Some Friday Fun

Kitty on Ladder

Thanks so much for all your comments yesterday and thanks for your thoughts on the big vertical pictures. Really appreciate you taking time to leave that feedback. Hope your weekend is an awesome one! Here's some fun and interesting links to kick it off.  (Click on the links below to view that article.) Opening Up The Living Room: Ever thought about knocking down a wall and expanding your living room? … [Read more...]

Some Fun For Your Sunday


Amazing kitchen makeover: I don't want to spoil it for you so here's the Before. You're going to love the After! It's beautiful!   Smathers & Branson Needlepoint Key Fobs: I'm obsessed with these key fobs. I ordered a Lighthouse one for summer...will look good with my summer purse. And I ordered the Fox and Hound for winter. It's one of the few that has a different image on each … [Read more...]

Motherhood: The Longest-Running Continuous Production Of Your Life

Roses for Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day!   I miss Erma. Happy Mother's Day to Mothers everywhere! Source: The Gettysburg Times … [Read more...]

In The Jungle…

In The Jungle

A few folks have asked to see some pictures of my grandson, Court. Recently, his mom shot a very short video (50 seconds) while he was lying on a little play mat watching a jungle mobile overhead.  He is 8 weeks old now and has found his much fun watching how they change from day to day. So for all of you who have asked, hope you enjoy! :) In the Jungle from Susan on Vimeo. … [Read more...]

Inspiring Transformations For Your Weekend

Turn a Dresser Into a Sink Vanity for a Bathroom

Happy Easter! I haven't felt so well the last few days so this weekend I decided to just relax a bit and enjoy visiting some wonderful blogs. In my visiting, I found a few treasures that were just too good to not share. This kitchen renovation blew me away! I so wanted to post the "After" picture because it's amazing, but I didn't want to spoil the surprise for you. So, showing great restraint, I'm … [Read more...]

A Little “Behind the Scenes” of Running a Blog


This  has been a busy week. I don't often talk about the mechanics or the behind-the-scenes stuff of running a blog but there's almost always something going on. Each day brings plugin updates, MySQL updates, theme updates...there's always something going on to interrupt or sideline what I had planned to work on. If you were trying to access BNOTP late last night around 11:30 and you saw an error page, … [Read more...]

Coolest Woodworking Video Ever: This One’s For the Book Lovers


Happy Friday! What do you do when you have too many books and not enough bookshelves?   Imagine if a woodworking shop came to life. Even if you're not into woodworking, you'll like this 7-minute video. It made me laughed out loud a couple of times. The clamps were my favorite. Eee-eek, eee-eek, eee-eek. That will make sense in a minute. :) The video below was made by Frank Howarth from … [Read more...]

Something New! What’s In the BNOTP Library?

BNOTP Library 3

From time to time I get questions regarding the books I have here on the shelves in my office. When I first set up the office, I decided to limit the books I placed in this room to those on the topics of decorating, gardening, cooking and crafting.  In the past I've occasionally created a post where I took pictures and shared my latest finds. Those posts take a really long time to create and unfortunately … [Read more...]

It’s a Boy!


He's here! A beautiful miracle! I won't get to hold him in my arms for a couple of weeks but I'm already in love. Mom, Dad and baby are all doing great!  … [Read more...]

A Little Bit of Everything

Boxwood Topiaries Ice Damage

Remember the ice storm we had a couple of weeks ago--you know, the one we had right before we had two earthquakes? Yeah, life's been interesting around here lately.  I kept worrying during the storm that my magnolia would lose its top for the third time. Ice storms are its only nemesis.   It fared much better this time, only lost one small limb. Not bad at all.   My clay … [Read more...]