My Favorite Perfumes, A Growing Collection

Welcome to the 357th Metamorphosis Monday!

Back in March 2012, I wrote a post asking what were your favorite perfumes. You’ll find that previous post here: Scents: Do You Have a Favorite? The comments on that post were awesome as you shared your favorite scents.

One of the perfumes recommended to me at that time was Philosophy’s, Amazing Grace. I loved it and went through an entire bottle, purchasing a new one as soon as I realized I was almost out. I also bought a bottle of Marc Jacobs’s “Daisy Eau So Fresh” that day.



The only complaint I had with Amazing Grace was it didn’t seem to last very long. Now that I’ve gradually learned a bit more about perfume, I know why–I purchased the “toilette” version instead of the “Eau de Parfum.”

Three years ago, when I wrote that post, the only other scents I owned were Vera Wang’s “Vera Wang” and a very old bottle of Jessica McClintock’s, “Jess.” Back in the day I had purchased two different kinds of Jessica McClintock perfume and had finished one, but for some reason had never completely finished the Jess perfume. I’m sure it’s way too old to use at this point but I still have it because the bottle is so pretty. Do you ever do that, hold onto an out-of-date perfume or an empty bottle because it’s just too pretty to toss?

Perfume Collection 01


Over the last few years I’ve added quite a few scents to my perfume collection. For this Met Monday, I thought I’d share my faves and a special perfume I’ve just ordered.

My perfume collection is a bit like my dish collection: high-end, classic fragrances sit right along side inexpensive scents. Just as I’ll mix dollar store wine glasses with sterling silver flatware in a table setting, you’ll find an inexpensive perfume rubbing elbows with Chanel and Burberry on my perfume tray. If I love it smells, that’s good enough for me.

I’m going to link out to where I found these perfumes at the end of this post so you can read more about them. I always like to read the reviews before I purchase a perfume.

Perfume Collection 02


The perfumes I’ve added to my collection over the last few years are: Lancome-La Nuit Trésor, Marc Jacobs-Daisy Eau So Fresh, Viktor & Rolf-Flower Bomb Fairytale, Vera Wang-Vera Wang, Taylor Swift WonderstruckViktor & Rolf-Flower Bomb, Ghost-Ghost Eclipse, Ghost-Ghost Deep Night, Carthusia-Mediterraneo, Philosophy-Amazing Grace, Vivienne Westwood-Naughty Alice, Carthusia-Corallium, Jessica Simpson-Fancy Love, Victoria’s Secret-Victoria, Burberry-My Burberry, Jessica McClintock-Jess, Chanel-Chanel N°5, Taylor Swift-Taylor

Do you wear any of these?

Perfume Collection 03


I wanted to share a bit about each one and how I came to purchase it or why I love it, in case you’re like me and love trying new scents. Starting up front on the left, the beautiful, deep purple, diamond-shaped bottle is Lancome-La Nuit Tresor. I bought it on my recent “Sailing with the Scotts” cruise.

During our long day at sea on the way back from Cozumel, I visited a perfume shop on board our ship and enjoyed checking out their collection. The bottle was the first thing that caught my attention. I really wanted it for the beautiful bottle and was delighted to find it smelled as lovely as it looked.

Perfume Collection 05


I also purchased one other fragrance that day, a perfume I had tried about a year ago while shopping in Phipps Plaza in Atlanta. Do you ever do that, try a fragrance, love it, then walk away knowing that it’s just a matter of time before you add it to your perfume collection? The perfume I had tried but didn’t purchase until that day on the cruise was My Burberry, by Burberry. This could be a fun tradition, bringing home a new scent whenever I travel.

Perfume Collection 11


See the bottle in the center with the aqua blue charm hanging from it?

Perfume Collection 06


The two perfumes to the left of that bottle are Carthusia-Mediterraneo (clear top) and Carthusia-Corallium (black top.) Corallium is my favorite of those two.

Perfume Collection 10


When we visited the Isle of Capri in Italy, I stopped into Carthusia, I Profumi di Capri, Antica Officina del Promumo, which translates to: Carthusia, The Perfumes of Capri, Ancient Perfume Factory and purchased the two fragrances above.

Carthusia I Profumi di Capri, Antica Officina Del Profumo_wm


Here’s a bit about the history or legend of this delightful perfume.

10-21-15, Isle of Capri 248_wm


The walls were covered with photos of the famous folks who used to visit the island for rest and relaxation. I see Clark Gable, (is that Bridget Bardot with Clark?) and Princess Grace.

Celebrities and Stars Who Visited Isle of Capri


There’s Frank Sinatra…do you recognize some of the others?  If I remember correctly, the perfumes sitting in front of their photos were supposed to be their favorites. This was the first time I purchased perfume while traveling but I kind of like the idea of doing that, bringing back a special perfume that reminds you of a wonderful place you visited or stayed.

Isle of Capri, 2 046


The Naughty Alice perfume is a Vivienne Westwood scent that I’ve read good things about online. The name of the perfume gave me a laugh and it wasn’t expensive, so I tried it, scent unseen unsmelled. I do like it! It’s rumored Vivienne chose the name with Alice in Wonderland in mind. I wonder if that’s true.

As I’ve come across perfumes I want to add to my collection, I will sometimes take a risk and buy it online without first smelling it if the reviews are really good and it isn’t very expensive. If it is kind of expensive,  (over $50 starts to feel expensive to me) then I’ll only purchase it from a place that will let me return it if it turns out I don’t like it. I’ve only had to return one perfume so far, so this system seems to work pretty well.

The two moon-shaped bottles (orange and gold on the left and dark purple on the right) are by Ghost. The one on the left is Ghost Eclipse and the one on the right is Ghost Deep Night. I found Ghost Eclipse after listening to a YouTube review and had to order it. I love both fragrances. They are rich, bold scents and very sensual…best way I can describe them.

Perfume Collection 06


The bottle near the back with the pink bow is Victoria by Victoria’s Secret. I stopped into Victoria’s Secret a year or so ago to purchase a strapless bra for a special dress and they had a huge gift set on their clearance table for just $25. It was the last set left and it included a bunch of different products including their lotion, bath wash, etc.. One of the items in the set was this good-size bottle of their signature perfume. The manager shared a sample of the perfume and it was great. I’ve enjoyed all the products from that set.

Perfume Collection 10


The purple bottle with the star, bird and birdcage hanging from around the top, is Wonderstruck by Taylor Swift, another perfume I purchased without first smelling it.  I like Taylor Swift and loved the bottle with the bird set free from its cage, plus the perfume had great reviews. An inexpensive perfume, I decided to order it and I’ve enjoyed it very much. Again, I’ll link out to where I purchased these perfumes or where they can be purchased online at the end of this post.

Perfume Collection 08


Fancy Love is another perfume I purchased without trying it first. It also had great reviews in several places and is very inexpensive, so I was willing to give it a try. I’m glad I did, I really like it, too!

Perfume Collection 07


The bottle in front of and slightly to the left of Naughty Alice is Vera Wang by Vera Wang. That was the first, what I would consider, “expensive” perfume. I purchased it around 7-8 years ago while shopping in Bloomingdales. After going through my first bottle of it, a good friend surprised me with a new bottle as a birthday gift.

Perfume Collection 09


A recent addition was a bottle of Chanel N°5, you can just barely see it there in the very back. I don’t know why it has taken me this long to buy a bottle of this iconic scent. It’s truly a classic. As soon as I sprayed a bit on in the store, I was suddenly 8 years old again. I can’t remember who in my family wore this scent, I just know it was present a lot in my life as a young child.

Perfume Collection 12


The two faceted bottles up front containing a pink perfume are my absolute favorites in my whole collection.

Perfume Collection 03


They are Flowerbomb by Viktor & Roft. The one with the writing on the left is their “Fairytale” version. I noticed there are only a few bottles left now in the Fairytale version. If you love the idea of a perfume bottle covered in a fairytale, you’ll find the last few bottles available here: Flowerbomb Fairytale. Flowerbomb is the most elegant, feminine scent. It’s truly lovely! I always get compliments when I wear it. You’ll find Flowerbomb here: Flowerbomb.

Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf


The next perfume I’ll be adding to my collection is one I’ve read about but have never tried. I felt comfortable ordering it since I can return it if for any reason it isn’t a fave. The fragrance is, Creed’s Love in White.  I’ve smelled other fragrances by Creed and loved them, so I’m pretty confident I’ll like, Love in White, too. It was produced in 2005 and has been a favorite of several of our First Ladies including Laura Bush and Michelle Obama.

It’s very important that this perfume only be purchased from an authorized store because Creed is a perfume that is often faked. It’s an expensive perfume because Creed grows their own flowers each year to make their perfumes and it’s made in fairly small batches. Some years there will be less available due to weather conditions, etc… So Love in White gets faked a lot.

I ordered mine from Nordstrom, just to be safe. You’ll find it available here: Creed, Love in White

Creed Love in White

If you have a special man in your life, treat him to Aventus by Creed. I had an opportunity to smell it in a store yesterday and Oh. My. Gosh…it is wonderful! The reviews online RAVE about it. One man said it was the only fragrance he’s ever worn where other men stop him on the street to ask what he’s wearing. lol

They say it’s unisex, Creed makes a lot of scents that can be considered unisex like Royal Water that was created for Princess Diana, but I think Aventus primarily smells like a men’s fragrance. It’s wonderful, though!

Creed Aventus


Here’s where you’ll find the perfumes I’ve collected and shown above.

Lancome-La Nuit Trésor
Marc Jacobs-Daisy Eau So Fresh
Viktor & Rolf-Flower Bomb Fairytale
Vera Wang-Vera Wang
Taylor Swift-Wonderstruck
Viktor & Rolf-Flower Bomb
Ghost-Ghost Eclipse
Ghost-Ghost Deep Night
Philosophy-Amazing Grace
Vivienne Westwood-Naughty Alice
Jessica Simpson-Fancy Love
Victoria’s Secret-Victoria
Burberry-My Burberry
Jessica McClintock-Jess
Chanel-Chanel N°5
Taylor Swift-Taylor

Creed-Love in White 

Creed-Aventus (great for men)

Looking forward to all the wonderful Before and Afters for this Metamorphosis Monday!

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  1. Love your collection of bottles, Susan, and I’m sure your fragrances are very special to you. Every year for the past 4 or 5, I’ve been purchasing the fragrance samplers from Sephora for my girls and me. We have a lot of fun choosing our favorites, and then redeeming the inside coupon for a full-size bottle. I have seasonal fragrances I’m partial to, but Clean Skin is probably my current year-round fave. I snagged a tiny gift set of the V&R Flowerbomb to try it (relatively inexpensive), and I like it too (winter choice for me). Thanks for sharing and hosting.

    • I saw those samplers this year and was thinking what a great gift they would be. Oh, I love Flowerbomb all year long…like a beautiful garden. 🙂 I need to smell Clean Skin. I love fresh, clean scents and it sounds like it would be one of those.

  2. I have worn L’air Du Temps for years. A few years ago my friend gave me a bottle of L’air Du Temps for my birthday. I could not understand why it lost its fragrance after only a short time. I was half way through the bottle until I understood what the problem was. I feel certain that it was a knockoff. I no longer wear L’air Du Temps. I now wear Donna Karan’s Cashmere. I love the subtle smell and I think it suits me now that I am a “woman of a certain age”.

    Oh! I almost forgot, if you get a chance give Jo Malone a try. It is also delightful.

    • I bet you were right. The reason I say that is I was noticing several folks saying that about some of the high-end perfumes being sold on Amazon. You don’t see that on the less expensive ones, but on the more expensive perfumes, there are usually quite a few comments saying that either the scent doesn’t last as long throughout the day as it has previously or that it smelled off and not quite right.

      I just got a sample of a Jo Malone fragrance. I haven’t tried it yet because I currently have a head cold. Ugh. I will definitely try it as soon as nose is working right again. lol
      Cashmere sounds wonderful! I need to make a list of all the great perfume suggestions today. I love trying new scents.

  3. Wow! That’s quite the beautiful assortment of perfume bottles you have!
    Happy to be partying with you this morning. Hope you have a great week! Cynthia

  4. A good perfume is the ultimate pampering! Looks like you have a fabulous collection Susan!

  5. Thanks so much for the party Susan – this reminded me that I’m running out of my favorite perfume – Lolita Lempika ! It’s another beautiful one – pricey but really just beautiful – I’ll pick some up today so thanks for that too !
    Hope you have a wonderful week xox

    • Suzan, I’m so glad you mentioned that one. I’ve been eyeing it ever since I saw a review of it on YouTube. I love the bottle! I will have to try that one. Do you have a favorite place that you buy it?

  6. What a beautiful collection of perfumes, Susan. I love how you are displaying them on the pretty tray. My favorite perfume is Paloma Picasso, which I don’t think is one that is in your collection. I am happy to know about the Amazing Grace…I think I’ll give that a try!

  7. I don’t really have a perfume collection. I love Estee Lauder’s perfumes and wear Beautiful in the winter and White Linen in the summer. I love it when my grandchildren hug me and say, “I love the smell of Grandma.”

    • I’ve never tried Beautiful but I used to wear White Linen all the time. Such a great scent. My mil wore it, too. That is so sweet about your grandchildren. I hope mine will say that one day. 🙂

  8. Thanks for the party, Susan. If I close my eyes and think about it, I can still smell Chanel No. 5…on my mom when she was getting ready to go out to dinner with my dad, when I was a little girl. She was the epitome of glamour!

    • Such a beautiful memory, Kim. You really know that scent when you catch it, don’t you? When I was purchasing a bottle a few days ago, my first bottle ever of Chanel N°5, the saleperson showed me a new version of Chanel N°5 called N°5 Eau Premiere. He said it was an updated version of the perfume. I smelled it and I honestly didn’t like it as well, so I told him I’d just take the original. I think it would be kind of cool if everyone liked the old version best. 🙂

  9. I have to admit I am not a perfume girl. One of these days I want to figure it out my favorite one:). Thanks so much for the party Susan! I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. take care, Tara

  10. Wow, what a gorgeous selection of perfumes! There is nothing more feminine than a signature scent. If I wore fragrance, I would probably buy it just for the bottle. Just had to pin your collection on my Vanities and Dressing Tables board. As I am very sensitive to fragrance, I would love to find one that didn’t give me a headache.

  11. An impressive fragrance collection! The only one from your group that I’ve tried is Amazing Grace which I really like. On my vanity right now I have Fresh Life by Fresh (also use the Fresh Life triple milled soap in the shower), Dahlia & Vines by Nest, and Pivoine Flora (Peony) from L’Occitane-en-Provence. I usually like the green, citrusy, light floral fragrances. Lately I have purchased the roller balls in these fragrances since they don’t take up too much room on the vanity or in a drawer. There is never a day that I don’t wear one of my fragrances. Great post today!

    • Those sound wonderful, Melinda! I love the small roller balls and purse-size sprays, too…they are great for travel or to keep in the car, too. Thanks for sharing your faves, love learning about new scents to try!

  12. Susan, I love your critiques on all of your lovely perfumes and the bottles are “to die for”. I am collector of beautiful and unique bottles. My fav as far as classic perfume is Chanel #5. But, I too, buy inexpensive scents just because I love them. This will, no doubt, cause a laugh but my new favorite inexpensive (cheap LOL) scent is Pretty Petals which can only be purchased at T J Maxx. It is a light, luscious fragrance that I spritz on every morning just because…it makes me feel pretty and ready for the day. As the price will tell you, it doesn’t last all day, but I can well afford to spritz it on throughout the day…..and each time I smile. Merry Christmas

    • Thanks, Julie! I totally believe in buying what you love and it doesn’t have to be expensive. I’ll have to look for Pretty Petals next time I’m in TJ Max. I was reading about the history of Chanel N°5 last night and it was so interesting. Wikipedia said that when Coco Chanel first designed the bottle, the “shoulders” of the bottle were too squared off and the glass was too thin and it kept getting broken in shipping. So they made the glass thicker and rounded and beveled the shoulders like we see it today. I thought that was so interesting. She wanted the bottle to be very simple in design and she named in N°5 because when they brought her over 20 samples of perfumes they had mixed for her, she chose the 5th one (number 5) as her favorite…and gave it that name for simplicity.
      Thanks again for sharing your fave perfume, Julie…will look for it when I’m in TJ Max. 🙂

    • Julie, I was in Marshalls recently and they had the Pretty Petals scent. It was on sale for just $6 for a 2.5 oz bottle. I purchased it and LOVE it! It’s such a fresh, beautiful scent and just makes you happy each time you smell it as you’re wearing it. I remembered that they had two more bottles and I decided I was going to buy at least one more next time I was there since I like it so much. I stopped by this evening and thought to check the perfume aisle and they still had one bottle left. It was further reduced to $4. Thanks so much for telling me about this scent…truly love it! I also bought one more scent this evening. They had a big 3.4 oz bottle of Kate Spade Live Colorfully for just $29. It’s going for $95 right now at Sephora, Nordstrom and the Kate Spade website. I couldn’t resist that price and decided to try it. It is very floral and quite strong, but I do like it. Like Pretty Petals more, though. 🙂

  13. Susan, I stopped wearing perfume years ago because my husband has become very sensitive to fragrance. Before that he used to bring me a perfume once in a while when he traveled to Europe on business. Last year while in Paris, I almost bought a bottle of Guerlain just because I wanted the bottle with the golden bees. I talked myself out of it because of the price, but it was fun learning about the perfume. Later in the trip, I came across a couple of vintage bottles at the antique market and purchased them. Like you, sometimes I just like the bottle.
    The small collection of bottles from my husband used to sit on a silver tray on my vanity, but I have no idea what I did with them.
    Now you have me curious and eager to find them.
    My favorite fragrances for years were Channel #5 and Oscar. I still have a bottle of Oscar, but I suspect it is too old to use. 😉
    Thanks for sharing your pretty collection and the story behind it.

  14. Susan, I can’t wear perfume because my husband is allergic to so many smells, but I love perfume bottles. You have some beautiful ones. What an interesting story about the Capri perfume factory. Thank you for hosting.

  15. What a fun post today! I have some of the same perfume as you…Amazing Grace, Britney Spears perfume, and Fancy by Jessica Simpson. I got hooked on VS Heavenly a long time ago and I still use it too. I like your idea too about brining home a new scent from each place you travel. That’s a great idea!

    • My dil wears Heavenly and loves it, too. It is a beautiful scent!
      I wish I had had time to really shop while in Key West…wonder what scent I could have brought home from there…maybe something beachy. 🙂

  16. Unfortunately, I am one of those that just can’t wear perfume…for some reason the chemistry between my body and most perfumes turns them into a heavy musk that is quite unpleasant to my sense of smell and my sinuses act up…I used to be able to wear perfume in my younger years and loved Miss Dior Eau de Parfum and later on Tatiana by Diane Van Fursntenberg. As I aged, I have found that if I stick to pedestrian, light airy citrusy colognes, my body responds well to those, so for many, many years I have been using plain old Jean Nate after bath splash and it has become ‘my signature fragrance’ …LOL

  17. Oh, you haven’t even scratched the surface yet! I have loved perfume since I was three years old and have over 200 hundred bottles. You have some lovely department store fragrances, but I hope you will continue to explore, and find some of the amazing niche perfumes and higher end that are available. (L’Artisan and Annick Goutal are houses that I bet you’d especially enjoy, and perhaps By Kilian, Ormond Jayne, Amouage, and Mona Di’Orio)

    I love Carthusia! I am so envious that you got to experience the store! My favorite Carthusias are Gelsomini and Fiori. I prefer Creed’s Love in Black, but LiW is gorgeous, too…I believe the First Ladies are gifted with it, not so much that they chose it. (I’ve read that Michele Obama likes the Boadicea line, or at least that she chose it when they visited the UK.) Creed is a wonderful house, with a long history!

    I would dearly love to hear more about your perfumes!

    • I just read about the “niche” fragrances last week, didn’t even know there was such a thing until I read about it. lol That may be how I came across Creed. The niche perfumes are so expensive, I won’t be able to add one of those to my collection very often. Thanks for those recommendations! I love perfume so much, it’s exciting to try new fragrances. Tammy, how do you use all yours before they are no longer at their best? I’m going to have a hard time parting with some of the bottles when they are empty. I would love to find another use for the really pretty ones. I’ve heard good things about Love in Black, too. I just can’t get over how much stronger and more vibrant the scent of the Creed perfumes are, as compared to others I have. The fragrances are so unique, too. I’ve never smelled anything like Aventus. Have you ever visited the Creed Boutique in New York? I would love to have taken more photos inside Carthusia, but it was jam packed with folks buying perfume so hard to photograph in there. It’s not a very big place.
      Thanks…I’ll be sure to share any special ones I get. I’d like to do a post about the differences between toilettes, Eau de parfums and real perfume…and also what I’ve learned about how perfume should be stored to help it last as long as possible. I’ve also been amazed to learn how much our memories are tied to scent. That’s wonderful that you’ve been collecting since you were three! Love that! I couldn’t believe it when I put on Chanel N°5, how it instantly transported me back to my childhood. Almost scary how it did that.

      • I am going to speak heresy here, and say that I think how long perfumes last varies wildly, regardless of how they’re stored with regards to heat and light.

        I have perfumes that are twenty years old that are fine, and I take no care whatsoever in how I store them, other than keeping them out of direct sunlight. I have perfumes that are three years old that have clearly changed a bit, but that probably has more to do with how they age than anything else. I have not always had air conditioning in the places I’ve lived, so they’ve gotten pretty warm at times. Maybe I’ve just been lucky, but all I do is make sure my bottles are not right by a window, or where sunlight from a window would reach them during the day.

        I have noticed that Bvlgari perfumes seem to change the quickest with age; I wouldn’t say they go bad, but some of the top notes wear off within a few years.

        I will never use up all I have, but I get enormous pleasure from perfume, and seeing all the lovely bottles! I seldom get rod of the bottles; heck, I have been known to buy based simply on the bottles, and never wear the perfume! (Those how like whimsical or have young ladies interested in perfume should check out the Alice and Peter line, the bottles are shaped like cupcakes and are quite reasonable)

        Niche and indie perfumes are insanely expensive, but the mainstream/department store fragrances have become so boring and similar that it’s worth it to me to pay the price for something richer and unique. I do think some brands set their prices too high just to make them exclusive, but most high end perfumes use ingredients of a much higher quality, so you have to expect to pay more.

        I’ve never been to NYC, but you can bet I have a list of places I plan on visiting! The Caron boutique is my first stop, but Creed, Bond No. 9, the JAR boutique, Christopher Brosius’ store, and Aedes De Venustas are all on that list!

        And yes, the part of the brain that processes memory is right next tot he bit that processes scent, so the connection is deep and strong. I have been brought yo tears by certain scents! It doesn’t even have to be perfume, sometimes a certain smell will take me straight back to my childhood.

        Oh, Parfums Del Rae is a lovely, lovely house, and they’re having 20% off today, with free shipping! (I love Mythique, Bois D’ Paradise and Wit)

        Oh and y’all know there are blogs (Perfume Posse, Now Smell This, CaFleurBon, many others) that are all perfume topis, plus some great discount sites (Fragrance Net is a great one and offers online coupons all the time)

        NOT affiliated with any of these companies, just crazy about perfume!

  18. Oh I also meant to add that you might like The Different Company and Atelier Colognes, too.

  19. You are quite the collector. I see that your pretty collections even extend to perfumes. The bottles are lovely, and they do display beautifully. But a word of caution: you may want to research what exposure to light does to perfumes, especially sunlight. I have read that they tend to go off more quickly. I keep mine stored in a drawer to preserve them. I guess it’s a tradeoff. The esthetic enjoyment of the bottles or the perfumes themselves.
    Unfortunately, unlike you, I’m unable to buy expensive perfumes very often which prevents me from being able to replace them as quickly as I should, hence the drawers. It makes me sad though. The bottles tend to be as satisfying as the perfumes themselves!

    • Yep, I’ve been reading about that, about how light and big temperature changes, especially heat, is bad for perfume. I’m going to keep them out because I love seeing them. I used to keep them in the dressing area off my bedroom but that room is very bright, so I moved them to the sink area off my bathroom because it doesn’t have a window. Well, it’s taken me 3 years to collect the ones I have and only 3 of them are what I consider, expensive perfumes. The rest are around or under $50. Even the perfumes from Carthusia were only $55 each. The nice thing about the more expensive perfumes is you usually only need to apply them one time and they last all day. Some folks have even commented on them lasting through the night and into the next day. With less expensive perfumes, you often have to apply them again as their tend to wear off during the day. It reminds me of clothing in that respect, how good clothing lasts so much longer.

  20. Love your collection, Susan…so may pretty bottles! I had a chance to visit a perfume factory in France…so much fun! Thanks for hosting! Hugs…Debbie

    • Debbie, if I ever make it to France, I would love to do that. I’ve noticed that so many of the perfumes I have were made there! I bet that factory smelled amazing! 🙂

  21. Love your collection!! Yes, I also save the pretty bottles even when empty. So glad you tried Amazing Grace. Here’s a hint, I use the whipped body butter or the body lotion before spritzing on the perfume. Seems to last longer. I also have the spritz body oil and that is yummy. Most people have the same complaint that is doesn’t last long and is such a faint scent. I also have the perfume in the roller ball bottle.

    The other scent I still love to use is White Shoulders, I know it is old but still very pleasant to me. And still like to use Jess.

    Such a fun post!!!

    • You know, I read something about that…that what makes a scent wear off too fast is if you spray it on dry skin. I guess it’s a good idea to buy the scented lotion, too. I think the biggest reason Amazing Grace doesn’t stay long with me is I was buying toilette instead of Parfum and hadn’t realized it. I still love it, though. I’ve kind of gotten into some heavier scents lately, a big change for me but I’m loving it. I’m going to become one of those little old ladies you see who walks into a room and smells like she took a bath in her perfume. 😉 Hee, hee.

  22. I tried to comment but my ‘puter’ wasn’t having it. So glad my phone is charged. You have some wonderful smelling scents. I don’t have ANY perfume at the moment! I do love White Linen and other Estée Lauder scents. My daughter has a nose like a German Shepard and is great at helping me pick out new scents. My ‘smeller’ doesn’t work like it used to so I bring her along to make sure I don’t buy something that will make me smell too strong. But I have to say that a man smelling good cologne is about the best smell on earth! I have walked a few in stores and wanted to just follow them through the store because they smell soo good!

  23. Oh and one more very important thing before I wear out my welcome, there are sites that decant perfumes so you can try before you drop a lot of money on an expensive perfume. (Invaluable to me,as I live out in the boondocks, with no access to larger department stores)

    Surrender to Chance and The Perfumed Court are the main ones that I use, highly recommend both and I reckon they are having specials today.

    Also, there are now perfume subscription boxes… Scent Bird, if you like department store fragrances, and Olfactif, for the niche brands. (Olfactif have an amazing program, well worth checking out!)

    Again, no affiliation at all, just an avid perfumista wanting to share resources! Always a thrill to get someone started down the rabbit hole….

  24. Fascinating information, Susan. I have struggled for years to find my “scent.” It seems like I like something in the store but after using it a few times, it starts to smell unpleasant to me. I told my daughter I might start using men,s cologne because it always smellsd so good to me. She was horrified. She said men’s cologne was supposed to smell good to women and vice versa. I have joked that I need a scent consultant that could just tell me the perfect scent for me. I have tried some Joe Malone scents. My favorite is basil, lime, and mandarin. They advise layering scents to get the scent you want. That may be a sales ploy. Anyway, loved your post.

    • OH, I wear men’s fragrance all the time! I have Grey Flannel, Drakkar Noir, Old Spice and several from Serge Lutens and Frederic Malle that are marketed towards men in the stores…

  25. Linda Page says:

    I love your perfume collection. Lots of pretty bottles. I have many empty perfume bottles that I just could not throw away the beautiful bottle once the perfume was gone. I have a Shalimar bottle that my dad brought back from Spain in 1955 for my mom. Unfortunately, the bottle top came loose in the suitcase and all of the perfume spilled out except for just a small amount. My mom used what was left very sparingly and saved the bottle which is tall and the bottle is shaped like a shield and has a glass stopper. I wore regular Jessica McClintock for years. Then the regular one became hard to find and I don’t think it is available any more. My fav is Givenchy’s Organza. I got a bottle of it on a Carnival cruise ship and have loved it ever since. Quick question….Jonathan Scott mentioned on a show that something was low for his 6’5″ frame. Are he and Drew really that tall? I know they always look much taller than their clients.

    • I feel like the world’s dorkiest person, but you can still get Jessica McClintock; my mama wears it and I just bought her two bottles on Fragrance Net. 25% off everything today, but they always have a good coupon. I got it for 21 dollars and some change per bottle.

      The formulation has changed; it’s not as strong as it used to be, but it’s still lovely.

    • That’s terrible that all perfume spilled out. 🙁 On another note, I bet your Dad had one good smelling suitcase forever! 🙂 Yep, they said several times that they are around 6’4″-6’5″. They are tall!

  26. You have an amazing collection and you have encouraged me to try something new. I usually stick with one scent so that it becomes my signature. I have been wearing Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel for years now. Still love it. Thanks for the party!

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  27. So nice to hear you love your Flower Bomb as much as I do. In fact I just purchased a new refillable bottle from Nordstroms. They shipped it to me in a beautiful box, that I will keep for a very long time… My husband is getting their Spice for Men’s for Christmas… I know he’ll love it and so will I… Merry Christmas.

  28. I LOVE all of your gorgeous perfume bottles! I have eliminated my perfume clutter by wearing LAILA Essence of Norway almost all the time. It is such a perfectly clean, sweet and delicious fragrance that it has become my “go to scent”. Found only 2 places in the United States – EPCOT Puffin’s Roost gift shoppe in the Norway pavillion or Nordstrom. Give it a sniff – I guarantee you’ll be hooked. In the summer I wear Lilly Pulitzer Wink, Squeeze and Beach and I will always go back to my stand by Polo Sport Woman and Ralph Lauren Romance. Great post!

  29. Thanks so much for hosting!!


  30. Lovely bottles! I have a small collection of perfume bottles. Most of mine are bottles you put perfume into, not the direct manufactured ones. Maybe I should feature them sometime on my blog.

  31. Your bottles are gorgeous on your tray! I love that they are out and accessible – I keep mine on a shelf in my vanity … out of sight out of mind. You’ve inspired me to go get a spritz or two. 🙂 I have streamlined my fragrances with my “go to” scent Laila Essence of Norway! Its perfect! It can only be found two places in the USA – EPCOT in WDW Norway Pavilion Puffin’s Roost gift shoppe and Nordstrom! Next time you are out shopping – give it a sniff – its fabulous! I also wear Lilly Pulitzer Wink, Squeeze & Beachy. And the old stand by bottles of Ralph Lauren Romance and Polo Sport Woman. Great post!

  32. My favorites are Chanel- Mademoiselle, Dolce and Gabbana- The One and Oscar de la Renta. I love perfume too, I wear it everyday even if I am not going anywhere – just makes me feel good! My favorite thing on Christmas Day after everyone leaves I take a bubble bath with my new “smelly stuff” and put on a new pair of pajamas – that is the best!

  33. Hi Susan. A wonderful collection of perfume bottles. One that I have and the scent bring back memories is Chanel No. 5. Over 30yrs. ago when I was a young office clerk my boss gave me one for a Christmas. I am never out of it. My favourite is Anais Anais by Cacharel. I was attracted to the beautiful flowered bottle and I love the delicate scent.
    Thanks for sharing and thanks for hosting another blog party.

  34. Mary from Virginia says:

    This is perfect timing. My son’s girlfriend is starting a collection of pretty perfume bottles. He is at a loss as to which perfume is best. I am no help!

    I have sent him a link to your article. Thanks for this great post!

  35. oh Susan..what a pretty collection and they look so lovely displayed on your silver tray… great idea! 🙂

    My 2 favorites for the longest time have been “THIERRY MUGLER Angel Eau De Parfum” in its cute star shaped bottle and “JEAN PAUL GAULTIER Classique Eau De Parfum Spray” in it’s lovely corsette type bottle.
    Unfortunately I don’t wear perfume very often anymore because I sometimes develop a migraine from scents… when I do wear it I tend to spray a tiny bit onto a cotton ball and then apply as little as possible to my skin in a couple spots.
    I once stepped into an elevator with a lady who smelled lovely but she must have been wearing a LOT of perfume because by the time I got off on my floor my head was spinning and I soon had the worst migraine headache.
    I wish it wasn’t the case because I really love the smell of a good perfume and used to wear it every day when i was younger.

  36. So lovely the way you had them all displayed. If I kept mine out they would be covered in a layer of hairspray or dust. I bought a tiered expandable spice rack shelf where I keep fragrances in a wall cabinet.
    Most have the nice ornate caps missing because I’m usually in a hurry and just spritz it on all over. there’s not a day that passes without a few spritzes o something. Oh I just love perfumes and scents…I change with the season or my mood. Sometimes music evokes a certain scent to be worn for the occasion. Thanks for sharing!

  37. Oh such a wonderful post today, I too love perfume and display my perfume bottles on a silver tray just as you do. I was in Paris several years ago and purchased a bottle of perfume that a friend had recommended to me. WOW, do I love it and you can order it from New York if you’re not going to Paris. Now for the name….Champs-Elysees Eau De Parfum. My granddaughter is graduating from High School in June 2016 and I’m taking her to Paris as her gift. I plan to buy another bottle while there. Also, I love your post and look forward to reading them.

  38. hi SuSan ~

    wow what a collection of beauty bottles of perfume you have !! I have only one 🙁 , I have been wearing Eternity for years , and still love it. I don’t know what else to try, and Ive notice what smells good on one lady doesn’t always smell wonderful on me.
    When I was alittle girl my grandmother would have these little bottles of perfume that I loved looking at, and she said salesmen would come to your house and give you these little sample bottles and she kept them because the were pretty.
    Another story while shopping with my mom in an upscale department store, I sprayed so many different perfumes on her, that I could hardly stand to be near her for the smell gave me a headache, hehe
    Which perfume do you highly say to try??
    🙂 Paula

    • Oh, what a cute story, Paula…that made me smile. lol Have you ever noticed it’s the things that don’t go perfectly that give us such great stories to tell later. I try to remember that when I’m planning something and things go awry. lol
      Well, for right, at this very moment, I’m still completely smitten by Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb. I love shaking things up and wearing something different each day, but if I was going somewhere and I wanted to wear a beautiful, classic, can’t-go-wrong fragrance, it would be Flowerbomb. It’s just so beautiful and feminine. I also love my Chanel N°5.

  39. I forgot to say this in my first post so I guess I’ll do a twofer today hehe…
    I few years ago I watched a documentary on Versailles.
    It was from the BBC and called “Versailles Stories”… there were 5 episodes and each is on a different subject about the constant conservation efforts etc of the palace, one episode in particular was about “marketing” to raise money for the ongoing restoration work.
    As I recall it’s the last episode in the series and called “Marketing Marie Antoinette” and what they did was access the original papers and recipes kept by her personal “perfumer” (is that the right term?) anyways.. they took the recipe of her favorite perfume and duplicated it.
    They named it “In the Wake of the Queen” 8.5 ounces in numbered Baccarat crystal flasks which cost $10,500… the proceeds helped them develop a smaller sample for the general public.. crystal phials containing just under an ounce for $450 in the chateau gift shop.

    I’ve always been fascinated by the french royal family and Marie Antoinette in particular… I’d love to see what her favorite scent smells like.. maybe spray some on while I sit and eat a big piece of cake! 🙂

    Here’s the story if anyone cares to read:

  40. You have given me the inspiration for my one of my niece’s Christmas presents! She is 13 and just getting interested in perfume. I went to the Sephora site and got her the Eau So Luxe Perfume Sampler. Right now she is wearing something she got at the dollar store and I think she puts a whole bottle on at once!!! I think she will like the sampler and hopefully pick a better quality of perfume to love!
    When I was in high school a boyfriend gave me L’air Du Temps for Christmas one year. I loved it and all this many, many years later I still wear it. The boyfriend is long gone but I still love the perfume.

  41. Thanks for hosting Susan!

  42. Holly Rigby says:

    Oh Susan…
    My husband is allergic to fragrances…but my daughter wears Quelque Fleurs, wildly expensive…and I used to wear Opium…my kids used to say I smelled like Black Russians and Opium after a night out?..Nitchevo was a wonderful fragrance that is now discontinued…I think..and my husband’s all time fav when he came home from Europe was Boucheron in the gorgeous blue bottle. Thanks for your lovely blog! I am going to get out my perfumes back out.

  43. Susan, I absolutely love today’s blog and your perfume collection. Years ago a woman in a crowd walked past me and I found her scent captivating. I’d never done this before but I had to stop her and ask what it was. She told me it was Tendre Poison by Christian Dior and I bought some immediately! I was hooked! Years later I discovered that it had been discontinued so the only ones you find now are knockoffs. My go-tos now are Eternity and Channel No. 5.

  44. thanks for hosting another great party. love your collection! xo- maryjo

  45. Love your beautiful collection Susan….I used to collect the very small sample size bottles…however, it seems that I can never find them any more….
    Thanks for hosting!…Have a great week!

  46. The sales person at the Jo Malone counter at Nordstrom said to apply hand lotion to where you plan to wear your scent. Since some of the Jo Malone fragrances are florals and are lighter in scent, it gives a base to cling to and lasts longer.

  47. Cyndi Raines says:

    Your perfumed bottles are beautiful and such a varied collection, but Tammy takes the cake with over 200 -my oh my! I have always liked L’air Du Temps, Eternity and Vanderbilt with the pretty swan on the bottle, but my favorite and signature is Estee by Estee Lauder. However, you now have my curiosity peaked and I will have to check out Amazing Grace and Channel No.5. I’ll let you know if I like how their fragrance(s). Great Post.

  48. Deborah Jenkins says:

    Most perfumes cause me to have a headache. I do wear Chanel No5 and Coco without a problem. I love your collection, Susan. I believe that woman with Clark Gable is Sophia Loren. They made a movie together called It started in Naples.

    • Oh, I bet you’re right…that would explain why they were in that area. You know, it’s so weird. I went through a period many years ago when I was having constant sinus issues and I couldn’t wear perfume then. I missed it so badly. I gave it another try a couple of years ago and I was fine. I don’t seem to be having near as many sinus problems now, so maybe that’s why. I’m glad Chanel N°5 works for you…that’s a beautiful scent!

  49. Charlotte says:

    I love Red Door…and White Diamonds too. My favorite was Golden Shadows by the same people who make White Shoulders. They stopped making Golden Shadows and I have been eternally upset. It was so sensuous, and just had a wonderful scent. People have complimented me also when I wear Imari by Avon! My granddaughter is so sensitive to fragrances though, that I can’t wear any when I know she’ll be around. This was a neat post, and especially liked the photo of Clark Gable and Sofia Loren. Hugs!

  50. Found this today just moseying around some of my favorite blogs. Can’t believe I’ve never seen it before. I love that everyone shared their favorites. And I truly enjoyed this post. I’m a girl who wore Estée Lauder and Lauren by Ralph Lauren for years. Last year for my birthday my sweet husband gave me Jasmine from L’Occtaine. I love it. It just makes me happy when I put it on. I am definitely going to try a few of these scents.

    • Glad you found this post, Peggy! Since I wrote that post, I’ve purchased several more perfumes and by far, the one that ALWAYS gets comments and compliments wherever I go is Chanel Chance Eau Tendre. I get asked about it in Home Depot, Michaels, everywhere! My personal favorite perfume is Chanel Coco…not Chanel Coco Mademoiselle, but Chanel Coco. But Chanel Chance Eau Tendre is the one everyone LOVES when I wear it. Never gotten so many compliments on a perfume until I started wearing it. Chanel makes several perfume in the “Chance” line, but it’s the Eau Tendre one that everyone loves.

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