10 Books On My Decorating, Gardening, Entertaining Wish List

Pssst: By the time this post goes live, I'll be in Italy. I'll be sharing photos from there regularly on Instagram and would love to have you follow the fun! You'll find BNOTP on Instagram here: Between Naps On The Porch Instagram Normally when I share a decorating, gardening or entertaining/table setting book with you, it's always one I already own. I have a "Wish List" of books I would love to … [Read more...]

7 Ways To Decorate Your Home for Autumn & Halloween

How did it get to be October so quickly?! With fall here and Halloween just a few weeks away, how about a little inspiration for your autumn and Halloween decorating. Thanks so much to Town and Country Magazine for sharing my Chinoiserie DIY pumpkin craft in their article titled, "Everyone is Turning Their Pumpkins Into Chinoiserie Pieces of Art." Also, thanks to House Beautiful for sharing that project … [Read more...]

How To Refurbish A Rusted Old Bistro Set

Welcome to the 349th Metamorphosis Monday! This cool fall weather has me itching to get outside and do a little sprucing up. Lately I've been noticing the bistro table I love to use for outdoor dining was starting to show its age.   I normally use a tablecloth when dining here but the rest of the time the table is uncovered for everyday use.   This set is made of metal. When … [Read more...]

A Winter Boot Sale & Other Finds For Fall

This year I haven't found myself fighting the transition from summer to fall as much as I have in the past. I think it's because in the past, I felt unprepared for the cold weather. Cold weather isn't so bad if you have the right clothing and the right tools for dealing with it. I could kiss you guys who left comments about Uggs on my first "Surviving Winter" post a few years back. I bought a pair after … [Read more...]

In The BNOTP Library: Bringing Tuscany Home

I purchased Frances Mayes, Bringing Tuscany Home back in August of 2007. That was around the time I first started dreaming of one day traveling to Italy. You may recognize the author's name; she's wrote the book, Under The Tuscan Sun that was made into a movie one of my favorite actresses, Diane Lane. (Take a tour of the movie home, Bramasole, in Under The Tuscan Sun here: Under The Tuscan … [Read more...]

Dinner Under The Stars With a Spirited Performance By Maasai Warriors

Welcome to the 367th Tablescape Thursday! One afternoon while relaxing on the deck of my tent during my trip to Kenya...   ...this invitation was hand-delivered to my door. Ummm, what have they planned for us now?   Promptly at 19:00 hours, I made my way to the main tent where the Mahaliz Mzuri bar is located. Since it was now dark, I had to be escorted by one of the Maasai … [Read more...]

Answering Your Safari Travel Questions & What I Brought Back From Kenya

I've received a lot of questions via emails and comments about the recent trip I took to Africa. Today, I thought I'd take time to answer some of those and to make this post a bit more fun so it's not just a bunch of words, I'm including pictures of the souvenirs I brought back, along with some of the little gifts I received during my stay at Mahali Mzuri and Giraffe Manor. Please Note: The captions … [Read more...]

Mahali Mzuri: An Unforgettable Stay at Sir Richard Branson’s Safari Camp in Kenya

Welcome to the 348th Metamorphosis Monday! What comes to mind when you hear the phrase, "Going on safari?" For the next few minutes, erase all the pre-existing ideas, thoughts and concepts you have about what it's like to go on safari. If there's anything I've learned from my recent trip to Africa, it's that safari camps and safari experiences can all be completely different. No two safari camps or … [Read more...]

In The BNOTP Library: A Passion for Parties

Party season is just around the corner...will you be hosting any parties for Halloween or the upcoming holiday season? The book I'm featuring today is filled with gorgeous ideas for parties year around.   In the BNOTP Library: A Passion for Parties Author: Carolyne Roehm 3 Things I Like About This Book: If I never followed a single idea is this gorgeous book and never gave another … [Read more...]

What Worked & What Didn’t On My First Trip Abroad

I've had so much fun sharing Kenya with you over this past week. Did you get a chance to see the 30+ pictures I shared on Instagram? Once I get a chance to go through all my photos, I'll create one big post sharing all the animals we saw on safari. I also have some additional video to share that I think you'll enjoy. We were very fortunate to catch the Wildebeest and Zebra migration across the Mara River … [Read more...]

Dining by Candlelight in Giraffe Manor

Welcome to the 366th Tablescape Thursday! Shortly after arriving at Giraffe Manor, a beautiful manor home built in 1932 in the style of a wonderful old Scottish hunting lodge...   ...I walked through the downstairs rooms taking a few pictures to share with you upon my return. This is how the dining room looked during the daytime.   Come evening, lit by candlelight, it takes … [Read more...]

Breakfast with Daisy and Giraffe Kisses

Greetings, dear Friends! I'm back home from a fun, exciting week in Kenya. It will take me a while to get through all the photos I took, but I can't wait to share them with you. I caught some exciting footage of the migration and I'll be sharing it soon. In the meantime I've uploaded a couple of more videos that were shot while I was staying at Giraffe Manor.   In the first video below, … [Read more...]

A Romantic Bedtime Makeover

Welcome to the 347th Metamorphosis Monday! Today I left Mahali Mzuri and headed off to Giraffe Manor. Visiting Giraffe Manor is such a great way to end this African safari adventure!   I was booked for the "Daisy" room. All the rooms are named after much-loved giraffes that have called Giraffe Manor home at some point.     When I arrived the beds looked like … [Read more...]

In The BNOTP Library: Decorating Safari Style

I created this post before leaving for Africa this past Tuesday. By the time you read it, I hope to be sleeping in a bed that looks like this. Though I don't wish for a plague of mosquitoes, isn't this just the most romantic look! If you find this style of decor enchanting, you'll find lots of inspiration for incorporating a little of it into your decor in the books I'm sharing … [Read more...]

On Safari in Kenya with Lions and Giraffe: 2 Videos

How's your Friday going? Mine is going great as I continue on safari here in Kenya. I've been sharing photos today on Instagram, hope you're enjoying those! If you're not yet following BNOTP on Instagram, you'll find the link on the sidebar or click here: BNOTP on Instagram. It's going to take me quite a while to go through all the pictures I've taken, so I thought I'd share a couple of short videos, … [Read more...]

In-Air Table Settings, Compliments of Air France and Kenya Air

Welcome to the 365th Tablescape Thursday! I'm typing this from the hotel I'm staying in overnight here in Nairobi: Ole-Sereni. Initially, I thought I'd be sharing a table from camp, but due to my flying schedule and the time difference, Thursday got here super fast. It's 5:47 PM on Wednesday back home right now, but here in Nairobi, it's already Thursday and 12:48 AM. Yikes! I'm off to bed soon because a … [Read more...]

In The BNOTP Library: African Safari Journal

Though this book isn't a decor book, I've enjoyed it so much during the time I was preparing for my trip, I wanted to share it with you in case you have any interest in traveling to or learning about Africa and the birds and animals who inhabit this area.   In the BNOTP Library: African Safari Journal Author: Mark W. Nolting 3 Things I Like About This Book: The name of this book … [Read more...]

A Quick Access Bag That Keeps Out Prying Eyes

Everything is ready. My house-setters are ready, the bird feeders are all filled to the brim and I even took time to change out the food in the hummingbird feeder so they would have fresh nectar while I'm away. I was thinking today that I'm a little crazy. Okay, quit nodding your head in agreement! I'm the only one who's allowed to think that, much less say it out loud! ;) For my first trip out of the … [Read more...]

Mexican Shrimp Cocktail, Perfect For A Party!

Welcome to the 346th Metamorphosis Monday! For this week's Met Monday, I'm super excited to share an awesome recipe from my friend, Linda. I am so making this the next time I have friends over for a night on the porch. This is one of those recipes that not only taste delicious but it looks impressive when you serve it, too! To make this recipe, Mexican Shrimp Cocktail, these are the ingredients you'll … [Read more...]

Getting Ready for Snuggling Season

Thanks so much to Country Living for including my autumn door decoration in their fall roundup of 12 Festive Fall Door Decorations That Aren't Wreaths. Click on the image below to check them all out. There's so many great ideas if you would love to try something new this year for your door.   I'm not quite ready for fall, it's still sunny and warm here in Georgia with temperatures in the … [Read more...]

In The BNOTP Library: The Romance of British Colonial Style

The book I'm sharing today is one I purchased back in March of last year. I looked through it and enjoyed the photos when it arrived, but only recently when I began to read it, did I realize how much history is woven through the pages. History never looked so lovely as it does in this book!   In the BNOTP Library: The Romance of British Colonial Style Author: Tricia Foley   3 … [Read more...]

A Birthday Celebration With A Safari-Themed Table Setting

Welcome to the 364th Tablescape Thursday! I have the most delightful, imaginative table setting to share with you today! Wait until you see the dessert! :) This table is one I especially enjoyed looking at again since I'll be heading off to Africa this Tuesday. If you would like to come along on my adventures during my week-long trip to Kenya, sign up to receive daily blog post updates via email here: … [Read more...]

Nightmare on Elm Street Movie House Gets a Makeover

Are you a scary movie fan? I definitely am not, but I was enthralled when I saw the surprising makeover the house in the horror movie, Nightmare on Elm Street, received.  The home whose exterior was so prominently featured in the Nightmare on Elm Street is located at 1428 N Genesee Avenue, Los Angeles, California. Remember when the house looked like this? Of course, that's how it appeared in the movie. … [Read more...]

A Storybook Nursery at Rosedown Plantation in St. Francisville Louisiana

A while back I took a trip with a friend to Louisiana and we toured a number of the beautiful, old homes there. One of the homes we toured was Rosedown Plantation in St. Francisville seen in this photo from Wikipedia. The oak alley leading to this home is enchanting. If you're ever in the area, stop by and see it in person.   Rosedown is located in West Feliciana Parish was the home of Daniel … [Read more...]

DIY Shell and Sea Glass Chargers

Welcome to the 345th Metamorphosis Monday! A few years back I made these shell chargers to use in beach-themed tablescapes.   I made them after coming across six Pottery Barn chargers on eBay and seeing them sell for over $200!   I've always wondered how they would look with pretty sea glass mixed in, so recently I primed and painted a bunch of old, plastic chargers I … [Read more...]

In The BNOTP Library: Cottage Style

Cottage Style: Ideas and Projects for Your World by Jerri Farris and Tim Himsel   In the BNOTP Library: Cottage Style  Author: Jerri Farris and Tim Himsel 3 Things I Like About This Book: This book is for the crafter or DIYer who loves making or refurbishing treasures for their cottage home. Cottage Style contains detailed directions for making 30+ projects including several … [Read more...]

A Rarity: A San Francisco Painted Lady Is Available For Purchase!

Many years ago I visited San Francisco. While there, I did all the typical touristy stuff, like riding a cable car, visiting Alcatraz, eating chocolate at Ghirardelli Square and snapping a picture of the famous Painted Ladies. This was the photo I took around 14 years ago during my visit. They really are so striking...beautiful Victorian homes all lined up in a row.   Here's a recent picture … [Read more...]

A Patriotic Table For Two

Welcome to the 363rd  Tablescape Thursday! Thanks so much for all your great suggestions yesterday! Appreciate those so much! With Labor Day weekend upon us, I had fun putting a patriotic tablescape together out on the deck.   The whole time I was working on this table, the tree-form hydrangea on this end of the deck kept poking me in the head. :) Taking a photo behind the hydrangea … [Read more...]

In The BNOTP Library: Classic American Decorating by Rosemary G. Rennicke

This book is a wonderful time capsule. If you loved the magazine Colonial Homes (which later became Classic Homes) you'll enjoy this book.   In the BNOTP Library: Colonial Homes Classic American Decorating Author: Rosemary G. Rennicke   3 Things I Like About This Book: I miss Classic Homes (previously Colonial Homes) so this book gives me a small way to hold onto one of my … [Read more...]

A Dry Run

Yesterday morning I took photos for the post I planned to publish, then I headed off to an eye-appointment. It's been a while since I've been to the eye doctor and I had totally forgotten that they dilate your eyes. Unfortunately, there was to be no picture sorting or post writing after that. Vaccines...My Experience Before getting into today's post, several folks have asked about the vaccines I had … [Read more...]

7 Beautiful Bedroom Makeovers by Designer, Katie Rosenfeld

Welcome to the 344th Metamorphosis Monday! Every now and then I come across a designer whose work is so unique and so cleverly done, I think to myself, this is a designer I could just turn loose in my house and say, do your thing! I don't give up control easily, I'm a bit of control freak when it comes to my home, but Katie's work makes my heart sing! In an interview I read at Coastal Living, Katie … [Read more...]

What I’m Loving For Fall & Halloween

We've been having some really wonderful fall-like days here lately. It's hard to believe this is August because it has felt more like October. How has it been where you live?  I've been throwing the doors to the porch open every morning, letting all that cool morning air into the house, then I close them around 10:00 when it starts to warm up a little. With the cool temps, I'm starting to think about … [Read more...]

A Seafood Boil + 5 More Tablescapes

Welcome to the 362nd Tablescape Thursday! When I visited Cresswind on Lake Lanier with a friend recently, each home had a pretty table setting inside. Let's check them out! Now this is the way to start the day, with a breakfast of croissants, fruit, wine and chocolate! :)   Notice how they tucked the spoon under the napkin ring for the bowl of beans cereal. Interesting, … [Read more...]

Tour Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban’s Bunya Hill Home in Sutton Forest Australia

Nicole Kidman and her husband, Keith Urban, a well-known and talented Country Singer/Artist, have a home in Tennessee. Did you know that? I never realized that until recently. But where do they live when they are at home in Australia? Today we're taking a little tour of Nicole and Keith's wonderful home in Sutton Forest, Australia, located in the New South Wales precinct. Their home is a true historic … [Read more...]

In The BNOTP Library: Southern Living Style

This book was suggested by a reader of BNOTP earlier this year. After checking it out and reading the reviews, I ordered it. It's by Editors at Southern Living Magazine so I knew it was going to be filled with beautiful rooms!   In the BNOTP Library: Southern Living Style Author: Editors of Southern Living Magazine   3 Things I Like About This Book: This is definitely a … [Read more...]

Retiring to Cresswind on Lake Lanier

A good friend of mine has put her home up for sale in anticipation of retiring in the not-so-distant future. She's eyeing a move to a nearby retirement community named Cresswind, located on Lake Lanier in Gainesville, Georgia. Recently, she asked if I'd ride up to Cresswind with her to look at a couple of the homes she is considering buying. They have model homes you can walk through to get an idea about … [Read more...]

Packing For An African Safari

Welcome to the 343rd Metamorphosis Monday! This isn't exactly a metamorphosis but in a way it is since it's a drastic change from how I would normally pack for vacation or a trip. I guess you can call it a luggage metamorphosis. When I travel to Africa in a few weeks, I'll be traveling via "light aircraft" on two different occasions. On the smaller planes, suitcases with pull-handles and wheels are … [Read more...]

In The BNOTP Library: At Home With Country

Christina Strutt, a former stylist for vogue and the shop owner of Cabbages & Roses in Chelsea, London, is the author of several beautiful books including the one I'm sharing from my library today.   In the BNOTP Library: At Home With Country Author: Christina Strutt 3 Things I Like About This Book: I love a lot of different decorating styles and the beautiful homes featured … [Read more...]

Africa Bound: A Visit To Mahali Mzuri and Giraffe Manor

In December of last year, I posted about a magical place called Giraffe Manor. Ever since then I've been obsessed with the idea of one day visiting the manor and seeing the endangered Rothschild giraffes in person.   How much fun would it be to breakfast with giraffes! I've actually thought about it so much, I've started dreaming about it! Have you ever thought about a place so much you, you … [Read more...]

Pretty in Pink: A Princess Themed Baby Shower Tablescape

Welcome to the 361st Tablescape Thursday! I don't often have the opportunity to post table settings created for a baby shower, so I'm so excited to share the wonderful tables Elena recently put together in celebration of the birth of her 2 month old niece, Iris Maria.   Elena said, "I went over the top with a girly-girl pink princess baby shower. By the way, both men and women were invited … [Read more...]

In The BNOTP Library: The Scented Room

One of most favorite authors is Barbara Milo Ohrbach, all her books are wonderful. Todays book from the BNOTP library is one that will appeal to anyone who loves gardening and crafting, or just enjoys the beauty and fragrance of flowers.   In the BNOTP Library: The Scented Room Author: Barbara Milo Ohrbach 3 Things I Like About This Book: Barbara describes the purpose of this book … [Read more...]

What I’m Loving & Some Good News!

Good news! Williams-Sonoma brought back their tartan bedding! Last year several folks emailed or left comments upset because this bedding sold out so quickly at the Williams-Sonoma Home website. After talking with an associate in one of the WS stores, I had high hopes that they would bring it back and they did! You'll find it on their website here: Tartan Bedding   I purchased several … [Read more...]

The Best Blueberry Jam Recipe

Welcome to the 342nd Metamorphosis Monday! I love blueberries, they're my favorite fruit in the whole world. I eat them every single day, even during the winter if I can find them. When my son was little, we used to pick them every summer at a local farm, Berry Patch Farms, that's around 30 minutes from our home. My son was just 4 years old when this picture was taken. We loved picking berries at this … [Read more...]

Tour a Beautiful Home With a Gorgeous Old Soul

Recently, I was looking through some home listings on Zillow and I came across this Italianate estate from the 1920's. As I drooled over all the beautiful rooms inside this home, I thought to myself, "This house belongs in a magazine." I had to chuckle when I read the little blurb on the listing and found it had once been featured in Architectural Digest.   This home has a beautiful soul, you … [Read more...]

A Table Setting Inspired By The Deep Blue Sea

Welcome to the 360th Tablescape Thursday! It was a gorgeous day out on the porch, we've been blessed with a lot of those lately!   Recently, Noritake sent six salad plates my way in a fun new pattern called Indigo Beach.   Before I even knew the name of the pattern, the design had me thinking of the deep blue sea.   The yellow-rimmed dinner plates are also by … [Read more...]

In The BNOTP Library: Colefax and Fowler: The Best in English Interior Decoration

If you're a lover of English Country design, this book is about the firm that pretty much invented this style of decorating. They greatly influenced some of our favorite designers including Arthur Hadley, Mario Buatta and Mark Hampton.   In the BNOTP Library: Colefax and Fowler: The Best In English Interior Decoration Author: Chester Jones   3 Things I Like About This … [Read more...]

Tour Giuliana & Bill Rancic’s Beautiful Chicago Brownstone

When I read that E! host, Giuliana Rancic, was leaving the E! show and moving to Chicago where she and husband, Bill, currently own two restaurants (RPM Italian and RPM Steak) I wondered what kind of home they would choose. Their last home was decorated in a fairly traditional style so I couldn't wait to see what Giuliana had in mind for her new home. The Rancic's chose a wonderful old brownstone dating … [Read more...]

Inspiration in Blogland

So much inspiration around blogland...sharing some of my favorites today. Enjoy! Mary Carol Garrity has created a wonderful backyard paradise for entertaining: Innisfree: Cottage By The Lake   Imagine if you went on a photographic safari and a Cheetah decided to get up close and personal: Cheetah Face to Face (video)   Tired of seeing so many kitchens with a white tiled … [Read more...]

1960’s Kitchen Gets a Dramatic Makeover

Welcome to the  341st Metamorphosis Monday! Do you ever come across a kitchen makeover that just stuns? This Cape Cod home located in Harwich Port, Massachusetts hadn't been updated in many years. It has been renovated throughout and is now available for purchase.   The entrance is really pretty and inviting with a basket of  greenery on the door. I was just thinking how I haven't had a … [Read more...]

In The BNOTP Library: John Fowler, Prince of Decorators

Being a big fan of the work of designer, Mario Buatta, a few years ago I went in search of books about John Fowler. Mario has mentioned many times in interviews and books how greatly influenced he was by his work. He credits John Fowler with teaching him how to use color and how to arrange and use furnishings in a room.   In the BNOTP Library: John Fowler, Prince of Decorators Author: Martin … [Read more...]

A Cozy, Oceanside Cottage in Vineyard Highlands, Martha’s Vineyard

A beautiful beach cottage decorated in the latest designer fabrics and furnishings is always a treat, but there's something equally as delightful about a cozy, vintage cottage, especially when it's located on Martha's Vineyard. This oceanside cottage is located in East Chop, also known as Vineyard Highlands. Vineyard Highlands is a residential area in Oak Bluffs, Massachusetts on the north end of … [Read more...]

A Beach-Themed Sea Life Table Setting

Welcome to the 359th Tablescape Thursday! Summer has been flying by for me this year. Has it seemed that way for you, too? It's still plenty hot here in Georgia, perfect weather for a beach and sea life inspired table setting! Recently, Elena put this wonderful table setting together with adorable plates sporting some rather cute sea creatures.   Elena chose a rustic lantern with a rope … [Read more...]

A Light-Weight Laptop Great for Travel

I've been wanting, and somewhat needing, a new laptop computer for several years. The one I currently have is an old HP Pavilion. It was awesome in its day and exactly what I needed since it was bought to use at home. I rarely traveled back then, and when I did, I never took my computer with me.   When I travel now, I do need to take a computer. My old HP is large and heavy and a bit of a … [Read more...]

Going On Safari: 3 Beautiful Cottages

Do you ever have something on your mind, then everywhere you turn the universe conspires to surround you with it? As you know, I've had travel on my mind a lot this year. Recently, I was thinking again about amazing Giraffe Manor and how I'd love to visit it one day.   While searching for some additional information, I came across this delightful video on YouTube where two friends visited the … [Read more...]

A Sweet Bungalow Gets a Full Renovation

Welcome to the 340th Metamorphosis Monday! This morning as I was filling the birdfeeders, I could hear laughing and shouting coming from the street in front of my home. After I finished with the feeders, I went back inside and peered out the front window to see what all the excitement was about. Parents and children were gathered on the sidewalk, eagerly awaiting the arrival of a big, yellow … [Read more...]

In The BNOTP Library: Second Home: Find Your Place in the Fun

Have you ever longed for a second home, a place to head out to for the weekends or for a little vacation? The book I'm sharing today is one I purchased back in January 2008 when I was right in the middle of adding two porches to my home: a small front porch and a screened-in porch. It must have been the wonderful porch on the cover that drew me in, well that and all the great reviews.   In … [Read more...]

Tour Sarah Richardson’s Beautiful Island Summer House

I think I remember when my love affair with beach houses started. It was a few years ago when I flipped on the tv and Sarah Richardson was right in the middle of creating the most charming beach cottage I'd ever seen. Sarah's hubby had purchased the island home several years before, long before they met. Though very pregnant (already 6 months along) she decided to take on the challenging job of giving it a … [Read more...]

An “Italy-Inspired” Table Setting & A Special Story

Welcome to the 358th Tablescape Thursday! Terri and Johnny just returned from Italy and that wonderful trip was the inspiration for today's tablescape. They had been planning this trip for a while but it had to be put on hold for a bit. As we enjoy Terri's beautiful table setting created for a dinner with family after their return, I'll let Terri tell you why she celebrates each and every day with … [Read more...]

An Inspiration Update For My Home Office

Yesterday afternoon I made a little update here in my home office.   You may remember seeing this large decorative clock on the wall in previous photos. (This photo was taken back around Halloween one year so ignore the pumpkins.) I like this clock but I purchased it mainly to help fill that big blank wall. I've always wanted to do a gallery of photos there, instead.   Maybe … [Read more...]

10 Rolling, Carry-On Bags That Are Beautiful, As Well As Practical

I've been giving a lot of thought lately to what luggage I'll be carrying when I travel to Italy this fall. When I first started dreaming and planning for a trip, the travel company I was considering using really emphasized taking a very small suitcase (like a carry-on size) for the whole trip because they often booked rooms in small Mom-Pop owned hotels where there were no elevators. Also, due to the … [Read more...]

A Screened Porch Addition, No Haints Allowed!

Welcome to the 339th Metamorphosis Monday! Recently I received the nicest e-mail from Gloria. She recently added a screened-in porch on to the back of her home and it turned out beautifully! Gloria said, "I found you and your blog in 2012 when I was doing my research to convert a deck on the west side of my house to a screened porch.  My husband and I never used the deck because it was just too hot … [Read more...]

In The BNOTP Library: Great American Houses and Their Architectural Styles

If you have an interest in the architectural history of the homes we see all across America, you'll love this book. Many of the homes featured in this book are of historical significance and you'll probably recognize the architects and often the owners of these beautiful homes,   In the BNOTP Library: Great American Houses And Their Architectural Styles Author: Virginia & Lee … [Read more...]

What I’m Loving These Days…These Are The Bomb!

Does anyone still use that expression? I had to use it for this post...that will make sense in just a minute. One of the most popular posts I write here at BNOTP is when I share my favorite finds, products I've discovered and love using. I'll try to create one of those posts about once a month and they will most likely always be a mix of things from beauty products to household products to fashion to … [Read more...]

A Nautical Table Setting by Candlelight

Welcome to the 357th Tablescape Thursday! Soooo, remember yesterday how I mentioned plans to create a table setting on the little bistro table that lives here on the deck. HA! Mother Nature had other plans.   A huge storm came and  raged on for quite a while. It ended about half an hour before it became totally dark out. When the storm finally ended, I  rushed downstairs and quickly put … [Read more...]

5 Hidden Reasons To Travel

This morning I made a trip over to a local garden nursery, hoping to find geraniums for the pots behind my bistro table. I'm running behind this year, normally those would have been filled in early spring.   Every year I place geraniums here since this area gets a lot of sun. Last summer I had tall hibiscus growing on either side so the geraniums got a lot of shade and didn't do so … [Read more...]

In The BNOTP Library: The Finest Rooms in America

It was the title of this book that first caught my eye, but the "Editorial Reviews" and the reviews on Amazon prompted me to take a chance and buy it.   In the BNOTP Library: The Finest Rooms in America Author: Thomas Jayne 3 Things I Like About This Book: This is another one of those books that let's us take a peek into the homes of some very famous people. They come from all walks … [Read more...]

Tour a Beautiful Victorian Home, Rebuilt After a Devastating Fire

Yesterday we toured the outside of this beautiful Victorian home belonging to Christy and Don. You may remember the original home was destroyed by fire after a lightning strike. It's really scary to think that lightning can cause such destruction, isn't it?   We'll start our tour here in the entry and a grand entry it is with a beautiful curving staircase. I think it may have been around … [Read more...]

A Beautiful Victorian Home Rises From The Ashes

Welcome to the 338th Metamorphosis Monday! In 2008, the unthinkable happened. A storm came and lightening reduced this beautiful Victorian home to charred rubble. The owners, Christy and Don, began a new, determined to rebuild their home following the design of the original house as their guide.   It took two full years to bring it back, but oh my gosh, is it wonderful!   I … [Read more...]

Like Living In a Novel

The listing described this home as "like living in a novel" and I couldn't agree more. It's over-the-top romantic and if it's this beautiful and enchanting in pictures, I can't imagine what it must be like in person. (Psst: Press Ctrl + 2-3 times on your keyboard to view the pictures in bigger form and Ctrl 0 (zero) once you're done.) Whoever built this home was definitely a romantic at heart to hang … [Read more...]

Serving Ideas For Summer Parties and Gatherings

Welcome to the 356th Tablescape Thursday! For this week's Tablescape Thursday, I've pulled together in one post a few of the ideas I've shared in the past for serving beverages for summer gatherings with family and friends. Summer is still in full swing here in the south and will be for another 2-3 months, so let's have a party! Click on the titles below to access the post for the recipe. White … [Read more...]

Storage Bins & Ideas for Refrigerators

Do you ever open the deli or crisper drawers in your refrigerator with plans to make a yummy sandwich only to find a yucky mess awaiting you? Maybe on your last visit to the market, you purchased a bag of kale for a green smoothie or some fresh tomatoes in anticipation of a making a healthy salad. But now, as you peer down into the crisper drawer, you discover the kale has decided to transform itself … [Read more...]

In The BNOTP Library: Cottage Retreats

After featuring Frances Schultz's wonderful Bee Cottage yesterday, I knew just the book to share with you in the next BNOTP Library post. This one's perfect for anyone who loves a cozy cottage home.   In the BNOTP Library: Cottage Retreats by Lisa Jill Schlang Author: Lisa Jill Schlang   3 Things I Like About This Book: This book features all types of beautiful cottages. … [Read more...]

A Historic Mississippi Farmhouse Gets A Stunning Restoration!

If you wanted a special getaway, maybe some acreage for hunting, fishing and enjoying the good life with your family and friends, what would you do if it came with this house? Most folks would probably tear it down, especially after seeing the inside and finding out the foundation was a complete wreck. Though Mac Thomas joked, "It was nothing that a match couldn't cure," he and his wife, Terre, took on the … [Read more...]

Frances Schultz Decorated Bee Cottage and Herself Back To Happiness

Welcome to the 337th Metamorphosis Monday! When Frances Schultz, a contributing editor for House Beautiful, purchased a little cottage in East Hampton, she knew it had great bones, but it hadn't been updated in a very long time.   Frances herself had been going through a rough patch, having been diagnosed with breast cancer in 2004, followed by her mother's passing a year later. Frances … [Read more...]

Tour Faraway Downs in the Movie, Australia, With Nicole Kidman & Hugh Jackman

A while back I received an e-mail from Ursula. She wrote: Greetings Susan, I’ve enjoyed your blog for years!  Would you consider doing a movie house tour of the Queenslander Nicole Kidman inherits in the film, Australia?  I would love to see more detail and learn more about it.  Thank you. Kindest regards. Ursula, thanks so much for the suggestion because both the movie and the Queenslander home, Faraway … [Read more...]

4th of July Nautical Table Setting

Welcome to the 355th Tablescape Thursday! So, remember that table setting I didn't get to post last week because a big storm came along and put an end to any thoughts of taking pictures for the day?   It's a week late, but better late than never, right?   I ended up setting this table with two different centerpieces.   The first centerpiece was a flag and … [Read more...]

My Favorites In One Spot

One of the most popular posts here at Between Naps On The Porch are the ones where I share products I really like or that make my life a little easier.  Whenever I use something (like this morning when I was putting on mascara) I think, "This would be a good thing to share in a "10 Things I Can't Live Without post." Unfortunately, when I finally get around to creating those posts, I can't always remember … [Read more...]

In The BNOTP Library: My Passion for Design

Are you a Barbra Streisand fan? Did you know she loves decorating and design? Not only does she enjoy home design and decor, she wrote a book sharing all the details of her "Mill House" home.   In the BNOTP Library: My Passion for Design Author: Barbra Streisand   3 Things I Like About This Book: Barbra Streisand built a home and doesn't live in it. I was so surprised when … [Read more...]

Small House Living on a Grand Scale

Have you noticed all the new shows about small house living? Recently, I caught two episodes of a show that may be a new show on HGTV, called Tiny House Builders. Have you seen it? Tiny house living is definitely not for everyone, but in the two episodes I saw, they suited the homeowners very well. One was a young, single woman who I think was in college and couldn't afford the expense and maintenance of … [Read more...]

Chip and Joanna Gaines Turned a Frog Into a Handsome Prince

Welcome to the 336th Metamorphosis Monday! Do you ever watch the HGTV show, Fixer Upper starring Joanna and Chip Gaines? Whenever I watch Fixer Upper, I'm always amazed by some of the houses they take on to renovate. The foundation can be slanting, the electrical can be a mess and they dive right in! Their business, Magnolia Homes, has won several awards. Magnolia Homes is described as offering … [Read more...]

In The BNOTP Library: Nantucket Island Living

I have several books about Nantucket and this is definitely one of my faves. Photography is stunning and this is a large book that's beautiful to display during the summer months on a coffee table or other prominent spot in your home.   In the BNOTP Library: Nantucket Island Living Author: Leslie Linsley   3 Things I Like About This Book: The inside of this large book is … [Read more...]

Lovely Finds at A Classy Flea + A Gift!

This morning I stopped by one of my favorite haunts, A Classy Flea. I snapped a few pics while there so you could come along, too! I was slightly obsessed with this colorful pillar candle holder covered in lovely stones. It was $19 Oh, I missed the sideboard behind it! I think the sign on the sideboard says $275.  Looks like a beautiful piece!   This cell phone picture doesn't do this … [Read more...]

Celebrating the Red, White and Blue

Welcome to the 354th Tablescape Thursday! Late yesterday afternoon, as I was just finishing my table for today, a big storm blew in. I quickly grabbed the food I had already placed on the table, along with a few other items I thought would get wet or blow away and made a hasty retreat inside. It stayed almost this dark out for the rest of the evening, even after the worst of the storm had passed. We … [Read more...]

Kitchen Counters: What To Keep Out and What To Put Away

Back around 2002, I gave my kitchen a mini-renovation. At that time I had the cabinets painted white, added glass to the front of eight cabinet doors, added under-cabinet lighting, new backsplash, had granite counters installed and replaced the stove, microwave and sink. Since my kitchen isn't overly large, I've made a conscious effort over the years to keep the countertops cleared off and as clutter free … [Read more...]

Own Mad Men, Don Draper’s 1914 Colonial Home

Are you a fan of the popular, long-running TV series, Mad Men? The series first premiered back in July 2007 and lasted for 7 seasons! The last episode actually just aired a little over a month ago. I bet we'll be seeing Mad Men reruns for a long, long time. In the very first episode of Mad Men filmed back in 2007, this classic 1914 center-hall Colonial is the home of Don Draper, the Creative Director of … [Read more...]

An Ordinary Patio Becomes A Beautiful Three-Season Porch

Welcome to the 335th Metamorphosis Monday! I'm so excited because I have such a treat for you today! Recently, Linda and her hubby added a three season porch to the back of their home. Linda said, "Recently, my hubby enclosed our outdoor area. Formally, this space was a raised concrete patio that had a pergola over it."   "He always hesitated to enclose it because he didn't want a roof … [Read more...]

In The BNOTP Library: The Well-Dressed Home

Have you ever noticed how sometimes the colors in the clothes hanging in our closets are often the very colors we feel most comfortable using when decorating our home? This book celebrates that and takes the concept even further.   In the BNOTP Library: The Well-Dressed Home: Fashionable Design Inspired by Your Personal Style Author: Annette Tatum   3 Things I Like About This … [Read more...]

Faerie Door Cottage: A Real Storybook Fairytale Cottage

I'm beginning to think that England has a monopoly on all the fairytale cottages. lol Okay, maybe not a monopoly but they definitely have a some of the most magical, storybook homes to be found anywhere! One such cottage is Faerie Door Cottage, located in the village of West Overton in the English county of Wiltshire. Is this not about the cutest cottage ever? The stone exterior and thatched roof … [Read more...]

Sail Away With a Nautical Table Setting

Welcome to the 353rd Tablescape Thursday! I braved the heat this week to create a table out on the porch. Actually, a passing storm today cooled things down a good bit so it wasn't that terribly hot, after all.   I always feel a little sad when I see June 21st pass by on the calendar. That date is our summer solstice which means our longest day of sunshine has come and gone. The daylight … [Read more...]

Here I Go Again!

Greetings! How is your week going? I've been busy working on a few little projects. I'm back at it again, priming and painting old, plastic charger plates.   Recently I purchased a few bags of shells to supplement the last of the ones I still have left from my visit to Captiva and Sanibel Islands 30 years ago.   Ever since I made shell chargers a few years back, I've been … [Read more...]