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6 Pairs of Shoes That Kept Me Warm, Cozy and Comfortable in Italy

Sperry Plaid Rain Boots

For several weeks before my trip to Italy, I checked the "extended" forecast for the Tuscany and Amalfi Coast region a couple of times a week. As the time drew closer to leave, I checked almost daily. Forecasts can often be wrong but the three-week extended forecast for the areas we were to be touring, was consistently showing chilly temps and cloudy days with lots of chances for rain. Ugh. Not what I wanted to see. I am cold-natured and I … [Continue Reading...]

Chills in Sorrento

Vallone dei Mulini, Abandoned Mill, Sorrento

Welcome to the 352nd Metamorphosis Monday! While we were staying in Sorrento, on afternoons or evenings when we were out touring or were just free to explore on our own, we would often walk the short distance to a nearby market area where we could shop and dine. About a block away from our hotel, there was a bridge that had to be crossed to reach the shopping/dining areas. We merrily crossed over it several times never realizing what lay … [Continue Reading...]

Get Ready for Holiday Entertaining & Dining, Everything Is On Sale!

Pumpkin Thanksgiving China Dishware

Yesterday I ran a quick errand and while I was out, I stopped by Williams-Sonoma to see what was new for the holiday season. Oh my gosh, if you are in need of Autumn, Thanksgiving or Christmas dishware, they have some of the cutest patterns in that I've seen in a long time! I went online to see if I could find any good coupons and I noticed they are having a 20% off any item sale along with free shipping when you use the code UPICK. It looks … [Continue Reading...]

An Adrenaline-Charged Morning


I'm back home! Whew! Let me tell you folks, 11 hours is a long, long time to sit in one small, cramped spot. I was never so happy to get off a plane! I was all set to write a post today sharing some helpful tips on how I survived those 11 hours in the air with my sanity still intact, when something happened that I thought was way more important to share. I hope this will save you major heart-ache down the road. This morning I spontaneously … [Continue Reading...]

A 4-Course Meal With 2 Desserts!

Dining In Italy 1

Welcome to the 370th Tablescape Thursday! On Monday, October 19th, after spending the day in Positano, we had dinner in a beautiful restaurant on the way back to our hotel in Sorrento. We've been traveling all day today, en route from Sorrento to Rome (that's why my post is late going up) so the info I have about the restaurant we dined in is buried somewhere in my suitcase. When I get home, I'll share additional pictures of this lovely place. … [Continue Reading...]

A Visit to Herculaneum, An Ancient City Buried for 1,700 Years

City built above Herculaneum Ruins

Grand Circle Travel included five free days into our 17 day tour of Tuscany and the Amalfi Coast. On those days we can head out on our own or, we can participate in one of the "optional" tours they offer. This past Saturday, I was tempted to skip the optional tour of Herculaneum (one of the cities left in ruin after Mt. Vesuvius erupted in 79 AD) since Pompeii was already a scheduled site for our trip. In the end I decided to do both and I'm glad … [Continue Reading...]

Decorate a Porch or Sunroom for Autumn

Decorate Your Porch for Fall-Autumn 5

Welcome to the 351st Metamorphosis Monday! Earlier this year in June, I shared Linda's beautiful 3-season porch. You may remember that this space was once a concrete pad with just a pergola overhead. Linda and her hubby transformed it into a porch they now enjoy almost all year-long.   They kept this room and the adjoining living room light and bright by using a clear, acrylic roof overhead that doesn't reduce the natural light … [Continue Reading...]

A Visit To Bramasole, From Under The Tuscan Sun

Frances Mayes Tuscan Home, Bramasole, in Cortona

Greetings Dear Friends! I've just returned from a day touring Herculaneum, one of the cities buried by the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius in 79 AD. I can't wait to share the photos I took with you. I was so amazed to see how much they valued decorating and having a beautiful home and garden even back in 79 AD. I guess I thought they would be too busy coping with the daily needs of life (food, shelter, etc...) to worry about ornamentation or beauty in … [Continue Reading...]

In The BNOTP Library: Dreaming of Florence

Dreaming of Florence by Barbara Milo Ohrbach

I couldn't share Barbara Ohrbach's book, Dreaming of Tuscany, and not share her book about Florence. Both are wonderful books for anyone wishing to travel to these areas or for anyone just interested in learning more about the homes, decor, gardens, art, food and culture.   In the BNOTP Library: Dreaming of Florence: Where to Find the Best There Is: Renaissance Treasuress; Rooms with a View; Exquisite Shops; Secret Gardens; Stylish … [Continue Reading...]

Lunch En Route to Sorrento


Welcome to the 369th Tablescape Thursday! I'm on the road...on the way to Sorrento, headed for the Amalfi coast. We just stopped for a fast lunch. Update: I'm in the hotel on my laptop so now I can type a bit more. I have my days all mixed up...didn't realize it was TT until I was en-route to Sorrento, but at least I managed to get this photo uploaded from my mobile phone and schedule the post. The days all seem to run together on this … [Continue Reading...]

The Enchanting Tu-Hwnt I’r Bont Cafe Tearoom Through the Seasons

Tu-Swnt-l'r Bont Cafe Tearoom in Fall

Recently I was checking out the weather on The Weather Channel and I came across this adorable cottage. It's actually the Tu Hwnt I'r Bont Tearoom and Restaurant, located in North Wales. I'm guessing this may be how it looks in spring because it appears the vine covering it is just starting to awaken. Do you see the light spring green beginning to show itself? Wait until you see how it looks during the summer months!   Is this not … [Continue Reading...]

Inside the Siena Cathedral and the Piccolomini Library, Italy

Siena Cathedral, Italy

On Monday we visited Siena and this was the view we had overlooking the city as we walked down steps on our way to the Siena Cathedral.         The Siena Cathedral is a medieval church located in Siena, Italy. It was designed and completed between 1215 and 1263. It's built in the shape of a Latin cross with a dome and a bell tower.   Let's go inside...   The floors … [Continue Reading...]