Happy Weekend!

Sorry, I’m a little scarce this weekend. I’ve been working on taxes…kill me now! Ugh!

Just because I’m doing boring stuff, doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun. :)


Bella shows us how to make beautiful Valentine’s Day cookies…I love the squeeze bottle technique!

Valentine's Day Cookies


Here’s Julia’s family room before she gave it a complete makeover. Check out the AFTER!



Preserve Handwritten Recipes in a Special Way

Handwritten Recipes on Tea Towels


The Problem with Facebook



Are you a Jane Austen fan? Want to join in on the discussion about this season’s Downton Abbey?

Jane Austen


Cornell Live Bird Cam  Once the feed from the bird cam loads, scroll over the picture and click on “FULL SCREEN” and it’s like having a bird feeder inches from your face. :)

Yellow Mask


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  1. The cookies are adorable – I just had to pin them. Facebook ugh! – great youtube. Taxes – :(

  2. Hope your weekend isnt all boring!
    Love Bella’s cookies! =)

  3. Jade Kessel says:

    Hi Susan, I have been following your blogging since November 2013. How I started following you was that I started selling on Ebay most of my clothing, handbags and shoes to make some extra money. Well one thing led to another and I started buying crystal, silver plated serving pieces, copper and pearl and silver plated handled flatware. In two months time (November and December 2013) I accumulated so much that I have filled my dining room china cabinet, an Ikea double glass door cabinet at the end of my hallway and a brass and copper hanging pot rack. My husband says that most people married for 46 years are getting rid of this stuff, but I never had a Bridal registry and never could afford these things before. I don’t understand the fuss people make to polish silver, it is so easy just wipe on the silver cream and rinse it off, the shine is such a reward.
    I have since had family and friends over for the Christmas Holidays, and I think I blew their minds when they saw my silver and crystal table settings. I enjoyed the Holidays so much this year and I am looking forward to some more entertaining.
    I will continue following your blogging, your website is so inviting I love it! Warm regards, Jade.

    • Thanks so much, Jade! I love entertaining and having guests over so I totally understand how much you enjoyed it. It forces us to slow down and focus on what’s really important, spending time and making memories with those we love. I get so much joy from it so I completely understand your excitement! Thanks so much for you sweet comment! XO

    • pam ~ crumpety cottage says:

      Hi Jade,
      I too have been so influenced by Susan and all her beautiful tablescapes that I also bought quite a bit over this past holiday season. Even still, I don’t think I came close to what you described! 😀 I wanted to offer a more elegant and pretty table so I purchased everything from a lovely soup tureen to sparkly crystal cake and pie plates, a gorgeous decanter and some pretty wine coasters. Hee. I wish you could show us pictures of what you bought ~ it all sounds so lovely. (Actually, Susan is secretly looking into a way we can all share 😉 )

      Welcome to the porch. :)

      • My research didn’t produce much good news. Unfortunately it looks like a forum runs a minimum of around $200 a month. Plus, you have to have folks who monitor for spam etc… I can see why not too many blogs have forums, now. They are expensive to host.

        • pam ~ crumpety cottage says:

          Awww, that’s a shame. :( But understandable. That’s pretty pricey. Of course, there could be an option to join the forum section for a fee. 😀 I’d pay. And I’m super cheap! But I have so much fun here and have been so inspired by you and all the beautiful things you do, as well as the ideas from the other ladies, I would gladly pay a yearly fee to join. Still, it may not be worth the trouble.

  4. Taxes…eh….I’ll think about it tomorrow…. :) franki

  5. Nancy B of Lake Stevens says:

    The art work for the Jane Austen blog is just gorgeous. Do you know anything about it?

    • Nancy, it’s the blog banner for that blog so I bet the author, Vic, will be able to tell you. I noticed she has a Facebook page too. So just leave her a comment on a post or on her FB page…or maybe message her on Facebook and she should be able to tell you.

  6. Those cookies are adorable! The photo is beautiful too. You always share such interesting things.


  7. Cookies are cute.( like I need to sign up for another blog) :) and the bird website reminds be have you seen this one at explore.org?

  8. Thank God Joe does our taxes, I wouldn’t know where to begin:) Hope you have SOME fun this weekend. XO

  9. Dani & cats says:

    Hi Susan !
    Taxes ???? – My husband`s thing…. I rather liker to dig out the horse manure in the barn…
    However – somebody always have to do that “nice stuff”… but the cookie thing is a delight ! & needful to sweeten up ” bad things”.
    Big hugs from VA & Mr. Teddy , the cat with the amputated paw : he is doing unbelievable well jumping around like a ball . I`m so glad only his lower paw and not the whole leg as recommended by the vet was amputated- it seems it keeps him in a great balance without using it !
    How is you big Yard makeover doing ? Here we have snow and I hope all my roses will survive this harsh stormy weather … What about your Camellias ? I adored them last winter – mine are TINY and try to survive in the barn until they grown up… Keep going…

    LOL Dani & cats

  10. Ugh, taxes, I feel your pain. Just finished my quarterlies at the beginning of the month and am starting to get things together for the year. No fun.

    I’m a fan of both Jane Austen novels and Downton, so I’ll be heading over there next.

    Thanks so much for mentioning my family room makeover, too, Susan! xo

  11. pam ~ crumpety cottage says:

    Taxes! Boo — boo-hiss. Boo! :( We worked on ours this weekend, too. I wish I could say we’re done. Ugh! Taxes are such a plague. If only I could just buy some of those adorable heart shaped cookies …. it would help inspire me to get through all this yucky paperwork. 😉 Hee. I hope you finished yours, Susan. I’m proud of you for getting right on them. :)

  12. The Cornell Lab live cam of the birdfeeder fascinated my cat who was resting in my lap with her head down …….until she heard the birds chirping. It was fascinating and funny to watch her track each new bird that appeared on the screen. I was afraid that she might leap at my screen!

  13. Nancy B of Lake Stevens says:

    Susan, I was just drying my hair and thinking about the birdie cam when a memory popped into my brain. When I was a little girl my mom would clean her hairbrush and then take the hair and throw it outside. One day I asked why she did this as I thought it was rather messy. She said it was so the birds could use it for their nests. More than 60 years ago my mother was a birder, environmentalist and upcycler. How cool is that!

  14. Hi Susan,
    Well wasn’t I surprised when all this cookie love started happening! You started a cookie stampede!! Thanks so much for sharing my old post, so sweet :-) of you. Hope taxes are going well, yuck :-(

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