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A Faucet Installation & Some Fabulous Spring Sales

Bunny Pitcher with Flowers

Whew! What  a day! It started out with mulitple plumbing installations followed by a Leaf Guard Gutter visit mid day to reroute a downspout and ended with getting two estimates, one for hardwood flooring and another for some much-needed landscaping. I think I'm ready for a nap now! lol So, you know that part on the HGTV show, Fixer Upper where JoAnna Gaines always tells the couple whose house they are fixing up, that they have just enough … [Continue Reading...]

Some Kitchen Updates: A Moen MotionSense Faucet and Soap Dispenser

Moen Delaney With Motionsense

I think spring fever has gone to my head! This week I'm getting estimates for tons of things I've been needing to get done. Not sure what all I'll try to do right away and what will have to wait, but tomorrow is the start of a few of the updates. The first update is here in the kitchen. The Grohe faucet I had installed back in 2001 when I completed a modest kitchen renovation, has been acting up over the last couple of years. It's really bad … [Continue Reading...]

I’m Steaming! Steaming Happy, That Is!

My Little Steamer

Welcome to the 373rd Metamorphosis Monday! Several years ago my sister gave me a My Little Steamer, steamer. She had a very generous and loving nature and often when she saw something advertised on TV that she thought I could use, she would buy it and surprise me with it on my next visit to her home. At the time she gave me the steamer, I wasn't sure how I would use it, but I thanked her and tucked it away knowing one day it would probably … [Continue Reading...]

How to Clean Encrusted Mineral Deposits From Inside a Humidifier

Vicks Warm Mist Humidifier Working After Cleaning Minerals from Heating Element

Lately I've been a cleaning fiend around here. I understand now why you hear so much about "spring" cleaning. When winter begins to fall away and the days start getting longer and warmer, something inside you just makes you want to clean and freshen up everything in sight. It's kind of fun to put up away some of the things I've been using this winter, a sign that winter is pretty much a thing of the past. I know we are due for a little cold … [Continue Reading...]

Spring Easter Table Setting With Spode Emma’s Garland & Bunny Centerpiece

White Ceramic Bunny with Two Baskets

Welcome to the 391st Tablescape Thursday! We're out on the porch this week for Tablescape Thursday. The weather has been so nice, running in the mid 70's every day, so I couldn't resist putting a table outside. Has spring arrived early in your area, too?   I've put together a table that will work for an Easter or springtime gathering.   This is the first time I've used the cute bunny I purchased recently from … [Continue Reading...]

Lands End Inn in Provincetown, Cape Cod: Not Your Average Beach Vacation Getaway

Lands End Inn, Provincetown, Cape Cod, MA

Pssst: Posted a video of a very sweet and very long-neck visitor on Instagram. You'll find it here: BNOTP on Instagram  :) With summer just a few months out, my mind has been on vacation spots, especially beachy vacation spots. When I travel I find it so much fun to stay in unique places like cozy inns. Recently, I came across Lands End Inn, an enchanting Inn located in Provincetown on Cape Cod. I was so intrigued by all the picturesque rooms, … [Continue Reading...]

Burberry Scarf: Fake vs Real & How to Avoid Getting Scammed

Burberry Cashmere Scarf in Giant Heritage Check_wm

Welcome to the 372nd Metamorphosis Monday! My metamorphosis is a bit different today. Instead of a Before and After, it's more like a Real vs Fake. Back in early February, I decided to add an iconic piece to my winter wardrobe, something I've been wanting for many years: a Burberry scarf in the classic heritage check. Since Burberry was still offering the free monogramming they had offered during the Christmas holidays, I decided to go ahead … [Continue Reading...]

Iris Apfel’s Textile Rich New York Apartment and Spring Fever Shopping


Happy Friday! Yesterday it hit the mid 70's here! I so love this early taste of spring we've been getting. Is it warming up in your area, too? I'm hoping we don't get a last minute freeze because so many of our trees are already in bloom. Have you heard of Iris Apfel? I saw her in something on TV recently and her unique style caught my eye. Later I learned she is an Interior Designer who opened a textile firm in 1950 and ran it with her … [Continue Reading...]

10 Easy Centerpieces Anyone Can Make for a Spring or Summer Celebration

Children's Movie Night Themed Table Setting with Popcorn Candy Centerpiece

Welcome to the 390th Tablescape Thursday! For this week's Tablescape Thursday, I'm sharing 10 fun centerpieces anyone can make. These centerpieces use common things we already have or items that are usually pretty easy to find in dollar stores and discount shops. The only exception may be the 5th one down, the cookie tree centerpiece, which needs a little tree of some type for display. Hope this gets the ideas flowing for those upcoming … [Continue Reading...]

A Dream Outdoor Summer House & Gardening Shed

Glass Greenhouse From Old Windows for Dream Garden

I love being outdoors, listening to the birds chirping and feeling the soft breezes as they stir through the trees. I've been known to go outside and spend the entire day there, either digging in the yard or just whiling around the hours on the porch completely lost in a good book. Recently, I came across the most wonderful outdoor space, truly a dream garden. I'm pretty sure when we pass on one day, this is how heaven will … [Continue Reading...]

How to Repair a Woodpecker-Damaged Roof of a Lazy Hill Dovecote Birdhouse

Perennial Garden with Dovecote Bird House

Welcome to the 371st Metamorphosis Monday! Greetings! How was your weekend? Hope it was great! Mine was productive and I'm happy to report that I was able to successfully repair the damaged roof of my Lazy Hill Dovecote and restore it back to the garden in time for the spring nesting season. You may remember a woodpecker (we suspect a Pileated Woodpecker) drilled a huge hole into the roof almost two years ago.   I delayed … [Continue Reading...]

Lighting a Dark Corner of the Porch

Floor Standing Lamp for Porch, Waterproof for Outdoors

Recently I shared an outdoor lamp I purchased for the oval table here on the screened porch after I nabbed the lamp that had been there for use in the guest room.   When I shared that lamp, I also shared this rather blurry photo of a floor standing version of the same lamp.   I've always had three lamps on the porch, two are visible in this photo below.   The third lamp is here on the hutch near the … [Continue Reading...]