A Little “Behind the Scenes” of Running a Blog


This  has been a busy week. I don't often talk about the mechanics or the behind-the-scenes stuff of running a blog but there's almost always something going on. Each day brings plugin updates, MySQL updates, theme updates...there's always something going on to interrupt or sideline what I had planned to work on. If you were trying to access BNOTP late last night around 11:30 and you saw an error page, … [Read more...]

Coolest Woodworking Video Ever: This One’s For the Book Lovers


Happy Friday! What do you do when you have too many books and not enough bookshelves?   Imagine if a woodworking shop came to life. Even if you're not into woodworking, you'll like this 7-minute video. It made me laughed out loud a couple of times. The clamps were my favorite. Eee-eek, eee-eek, eee-eek. That will make sense in a minute. :) The video below was made by Frank Howarth from … [Read more...]

It’s a Boy!


He's here! A beautiful miracle! I won't get to hold him in my arms for a couple of weeks but I'm already in love. Mom, Dad and baby are all doing great!  … [Read more...]

A Little Bit of Everything

Boxwood Topiaries Ice Damage

Remember the ice storm we had a couple of weeks ago--you know, the one we had right before we had two earthquakes? Yeah, life's been interesting around here lately.  I kept worrying during the storm that my magnolia would lose its top for the third time. Ice storms are its only nemesis.   It fared much better this time, only lost one small limb. Not bad at all.   My clay … [Read more...]

Valentine, You Make the Earth Move Under My Feet


It was Valentine's Day. I was sitting here at my desk, minding my own business and working on a future post when my desk and chair began vibrating. As the desk and chair vibrated, something began rattling. I'm not sure if it was something on my desk or the glass in the windows above the desk. It may have been the glass because it sounded a bit like dishes or glasses rattling in a cupboard. Here were my … [Read more...]

Hunkering Down

Southerner's reaction to snow

This was in the Atlanta paper today, a quote from one of the most respected meteorologist in Atlanta: "Do be prepared for massive power outages as this is likely to be a massive weather event,” Burns said Monday evening. Yikes! Here we go again, only this sounds even worse. Today I stopped by the grocery store on the way home from running a few errands. Here's what I found. The milk … [Read more...]

A Sunday Drive


Happy Weekend! How about a leisurely Sunday drive, with some fun stops along the way. Tour a beautiful garden in Carmel.   Yum! A fabulous dessert! Needs some ideas for creating a craft room? Speaking of being creative, check out Dawn's Sewing Room. Have a china hutch that could use a little Frenchy makeover? A breakfast setting perfect for Valentine's Day. Mixed Berries … [Read more...]

A Shopping Trip to Ikea

Ikea Teddy Bears

Remember all those pictures I had stuck on my phone, the ones I couldn't download to share? Among them was a shopping trip I took to Ikea back in December. Ikea is only about 30 minutes away from my home, but I so rarely drive in that direction it feels like it's in another state sometimes. Do you ever shop there? I love checking out the unique pieces they get in. I had never been there around Christmas … [Read more...]

Madison Town & Country Holiday Home Tour & Mystery Footprints

Madison 30th Annual Town & Country Holiday Tour

Back in December, I went on a holiday tour of homes in Madison Georgia. I had planned to share these photos before now but I've been unable to download them from my phone. Does anyone have a Samsung Galaxy III? Got an easy method for downloading pics to your computer? In the past, with all the other phones I've ever owned, I just connected them to my computer via a USB cable and my computer automatically … [Read more...]

Happy Weekend!

Valentine's Day Cookies

Sorry, I'm a little scarce this weekend. I've been working on taxes...kill me now! Ugh! Just because I'm doing boring stuff, doesn't mean you can't have some fun. :) Enjoy! Bella shows us how to make beautiful Valentine's Day cookies...I love the squeeze bottle technique!   Here's Julia's family room before she gave it a complete makeover. Check out the … [Read more...]