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If You Really Love Me, You Won’t Leave


How’s that for a guilt trip? ;) Unless you’ve been stranded on a desert island the past few weeks, you probably know many Bloggers have made the decision to truncate or shorten their blog feeds to only show a short excerpt of their post.  I didn’t hop on the truncation train at first because I wanted to do a little research to learn as much as I could about how widespread scraping and stealing of blog feeds actually is.  The news was not good.

It’s very widespread and getting worse with each passing day.  There are not enough hours in the day to get all the content that’s been stolen in Blogland off the evil sites that are doing the stealing.   I’ve completed three more DMCA forms just this week.

Often when you do shut them down, they just start up a new blog under a different name and start stealing again.  The bad guys have decided why bother with spending hours buying supplies, doing projects, taking pictures and writing posts, just steal from blog feeds instead.  (Read more about how to stop Scrapers here: Stop Scrapers from Stealing Your Blog Content)  There are so many sites doing it now, it would be impossible to name them all and I definitely don’t want to send them any additional traffic.

 Image from WP Beginner

Change:  Most of Us Don’t Like It
In Blogging, as in life, nothing ever stays the same. We get settled into our daily routine watching our favorite shows or reading our favorite books or sites, then a change comes along.  Here’s a secret: Bloggers don’t like changes anymore than you do.  Changes often cost precious time, creative energy and money.

I thought one Blogger (who recently started truncating her feed) put it well when she said she could either spend her hours each day creating beautiful projects and posts or she could spend them filling out DMCA forms, SPAM reports and talking with lawyers about getting her posts off evil sites.  Understandably, she opted for the former and I’m glad she did because I enjoy her posts.  I’d much rather have her time and energy go to blogging and not policing.

A Frustrating Day:
Today I hired a talented developer to create the friendliest, prettiest truncated feed you’ve ever seen for those who subscribe to the BNOTP feed.  I envisioned a feed that shared at least a full paragraph along with a photo (or two) so you could get a good feel for what the post was about.  Then you could decide if it was worthy of a visit to BNOTP to read.

Sadly, I received discouraging news.  A picture happy feed will not work for my blog.  I probably won’t even be able to provide a good solid paragraph in there, just a title.  The reason is when I create a post, the paragraph and picture for the feed would have to go in the exact same location where something else on my blog already goes: the post titles for each link under the categories at the top of BNOTP.   So, the best we could do (until someone creates a better plugin) is to provide the title of the post in the feed.   (Insert 114 frowny faces here.)

Update:  My intrepid developer may have a fix in the works.   Hopefully you’ll see a picture and an excerpt from the post in the feed that goes out after all.  Yay!


Why I Subscribe to Blogs With Truncated Feeds and Have Signed Up For Even More

I will not be un-subscribing to the feeds I read where the Blogger has decided to truncate the feed.   I will even continue to add more blogs to my feed reader no matter if the Blogger truncates or not.  Here’s why:

Reason #1. I still want to know when a new post goes up.  If I unsubscribe, I’ll have no way to know and I’ll either forget to click over to the blog to check, thus missing some great posts, OR I’ll waste time clicking over when a new post may not be up, yet.  A feed, truncated or not, let’s me know my fave Bloggers have something new to share.

Reason #2.  I’ve been using Google Chrome as my main browser now for a couple of years and I love it.  It’s fast (of course, it’s by Google) and it has lots of bells and whistles the other browsers do not.  If you download the Chrome browser and use Google Reader as your feed reader, you can still read a full post without having to physically visit the blog.  Awesome, right?!

Yep, it’s magic…Google Magic.  Don’t ask me how they do it, but it works.  I posted all about it here:  Google Reader Inline: Read a Truncated Feed without Leaving Your Google Reader

In case you are wondering, you can have several browsers on your computer, most folks do.  I have Chrome as my main browser, but occasionally I use Firefox and Internet Explorer.   Chrome is my fave for so many reasons, other than the fact it’s so fast.  I love all the extensions they offer, like the Google Reader Inline extension.  They remind me of Apps for the iPad or iPhone, since they add additional functions to my browser.

Reason #3:   Finally, the third reason I will not be un-subscribing to blog feeds where the feed has been shortened is because I love all the Bloggers who have been providing great posts to me for years.  I know it’s not their fault that the bad guys are stealing their hard work and I know they are simply trying to protect themselves from future abuse.

I’m glad they have chosen to spend their valuable time creating posts that will inform and delight rather than spending it writing emails and filling out forms.  I want to support them in any way I can.

I know it means a lot to a blogger when they see their feed number growing.  It’s a huge pat on the back and one way I can say, “You’re doing a great job and I don’t want to miss a single post.”

Show Support for Your Favorite Blogs:
If there’s a blog out there that’s given you pleasure or made your day a little brighter, maybe shared a helpful tip or sparked a new idea, show them your support by subscribing to their blog feed or to their email alerts.  Follow them on Twitter, in Google Connect or “Like” their FaceBook page.  They will so appreciate it and it gives them a boost to work even harder.

Now that I’ve made the decision to truncate my feed to stop the ongoing abuse from the evil scrapers, it is my hope you will not leave/unsubscribe to BNOTP e-mails or the BNOTP Feed.   I understand if you must and I promise I won’t chase you down the street, hanging onto your leg,  begging you to stay.


But I’m not making any promises I won’t stalk you or occasionally drive by your house to see if you’re home. ;)


Thanks again for always being so supportive.  I feel so blessed to have you here…don’t ever forget that.



  1. Susan,
    I’m NOT leaving you,dear friend!!!
    If I haven’t been by to visit you lately, it’s because my life, too, has gotten a bit busy!!! But I’m still here! If you ever need me, just send an e~mail or catch me @ FB. I promise to answer quickly! I adore your blog!!! Between Naps On The Porch was one of the first few blogs that I followed closely…even when a lurker!AND you know how I adore MAX!!! I don’t always participate in MM or TT, but I do when I have a blog post worthy of the subject! Stuck like glue…me to you!!!

  2. I agree Susan.. everyone has to do the best thing for their own content and blog! I’ll still follow right along.. truncated or not!

  3. Susan, your blog post about scrapers has been so informative. I’ve learned so much and appreciate all the time and effort you have invested in this. I am only a little blog, but I found some of my referring sites were coming from some disgusting sources. I’m still learning about what to do, so please keep us informed and updated on anything that will help to thwart these scrapers.

    • Will do! I bet we’ll see some plugins or something coming out eventually to put a stop to this. I know from that video I embedded in the Scrapper post that Google is working on a way to stop it, too.

  4. Until I get to the point where I am self hosted, I shall move on to the truncated feeds…Your posts are just so informational….You should compile all of your great information into a book!!…I would truly buy it!!! Thanks Susan!!

  5. I have always and will, hopefully, always enjoy your posts! Love the tip about Google search!

  6. Susan my blog is so small I don’t think I will ever have an issue with someone stealing content. I have followed you since the beginning and will not stop just because of the feed situation though I will miss getting to see it all at one time in reader- just lazy- that clicking is such a hard thing to do you know!!! LOL :)

    bee blessed

  7. Thanks for all the hard work you put into this blog.Been with you for quite awhile and not going anywhere.
    Mary Anne

  8. Michele from Finch Rest says:

    I just hate all this stealing evilness. Ugh.

    I read your every post, so no worries from me.

    Hang in there- and TYSM for sharing what you are learning, it’s GREAT and appreciated, Susan!

  9. Thanks for these informative posts – new bloggers like me really appreciate it! Also, I will definitely stay and continue enjoying your blog!

  10. YOu are part of my morning routine. I enjoy the information provided. Why do others have to steal from others….uggg! I will continue to follow your blog.
    Regards Pat

  11. Susan,
    I too have followed suit and decided this as well.I am not leaving you or anyone else.I am still building my blog so I don’t have allot of followers yet.I would hate to see them leave.But we have to protect what is ours!

  12. Mary from Virginia says:

    Do what you gotta do Susan! I’m not going anywhere. In fact I might stalk you if you were to go away!!! =)
    Love your blog and always will.

  13. I have been hearing lately the issues with blog stealing and even though mine is a very small and mostly used to keep close friends up to date with what I’ve been doing I had gone and changed it to shorten my feeds although I don’t think what I have they want anyways. I’m so sorry to hear that there are those who would take from others who put their hearts and souls into something so creative as I’ve seen in your post. I enjoy your blog and will continue to stop by to see and read it. Have a wonderful day. -Deb

  14. Dear Susan, You have helped me so many times. I so appreciate you and appreciate how you help other bloggers. You never suggest that we should figure this blogging thing out for ourselves. You share your knowledge with all of us and we appreciate you more than you know. Truncated or not, we know that each and every one of your posts is worth reading and I look forward to each and every one.

  15. I subscribe to several blogs on Google Reader and I love going there and catching up on all you lovely gals. I read every thing you post Susan. Love BNOTP! Vikki in VA.

  16. Please don’t leave us, you make my day!!!!

  17. Elizabeth Burton says:

    Your blog was the first one I ever read and I will definitely stay. I am very new to this “blogging” world and it almost scares me away. I will keep doing it though because it is fun. Thanks for all your hard work.

  18. Debbi Saunders says:

    I Love your blog and so many others!!! I get alot of pleasure and wonderful ideas from these blogs!! I feel like I have found so many new friends through them and I WILL NOT be unsubscribing to any of them! I am new to blogging and just find it so disheartening that people would steal someones blog.

  19. I am not famous as ya’ll, but I too have a couple of referring sites that I don’t recognize…and they are not good! I did trunkate the RSS feed…we’ll see. thanks!

  20. Debbi Saunders says:

    I have just discovered blogs and I Love yours and many others. I get so much pleasure and inspiration from them and absolutely WILL NOT!! be unsubscribing…..

  21. I don’t understand all this but I will continue to read your posts. I read everything you post and enjoy it all.

  22. Sharon Smith says:

    I wouldn’t leave for the world. I enjoy every post and really its not that big of a deal. Just pressing a title???? Anyway I appreciate all your hard work. In my world anything worth doing is work. Thanks Susan, I’m staying with all of the blogs. Sharon

  23. Of course I am staying with you!! Otherwise, would be kinda like dropping a friend because she had always had her front door unlocked, but then there was a crime wave in her neighborhood, so she started locking it!’
    You gotta do what you gotta do to protect your own interests. Just keep blogging, it is not that big a deal to click to read the whole post.

  24. Susan, I’ll always be with you, truncated or not! Even though we have a small blog, I started truncating posts a few months ago because I felt like a lot of our readers were not clicking over to the blog. I only lost one subscriber.

  25. Thank you for such a great post! It is a great perspective on this whole truncating debate going on! I haven’t thought about unsubscribing for this reason to anyone’s blog. I like to think we’re all in this together!

  26. Would never leave and I support everything you are doing :)

  27. Get you via e-mail and always click over.

  28. Not going anywhere, but here! Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom with the rest of us. I have a very small blog, but I don’t want any of my hard work stolen. I inserted the jump link in my last post and will continue to use it. Again…thanks a bunch♥

  29. I don’t understand why people get so upset about having to click over to the site to read the full content. Of course I’m not unsubscribing…that would be silly. Sorry for the stolen goods.

  30. Cheryl Thomas says:

    I may be living under a rock but what site or person is doing the “stealing” of all the blog content. If we knew I would make sure not to visit or use that site—I guess I just don’t have enough blog experience to know who the bad people are. I love your site Susan and will always click over. ps those clock plates were just awesome

  31. There is NO WAY I would not follow you! Yours was one of the first blogs I started to follow and LOVE. Your sharing of info and wisdom is unsurpassed. Do whatever you have to do but I will always be here. XO, Pinky

  32. I love your blog and I’ll stick with you through thick and thin. Keep up the great work!

  33. You put a new perspective on this whole issue, and you stated it so well!!! I haven’t (nor do I plan to) unsubscrbe to any truncated posts. But if I had intended to unsubscribe, this post would have made me reconsider.
    Awesome post!

  34. I’m here and I’m staying here!

  35. Angela Davis says:

    I have just started reading your blog and enjoy it so much! I’m not leaving! I’m so sorry that you have to deal with people trying to steal your hard work. It’s sad and frustrating. You have inspired me to begin projects at my house. WooHoo!

  36. Nunyabeeswaxnrmaust says:

    Hi Susan,

    I get updates by e-mail, and will click, or tap dance or whatever it takes. I appreciate all your work and research. I especially loved your journal and photos of Max’s life. What a special love story! I can’t wait for your next installment. Thanks for everything,


  37. Hey! I have a reserved seat on that wonderful porch! :D

  38. No way would I ever leave your blog. I’m sad that you have to deal with those who steal your work. I’ve never been able to get my blog to feed. Not sure why.

  39. No way would I ever leave you…your posts’no matter how short, truncated or not are what I look forward to every day when I arrive home! To me its like picking up the news paper and sitting down to relax for the day then I know I’m “home”…so you and I are stuck like glue!
    Thank you for posting and wow, what on earth is this world coming to…scrapers, scammer’s and scum bags oh my! If anything, they take blogging to a whole new level and make more work for honest people not to mention steal content!
    Hugs Susan!

  40. Connecting to each individual blog’s website is what I have done everyday for the past few years . As the # of blogs I follow has increased exponentially, it is a bit time consuming. I have all of them bookmarked & even though I subscribe via email to several, I still visit a few dozen favs every day. BNOTP has been & will continue to be a pleasant and daily destination!

  41. Really? People would leave? My thoughts….good bye…don’t let the door hit them in their bum as they go. I just discovered your blog and I’m thrilled to be able to read a blog of a person who is much more informed than I am on many subjects.


  42. Not going anywhere!

  43. Nenette West says:

    I am here to stay. I love reading BNOTP and appreciate everything you post. I also enjoy your the tutorials and all the pictures that you posts. I hope you never get tired blogging!
    Wishing you well,
    Nenette West

  44. Omy all this is almost ‘over my head’ I am so focused on challenging my writing first then working on photos and formatting etc with the sincere wish that others will appreciate what I am writing..afraid I have been niave [in denial] about others actually stealing my material.HOWEVER I did discover MY OWN PERSONAL PHOTO-my front porch posted boldly on another blog and after sending her a low key polite but clearly stated note giving her an opp to remove or credit/link back to me..she apologized and it is still there-I have much to learn obviously-and I too faithfully follow you-your title drew me in from the beginning. Thanks for the education too!

    jonell Harrison
    Like Gramma’s House

  45. Clicking to find you won’t stop me from reading. Those who scrape and steal the work of others have no minds or creativity of their own. Sad for them. I’d still open your blog even if all I saw were the initials BNOTP. Somebody else said it best that you are missing your calling by not putting out a book or providing training to others who would benefit from the knowledge you’ve acquired. You have been generous to share and teach as you’ve learned, everything from camera work to sabotaging thieves. keep up the good work. When I saw the heading, I was worried you were leaving us!!

  46. Thanks soooo much for your wonderful support! I am so humbled and blessed by your words and comments this evening. I love blogging so I’m not gonna let these scrapers run me off…never fear that! Appreciate so much your understanding!

  47. Why on earth would having to push one more key on the computer to see your post make me leave!!!! I need the exercise! :o)

  48. Well put! I’ve been going to the blogs sites that I follow, because it’s always more visually inspiring than looking at it through a reader. I’m into eye candy!

  49. Susan, you are and always have been an awesome blogger with a loyal following. This is just a teensy weensy bump in the blogging road and won’t slow you down one bit. We appreciate your awesome posts and wouldn’t dream of leaving. Anyone who would do so is a poop head and it’s their loss.

  50. I still don’t understand why someone would threaten to leave for an additional click. If you invite me to your home, but ask me to use the side or back door because the front door is locked who would say they couldn’t do that and leave. It just all sounds so strange. I think if anything, now that you have explained you will have even more people sign up. I had another strange thought. Could the scraper be the one that is trying to bully bloggers into not truncating? Just a thought.

  51. I have been using Google Reader for months. I liked the idea that I was actually seeing each blog and that for those who need the stats, my reading is recorded.

  52. Darlene in Poulsbo,WA says:

    My odometer reads 78 years, but my computer knowledge is just past kindergarten, so much of this very informative post will take a lot more digesting before I can really say I understand it. But I know this much. I just found you a little while ago, and in that time have found so much to love and enjoy that I will do as the poster up the list said–click or tap dance–to find you. Thank you many times over for all the wonderful information and for all the time and effort it takes on your part to get it ready for our consumption. You are very much appreciated and very much loved by this huge variety of ladies. Hang in there!

  53. Goodness gracious me!
    Susan! I was almost in need of a defibrillator!!!
    All I read was: “Leave, Leave, Leave!!!”
    Who is leaving whom?! (I hate this word!)
    YOU, us readers?! I really hope not!
    WE, you?! And Sammy and Mr Max?! Never, ever!!!
    I know I don’t blog myself, so I am not going to deal with “ugly monsters” who steal my hard work but I think NO ONE should give up what he/she loves because of evil!!!
    Susan, I am so glad I discovered your wonderful blog and I got to know you and personally I will always follow you! Reading your blog has become a daily habit that I don’t want to miss! (And I don’t say this because I’m an egoist but just because I don’t want to miss someone or something I do love so much!!!)
    Hugs to you, my friend!

  54. Well said, Susan! I’m not going anywhere. :)

  55. Hello dear Susan,
    I cross my fingers X that the scrappers will keep out from your sight. You’re one of my best tip giver in bloggie-world and I will be so sad if you’re leaving us.
    As a naive blogger, I don’t even know that we have to use nowadays after I read ABOUT your switching time with net. Until now, I am still thinking how to do it if I hire someone.? I never heard this rumors in Sweden as of yet and when I asked and informed my Swedish co-bloggers they are not keen either.
    Can you advise how to swap bloggers to net? Do I need a professional to do for me ?

    Thanks for staying.

    Greetings from rainy as ever Stockholm,

  56. vicki nuckols says:

    Susan,Your blog is the very first one that I started following and I am still in Love with it since day one.I do not have a blog,and I really do not understand how it all works for someone to steal your hard work but that is awful,just like those who steal idenities,they apparentely must be pretty smart to do this so why don’t they use their smarts to get a real job instead of stealing?You can always count on me to follow you and if I see something on another with your work and not from you I will let you know.Always remember your Georgia peach sisters stand behind you 100%.Take care and pat Max’s head for me.

  57. I think one click is worth it! Keep your great posts coming!

  58. Susan,I remember back when we were all new to blogging and just getting started,when I would just jump to see what beautiful tablescapes idea’s and DIY projects you had posted.You were just getting into being paid for your blog by your sponsers,you blog BNOTP was and is still one of our favorites.
    I don’t understand any of this blog “talk”,but what ever yall are talking about want keep me away,I’ll still be over here on your beautiful porch looking at your “AWESOMENESS”.
    I have already changed my blog (this is third time-maybe it’s the charm) I went from ‘DownLoblollyLane to ‘LazyOnLoblolly to ‘LoblollyLane,changing everything each time and loosing everyone that I blogged with and had to stalk and try and get back bloggy buddies back,it has been terrible…but I enjoy blogging and as I’ve mentioned do not blog for profit,I JUST LIKE TO BLOG FOR FUN,I have been the victim of “PO*N”.I hate them websites and they disgust me to the point of “DELETING” my blogs,I can not put up with that.I am so disgusted…I wish BLOGLAND would do something about “THAT” also.

    You mentioned that you have got it set-up thru Google Chrome to were you don’t even visit our blogs,you can just read and not actually visit,how is that working for you,or do you just visit trusted blogs,I know when I check my STATS-TRAFFIC SOURCES there is BNOTP visit,I’m assuming that’s bloggers that have linked up to MetMonday or TablescapeThursday.I check my STATS everyday,and so far no “P*RN”.

    If yall can answer the question….how does “POR*,feed into our blogs???…from other bloggers???from search engines???…how???….how does the ones that steal yall’s post and pictures find yall???…

    For those of us that blog for fun,How should we blog???…should we just set it up to read others blogs and actually not visit their blog??…I’m confused,I thought that was the whole point of blogging,too visit each other and enjoy each others post and photo’s,and have fun visiting.

    Maybe there should be two types of blogs set up:(1) for bloggers who blog for profit(2)bloggers who blog for fun!!!!!

    • Jo, I use Google Chrome as my browser and I have added the Google Reader Inline extension, but 99.9% of the time I visit blogs to read them. I just discovered the GR Inline extension and wanted to mention it for folks who don’t like clicking over to a site to read the post. I still personally prefer to click over…I just feel like I get the full experience of the blog that way. But I can see how some folks prefer a reader…everyone is different in that regard.
      I’m not sure how the bad guys find our blogs…no telling. Regarding those bad sites that you saw in your spam filter or wherever it was that you saw those, those will always be there…trying to leave comments they hope will be approved to drive traffic to their sites. Just ignore them and don’t click on the links. Don’t worry about them. That’s why I personally do approve the comments before I allow them to post because I’ve read if a spam comment is posted and a reader clicks on it, it can download a virus to their computer. So, just make sure you moderate your comments and don’t worry about those sites that you may see in your spam file or referral stats.

  59. I am certainly not going anywhere. I don’t know why people think it is such a pain just to click over to the blog! The main reasons I subscribe to the ones I do is so that I don’t miss a post and also, being very honest, I do not like all the ads and visual distractions that are on a lot of blogs. Now that I come to the blog page instead of reading in email, of course I do see the ads, but that is a small price to pay to keep reading and keep connected with the ones I like. You are great blogger, one of the best, and I am going to keep reading.

  60. I have to admit I don’t understand all of this either but I will continue to read BNOTP every day. I don’t understand something as simple as what a feed is but I’ll try to learn. I just go to your blog by typing it in everyday. It’s a shame you have to spend so much time protecting what is yours from those who steal it. I just hope you realize what a wonderful blog you have. Your clock plates are amazing and will look great on a Tablescape or hanging on a wall. They would probably be a nice wall decoration to go along with your office clock, if it comes back.

  61. I don’t blame you at all for resorting to this. I’m trying to decide if I should follow suit. Keep me posted on how it goes. I learn so much from you and your blog, Susan!

  62. Hi Susan. I think it is so sad that bloggers have to worry that readers will leave, simply because you have to protect yourselves. You started the ball rolling, of the blogs I read, about the scraping problem. By the next day or two, most of my favorite daily reads were posting the same thing and most have truncated since. Since I’ve always had to click over to each bloggers site to leave a comment, I just don’t see that being truncated is any different. I think it is just beyond lazy and rather ungrateful to unsubscribe for one more click. While I still have my daily reads coming in my email, I have just made a list on my bookmarks and just go straight to the sites now each day. Either way, IT’S JUST ONE MORE CLICK….geez how hard is that!!! I’m so sorry this has caused the bloggers such worry about losing readers. I for one think it is much more important to shut down the thieves as much as possible. You won’t lose this reader and neither will my other bloggers. I just want you and the others to keep bringing me great daily posts!

  63. I would even consider leaving your blog! I understand completely needing to protect your blog and info – I just hate that you have to do it because of all the thieves out there! I love your posts and look forward to them every day. I AM HERE TO STAY!! Thank you for everything you do for us – your loyal and honest followers. :-)

  64. Count me in among those who will keep coming back day after day. I love your blog. Your uplifting spirit and your sense of style grace my morning with goodness. I write a small blog, musings, some recipes and once in a while rants. I appreciate the time and energy you spend in sharing your ideas, thoughts and tips with us your readers. Somehow you have woven your magic spell into my life. Can’t imagine not “stopping by” for a look. Thanks for setting the bar so high in terms of sharing goodness with those that come for a visit. I will be back, you can certainly count on that.

  65. Truncating your posts will not make me leave BNOP. Rest assured, your loyal readers will be happy to adjust to the necessary changes.

  66. I find this whole issue fascinating. First of all, so far as I know I’ve never even seen a scraper site. I can recognize placeholder sites, and others with wonky content, and I leave them immediately because they simply never have whatever it is that I’m looking for. Secondly, this scraping business is obviously enormously distasteful. I don’t understand how they have any readership, but clearly they must or they wouldn’t bother. Shameful.

    And lastly – I don’t use google reader. Sometimes I have time to read blogs and sometimes I don’t. I tend to hit my favorites every day, but sometimes I have to go back and catch up on weekends. Thus, I don’t “subscribe” to ANY blogs, but there are literally dozens of blogs for which I have read every single post that was ever written. I am a faithful follower. (I don’t frequently comment because of the hassles of switching between login IDs – can’t be too careful in this day and age.)

    So, in some ways, the “feed” question has nothing to do with me. I only view sites directly, I never see scraper sites, I don’t get feeds – and of course, I’m not going to change my reading habits :). I look forward to continuing to visit!

  67. I’m not leaving your blog or any of the other lovely blogs I enjoy reading. So sorry you have had to mess w/ all of this stealing business. Your blog is wonderful and certainly worth another click or two…..thanks for all your great ideas!

  68. I don’t understand this either, I have my favorite blogs bookmarked and get to them that way; so I will still read your blog. I agree with most folks here that one extra click shouldn’t make a difference. I have , however, limited the number of blogs I read to 5 (one of which is yours) to free up time to spend working on my home life rather than drooling over other folks’ homes; but not because of truncated feeds.

  69. Susan Hart says:

    I have no website or blog due to lack of time and really ignorance to anything dealing with a computer (after all, I am a grandmother and not computer savvy). Anyway, I have followed your wonderful website for the past year and have gotten so much enjoyment out of it. I love the tablescaping and once I retire from teaching, I’m considering taking a photography class so I can learn to take good pictures to put on the web and get a website so I can participate in Tablescape Thursday. I also love all the before and afters you post. Okay, I love everything on your website so I hope you continue to do what you are doing. You have a very faithful fan.

  70. Polly Smith says:

    Hi Susan! I’m not leaving either! You were so great to help me with the Pinterest “thing” and I enjoy reading your blog every day. Thanks for putting in so much for us to read, digest and enjoy. What is it with people these days? If they would work as hard honestly as they do stealing, who knows what might happen. I too look forward to continuing to visit:)

  71. Hmm….I find this all very confusing. I blog for enjoyment and all these details make it seem way too taxing.
    I read your posts because they appear in my favorite blogs I frequent on my blog page. I find it easier to keep up with the ones I like to follow the most that way. I can’t imagine not visiting your block just because I had to click on something extra.

  72. I love reading your regular posts though I do not have a blog, but I am a serial blogfollower! I will continue to follow you – I have learnt so much from your posts. Would miss Max dreadfully.

  73. As I have stated before, you are the first thing I check, after my e-mails, each morning with my cup of tea. I have you on my toolbar. So, I am not going anywhere, I will continue my daily visit to you (except when travelling) although I did check it out when in England last!! :)
    Whatever you have to keep these pests at bay, is o.k. by me. Have to get my fill of Mr. Max too!! :)

  74. Not going anywhere! I’ll have to truncate eventually too! ;)

  75. I’m not that computer saavy to truly understand the what, how and why of all of this….but I would like to know how I would go about truncating my posts should I feel the need, Susan. Can you explain to us rookies how to do this?? Thanks for your continued expertise and advice, girlie! I’m not going anywhere either. I love reading your posts!

    xoxo laurie

    • Hi Laurie, Thanks! ♥
      Well, if you are blogging on Blogger, it’s my understanding it isn’t that hard to do. Gina at The Shabby Creek Cottage wrote a post showing how here:
      Beth wrote a post sharing some information about how to do it for a WordPress blog her: but it can definitely be more complicated for WP blogs, so that’s why I hired someone to do it for me. He is still working on that…has run into some problems. If you would like the name of the person so is doing it for my blog, just email me at betweennapsontheporchatgmaildotcom and I’ll be happy to give you that info. Thanks again, Laurie.

  76. I’m guilty of not always commenting but I SO appreciate all your hard work and beautiful and informative posts, even if I don’t always say so! Thanks so much for all you share! Curses on those evil scrapers!!! :)

  77. Jeannie from WNC says:

    Wow! I had no idea any of that was going on!

  78. I love reading your blog! I would miss all your fun things and I would really miss Max in his favorite spots! Thanks for everything that you do share!

  79. But of course I would never leave you. I enjoy your blog posts so much. Do what you have to do to protect yourself….Christine

  80. With you all the way girl. I do love to visit your blog and appreciate all the work you put into your posts. I too enjoy seeing the whole picture and always visit each blog to read their posts. Thanks for sharing all the Techy stuff with us. Lots of it goes right over my head but you do have me thinking of installing Google chrome. Most folks rave about it.
    ~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

  81. First, your Google personality is gorgeous. Next, learning soooo much even if I don’t follow. I have been a writer for 15 years and for the last 5 fighting piracy has become too overwhelming. Even major publishers don’t do much but send take down notices. It seems impossible to fight. So when you share info like this, it’s so helpful. Thank you/

  82. Are you saying that you will no longer be able to view the complete blogs without subscribing? I am not joined at the hip to my e-mail and frankly don’t want a bunch of daily posts. Love your blog. Don’t want to leave and don’t want to subscribe. What a dilema.

    • Frances, the change only effects folks who already subscribe to the RSS feed or emails. If you visit BNOTP online, it doesn’t effect you at all. I’ve just had to start truncating or shortening the blogs that go out via the RSS feed or emails to stop the scrapers from stealing my posts. I just found another Blogger blog this morning with hundreds of BNOTP posts on it. I’m amazed how many scraper sites there are out there. Had to waste time filling out another DMCA form and Spam report to get them stopped. I hope soon I won’t have to spend time on this. So, you don’t need to do a thing…just stop by and visit whenever you like. :)

  83. Thanks for sharing all you’ve learned through this whole ordeal! Wouldn’t it be wonderful is good, honest talent could be celebrated. Looking forward to seeing this new format…..if that’s the proper term.

  84. Jennifer B says:

    I don’t think truncated posts are a problem at all. In fact, I kind of like them because I subscribe to way too many
    blogs !! This helps me narrow it down a little. For example, if I get an email from Smitten Kitchen I can read the first part and see if this is a recipe I need to have and then click on over, or not
    I’m here to stay!

  85. Never worry….I won’t be leaving you, I LOVE your blog.

  86. Mary in Idaho says:

    I enjoy your blog too much to leave. I’m here to stay!

  87. :(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:{is that 114?;}
    sorry that there are weenies out there stealing you hard work! may they come back with
    cankles and lots of cellulite in their next lives!!!
    and…since i already know you are as cute as the little kitten…i’ll probably stick around! ;}

    m ^..^

  88. Is this issue with other sites stealing your content and the truncated feeds also responsible for the fact that we can no longer click directly from one post to the next? I read your posts directly on your blog, but I read several at a time, so I definitely miss the continuous pagination you used to have. (Perhaps I’m simply overlooking something?)

    Regardless, I am complete agreement that you must do whatever it takes to fight the theft of your intellectual property. I bet the various blogging platforms will develop a technology-based hedge against this crime at some point too. In the meantime, thanks for your hard work!

    • I need to check on that. There is pagination on the main page, but I think I know what you’re talking about. Once you open a post, you have to hit back to get to another one. I’ll see if I can figure out a way to fix that. No the truncation doesn’t have anything to do with that. Truncation just effects the feed…not reading on the blog. I’ll definitely look into that. Thanks for mentioning it!

  89. I have to admit that when I would hit a blog that was truncated, I didn’t like it. But no one had ever explained why their blogs were in that format! Now that I know the reason, I will not let the format dictate which blogs I stick with and which I just delete. Thanks for the info.

  90. No, I certainly would not leave your feed, Susan–you are smart to protect your work, and I am going to follow suit very shortly and do the same. I love your creative blog–so many wonderful ideas and beautiful pictures that inspire me!

  91. I missed this post — now I understand why I can no longer read your entire post thru Google Reader. Sorry you are having problems. Unfortunately, I did unsubscribe thru Google Reader. I still have you on my list to read direct and will just pop in when time permits. I just keep my google reader list to blogs that I can read in their entirety.

  92. Susan, I am just now starting to truncate my blog posts, after seeing some strange things popping on my stats. Very ugly sounding traffic sources. So my question is – what will happen when Google Reader goes away at the end of this month?? I normally read blogs off of my dashboard, so I’m not really sure if the Reader affects that way of receiving subscribed blogs. Thanks for all of the time and effort you put into educating us (me) about things like this.

    • Well, folks who have been reading via their Google Reader will need to use a different feed reader, but that will still just work if the post isn’t truncated. More and more folks will probably just use the readers as an alert system when a new post is up and will need to click on the post to go to the blog to read the post. It only takes a second and it’s the only way the Blogger can protect their posts from being scrapped/stolen and published on the evil sites.

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