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Movie House News & Trivia

Ralphie and Randy's Bed Room in A Christmas Story Movie, Cleveland Ohio

A Christmas Story
Part IV: Ralphie & Randy’s Bedroom and Bath

A Christmas Story Lamp, A Major Award

A Christmas Story
Part III: The Living Room

Kitchen in A Christmas Story Movie House

A Christmas Story
Part II: In The Kitchen

A Christmas Story Movie House, W. 11th Street, Cleveland Ohio_wm

A Christmas Story
Part 1: The House, Neighborhood & Shed

Under the sink

Daddy Is Going
To Kill Ralphie

Revenge TV House is for Sale

Revenge TV House Tour

Christmas Movie House Tour

Christmas Movie House
Tacky Light Tour

It's Complicated Movie House for Sale_wm

It’s Complicated House Available for Purchase

Ceramic Lemon Tree_wm

Lemon Tree In Two Doris Day/Rock Hudson Movies

TV Studio Set within the Movie, Bewitched Starring Nicole Kidman and Will Ferrell 2

Tour the Sitcom TV House
in the Movie, Bewitched

Beautiful Closet Designed by James Radin Interior Design

James Radin Designed the Movie Houses We Love

Doyden Castle Known as Pentire Castle in Doc Martin

Doc Martin and
Doyden Castle

Stars Hollow

Dream Towns from Movies and TV: Fantasy & Real


It’s Complicated Inspired Baking Station, Part II

Kitchen in Movie, It's Complicated

It’s Complicated Inspired Baking Station, Part I


Make a Practical Magic Wind Chime from Old Spoons and Forks

Doris Day Fashions in Pillow Talk and Lover Come Back

Pillow Talk & Lover Come Back: Fashions of Doris Day


Pillow Talk & Lover Come Back: Hats of Doris Day


Where to Buy a “Something’s Gotta Give” Table

Historic Home in Savannah GA

“Father of the Bride” Home
is on the Market


“Home Alone” House
is on the Market

Search Content with Barcode Scanner

Furniture Used in Movies

Own a Prop from Your Favorite Movie


Rosehill Cottage in
Miniature: It’s for the Birds


Movie House Quiz:
The Answers


Can You Name These
Movie Houses?