Uggalicious Finds

I’ve been out doing a little shopping for the holidays. No, I didn’t brave the Black Friday crowds, although I will say that the iPad is the best thing ever invented in the world for making standing in a long line less painful.

So, since I’m always thinking about you, (seriously, I’m always thinking about you) I can’t tell you how many times over the past week I’ve thought, I need to let YOU know about THIS or I need to let YOU know about THAT. So this is the “Letting You Know” post because it’s just wrong to find great stuff and not share it.

Remember our past “Winter Survival Lists” HERE, HERE and HERE. Every year several of you have told me how you can’t get through the winter without your Ugg boots. Since I have so much trouble keeping my feet warm, to the point of running a heater almost full time under my desk all winter, I decided to treat myself to a pair.

I’m in love! Uggs, where have you been all my life! Thank you to everyone who mentioned them in your Winter Survival list–they are just as wonderful as you said. I purchased mine 5 days ago at the Uggs store at Lenox Square in Atlanta and have not taken them off  since. Okay, I’m not sleeping in them, but it’s tempting! My feet have never been warmer.

If you visit the Lenox store, ask for Crystal. She was so patient and so nice as I tried on several styles and agonized over which pair to buy. I jokingly told her I was going to sleep in them that night. lol The look she gave me was priceless. :)

The only thing I found disappointing about the Ugg store was the limited selection. I drove the 30 minutes to Lenox Square to shop in an official Ugg store thinking I’d walk in and it would be AHHHHHHHH (sung at a high pitch) as the clouds parted and sunshine rained on Ugg World in abundance! Instead, the store is kind of small and the selection didn’t seem that much better than a local shoe store that’s 5 minutes from my home. The local store actually had some styles the Lenox store didn’t. It would be nice if there was one big store in each major city where you could go to see all the styles. Unfortunately, their biggest stores are in New York and Hawaii…a little too far to go for Uggs.

I ended up buying the Katerina. I love it and it makes me feel like I’m perpetually on a ski vacation in Vale. ;) I’ve worn it with my pants tucked inside and with them out and I like it both ways. The other thing I love about this boot is it zips up one side so it’s super easy to put on and take off. They are a dream.

Katerina Ugg


I purchased the Protector spray since I remember wearing suede shoes in highschool and how hard they could be to keep clean. Anyone else remember those? I was concerned the spray would change the color; I love the warmth and richness of the chestnut color. I’m happy to report, it did not.  The kit I purchased also came with a cleaner in case I do drop a big ole glop of jelly on the top one day. Hoping that doesn’t happen but with me, you never know!

I love the Katerina so much, I’m already pining away for another pair. I’m eyeing this baby for when I save up my pennies again. It’s the Sunburst Tall. One of the sales associates at the Ugg store was wearing it and it is cute!

Sunburst Tall Ugg


One more style I saw and loved was the Bailey Button Triplet. I don’t think you have to undo the buttons to put it on, most of the boots pull on. So cute!

Bailey Button Triplet

A couple of things to know when buying Uggs:

1. Stay away from buying them in questionable places because this is one of the most counterfeited shoes around. There’s a whole section about Counterfeit Protection at the Ugg website.

2. Some Ugg styles fit true to size while others run a size or half-size smaller. So be sure and read the information and reviews at the Ugg website or at Zappos to see what wearers are saying if you plan on ordering a pair without first trying them on. I purchased the Katerina in a size 7 and found it fits true to size.

3. Uggs were designed to wear without socks, but all the research and reading I’ve done online says your Uggs will not stay fresh (delicate way of putting it) as long, if you don’t wear socks. So that leads me to the next thing I wanted to share.


Solmate Socks:

You may remember when I mentioned Solmate Socks in a previous post after I came across them in my local Wild Birds Unlimited. I love these socks!  Solmate socks are made from recycled cotton and I’ve found they are the perfect thickness to wear with my Ugg boots.

The Blue Spruce Socks


They are made in Vermont and you may have noticed, they are purposely mismatched. The colors will be similar or the same for each sock, but the patterns are different. I love silly and these are the perfect combination of comfort and silly.

I have purchased them at Wild Birds Unlimited and online. I just bought a couple more pairs on Amazon when I discovered how comfortable they were with my new boots. You can see all the colors they come in and purchase them HERE and HERE.


Christmas Dishes

Update: Remember when I posted this table setting recently featuring some cute Christmas dishware I found in Walmart. Those dishes sparked the most comments and emails I’ve ever received from readers wanting to find something I’ve used in a table setting.

Some folks found them in their local store, others could not. If you were one of the folks who couldn’t find them, you may want to check your store again. I was in Wally World last night looking for headphones that will stay in my ears when I’m gardening and lo and behold, they had a whole new shipment. I didn’t see bunny plates but they did have lots of the birdie ones and the barn/sleigh plates.

I just wanted to let you know since I know so many of you wanted those salad plates. They had the full dish set available online but apparently if you just wanted the salad plates, those were available separately only in the stores.

Christmas Table Setting Tablescape with Plaid Dishware and Pierced Chargers


Antler Ornaments/Place card Holders:

Last Christmas I created this table setting with a nature theme. It featured a deer centerpiece and shed antlers tucked down inside a bed of magnolia leaves.

Christmas Tablescape with Plaid Dinner Plates and Deer Salad Plates


Even my friends got into the theme. lol (Dinner Party can be viewed here: Christmas Dinner Party with Friends)

Christmas Dinner Party


For that table setting, I purchased cute antler ornaments from Wal-Mart thinking they would work great as place card holders. They did! Several of you asked about those and couldn’t find them. Wal-Mart has them in again this year, unless they are sold out. They are $1.99 for a set so that’s works out to a $1 an antler or $1 a place card holder. You’ll find them in the ornament section…one of the main places I shop for place card holders. Shhh, don’t tell anyone, it’s a trade secret. ;)

Christmas Tablescape with Plaid Dinner Plates and Deer Salad Plates


Comfy Pants:

Love these Women’s Regular Performance Active Pants from Lands End! They have a super comfy wasitband that’s not really a waistband at all. They are made out of some kind of stretchy fabric that’s heavy and doesn’t pill up. So comfortable! I’m pretty much living in these and my Uggs right now for every day wear. I decided to try them after noticing out of 951 reviews, 896 folks recommend them. At the Lands End site, just type in 395107 in the search box where it says “Enter Keyword or Style #” and they will pop right up.

Active Pants


This is what I wear under them when I’m outside. They are called Women’s Regular Thermaskin Heat Pants. They aren’t as thin as silk but they are a lot less expensive. I purchased them in “Medium” but I probably could have gotten away with a “Small” since they need to be a bit snugger to wear underneath pants.  (Silly spell-check doesn’t recognize snugger, can you believe that?!)

I think if I order more, I’ll go for the small next time. Toasty warm, am I. Can you tell this girl hates being cold?  Again, there’s no waistband to choke you, waist just gently tapers up. Whoever thought of making pants like that is a genius! Must have been someone who had just finished a big Thanksgiving dinner! ;) Oh, to find these at Lands End, type in 404509 in the search box.

Thermaskin Heat Pants


I know there were a couple of other finds I wanted to share, but right now I can’t think of what they were.

Have fun with your shopping–’tis the season!


  1. Nancy B of Lake Stevens says:

    Wow, thank for all of the great information. I have never tried Uggs. I find as I get older my feet do seem to be cold more often so I will have to look for some. I too love Lands End pants. They are good quality for the price and I am happy with the fit.

    Keep up the good scouting of all things wonderful. Your readers appreciate you for it.

  2. OK here’s some interesting news. My friend is an UGG enthusiast. She has been buying them for years and must by now have every colour they do. She walks in muddy fields in them, she jumps in puddles in them. AND SHE WASHES THEM IN THE WASHING MACHINE! She puts them in a pillow case and washes them with Woolite on a wool wash. She has had no mishaps. I’m not taking responsibility if you do this, I just wanted to let you know that she has been successful cleaning them this way. :)

    • Wow, that’s good to know! I’ve heard that last for years and years and since my feet aren’t growing, I hope to have this pair a long time! Thanks for telling me about that Andi. If I ever get these muddy, I just may try that.

  3. I loved those bunny plates too! I am recovering from surgery and won’t be driving for another 7 weeks so i tried unsussecfully to find them on line at Wally’s, as you call it, so cute! A brand spankin’ new one just opened down the street from my house and i can’t go…boo hoo. If anyone has a link for the dishes or the antler ornaments please let me know. I think i am finally in the market for uggs…we live in a hot climate so i have resisted but comfortable footwear has become top priority for me now…fashion smashion! Who needs it? This glam gram is going to be comfortable!

  4. Linda Page says:

    I was one of the people that looked for the plates at Wally World and did not find them but since you said you say a new shipment at your WW, then I will try mine again because I really covet those bunny plates!!! But then that’s not new. I seem to covet a lot of your stuff!!! lol

  5. Susan,
    Your generosity knows no bounds! Though I have no intention of purchasing any of these items, you truly are the best! Guess you weren’t kidding when you say you think about “us” all the time!
    Happiest of holidays to you. Know I’ll be doing/making something you suggest!

  6. Thank you for the info. I had to laugh-I have a new black and white kitten that we rescued. He is adorable but naughty. My husband calls him Walter mitty and I call him Wally world. His actually name is Walter. He has a store named after him, or so he thinks-haha.

  7. Of course I had to run to wally world the very day you posted them and get plates just like yours Susan,Love them and I was at the Lawrenceville store today and they have both the deer and bunny plates in stock,may be a drive for some but they had plenty.Cant wait to set my table with mine!!!!

  8. Beverly Kennedy says:

    Thanks for all the suggestions. Just ordered a service for twelve of the Better Homes and Garden’s holiday dishes from Walmart!!! They are just darling and I can hardly wait for them to come!!! Also ordered the socks…they look so warm and inviting for the winter months!!! Thank you for the help with my holiday shopping!!! Loved Thursday’s Tablescape and the tree too. Happy Holidays!!!

  9. Peggy Thal says:

    Love Uggs!!! I bought my first pair about 10 years ago for skiing in Copper Mountain, Colorado. I fell in love! They feel so good after wearing ski boots all day. I too sprayed them for protection and they still look great. I bought 2 more pair since then. I also like the Ugg shoes- very comfy. In fact I wore them today going to Lowes. — Your table looks beautiful! Very hunt style. ( I just ordered more plates 0n line from Walmart. Much cheaper and they had the complete set.) Did not brave the crazy Black Friday weekend. Did buy something fabulous in my little town with in 5 minutes that made me happy all weekend. Still decorating !!

  10. I just recently bought my second pair of Uggs, I love them. They keep my feet so warm and toasty. Love your tablescapes, always a new idea.

  11. NEPA Gina says:

    Thank you Susan for always sharing your great finds, and giving the websites. I loved the Soulmate Socks, looked for them in our area and found them! In fact, my search lead me to a tiny little shed called The Farmer’s Daughter, where she had some for children. Now our granddaughter has her own socks like Grammy’s. The children’s socks come in a pair and a spare-how cute! Re the Walmart Plates, I showed the lunch plates to my daughter, who fell in love with them to. We scoured all our local Wally World stores, and nothing. I got my 5 plates on a trip to Lancaster County. My daughter ended up ordering 3 sets on-line so she has a service of 12, they are just beautiful! Again, thank you for all your tips. Next on my Ipad shopping list, those Land’s End pants you mentioned!

    • Can you believe you can get a service for 12 for around $80! I was tempted by that awesome deal but just bought the salad plates locally since I had dinner plates they would go with. Glad you found some of the salads…maybe they’ll get more in, in you area. They seem to be trickling in. Loving these pants! :)

  12. Hi Susan, do you have ESP? The colder it is this time of year, the less I enjoy winter. So, I’ve been entertaining thoughts of Ugg boots, too. I’m delighted that you showed your boots and other selections, because what I found online wasn’t nearly as stylish looking. Love those socks, too. And shhh, you’re tempting me with those BHG Christmas dishes! They just won’t go away for long in my mind. Thanks for all you share with us!

    • Thanks, Helen! Everyone is saying the Sunburst Tall is amazingly comfortable. The reviews are awesome online, too! So if you go shopping, try that one on. I think it will be the next one I buy.

  13. Susan, I will be off first thing tomorrow to see if any of the nearest Walmarts have gotten the bunny plates back in stock. So far I have been unsuccessful in my quest and I really would like those plates. I fear that all your other followers will once again beat me to them, but I can hope! You have certainly created quite the rush. MM

  14. Cute bunny plates! (From my least favorite store in the world.) Where did you get the large bunny?

  15. Thank you SO much for this info! I was at Walmart today and DID find the plates! I was so excited cause my local Walmart didn’t have any dishes at all!!! I will also go order a pair of those comfy pants!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks again!

  16. Thanks for all the tips, Susan. I could have used those pants and boots when I was in Europe 2 weeks ago….Christine

  17. What a wealth of information you are!!! Thanks so much for sharing!!! Had gotten some nice flannel shirts last month from LE, now will go back and look at the pants you got. I hate Walmart, and will not go look for those dishes……….but I have a similar bunny that I use all year round!!!

  18. WELL..NO Bunny Plates any place in Missouri! I have looked and looked. All I could find were birds. Sure wish I could find them.

  19. Susan, I had to write to tell you that my quest was successful, I FOUND SOME BUNNY PLATES! I was so excited when I spotted them at the second Walmart I tried today. I found a store about 20 minutes away, in an area where I have never shopped. Only a true dish lover will understand how happy finding them made me. I do not need any more holiday dishes, BUT these captured my heart when I saw them on your wonderful table. I hope that others who are searching will have the same good fortune. MM

    • Yay! Marie, I’m so glad you found them! I know that feeling when you finally find something you’ve been searching for. I loved that pattern, too…it and the sleigh/barn scene are my fave. I’m thrilled you found them! :)

  20. ~Susan~
    Thanks for sharing all your shopping finds !! I never cared for Uggs, but the ones you purchased are cute. Even like Crocs the old ones are ewww, but the newer ones are getting cuter.
    Thanks for mentioning the plates, I almost forgot !!

  21. Here in the Midwest, Uggs are “collected” in a wardrobe of styles & colors. That’s a bit beyond my budget, but I do have 2 pair (Bailey button in black & Classic in sand). A few years ago my hubby surprised me with Uggs slippers for Christmas–LOVE them! Nordstrom always has a great selection of Uggs.
    Tomorrow I’m headed to Wally World for those plates–my little grandsons will love them! :-)

    • Merri Jo, I never thought to check Nordstrom…will have to remember that. Thanks! Zappos seems to have them in about every style, too. Yeah, getting them in lots of style and colors is a bit beyond my budget, too. :) I would like to have one more pair just to be able to alternate wearing them since I’ve heard it’s bad to wear the same pair of shoes/boots every day…apparently, it’s not great for the shoes. Hope your Wally World has those plates!

  22. TippysMom says:

    Your WallyWorld place setting is adorable, and at @2.98/plate, they’re hard to pass up! I picked up 8 w/the barn scene and also grabbed the huge rectangle serving platter for only $12.98! The BH&G line of seasonal/holiday dinnerware is great quality for the price, far better than what’s at Target and waaaaay more affordable than Pottery Barn (even though I love your Deer in the Snow salad plates)!

    • I totally agree! I had to smile when I read your comment because that’s almost the exact words I said to a friend after I bought mine. I feel like the quality is actually better than the PB plates and definitely a whole lot less expensive. You could buy 8 place settings of this dishware online at Wally World for what 6 salad plates cost at PB! I do love them. I also bought two of the platters, thinking it would be handy if I had a party and needed a large serving platter for either end of the table. I purchased three of serving bowls, too…the price was just sooo amazing!

  23. Uggs are THE BEST. I couldn’t live without mine. The ones you pictured are very nice looking!

  24. SharonFromMichigan says:

    I’m glad you love your Uggs (I knew you would!). I have the shorter boots with the two buttons and I just slide them on and off without fussing with the buttons (I also wear mine with no socks). I find that for boots that keep your feet toasty, they really are lightweight too. On another note, I found the prettiest Christmas tree dinner plates at Home Goods. They’re made by some company in Colombia (the country, not the city). I purchased their turkey dinner plates for Thanksgiving and those were beautiful also. They were less than $20 for a set of 4, so I won’t feel bad if one breaks down the road.

  25. Uggs are on my list too! My hubby brought us home some fake ones from China on a business trip and although I wore them the first year, all it did was make me want to experience the real ones (not even the same thing!!) I now have 4 pairs. I have the tall over the knee ones and they are so warm that I can’t wear them indoors! Luscious! My daughter just introduced me to fleece lined leggings and I just bought two pair. I can’t stand being cold either. My favorite gloves I have found at TJ Maxx, they are sleek and elegant but have Thinsulate in them and my hands have never been so warm and this year some of them have special fingertips so you can still use your gloves while using your cell phone! Stay warm this season. Maybe someday I will move to a tropical climate, but for now….

    • Oh, my gosh…fleece lined leggings sounds amazing! Where did you guys buy them…I need to check into those! Thinks for the tips on the gloves. I don’t like gloves that are super thick where you can’t bend your fingers. I will have to look for those…I really do like the gloves that let you use your phone. I bet eventually most gloves will be made that way. Thanks, Jacqueline…I’m am loving my Uggs. I can totally see why you have several pairs. They are soooo comfortable and sooo warm!

  26. I won’t tell a soul about the antler place card holders/ornaments at Walmart for $1.99 for two. Shhh.
    I bought several, and I’m wondering how you removed the hanger ring from the end.

    I loved this whole post. Oprah’s “favorite things” show had nothing on you…..well, except for the “You get a car; you get a car” part.

    • lol I would have the most popular blog in the blogosphere if I could pull off the “You get a car” thing! Love that! :)
      I think I took my needle nose pliers and just twisted it around and around…seems like it’s kind of screwed in and I just twisted it out. Thanks, Mimi! Glad you got some…I just think they are sooo cute!

  27. Thanks so much for this post on your great finds! I ordered the pants and LOVE them!! The comments helped with the fit to it when “great finds” are shared! Share more of your favorites!

    • Patty, aren’t they great! I love them, too! I’ve washed mine a few times in the handwash basket on my washing machine and they held their color and didn’t pill up…they still look new. I’ve been really happy with them, too. So glad that you like them. I didn’t even have to hem mine which is miracle since I’m so short. Thanks for the tip on the comments…great idea! I will def. keeping sharing the things I find that I really love. :)

  28. Hi Susan, I just bought myself a pair of Minnetonka fleece line slippers at Nordstrom Rack. They are keeping my feet toasty. I wear them with socks. I think I try the heat pants. It gets so cold at my office. They would be great. Thanks for the tips.

  29. My favorite find is Soma Cool Nights pj’s. If I’m not going out, I live in them. Their Embraceable Cool Nights pj’s are super lightweight and are fashionable; priced by the piece so can be a little pricey for 3-piece set (wrap, cami, pants). It’s now Dec. 29th and Soma has many of these sets on sale @ almost half price.

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