For the Love of Birds

Speckled Sussex Chicken

An Urban Coop Tour

Bluebird and Goldfinch eating suet 2

Ideas For Suet Feeders

Bluebirds Meeting For Lunch

Table For Three
Bluebirds “Doing Lunch”

Barred Owl

Night Sounds
From The Porch

The Birding Life by Laurence Sheehan

The Birding Life
by Laurence Sheehan

Bluebird With Meal Worm

Bluebirds Gathering Mealworms
For Their Babies

Raccoon Eating From Backyard Bird Feeder

Blood Meal: Helps Keep Squirrels Out of Flowers

Wisteria in Bloom

Lewis’s Woodpecker & Rose-Breasted Grosbeak
In The Garden

Pileated Woodpecker eating suet

A Pileated Woodpecker
Stops By For A Visit

Ice Storm in Georgia, 2014 05

Ice, Ice Baby

Fantasy Table in the Snow

A Winter Table Setting
Fit For the Birds

Boxwood in Large Clay Container

Daffodils, Birdhouses &,
Heated Bird Baths

Red-Shouldered Hawk in Georgia Backyard

Red-Shouldered Hawk
Comes Calling

Perennial Garden with Dovecote Bird House

Woodpecker Attack

Heated Bird Bath for Winter

Heated Bird Bath
for the Deck

Pink Geranium_wm

Chipmunk Baths

Beautiful Backyard with Outdoor Fireplace, Outdoor Art and Wicker Seating Group

Backyard Paradise, Perfect for Entertaining

Solar Deck Lights

Dremel Comes to the Rescue Once Again

Back down in the nest

Impatiently Awaiting Daylight

Hummingbird Nest with Baby 3

Watch Phoebe Care for Her Babies Via Webcam

Raccoon from Wikipedia

Mischievous Raccoon

Bluebird on Feeder

Birdwatching: Cardinals, Bluebirds and Woodpeckers Came Calling

Mr. Squirrel

Squirrel Wars: The Latest Trick Up My Sleeve

So Much for Hot Seed


Cat TV


The Story of Leon and Pearl

Two Mysteries

Green Floral Rosalee Chair from Pier 1

A Behind the Scenes Tour

Lazy Hill Dovecote in Perennial Garden

A Dovecote in the Garden

Bluebirds Nesting in Lazy Hill Dovecote

Knights in Shining Armor, They Still Exist

Red Tail Hawk

What kind of bird is this?


Rosehill Cottage in
Miniature: It’s for the Birds


Knockout Rose Trees
Knock Out Squirrels


Lost Geese


For The Love of Birds

A Mother’s Love

Owls, Beautiful Owls

Georgia's Colonial Coast Birding and Nature Festival

Colonial Coast Birding and Nature Festival


Foiling a Pesky Squirrel


House Finches Nests in Front Door Basket


Bird Watching
While Keeping Cool

History of Herend, Rothschild Bird Porcelain


Bluebirds Nesting In
A Garden Dovecote