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Easy Christmas Centerpiece Ideas and Tips, Plus, 2 Stylish Gift Ideas

Welcome to the 430th Tablescape Thursday! Amazing the healing effects of sleep, I feel so much better this evening as I type this after sleeping about 12 hours last night. I think I'm on the winning side of my cold virus now. Thanks for all your tips and advice in yesterday's post. I'm eyeing THIS after reading some of the comments. It sounds like it would be helpful for dealing with allergies and colds. Before we get into this week's Tablescape Thursday, I … [Continue Reading...]

24 Books I’d Love to Find Under the Tree on Christmas Day

Beautiful by Mark D. Sikes

I'm a bit under the weather right now with a nasty cold virus. You never realize how wonderful the ability to breathe through your nose is until it's gone. I think what I really need most right now is to get into bed and stay there for a while...like 9-10 hours would work. lol I hope you are staying well! Wash your hands a lot! Glad I got sick now and not two weeks from now! 24 Books I'd Love to Find Under the Tree on Christmas Day I've been hoping to put … [Continue Reading...]

‘Twas The Night Before Christmas, A Visit from St. Nicholas

A Visit From Santa

Welcome to the 411th Metamorphosis Monday! Light Repair Tip, In Case It's Helpful You know how you hear about those people who are always causing electrical things to break? I'm starting to think I'm one of them. Seriously! Last year, the tree I normally use here in the living room, had an entire string of lights go out. I spent many, many hours trying to fix it, including using one of the light repair guns you can buy these days. I changed out fuses, did … [Continue Reading...]

They Arrived and I Love Them! Plus a Special Bird Sighting!

Hand-Stamped Silverplate Spoons

Recently I shared an adorable spoon I ordered online from a company that hand-stamps silver-plate spoons with delightful phases. You can purchase one of their designs or have them custom make a spoon with any saying that you like. (Read more about that in my previous post here: What Saying or Quote Would You Choose?)   I was so happy with the first spoon I ordered, I decided to order several more from HERE, including some for the Cocoa Bar out on the … [Continue Reading...]

Bringing Home the Tree: Christmas Table Setting

Christmas Doll House & Truck with Christmas Tree

Welcome to the 429th Tablescape Thursday! After bringing home a tree in the back of their red truck last week for the living room, Mrs. Deer realized she still needed a tree for their screened porch.   For this trip to the tree farm, Mr. Deer decided to drive his new wagon that he had just gotten for Christmas.   This week's table is a cozy one for two, hope you enjoy!   It was getting dark as Mr. & Mrs. Deer … [Continue Reading...]

Realistic “Beeswax” Resin Candle Covers for the Office Chandelier


If you've been reading BNOTP for a while, you may remember when I changed out all the yellowed, plastic, candle covers on my dining room chandelier for resin covers that look much more like real candles. (Tablescape can be viewed here: Sparkle with a Touch of Whimsy   I love the look of the "dripping wax" sliding down the sides of the faux candles and it definitely beats the look of the plastic, badly-yellowed ones that were on the chandelier … [Continue Reading...]

The Marietta Pilgrimage Christmas Home Tour, 2016


Welcome to the 410th Metamorphosis Monday! Was hoping to share my front porch decorated for Christmas, but we've been getting some much-needed rain the last few days, so couldn't snap any photos. So for this Met Monday, we'll go on a Christmas Home Tour in Marietta, Georgia to see how others are decorating and transforming their homes for the holidays. This home reminded me a lot of the cottages you see in some neighborhoods in Atlanta where they look smallish … [Continue Reading...]

Found! Adorable Red Christmas Truck & Station Wagon with Tree & Wreath


What a crazy day yesterday, can you believe that on December 2nd, 23 days before Christmas, there's no garland to be found in any of the Home Depots or Lowe's garden centers near my home! It's all sold out except for a couple of strands that were all withered looking and dry. After visiting three stores without any luck (one Lowe's and two Home Depots) I decided to try Pike Nursery, the same place I purchased all my boxwood shrubs this past summer. I held my … [Continue Reading...]

Bringing Home the Christmas Tree


Welcome to the 428th Tablescape Thursday! It rained all day yesterday so I had to wait until this morning to take photos. The early morning light was just starting to stream in through the windows. I'll try to add some brighter photos to this post later today.     Brown rattan chargers are available here: Rattan Chargers Their rich brown color adds a woodsy feel to this table and works well with the plaid dinner plates. The plaid plates … [Continue Reading...]

What Saying or Quote Would You Choose?


Recently I stumbled across these adorable hand-stamped spoons with clever, funny and sometimes poignant sayings. I've seen them before but these caught my eye because they looked especially well done.   When I saw they were endorsed by Martha Stewart and were part of the "Martha Stewart American Made Market" I knew they were going to be top-notch. Martha doesn't put her name on just anything! The sayings and designs are hand-stamped/pressed into the … [Continue Reading...]