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A Visit to Positano Italy, A Beautiful Hillside Town on the Amalfi Coast

Positano Italy, Cliffside Village on Amalfi Coast

Welcome to the 364th Metamorphosis Monday! Today's post is about the metamorphosis of a picturesque seaside village located in Italy on the Amalfi coast. Through the good and the bad it has survived, and today it's a bustling village where tourists flock from all over the world. Ever since I saw the movie, Under the Tuscan Sun, I've wanted to visit Positano. I finally got my chance when I traveled to Italy back in October. It was stormy and … [Continue Reading...]

Hear the Beautiful Bells of Santa Maria Assunta in Positano, Italy

La Scalinatella in Positano Italy

Now that the holidays are behind us and I have a bit more time, I'm starting to go through all the photos I took while traveling this past fall to Africa, Italy and Mexico. I took a lot so it's taking a while to go through them and choose the best to share. I also shot a little video along the way so I'll be mixing those into each post as I share the beauty of these amazing places. I can't wait to share the fascinating animals we saw in … [Continue Reading...]

A Snowy Winter Table Setting

Winter Table with Snowy Tree Centerpiece

Welcome to the 382nd Tablescape Thursday! We're celebrating winter with a snowy winter tablescape for Tablescape Thursday.   It was a cold but sunshine-filled day yesterday when I created this table setting in my breakfast room.   For the centerpiece, I used the little tree I had previously used for our Hot Cocoa Bar on the porch. (See more of the Hot Cocoa Bar in this post: Create a Hot Cocoa Bar for Winter … [Continue Reading...]

Getting Organized and My Favorite Finds

Frye Heidi Fringe Bag in Whiskey

After the hecticness of the holidays and with the cold weather officially here, I've been enjoying being inside and "nesting" a bit more. I know a lot of folks really get into the organizing mood this time of year. At first I thought this urge to get organized at the start of the new year was due to it being a whole "turning over a new leaf" thing. But after giving it some thought, I think the reason I find myself looking for better ways to … [Continue Reading...]

A Metamorphosis of the Animal Kind: Baby Elephants Playing and Feeding

Baby Elephant Feeding at The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust Elephant Orphanage

Welcome to the 363rd Metamorphosis Monday! My metamorphosis this week is an unusual one, one of the animal kind. During my week long visit to Africa back in September for a photographic safari, on my last day there before my flight late that night, a guide took me to several fascinating places. I visited a bead factory where I didn't buy anything but was super tempted.   I toured the home of Karen Blixen whose life story was … [Continue Reading...]

Velvet Drapery Update & A Little Preview

Velvet Drapes for Paneled Room

I'm back with a curtain update, I couldn't leave you hanging the whole weekend. Thanks so much for all your suggestions, including your tips on dealing with wrinkles in velvet fabric that's been folded and creased. You are awesome and I always appreciate hearing your excellent ideas and suggestions! This morning I headed off to the Ballard Designs Outlet. The BD Outlets here in the Atlanta area are known for not accepting any returns. They … [Continue Reading...]

Velvet Drapes for the Living Room

Velvet Drapes

For many years I had curtains in my living room. They were never really what I wanted here and always felt a bit too formal for the room.   Back in October, 2012 (wow, has it been that long!) I removed them because I decided I'd rather look at windows with just plantation shutters than look at curtains that I didn't like and didn't suit the room.   After I removed the old curtains, I went on a search for drapes but … [Continue Reading...]

12 Tablescapes: One for Each Month of the Year

12 Table Settings, One for Each Month of the Year

Welcome to the 381st Tablescape Thursday! Thanks so much for all your kind words on yesterday's post. I appreciate them so much! I know the information you shared about your past experiences with roadside assistance will greatly help all who visit and read that post, so thanks so much for sharing those. They definitely helped me! Since I didn't get a chance to set a table this week, I thought I do something a little different. I went back … [Continue Reading...]

How To Get Your Car Out of the Mud: A Roadside Service Fail

SUV stuck in Mud

Last Monday I went through one of the worst experiences I've ever had while traveling. In fact, I would say this ranks as the worst. Grab a cup of coffee or hot tea because this story is a bit long. I hope it saves someone from experiencing what I went through a few days ago on a long trip back home. I've had car insurance and roadside assistance with the same company for over 35 years. My insurance company has always been the highest ranked … [Continue Reading...]

The Marietta Pilgrimage Christmas Home Tour

Window Box Decorated for Christmas

Welcome to the 362nd Metamorphosis Monday! Happy New Year! How were your holidays? I hope you were able to spend them with those you love most. I was away for a while, visiting my son, dil and grandson. It was wonderful seeing them! Unfortunately, the trip back home was an adventure, and not in a good way. I'll share that story very soon, complete with pictures, because there are lots of lessons to be learned from it.   Postcards … [Continue Reading...]

Christmas Table Setting: Lenox Holiday Tartan & Beautiful Fitz and Floyd Santa-Reindeer Centerpiece

Fitz and Floyd Santa with Presents

Welcome to the 380th Tablescape Thursday! Elena created a beautiful table setting for her family for this year's Christmas dinner. If you're a fan of the beautiful pieces produced by Fitz and Floyd, you'll love this stunning tablescape.   Elena decorated her sideboard to coordinate with her table, as well.   The highlight of the centerpiece is a wonderful Fitz and Floyd Santa. The dishware Elena used for Christmas … [Continue Reading...]

Happy Holidays!

Christmas Decorations on Yellow Tudor Style Home

Welcome to the 361st Metamorphosis Monday! How were your holidays? Did you have a great Christmas?  I hope it was wonderful! I'm taking off  a few days here at the end of the year to spend with family, so posting may be a bit lighter this week than normal. I don't have a Met Monday post today since I've been celebrating the holidays with family, but I'm still posting the party link-up this week in case some folks do have a "Before and … [Continue Reading...]