A Switcheroo, Green vs Black

So, my puzzle board arrived and I love it, except for one thing. Remember this picture? I loved the green background and how it looked against the warm, brown color of the wood.

Adjustable Tabletop Puzzle Board Saves The Back and Neck


I set the board up on the coffee table here in the upstairs family room for these pictures.

Upstairs Family, Bonus Room


Notice anything different? Yup, despite the picture on the site showing it in green, it arrived in black.ย I was pretty disappointed when I opened it up and found myself staring into a black hole.

I haven’t assembled a puzzle on it yet, I just placed this 500 piece puzzle on it so you could see how a puzzle looks on it with the board in its most upright position.ย When you only have a few pieces of a puzzle on it, it’s not easy to work on. Black has a way of absorbing all of the available light so it’s hard on the eyes staring into a large black surface from a distance of 1 to 2 feet, the distance one would be sitting in front of it while working on a puzzle.

Adjustable Height Puzzle Board with 500 piece puzzle


Here’s how it looks with a 1,000 piece puzzle. Ironically, after I had ordered it, I clicked back over to the site and started reading further down into the reviews. I noticed a little ways down someone complained it had arrived in black (not green) and it was difficult to see darker puzzle pieces on it.

This prompted me to call the company I ordered it from the next morning to inquire about the color before it shipped. The person I spoke with said she had no way of knowing what color it would be. Regarding the complaint in the review, she said it may have arrived with a protective black covering on it and the customer just hadn’t removed it.

Well, there’s no protective covering, it really is black.ย I’ll probably end up keeping it because no one else has this board available for purchase, and even if they did, I’m guessing it would be black, too.

Adjustable Tilt Puzzle Board with 100 piece puzzle


There are so many things I do like about this puzzle board, like the adjustable tilt feature. Here’s how it looks in each of the three positions from highest to lowest. Update: There’s actually 4 possible positions, 5 if you count flat.

I’ve found the very best way to remove puzzles from this board once they are completed is to use thin poster board like the kind found in Walmart or Target. Posterboard is so thin, you can slide it right up under the puzzle and it seems to be just the right size for most 1,000 piece puzzles. It’s also flexible enough to fit through the doorway with the puzzle on the poster board when you wish to carry the finished puzzle to another room.

Adjustable Tabletop Puzzle Board


Here’s how the inside/back looks.

Adjustable Tilt Puzzle Board for Tabletop


I’m seriously thinking of shopping for green felt tomorrow and giving it a little makeover. I can’t remove the black felt because of the way it’s designed into the board but I was thinking perhaps I could recover it in green.

Adjustable Height Puzzle Board with 500 piece puzzle


However, on closer inspection, I’m concerned that adding another layer of felt will prevent the top from fitting onto the board when I want to put it away with a half-finished puzzle underneath.

Cover for Adjustable Tilt Puzzle Board


There’s not a lot of room for another layer of felt so I guess I’d better not try that.

Puzzle Board Adjustable_wm


I wonder why the manufacturer changed the background to black, I really loved how it looked in green. I bet they’ll change back to green at some point. Surely, they will get complaints about the black. This puzzle board is available for purchase here: Puzzle Board

Adjustable Height Puzzle Board with 500 piece puzzle


Whatcha think? If I shop for green felt and can find some that’s really thin and similar to the what they used (which feels pretty hard/stiff) think I should cover it? I’m thinking the best way to attach the green felt would be with a spray adhesive…something that wouldn’t bleed through the felt.

Let me know what you think about that idea. It’s risky because if it doesn’t work, the glue will probably damage the black felt underneath. ~~~sigh~~~

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  1. Oh shoot! I wanted it to be green too. When mine arrives I will give you my thoughts on the felt. Shame on them for false advertisement!

    • I have a feeling that’s it a recent change because the other comment where someone complained about it being black was left pretty recently. They were apologetic, offered to let me return it of course and said they are going to change out the picture. I would return it if I find it in green elsewhere. Let me know what you think once your’s arrives, Patricia.

    • Can I ask where you purchased this from. would love one but cant find where to purchase it from!

  2. Two things I’d suggest: one, this would be a great easel for small painting jobs. And two, the black felt covering will hold another piece of fabric layered on top of it, without adhering it permanently. It won’t slide around, I’m sure. Then you would just lift off the second piece of cloth before closing the box. Fold it up and store it nearby or inside the box if there’s room. It’s like those flannel boards we used to have in Sunday School, if you remember them. Felt/flannel sticks to itself nicely.

    • Oh, I didn’t know felt would stick to itself…that would be great! It’s amazing how well the felt holds onto the puzzle. I will definitely look for some green felt this weekend and see if I can just lay it on top. Thanks, Barbara!

    • Linda S. in NE says:

      If I am following your suggestion correctly, Barbara, you are saying that in between working puzzles if the board needed to be put away, then you would lift the green felt off and store the felt and board somewhere handy. What would Susan do if she was working a puzzle on the green top felt, and she needed to close the box up and get it out of sight for some reason? Problems, problems! Could she just slide a piece of sturdy poster board under the green felt, then carefully move that someplace? I had no idea that felt would stick to felt without an adhesive, so thanks for letting us know, Barbara. Don’t worry, Susan. You have some very bright and clever people who comment on your blog. Somehow, they’ll get this figured out for you! ::))

  3. Susan did u try Bits and Pieces not sure if they have this but have puzzles and frames ect. Too bad cause I’m sure the black is hard on the eyes ang green would be much easier….Good Luck!

    • I think so. I looked online at a bunch of Puzzle places but I will check there to make sure. There’s another company online with it in Australia/New Zealand area, but they are out of it and don’t ship to the U.S. I don’t know why so few companies carry it. Thanks, Pam.

  4. Hi Susan, I agree…the black is tough on the eyes. Have you considered fabric paint? Paint the felt the green you want:) Good luck with your puzzle board!

    • I’m afraid fabric paint might take away the stickability (making up words!) of the felt so I couldn’t tilt the board. Thanks for that suggestion, Christine.

  5. I recently helped coordinate a large family reunion for my employer. They have relatives who do puzzles regularly with the George Bush Sr. and Mrs. Bush. They all belong to a club where you can rent puzzles and return them when you are through. Assuming you don’t want to keep it. http://www.elmspuzzles.com/ is the link. As for the black felt…..I would want to be sure that the puzzle wouldn’t slide on what you buy because perhaps there is a special finish to the black felt? Just a thought. You can experiment.

  6. Two things: first, I do an online jigsaw puzzle everyday and I find that the best background color is a light yellow. For whatever reason, the colors stand out more and the edges are clearer. And second, you should look into felting to conjoin the two pieces of felt. It may take a bit more work but you wont have to deal with adhesives. Good luck.

    • Thanks, Louise! I can see how that would be much easier than a darker color. I will check into that, too. Thanks!

    • Louise, would you mind sharing the link to the online puzzle site you visit every day? This sounds like something I might like to try. Thanks!

  7. Oh, poo, I so wished it came in the green!! I feel bad for you!! Black is so difficult to work on, as you get older it gets worse…… My sister has a black kitchen counter and I find it so difficult to work on…

    I agree, a soft yellow or cream/ecru color would be restful for the eyes, and keep the puzzle pieces sharp. You can lay felt or flannel over the existing felt and it will stick just fine and so will the puzzle pieces. I have a large piece of flannel hanging on my studio wall to put quilt pieces as I work a design, and the cotton pieces stick right to it without falling or shifting and they stay there……so there are options for you……good luck!!

  8. So sorry to hear of your dilemma and disappoint. Hoping you can rectify it to your liking. Personally, I like the black. Good luck!

  9. Susan, I must have been sleeping when this puzzle board subject came up. I can’t seem to see your previous post. My retired aged husband loves to make puzzles and really needs something like this. Could you let me know where I can buy one of these even if it is black. Thanks so much.

  10. If there is a billiards table dealer near you, perhaps they could help. They refelt tables and perhaps they could change out the felt on your board without too much trouble. Nothing like giving them a new challenge.

  11. crumpety cottage says:

    Aww, what a shame. You were so excited about getting that, too! My first thought was also to pick up some green felt, but you make a good point about it being able to close. It would seem to me the manufacturer should simply take it back and replace it with the one you actually ordered. If the green are no longer available, they should refund your money. That still leaves you with no board though. *Sigh* I really don’t know the solution. I would think that at some point another store would have it for sale in the green. I guess it just depends how much you are willing to bet you can get it from some place else and how much you’d miss it in the mean time. ๐Ÿ™

    • I have a feeling all the stores probably buy from the same manufacturer. They may switch back to green if people start complaining/returning it, but a lot of folks may just recover it. We need someone to build one even better and give ’em some competition!

  12. It may be possible to remove the black felt by using a razor cutting tool along the edges of the board and gently removing the black felt. Then you could apply the green felt leaving just a single layer so the board would close.

  13. Can you take the whole cloth-covered board out? Then cut thin board to size, cover that with felt color of choice, then put new unit into frame.
    I think cream background would work best for me.

    • I don’t think so. I think they somehow covered it and then built the framing around it because you can’t see any edges. Thanks, Gail!

  14. I wouldn’t bother attaching the green felt at all. It should “stick” easily to the black felt. That way, if it’s too thick (which I doubt it will be) you can remove it easily.

  15. Bummer, mine is scheduled to arrive Tuesday….I am hoping I got the last green one but I doubt it, I agree green would be better, but do I want to pay to send it back? I agree they should have changed the photo on line.

    • Mary, they will cover the cost to return it. They won’t charge you. I talked with a nice manager there and she said they would be glad to take it back if I decided I didn’t want it. I did something today that I’ll post either Monday or Tuesday, so check that out then.

  16. Hi Susan,
    I hate to see you thwarted! I can’t see any screws holding the Puzzle Board together which makes me think it may be like a matted picture??? Wonder if your local Frame Shop could help you? I know you will find a solution.

  17. Donnamae says:

    Ah…always something! I love Ellicia’s idea about the billiards dealer…I bet they could remedy that for you quite quickly…although I’m sure it would cost you! Have a great weekend! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  18. I understand the disappointment in the black fabric, I would be disappointed too. I wonder why they aren’t making them in the green. On the other hand, this is fantastic! I have tried other puzzle keepers and have never been happy with them. Black or green, I think I am going to treat myself to one of these, or maybe even ask for it for Christmas (maybe by then someone can find a green one for me)!

    • I do love it, Chloe…just wish it had been green. One thing I really like is when it’s sitting on my desk here in the office, I can stand to do a puzzle with it in one of the titled positions. That is so much better than more sitting which I already do too much. So I can watch TV or listen to a book and puzzle away in the evenings. If I want to sit, it will be better working on a coffee table.

  19. Karen Likens says:

    http://www.jigthings.com/puzzle-tables/ Check out this site for several options!


  20. Cyndi Raines says:

    Bummer! I am sorry that you didn’t get what you wanted — they really need to correct the picture. I agree with Barbara’s idea that felt will stick to felt. I too, remember the felt Bible figures we used in Sunday School and ironically, I just threw a bunch away while cleaning out the basement as no one uses these anymore. It made me very nostalgic, life was so much simpler then. I also liked Ellicia’s idea of the billiards store giving some assistance. I know you will problem-solve until you work through this and gain your solution. I hope it won’t take long so you can continue your puzzles.

    • crumpety cottage says:

      I don’t see why either of you should have to pay to send it back, unless the add specifically stated that “colors my vary.” Yes, the black no doubt holds the pieces just as well, but since this is such visual work, the right (or wrong) color can make a big difference. I would think if you and Susan aren’t satisfied you should insist on getting a return label and a refund. I don’t think that would be unreasonable in this instance. The company should stand behind their products AND their advertizing.

      • Pam, the company has been very nice…they would gladly pay to return it. I just don’t want to do that since no one else even carries it other than The Fox Collection in Australia/New Zealand area and they are out of it. I bet when they restock, it will be black there, as well. I wonder if the company (in china) that makes it, offers it in different colors and maybe the buyer for the company where I ordered accidentally ordered in black. I have a feeling that just started making it that way and that’s probably the only color available.

        • crumpety cottage says:

          It’s such a shame so few stores stock it! My goodness, that seems so unusual. And it IS a very nice board, both in looks and function. Rats. Well, maybe you can do as you suggested and either top it or replace the black with green. I hope you can find a solution quickly so you can get back to puzzling. ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Thanks, Cyndi!

  21. Even if you prefer to adhere the green felt to the black, you could lay it on top and put a puzzle or partial puzzle from your poster board on top and try to close it to see if it will fit with both layers of felt before permanently adhering it. This may be the cheapest thing to try, although I do think perhaps there would be a way to cut the black felt away and adhere green felt directly to the board. Good luck in finding the right solution!

  22. Excellent idea, Linda! I bought the felt today and have an idea for how I’m going to attach it. ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. Susan, How disappointing when we order a specific item in one color and it arrives in another color. Especially when you will be using it often and it may affect your eyes. I would return it for a full refund including s&h. Black is very hard on my eyes especially when sewing or hemming black fabric. I think I would “glue” green or tan felt to a large piece of of foamcore board or a dry erase board with spray adhesive. I would then prop my board on an adjustable artist easel or on a few tall metal easels that are used for platters or framed pictures. It may not be as pretty as your Herrschner’ s board, but I think it would work. Or, better yet, you could invent your own BNOTP puzzle easel and sell it. I would buy one!!! Thanks for the product review as I had just looked at the green one on Herrschner’ s, but was undecided. BTW, unless felt is 100% wool, it will be a bit stiff and thinner than the felt we remember from years ago. I am not sure what the blend is but it is synthetic.
    Have a good weekend. Ashley

  24. Hi, How about making a mat in what ever color you wish. Cut the mat a little larger than to puzzle, and when your finished, just remove it. Easy Peesey!

  25. Hi, You might want to try using two way carpet tape. It’s sticky on both sides, just like scrapbook tape. It won’t ruin either felt should you choose to change it out.

  26. How about asking for felt from the manufacturer… Tell them you’re concerned about their false advertising and that you have a very broad reach from your blog. I would love to have one of those, but my MIL definitely couldn’t handle black. What a great idea!!

  27. Angelina says:

    Hi, some reviewers mentioned that the board is bigger than what’s specified on the website. I wonder if you could let me know the exact dimension of the puzzle assembling area. The customer service at the company didn’t seem to be able to help.

    • Sure, it’s 34 wide and 24 1/2 inches tall. It will hold your standard 1,000 piece puzzle, but it doesn’t work for most vertical 1,000 piece puzzles.

      • Angelina says:

        Thanks for your quick reply. Is it the inside dimension?? I have several puzzles that are 30 wide and 24 tall.

        • Yep, that’s the inside dimension…the actual area where you can work the puzzle. The full size or outside dimension is: 35 3/4 wide by 26 1/4 tall.

          • Angelina says:

            Great to know, and thanks. I am going to order one, even though it’s black because this table-top one appears to be the best one I have seen on the internet.

  28. Can someone tell me where can i get one of these boards from? thanks

    • I purchased it at Herrschners online but I’m reluctant to recommend them because despite telling me they would remove the photo showing the board in green and replace it with one that is accurate showing that it comes in black, they have never done that. Just Google their name and you’ll find their website. If you don’t see it on there, you may want to call them to see if they still carry it.

  29. Hi Susan, what did you decide to do about the color of your black felt board? Did you re-cover it or lay another piece of different color felt on it? I too have thought about getting this but don’t like the black. I think just cutting a lighter piece of felt to the same size and laying it on there would be the easiest thing to do even if it didn’t fit to close it. But you may have found another solution, if so would appreciate knowing what you decided.

    • Hi Mary, Check out this post: http://betweennapsontheporch.net/a-puzzling-before-and-after/

      I ended up leaving it (so far) with the black background. I wish it were green but I have basically adjusted to it. It’s only annoying when you are first starting the puzzle, or at least that’s what I’ve found. Once I get the border in place and start adding pieces, you forget about it. Again, I wish it were green. I noticed they are still using the same black photo on the site and folks are still complaining about it not arriving in the color depicted. When I called them and complained, they said they would remove the photo and replace with an accurate one, but last time I checked, they still hadn’t.

  30. Susan, how heavy is it? I have been using a framed corkboard that measures 36×24. It is very lightweight and although a bit awkward, it works for me in my recliner. But this looks like I could do it at a table, but I need to know how heavy it is?

    • Umm, I’m not sure of the weight but it’s pretty heavy. A child probably wouldn’t be able to carry it very easily but it’s okay for an adult, but it is pretty heavy. If I had to guess, I’d say 10-15 lbs, but that could be off. Here’s where I purchased mine: https://www.herrschners.com/product/473210.do

      You may want to call them and ask if they know the weight. Their phone number is listed on that page at the top. Hope this helps a bit.

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