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A Surprise Visitor!

Pileated Woodpecker eating suet

I'm back! I had hoped to get this post up this morning but it took a lot longer to go through all my photos than I ever anticipated. I've saved the best part for the end, a surprise visitor, so no peeking ahead!  :) With spring here, my backyard feeders have been going gangbusters. I always have a lot of birds visiting but it's busier than ever. It can be tricky photographing birds because if there's one thing I have learned in my attempts to … [Continue Reading...]

In the BNOTP Library: Decorating With China & Glass

Decorating With China & Glass by Caroline Clifton-Mogg

I'm doing it backwards today. My post for today is taking a lot longer than I thought it would (took too many photos) so instead of posting a book from the BNOTP library at the end of the day, I'll go ahead and share it now. Today's book is for the china and dishware lovers...raising my hand! :) In the BNOTP Library: Decorating with China and Glass Author: Caroline Clifton-Mogg Hardcover: 192 pages Book size: 10.2 x 9.4 x … [Continue Reading...]

In the BNOTP Library: Waterside Cottages

Waterside Cottages by Barbara Jacksier

With warm temperatures finally arriving and summer on its way, it's time for a summer cottage book. If you saw my Monday post, you know I've got beach fever these days big time.   In the BNOTP Library: Waterside Cottages Author: Barbara Jacksier Published: Gibbs Smith, August 2009 Hardcover: 160 pages Book size: 10.5 x 8.1 x 0.8   3 Things I Like About This Book: Includes photos and ideas for homes on the … [Continue Reading...]

The Evolution of Kitchens Through the Years

1970 Kitchen by Merillat

I was looking at some photos recently online showing an original 1940's kitchen. It had been built and installed in 1946 in a home in Adrian, Michigan by Orville Merillat and his wife, Ruth. They built it all by hand since they hadn't started their cabinet making business yet. The Merillats eventually started the Merillat Woodworking Company and it went on to become the biggest cabinet-maker in America. Amazingly, this 1946 kitchen stayed in … [Continue Reading...]

The Summer Porch: Beach Cottage Decor

Beach Hutch

Welcome to the 272nd Metamorphosis Monday! It's been beautiful here so I've been playing out on the porch. This is how the hutch normally looks during the spring and summer months. I usually have a variety of white pitchers displayed along the top and my fave porch dishware, Tabletops Unlimited. Ma Maison by Dario Farrucci, displayed on the shelves.   I get a lot of comments and e-mails asking about this dishware. I found it in … [Continue Reading...]

In the BNOTP Library: Hunt Country Style

Hunt Country by Kathryn Masson

I've so been looking forward to sharing this book with you but I almost changed my mind when I saw the price it's now going for on Amazon. I purchased my copy back on May 18th, 2008 for $34.65. I figured by now it would be less since it's been out a while, but it appears to have gone the other direction. Since I do love it, I'm going to share it anyway so you can add it to your "Wish List" if it looks like something you would enjoy. Hopefully … [Continue Reading...]

Modern Family, Sofia Vergara’s Beverly Hills Home

Modern Family, Sofia Vergara's Beverly Hill's Home

Do you ever watch the ABC show, Modern Family? I've never seen a whole show, just caught a few minutes here and there. I'm familiar with Sofia Vergara, one of the main characters in the show, from having seen her in interviews and commercials.  She's very pretty and has a great sense of humor. Sofia just purchased a new home for $10.6 millon in Beverly Hills.  It has 7 bedrooms and 9 baths, that's a lot of baths to … [Continue Reading...]

In the BNOTP Library: Antiques For The Table

Antiques For The Table

Someone asked me in a comment a while back how I kept up with which books I've already purchased, so as to avoid accidentally buying the same one again. Most of the time I know immediately if a book I come across is one I already have, but over the years it is easy to forget and occasionally buy one you already own. When I very first fell in love with buying new and used books on Amazon (after realizing I could get "Like New" or "Very Good" … [Continue Reading...]

A Little “Behind the Scenes” of Running a Blog


This  has been a busy week. I don't often talk about the mechanics or the behind-the-scenes stuff of running a blog but there's almost always something going on. Each day brings plugin updates, MySQL updates, theme updates...there's always something going on to interrupt or sideline what I had planned to work on. If you were trying to access BNOTP late last night around 11:30 and you saw an error page, the blog was down for a few minutes while … [Continue Reading...]

Easter Spring Table Setting With Greenhouse Centerpiece

Easter Spring Table Setting Tablescape with Greenhouse Centerpiece

Welcome to the 291st Tablescape Thursday! It's been beautiful weather here although the pollen is raging! It was unbelievably thick on the porch table and required a good wipe down before I could create a table setting for this week's Tablescape Thursday.   Starting to see a little green out there now.   It's hard to be upset over the pollen when the spring breezes are so nice.   They fanned out the sheers and … [Continue Reading...]