makes! Our winter this year has been so cold, the daffodils aren’t even close to opening up. This time last year, they were in full bloom! So glad you could stop by for tea out on the porch!

St. Patrick's Day Table Setting Tea Party

Of course, we must have green tea, since we are celebrating St. Paddy’s Day.

St. Patrick's Day Table Setting Tea Party

I picked fresh flowers from the garden…their sweet fragrance is wonderful!

St. Patrick's Day Table Setting Tea Party with Shamrock China

Little bees must have been tucked down inside the daffodils and they settled right down on our spoons.

St. Patrick's Day Table Setting Tea Party with Shamrock China

A little sugar with your tea?

St. Patrick's Day Table Setting Tea Party with Shamrock China

How about some cream?

St. Patrick's Day Table Setting Tea Party with Shamrock China

A Bee’s-eye view…

Daffodils in St. Patrick's Day Table Setting

If you were a bee, which flower would you choose?

Daffodils in St. Patrick's Day Table Setting

So glad you could join me for tea out on the porch…

St. Patrick's Day Table Setting Tea Party with Shamrock China
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St. Patrick's Day Table Setting Tea Party with Shamrock China


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  1. Low Tide High Style says:

    Your St. Patrick's Day table is beautiful and those daffodils are gorgeous! Our are just coming up so it will be a few weeks before they are in bloom!

    Thank you for hosting another wonderful Tablescape Thursday!

    Kat ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. SouthernGal says:

    It has been a tough winter. The daffodils are coming up here now, and, it is about time. Love the "Irish" touch!

    Christi @ A Southern Life

  3. Susan, I love the china and the silver – so charming. What a lovely, springy setting. The daffodils are beautiful and as I visit blogs, I see that those in the Pacific Northwest are way ahead of us on springtime…it will come for us all eventually!
    Thanks for hosting this wonderful meme!
    Blessings – Beth

  4. ellen b. says:

    Lovely, lovely! I love your Irish pieces! I really need to add some to my dish collection. Thank you once again for hosting this fun meme Susan! Top of the evening to you :0)

  5. Allie and Pattie says:

    Susan, I absolutely love the teaset! the details are so pretty. Lovely, as always
    xoxo Pattie and Allie

  6. Dining Delight says:

    Your gorgeous daffodils and lovely Shamrock tea set on your beautiful porch just speak of the promise of spring – it will come! Thanks again for hosting TT – always so much fun!


  7. Kathleen says:

    Just lovely! I love the delicate shamrock tea set! And the daffodils are so cheerful..
    The patron saint himself would be proud to have tea there!

  8. Oh those Daffodils make me want Spring to get here so quickly! They're beautiful Susan!

  9. Jude@ThisJewels4You says:

    How cute the setting is and the flowers are beautiful! Jude

  10. Andrea at Opulent Cottage says:

    Such a precious tea set! I'm missing our early spring flowers too, but the Bradford Pear trees have bloomed in the last two days. Thankfully, spring is on the way! Thank you for hosting, Susan

  11. Thank you for inviting me for a cup of tea on your porch. Your Daffodils are soooo Spring. My favorites are the cream with orange centers. The tea service is lovely and wherever did you find these spoons? Oh it's 8, that clock is so beautiful, I love the sound of a vintage clock, it doesn't compare to the sound of new one. Well, sorry I can't stay long I'm off to the next tablescape..I'm glad you understand. See you later when you stop by table.

  12. Style Sisters says:

    I love your St. Patty's day Tea. those dishes are adorable. The daffodils are spectacular! I bought some today at the grocery store and they pale in comparison to yours. Just so beautiful. Thank you for hosting this fabulous Tablescape Thursday each week. I love it!


  13. Rettabug says:

    Susan, I don't know which I envy you more…the gorgeous tea set or the fact that you've got daffodils blooming already!! Both are just outstanding looking.

    The flatware is especially appropriate & I'm glad you kept that tole tray all these years. A treasured heirloom, for sure.

    Thanks for giving us a place to share our love of dishes & decorating with them.


  14. laurie @ bargain hunting says:

    Susan, I don't know if I didn't see this last year, or if I'm just so old that I've forgotten it. It's so pretty! What a wonderful tea set, and oh, I wish the flowers were blooming like that now. I am sooo ready! laurie

  15. Hi, Susan! With your inspiration, I did it! Now hopefully I'll have the time to keep it up! Thanks, Erin

  16. Anita @ Far Above Rubies says:

    We definitely do not have anything even green at this point, So nice to see the sunny daffodils!! Beautiful as always:-)

  17. Cindy (Applestone Cottage) says:

    Hi Susan,
    I do think those are the prettiest Irish looking china I have ever seen! Gorgeous and inviting, and in your gorgeous porch too! Oh, you must have a beautiful garden! I love the flower bouquet!
    Hugs, Cindy

  18. Mid-Atlantic Martha says:

    Well that makes me feel better since my daffodils are just beginning to come up (I think)!

  19. Yellow Rose Arbor says:

    What a lovely tea on the porch! The daffodils are so fresh and cheerful looking! My second favorite flower! (Yellow roses are first!)

    I'm having a Shamrock Tea Party! Happy St. Patrick's Day!

    Thanks for hosting!


  20. Tennis Girl says:

    Just beautiful, Susan. Love it!

  21. Glenda/MidSouth says:

    What a pretty table setting! ! Daffodils are not blooming here either – bad Winter must have stunted their growth. I really wish the Spring flowers would last longer.

  22. Hi Susan,
    Aren't daffodils just the happiest flowers? They are so sunny and bright! I would love to sip a cup of tea from one of those pretty cups, and join you for a visit on that beautiful porch!
    Thanks for putting such lovely scenes together for us every week, and for hosting this huge party!
    Heidi – Heart and Home

  23. Michael Lee West says:

    Like a bright ray of sunlight or the scent of fresh cut grass, your tea-scape is a smile maker. So elegant and welcoming. I absolutely love your daffodils. I love everything.

  24. The White Farmhouse says:

    I would love to be any one of those beautiful flowers! The teascape is lovely. What a perfect setting to enjoy spring!

  25. Now that's a much needed Spring tablescape. I was really hoping to find some Bells of Ireland for mine, but all the stores had very sparse selections this year. Thanks, as always for hosting this event.

  26. Nellie's Cozy place says:

    Thanks so much for hosting Tablescape Thursday. It is always such fun!
    Your Irish teascape is beautiful.
    Great place to have tea on your lovely porch. The daffodils are
    gorgeous too!
    Have a wonderful day hon,
    blessings, Nellie

  27. I remember this beautiful setting..so glad you showed it again. I love everything about it.
    Thanks so much for hosting each week.
    love, bj

  28. Daffodils are one of my favorite flowers! Yours are lovely!! I also love your tea set. It reminds me of Belleek, but it has no marking you said. It is awfully pretty anyway.

  29. Katie@LeBeauPaonVictorien says:

    What a sweet tea set! The shamrocks are so dainty. I think I saw a couple of tea cups and saucers recently at an antique shop in my area that looked very much like yours! I was admiring them through the window.

  30. The Quintessential Magpie says:

    Hi, Susan!

    Well you know, I love this table. It's lovely as can be. I have been trying to get a jump start on blogging today because I'm traveling tomorrow. I was supposed to leave today, but I changed my plans. Anyhow, I enjoyed looking at your beautiful 'scape, and I have covered a good bit of ground enjoying the others as well.

    Your shamrock teaset… AMAZING!

    And if I chose a flower from that bouquet, it would be a yellow daffodil. If I chose a flower from any in the world, it would be a pink peony. I love them. AND I love freesia.

    Happy Tablescape Thursday…


    Sheila (who nearly went over the bansiter in taking my photos! LOL!)

  31. Blondie's Journal says:

    Oh, hasn't this winter been something else for everyone? But it is the norm in the Midwest not to have daffodils until late April. Big difference!!

    Love your St. Paddy's tea. The china is beautiful and so is your tray. I love everything, Susan!

    Hope you are having a great week!


  32. Bama Belle says:

    Oh, the vibrant yellow just announces that Spring is here~ Wonderful!

  33. Wow those are from your garden. Spring has definitely sprung at your house.
    Such a pretty fresh tablescape Susan. The sun will shine for sure.

  34. Wow those are from your garden. Spring has definitely sprung at your house.
    Such a pretty fresh tablescape Susan. The sun will shine for sure.

  35. Wow those are from your garden. Spring has definitely sprung at your house.
    Such a pretty fresh tablescape Susan. The sun will shine for sure.

  36. Jessa Irene (Holiday-Haven) says:

    Adorable tea set! So jealous. Thanks for the great ideas.

  37. Your clover tea set is so pretty and the daffodils are gorgeous. Our daffodils have bloomed so it is spring here….Christine

  38. Welcome to Lolliworld says:

    It's been so refreshing to begin to think about Spring. Thanks for "encouraging" me to get started! I really do look forward to Thursdays with you Susan! Can't wait to visit everyone's blog!


  39. Lia at Petite Little Bee says:

    This tablescape is so speical. I love the little clover tea set and those lovely cups. The flowers are magnificent. Thanks so much for hosting Tablescape Thursday. Cheers, Lia

  40. Fifi Flowers says:

    It looks lovely and FAMILIAR!!!

  41. Elizabeth G. says:

    In love your Irish themed teascape. My all time fave scape.

    If you like Irish things, stop by. Listen to the music and enjoy yourself!

  42. Teresa Hatfield says:

    So pretty, as usual!

  43. Kathysue says:

    Hi Susan, You always do the most amazing tablescapes. This one is particularly inviting. You know how I love green and white, so fresh and Springy. I just posted my first tablescape. I sure hope I did the link right. I am not very good at all of the technical end of blogging. It just makes me a nervous wreck. Hopefully I did alright, Kathysue

  44. I love your blog. The St Patrick tea set is precious.

  45. silk purse says:

    Dearest Susan,

    I am back again to partake in your delightful, 'Tablescape Thursday' for my second time!..,

    Last week was a wonderful and oh-so fabulously fun and enriching experience!~ Thank you so much for hosting this fabulous blog party each week dear lady!

    Your photos of last years daffodils and that exquiste tablescape are exceptionally lovely! My, the wonderful photography and details! ~ A veritable dream!

    I do hope you can pop by to 'say hello' and enjoy yet another wee peek at my post this week.

    Cheers and hugs from Wanda Lee @ The Plumed Pen

  46. LoveCompanion says:

    This is so beautiful, I am soaking it up! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Thank you for sharing and have a lovely week!! hugs, Jenn

  47. If I were a bee, I would definitely choose the all white daffodil. those are my favorite.

    The tea looks so pretty, Susan.

  48. Looking at your photos is a great way to start the day. I love the tea set. It is very charming. I just can't even imagine how many dishes you must have. Have a wonderful day, Deb.

  49. Chari at Happy To Design says:

    Hi Susan…

    My friend, your tea tray is so delightful! Ohh, I do love those gorgeous, sunny, daffodils! I love the pretty white daffodils with the bright orangey-red centers…so pretty! What a beautiful shamrock tea set…I love the delicate pattern of embossed shamrocks around the rims! Thank you so much for sharing this pretty shamrock tea with us…such a treat! Like Laurie, I'm not sure whether I seen this pretty post last year or not…or if I just have forgotten about it! Sheeesh…having a senior moment here! Hehe!

    Thank you so much for hosting Tablescape Thursday for us, Susan! I'm looking forward to seeing all of the beautiful tablescapes today!

    Warmest wishes,
    Chari @Happy To Design

  50. marty (A Stroll Thru Life) says:

    Susan how lovely to sit on the porch. YOur teaservice is beautiful and as usual everything is so inviting and beautifully done. Love it. Hugs, Marty

  51. Red Couch Recipes says:

    As usual, your tablescapes are just beautiful and your daffodils so bright and cheery. Love your website and I love Tablescape Thursday. Joni

  52. What a beautiful tea setting! I can't wait for the flowers to bloom here! Thanks for hosting Tablescape Thursday. I am new at blogging and linking up with other bloggers so I hope I have done everything right!

  53. Hi Susan,

    This is definitely one of my all-time favorites of all the wonderful tablescapes you've done. Your photography captured the fresh springtime colors and the appealing textures of the flowers, china, glass, wicker, and linens so beautifully.

    One of my favorite aspects of it the way the lace trim of the sheer scarf echoes the raised tone-on-tone "beaded" design of the china.

    It's cheerful and charming, just like our hostess for Tablescape Thursdays! Thank you. Hope you have an enjoyable weekend.

    Warmest regards,

  54. nannykim says:

    So sweet and happy

  55. Yellow daffodils ~~~ I wish for here in Central Oregon. Soon?

  56. this is sooo beautiful, Susan!!!
    I just love it!!

  57. Carmie, the Single Nester says:

    Love those daffodils! I don't decorate for St. Patty's since I am not Irish but Erin go Bragh!

  58. Adore your tablescapes! I have many talents but tablescapes doesn't happen to be one of them. But I'm enjoying living vicariously thru you.

    Necel from the Old House in Texas

  59. That made me smile. Such pretty flowers…I am longing for springtime:)

  60. GrannySue says:

    I just love the things on this blog. What a great hostess you are. I hope I'm posting correctly and I am really enjoying my new blog! Again, thanks for everything you post. It is all so bveautiful and inspiring.

  61. Richie's 2ts Inspires says:

    Am late again, Susan but coming from Stockholm, Sweden to the USA is really a pain ยง;-)

    Time difference kills me coping up your game but, hey! am here and my daughter told me "it's better late than never, mum"! Show Susan that you're a good player, am I?

    Have a lovely day & week-end ahead.

    Greetings from Stockholm…

  62. Love the table and the daffs are just gorgeous. I don't have anything green, I should celebrate St George's day, I'm English ๐Ÿ˜‰

  63. So Cheerful! I've come back a copy of times to look!

    From Virginia

  64. Phyllis AROUND THE HOUSE says:

    I adore your beautiful flowers, so simple so lovely and those dishes, they are to die for, so beautiful with all the raised dots and green clovers, if I had those I would have done a St. Patricks day, love the setting…One question, did you get rid of your background to make your sight load faster? You must come see all my rabbits, your gonna love them….Phyllis

  65. English Cottage in Georgia says:

    Your tea tray is so inviting! Your jonquil bouquet is calling me to add more bulbs to my garden.

  66. LuLo Designs/Blue Eyed Tango says:

    Susan your shamrock tea set is so cute and tablescape so beautiful….thanks for it! We don't have spring blooms yet and they made me smile!

  67. Yvonne @ StoneGable says:

    Hi Susan, Thanks for hosting TT. There are so many talented people and so many delicious recipes and creative tablescapes! And the nicest people participate.

    Your cheery tea setting is perfect for St. Patrick's Day. The delicate and finely detailed set is a treasure. I'm so glad that you took close-up's of your set. I could really see the beautiful detail.

    If you visit my TT for this week you will see that we have something in common. I recently got a set of Napoleon Bee flatware. I first saw it on your blog and fell in love! And I have seen it used on several other blogs and knew I would some day have a set of my own. My honey of a husband got them for me! Oh, they are wonderful! Some things are worth the investment. Pure joy!

    And oh, the dafodils- the epitome of spriing. In my part of the country, they won't make their debut for a month. Thanks for the preview. I wish we had them with us for a longer season.

    Again Susan, thanks for all of your hard work so we can have a fun, informative and beautiful meme to participate in!

  68. Sue (Someone's Mom) says:

    We have our first bit of green coming up in the tulip garden today. We are also way behind last year.

    This is a beautiful teascape! The flowers, the china and love those napkin rings!

  69. Love, love , love your flowers! TFS!

  70. Love shamrocks and daffs…..what a lovely tablescape. Very springy and I LoVe spring.

  71. Kathy at Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy Welcomes You! says:

    It just fills me with joy to read your posts! Thank you.


  72. Charlene says:

    I ADORE daffodils! And your shamrocks are adorable! Have a wonderful weekend. Charlene

  73. Cynthia@ITLLDO says:

    Susan, you inspire me every time I visit your blog. Thank you for sharing this gorgeous teascape. I wish I could just sit on your porch to sip and chat. I finally entered my first tablescape this evening…a day late, but I was determined to join your wonderful party. I hope I will improve my blogging skills as time goes by. Thank you so very much.

  74. Susan, those daffodils look good enough to eat! Like you, the daffodils are late in arriving here too. I've had a few irises bloom, the tulip trees are in full bloom, but most things look pretty brown still. Love these sweet dishes. Thanks for a delightful tea!

  75. Debbie Pearson says:

    I must say our daffodils are just now poking out of the ground too. We are very behind compared to last year because of our very cold and snowy and LONG winter. Your bouquets and tea setting are wonderful!

  76. carolinajewel says:

    What a lovely tea party! My daffodils are coming up now too – finally!!! I always admire that bee flatware!!! And your tea set is wonderful. Thanks so much for Tablescape Thursday each week!

  77. Petite moi says:

    Such an inspiring post…:o)
    (I think these are the only bees I โ™ฅ haha!)
    Take care, Erika

  78. Grandmom says:

    …and four years later, here I am. I’ve been looking on-line for shamrock pieces and, as usual, your pieces in this beautiful setting are exactly perfect. Hoping there’s a maker’s mark on the bottom & you’ll share?

    • I know, shamrock dishes can be hard to find. I found the few pieces you see in this post in a thrift/antique store locally called A Classy Flea. That was many years ago. They never get in the same thing twice so it was just a fluke that they had these. There’s a clear, see-though sticker on the back that says: R R (the R’s are over each other) and below the two Rs it says 2003, Roman, Inc. Made in China.

  79. Susan, all your St. Patrick’s Day tablescapes are so lovely! My husband has a St. Patrick’s Day birthday, so we always decorate and celebrate May 17th here! A question about your shamrock cups. I have Belleek cups and a sugar and creamer, which are all almost the size of demitasse cups. How large are yours? Pictures can be deceptive. I live in Memphis, and usually have lovely daffodils around Valentine’s Day, but not this year! We have been frigid and iced in for a month! Just looking at these beautiful tablescapes of yours reminds me that spring IS just around the corner! =)

    • Thanks, Martha! They are full size, the same size as a regular teacup. I wish I could fine more pieces of it…I love the raised detail work. My dafs are out of the ground but no blooms yet, either. I don’t think we’ll have to wait much longer though.

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