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A Dreamy Seaside Cottage

Dreamy Cottage Bedroom

Oh, I have the most wonderful cottage to share with you today! It's a dream cottage in every sense of the word. The interiors were designed by Donna Elle and the colors and fabrics she used are so beautiful! I was so excited to see that you can actually purchase some of the fabrics, rugs, pillows and accessories she uses at her website. How often do we oooh and ahhh over a gorgeous home but struggle to get the look in our own homes.  So, I was … [Continue Reading...]

Buying Tiffany & Co. Jewelry On Ebay: Buyer Beware!

The Tiffany Blue Box

Do you own any Tiffany & Co. jewelry? Tiffany & Co., founded in 1837, is such an iconic company. Just the name sets a woman's heart aflutter. Then there's that infamous and much-loved Tiffany-blue box. The color is also known as robin's-egg and forget-me-not blue, per the Tiffany website. I've never owned any Tiffany jewelry but I became more interested in learning about Tiffany & Co. after watching a biography about the life … [Continue Reading...]

Fast & Easy Juicing For The Lazy Cook

Easy Green Juice Recipe

Welcome to the 326th Metamorphosis Monday! Hope you had a wonderful weekend! I'm  sharing an edible "Before and After" for this Met Monday. I love to eat but don't necessarily enjoy cooking unless it's for a party or a gathering of friends or family, then I do look forward to cooking. But if it's just me, I'm more prone to grab a handful of nuts or eat a piece of salmon and call it a meal. Recently I've started buying those funny looking … [Continue Reading...]

In The BNOTP Library: Creating A New Old House

Creating a New Old House by Russell Versaci

Old homes have so much character and charm. Unfortunately, they also require a lot of repairs and updating to make them comfortable for every day living. The book I'm featuring from my Decor library today offers an alternative for those of us who love old homes but not so much the expense of maintaining them.   In the BNOTP Library: Creating a New Old House: Yesterday's Character for Today's Home (American Institute … [Continue Reading...]

No Matter Where It Finds You

Take time to smell the roses 1_wm

On Monday evening I drove into Atlanta to visit a store inside Phipps Plaza.   I purposely drove in late to avoid the end-of-day, going home traffic. I finished my shopping just before the store closed at 8:00 PM.   As I was leaving, something caught my eye.   We get a finite number of sunsets in our lifetime. So much beauty and it's completely free. Stop and savor every single one, no matter where it … [Continue Reading...]

Spring Table Setting For Children

Lamb Chair Back Decorations for Easter

Welcome to the 344th Tablescape Thursday! Yesterday I put together a fun table that I'll be sharing with you very soon. In the meantime, I'm excited to share the adorable table my friend, Marie, created for her grandchildren to enjoy during their visits this spring and for Easter. Do you see the cute cupcakes down the center of the table? Marie found those at Pier 1. Have you ever seen Bunny crackers? I just love those! Marie found them in … [Continue Reading...]

Nantucket Beach Home Decorated to Perfection

Blue Lanterns in Blue and White Kitchen

How about a beach trip? Let's pack up the suitcases, load up the car and head for Nantucket on this gorgeous spring day! You know you're going to love how a beach home is decorated inside when the decor has been done by a designer whose company is named Beach Glass that name! Jackie, the designer behind Beach Glass Designs created the interior design for this Nantucket home and it's wonderful!   Notice how the … [Continue Reading...]

In The BNOTP Library: Equestrian Style

Equestrian Style by Vicky Moon

I've never ridden a horse, although I think they're beautiful, and I would starve to death if I had to hunt for my food, but there's just something about the whole equestrian and hunt lifestyle in design, decor and clothing that I find so appealing and intriguing.   In the BNOTP Library: Equestrian Style: Home Design, Couture, and Collections from the Eclectic to the Elegant Author: Vicky Moon 3 Things I Like About This … [Continue Reading...]

Tour Blaine Trump’s Greek Revival Millbrook Home

Blaine Trump's Greek Revival Millbrook Estate Linley House

I'm always on the look out for truly special homes to share with you. This 1860, Civil War era, Greek Revival home in Millbrook, New York made the cut. Though the exterior is grand, the rest of the home is cozy and beautiful. I will eat my hat (my imaginary hat since I'm not wearing one) if Mario Buatta didn't have a hand in designing the Master bedroom. If he didn't design it, he surely must have been the inspiration behind … [Continue Reading...]

Transplanting a Waterfall Japanese Maple

Waterfall Japanese Maple

Welcome to the 325th Metamorphosis Monday! My Before and After this Monday involves this Waterfall Japanese Maple. It's a success story with a disturbing twist. I planted the maple here about 15+ years ago when it was very, very small. It turned out to be a bad spot for it because it grew much more quickly than I expected and soon overshadowed the shrubs, which had to be removed. When I was having some work done in the yard this past … [Continue Reading...]

Chaos and Fighting Over Lilly Pulitzer Clothing

Lilly for Target

Okay, how was my Lilly Pulitzer for Target launch experience? Mine can be summed up in 3 words: There wasn't one. :/ I awoke this morning and visited the Target website only to find every single item I would have been interested in, was already sold out. Ummm, wasn't today the first day of the launch? I knew it was going to be a big hit, but I had hoped it might last at least for a day.   Being a huge Lilly Pulitzer clothing fan … [Continue Reading...]

Tour The Beautiful Colonial Home In The Movie, Life As We Know It

Life As We Know It real house in Atlanta Georgia

Okay, I have a little confession to make. When the movie, Life As We Know It staring Katherine Heigl (as Holly Berenson) and Josh Duhamel (as Eric Messner) first came out a few years back, I didn't go see it even though it was filmed right here in Atlanta. The reason? The previews of the movie reminded me too much of another Katherine Heigl movie I had seen years before and didn't care for called, Knocked Up. Recently, when I came across Life … [Continue Reading...]