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Biscuit Making, Take II & What I’m Stalking-Loving for the Table


Welcome to the 421st Tablescape Thursday! Every so often I have to spend some time working on the technical end of the blog...this past week was that time. With my hosting services help, BNOTP was moved to a newer, faster server, so hopefully you're finding things a bit speedier each time you visit. Pagination Now Works! If you were one of the dearhearts who has emailed or asked how to get to the very first blog post I ever wrote for BNOTP in order to read … [Continue Reading...]

Gone With The Wind Museum: The Beautiful Dresses, Furniture & Collectible Memorabilia


Gone With Wind Museum Recently when a friend was in town, we visited the Gone With The Wind Museum in Marietta, Georgia. The museum opened in June 2002 inside a former cotton warehouse and carriage stable that dates back to 1875. Many of the collectibles found inside the museum belong to Dr. Christopher Sullivan, a physician from Akron, Ohio. Dr. Sullivan read the book, Gone With The Wind, and saw the movie as a child. He enjoyed it so much, he began … [Continue Reading...]

Decorate Your Porch for the Autumn Season


Welcome to the 402nd Metamorphosis Monday! Linda has a beautiful 3-season porch that I've shared before here at BNOTP. It's so much fun seeing how she decorates it for the seasons and holidays. When we last visited Linda, her porch was all set for summer, decorated in a wonderful navy and white nautical theme. (See that post here: Nautical Decor & Tablescape)   With the arrival of fall, Linda's porch is looking very different. Gone are the … [Continue Reading...]

The Week I Took a Staycation


Have you ever taken a Staycation? This past week I took my first and it was truly a lot of fun! From time to time I get e-mails from folks who are headed to the Atlanta area and are looking for ideas on what to do and where to go during their visit. I'll definitely be referring them to this post in the future. :)   FRIDAY My friend, Linda, flew in on Friday, September 30th, and we wasted no time getting our week of fun underway. After leaving the … [Continue Reading...]

Halloween Table with MacKenzie-Childs Inspired Dishware


Welcome to the 420th Tablescape Thursday! The cooler days have me in the mood for a Halloween table this week. I have a friend visiting and she and I had fun putting this one together.   It all started with some whimsical black and white dinner plates I spotted in HomeGoods earlier in the week.   They reminded me so much of MacKenzie-Childs dishware, but the price was a lot more in line with my tablescaping … [Continue Reading...]

Back to the Future Meets Harry Potter


This week I'm being a tourist in my own city. Have you ever done that when family or friends were visiting? Yesterday a friend and I visited the World of Coca-Cola in Atlanta, Georgia. I've only been there once before and that was many years ago before it moved to its current location. It's HUGE now! We had a great time, it was almost like a visit to a mini-theme park, part museum, part Back to the Future meets Harry Potter. It's definitely an interactive, … [Continue Reading...]

Decorate Your Porch for Autumn & Halloween


Welcome to the 401st Metamorphosis Monday! How was your first weekend of October? When the calendar says "October" I guess there's no denying fall is here. Everything is still lush and green here in Georgia but I know that's about to change. Blog Update This weekend I had a big update come across for my blog. After the update had completed, the slider that's normally at the top of the blog was missing and the little tabbed thingy on the sidebar with links … [Continue Reading...]

Fall Tablescape with a Beautiful Hydrangea Blossom Centerpiece


Welcome to the 419th Tablescape Thursday! Mary, a reader of BNOTP, shared some wonderful photos with me recently. She is an avid gardener and grows a lot of beautiful hydrangeas in her garden.   Mary enjoys using hydrangeas in arrangements and centerpieces all around her home.   She recently shared some pretty table settings with me including this wonderful summer table with a tiered centerpiece filled with yummy cupcakes and … [Continue Reading...]