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Tour This Storybook Cottage In Carmel-By-The-Sea

Carmel-by-the-Sea Cottage for Sale 01

It's been a while since we took a tour of a storybook cottage in Carmel, I'm having serious withdrawals! I have to get my storybook cottage fix every now and then! I'm not sure if this home is still for sale, it's one I saw a while back and thought was too cute to not share. I absolutely love the curb appeal with all the trees and the gated entrance, Even the garage looks adorable!   Inside there's tons of cottage charm, … [Continue Reading...]

Make A Banner For Spring Decorating: A Tutorial

Spring Banner Decoration

Welcome to the 324th Metamorphosis Monday! Though Easter is behind us, when Bonnie shared a picture of the wonderful Spring Easter banner she made by hand to transform her fireplace mantel for spring, I knew I had to share it with you! Is this not amazing?!   So many beautiful details!   I absolutely love all the color and pattern! See those cute rosettes along the bottom. This tutorial includes the link to a … [Continue Reading...]

An Urban Coop Tour, Plus Other Assorted Cute Critters

Speckled Sussex Chicken

Do you ever go on home or garden tours? I absolutely love them! The wonderful thing about home and garden tours is no matter how grand or humble the home or garden, I always come away with an idea or two I can use in my own home. Recently I was searching online and I stumbled across a tour that I never even knew existed, though it's been going on in the metro Atlanta area for seven years. I emailed a friend to see if she wanted to go. This was … [Continue Reading...]

In The BNOTP Library: Nell Hill’s Stylish Weddings

Stylish Weddings by Mary Carol Garrity

I wasn't planning a wedding when I purchased this book several years ago, but because it's by Mary Carol Garrity, one of my favorite designers and authors, I knew it would be filled with wonderful ideas I could use when entertaining. It didn't disappoint!   In the BNOTP Library: Nell Hill's Stylish Weddings Author: Mary Carol Garrity 3 Things I Like About This Book: Mary Carol shares all the intimate details of planning … [Continue Reading...]

Celebrate Spring With a Floral & Bunny Table Setting

Spring or Easter Themed Table Setting

Welcome to the 342nd Tablescape Thursday! Last week for Tablescape Thursday, I shared my friend, Marie's breakfast table that was set adorably for Easter.   Marie also prepared her table in the dining room and it's just as wonderful!   Notice how Marie used simple floral bouquets down the center of the table...perfect for spring!   The pierced dinner plates in this setting are by Ralph Lauren, … [Continue Reading...]

This Gave Me Goosebumps! 1956 Time Capsule GE Kitchen

Never Used 1956 Kitchen With GE Appliances 06

A while back I posted about an apartment in Paris that had not been lived in for 70 years, all of its contents left completely undisturbed. It was literally a time capsule dating back to just before the second World War.   Another time capsule has come to light, this one dating back to either 1956 or 1962, depending on which source you read. Apparently, after the home was built, the owner never moved in. I couldn't find the reason … [Continue Reading...]

Tour Lauren Bacall’s Manhattan Home in The Dakota

Lauren Bacall's Drawing Room Manhattan Home

In this day and time when so many stars have over-the-top, lavishly furnished homes, I was so surprised to see how normal and tastefully furnished Lauren Bacall's home was in The Dakota, located in Manhattan just across from Central Park. Do you recognize that name...The Dakota? Besides being the home of Lauren Bacall for 53 years from 1961 to her death last year (she lived to be almost 90!) it was also the setting for the scary movie, Rosemary's … [Continue Reading...]

Froggy Fountain Repair and Makeover

Frog Fountain on Deck_wm

Welcome to the 323rd Metamorphosis Monday! Happy Spring! Hope you had a wonderful weekend! I spent part of the weekend bringing the plants I had wintered over in the garage, out onto the deck. I'm pushing it a bit since the rule of thumb here is to always wait until after April 15th to plant annuals since there's always a possibility of a freeze before that date. What is the first date recommended for planting annuals where you live? I have … [Continue Reading...]

In The BNOTP Library: Pleasures of the Porch

Pleasures of the Porch by Daria Price Bowman

With warm weather here at last (we hit 80° today and it's 74° as I type this at 10:00 at night) I have all things "porch" on the brain. Time to share another favorite porch book!   In the BNOTP Library: Pleasures of the Porch : Ideas for Gracious Outdoor Living Author: Daria Price Bowman 3 Things I Like About This Book: Pleasures of the Porch is another great porch book filled with lots of pictures of beautiful porches. … [Continue Reading...]

Decorate Outdoors For Easter

Bunny Pushing a Cart of Easter Eggs

Do you like to decorate outside for spring or Easter? My friend, Marie decorates for all the holidays and not only do her six grandchildren love it, the folks who pass by on the road in front of her home, look forward to it, too. When we are out and about in the community shopping or having lunch, folks will often stop her to tell her how much they love seeing the decorations each season. When we got together recently, Marie's home was … [Continue Reading...]

Spring Easter Table Setting & An Easter Spring Tree

Easter Spring Tablescape

Welcome to the 341st Tablescape Thursday! Thank you so much for all the wonderful suggestions, tips and recommendations regarding traveling and touring Europe. I will be rereading your comments over and over because the information you shared is invaluable! So many great suggestions! If you have any plans for taking a trip to Europe in the future, be sure and check out all the comments on yesterday's post titled: Wanderlust. The info share … [Continue Reading...]

In The BNOTP Library: On The Porch

On The Porch by James M. Crisp

The book I'm sharing today is one I purchased back in April 2007 when I was just starting to make plans for adding a screened porch onto the back of my home. It would be a full year before my porch was complete...just in time for its first summer of fun!   In the BNOTP Library: On the Porch: Creating Your Place to Watch the World Go By Author: James M. Crisp 3 Things I Like About This Book: Lots of pictures of beautiful … [Continue Reading...]