In The Jungle…

A few folks have asked to see some pictures of my grandson, Court. Recently, his mom shot a very short video (50 seconds) while he was lying on a little play mat watching a jungle mobile overhead.  He is 8 weeks old now and has found his voice…so much fun watching how they change from day to day. So for all of you who have asked, hope you enjoy! :)

In the Jungle from Susan on Vimeo.


  1. Andrea Campbell says:


  2. Anne Langan says:

    I have really enjoyed your blog…I used to live in Atlanta….and I have an 8 week old grandson there! So this video is doubly fun!

  3. Precious and adorable, Susan. Thanks for sharing this sweet moment.
    Happy Easter!

  4. Oh my dear sweet Lord Susan, he is too cute! The video left me smiling even after it stopped. I do so love that age when they develop the cooing language, those first smiles, and when they get so excited over movement, sounds and color. Happy Easter to you and yours!

  5. Precious, Precious! God is Good!

  6. JoyceBinAtlanta says:

    AWWW!! Why does it all go by so fast?! Such an absolute cutie-pie. Happy Easter to you and those you love.

  7. Oh what a precious little blessing he is. How happy you must be! Wishing you and yours a blessed Easter.

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  8. Jake's a Girl says:

    He’s beautiful! Sweet blessings from above. Happy Easter.

    Jake’s a Girl

  9. yarlette says:

    Oh Susan what a precious little baby. I know you are so proud. Nothing warms your heart like a grandchild. My two are in high school and college now . Can’t believe how fast the years flew by. Enjoy that sweet little guy.

  10. Very precious….handsome little guy!

  11. Oh my – so precious. Thanks so much for sharing this with us. Yes they change/grow up so fast! Way to fast! :/
    Hope you had a Happy and enjoyable Easter weekend.

  12. Thank you so much for sharing your precious grandson. Happy Easter.

  13. He is absolutely precious! It’s amazing how much they can fill your heart. Enjoy every second with him.

  14. Oh my, what a precious baby! He is so cute! They are gifts from God, absolutely. I am soooo jealous~~although I do get to practice on my sister’s greatgrands, yes I mean great-grandchildren! I don’t even have grandchildren, and she already has greatgrands! She is 11 years older than me, though, so she got a head start.
    I hope you had a Happy Easter. It rained most of the day here. But after that video, I’m smiling! Thanks for sharing.

  15. Susan, he is so responsive and focused to be so young and he could never be mistaken for a girl. He looks so boyish. You have such fun times ahead. I love being a Nana.

  16. Beverly Kennedy says:

    What a darling little baby boy!!! Court is absolutely adorable. Enjoy him while he is little!!! They grow up so fast…before you know it he will be crawling, pulling up and walking.Grandchildren are truly a gift from God and those special little smiles just warm your heart!!!

  17. Thanks for posting that sweet grandson. My grandchildren are all grown and one is married and in october they will make us greatgrandparents. I always thought it wouldn’t be as exciting as the first grandchild, but I’m already thinking of all the things I can send her for the baby. Wish postage wasn’t so high.

    Happy Easter and may be this a wonderful week.

  18. I have followed you and liked your blog for awhile. And I have to comment now! He is such a cutie! Absolutely perfect. New babies are just the closest thing to heaven. Enjoy!

  19. Court is absolutely precious!!! He will bring you more joy than you will ever imagine! Happy Easter, Susan!

  20. What a cutie! Love his little sounds and smiles! Thanks for sharing your precious grandson with us! Happy Easter, Susan!

  21. OMG so adorable. It’s so nice to have videos now so grandma can keep up on the changes when you can’t be there to see them. Court is so darling!!!!

  22. I subscribed to your emails awhile ago. Love them all but this one is very precious. I have 3 grandchildren. Nathan is almost 3, Nicky is almost 2 and Kiera just turned 1. I had twins 33 years ago and they made us very happy! He is so precious. A great big kiss and hug to your grandson from another grandma who LOVES children a lot. Best Wishes to your family!

  23. Susan your grandson is a cutie for sure. It is really amazing that one tiny human already has a sense of humor at such a young age. Thanks for sharing.

  24. What a completely precious video of a beautiful little baby boy. He’ll be rolling over on that playmat any time now. Do they have a supply of Little Einsteins videos? Even before sitting up, just in a bouncy chair, our three grandchildren were all entranced with those videos. While classical music plays softly in the background, shapes, colors, simple toys, etc. move across the screen. The Mom that made these videos was a genius (and got very rich too). Thank you for sharing this “little piece of heaven” with us today.

    • He does look like he’s trying, doesn’t he…don’t think it will be long. I’ve heard of those videos but don’t have any. They sound really neat! Thanks for reminding me about those, I hadn’t completely forgotten about them.

  25. Susan Jones says:

    Oh, so glad you have finally let us see your precious grandbaby! I have been waiting with bated breath for some pics! And he is truly adorable! I know you are a very proud grandmother! And I love that you chose Easter Sunday to share………!!

  26. What a wonderful Easter treasure!! Thanks so much for including all of us and seeing that sweet little guy! He’s a charmer!! EnJOY!! franki

  27. He’s adorable! So precious! ;)

  28. Oh, what a darling, little guy! So fun to see how expressive he is, reacting to his mobile. I had the blessing of spending the day with my three little grandsons, & time with them is precious, indeed!

  29. Read all the above comments. All say it one way or another….babies are God’s gift. My Mother gave me a pillow with a sweet saying on it, when Brendon, my first grandchild ,was born. “Everytime a baby is born, so is a Grandmother.” He’s fourteen now. Taller than me. Has to bend over to hug me. :) The best part…..he still wants to hug me. Have to mention his sister, Baylee…age nine. The second one is just as special. God is good.

  30. Maryann Marshall says:

    I am so happy to have discovered your blog, and have been reading all the archives. Your grandson is adorable!!!!!

  31. What a cutie-patootie!!! So bright and expressive too, very alert!! Thanks for sharing!!!

  32. Susan – thank you for sharing a little bit of Court’s time with us. He is amazing and a real cutie!! Isn’t grandparenting the very best ever time ever?

  33. Feels like yesterday that my little princess was jusrt 8 1/2 weeks, she is now 11 months. He is so cute Susan.

  34. He is so stinkin cute, Susan! Looks like a happy baby, I miss all those sweet sounds they make at that age!

  35. Cheapdiva says:

    Awwwwww – love the little ones!
    We have 9 grands, number 10 due this fall!

  36. Oh my goodness, Susan, he is so adorable! I hope you don’t live to far away so you get to see him often!

  37. Susan, Court is adorable!! thank you for sharing!!

  38. I still can’t get the video:(:( Tried yesterday and today it says I “don’t have permission”???

    • Pinky, that is so weird. At one point yesterday, I think the permissions weren’t set right, but I corrected it right away. I wonder if you clear your cache if it will let you view it.

  39. Catching up on your blog, and I so enjoyed seeing your sweet Court this morning! What a pretty and alert baby! He is precious and I am SO glad you posted this video.

  40. That is so adorable!

  41. pam ~ crumpety cottage says:

    Oh .. my … gosh! Susan! Haha, THANK YOU for sharing that. He is so cute! I just want to hold him and squeeze him and kiss his soft little head. They really ‘cooked up’ a good one for you! What a sweetie. You can just tell he has a good personality, too. I bet he’s a good baby for them and that they are having a ball with him. Lucky you, and lucky them. :)

  42. love that coooo’ing!!!

  43. Oh Susan! He is so precious! Enjoy every second that you can….I have four grandchildren and them seem to grow overnight!

  44. Maddie Davis says:

    So precious!

  45. Vivian C. says:

    What a beautiful gift! Brings back memories from when my sons, now 20, 18 & 14, were babies. Thanks for sharing the video.

  46. How wonderful technology is.We were long distance grandparents too. I called everyday and talked to our grandchildren so they would get use to our voice. And would know us when we got to visit.
    He is just beautiful. Enjoy and spoil him rotten!

  47. Dear Susan, Such a precious child. I know you cherish this video since you live a distance from him. My grandson will be 10yrs old on Fri. Hardly seem possible that he can be that old. Grandkids are such a gift from God. Hope you are enjoying warmer weather. We get one warm day and then a cool down. Such a strange spring this year. Vikki in VA

  48. A sweet special baby for a sweet special Grandma. Reminds me so much of my son at that age.

  49. Linda Page says:

    I bet this is the most comments you have received on one post. Court is adorable. I know we all have been anxiously waiting for pictures. Thanks for sharing Court with us.

  50. Precious!!! Isn’t being a grandma the greatest?!!!!!

  51. Susan, I am smiling from ear to ear watching him so I know you are “over the moon”. Hope you get to spend lots of time with him.

  52. Susan, he is adorable and very alert!
    There’s nothing like the grandson! Pure joy!

  53. Susan, I’ve been out of town awhile and just catching up on my blog reading! Court is PRECIOUS ! Thank you for sharing him with us!

  54. God love him he is precious!!

  55. Hi Susan:
    Have only just seen this post, have been having computer problems.
    What a little sweetheart. Loved his *gurgle*!!

  56. Oh Susan he is adorable!!

  57. Sweeet!!

  58. He is precious! Love his name.

  59. Pam ~ Crumpety Cotttage says:

    I had to watch this again. He is so precious. I just want to kiss and squeeze him. :D

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