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A Change of Mind

Potting Bench

Welcome to the 385th Metamorphosis Monday! How was your weekend? Something very weird happened to me this weekend. I think I must have gotten a knock on the head. ;) Remember the potting bench that I ordered recently?   I had planned to give it a few good coatings of this marine varnish.   It's the same thing I used on this potting table that lives downstairs under my deck. (Directions for building this potting … [Continue Reading...]

Random Stuff & My Favorite Finds

Potting Bench Assembly

I have a bunch of fun, random stuff to share, including some awesome finds, so I've put them all together in one post. This arrived today. I've used this spar varnish before and it's super durable. (I ordered it here: Spar Varnish)   I'll be using it this weekend to seal the various parts of the new potting bench I ordered recently. (Potting bench is available here: Potting Bench)   There are a lot of parts! … [Continue Reading...]

Here Comes the Sun!

Sunflower Summer Tablescape on the Porch

Welcome to the 403rd Tablescape Thursday! Today I made a visit to Whole Foods and just outside their front door I saw these: pots of beautiful sunflowers. Each plant had 2-3 flowers already open and was covered in buds, so there should be plenty more flowers on the horizon. I couldn't resist creating this week's table around these happy flowers.   I haven't used my sunflower plates in a table setting in quite a while. This was … [Continue Reading...]

How I Plant Trees and Shrubs in Georgia’s Red Clay Soil

Green Tower Boxwood

Recently someone asked in a comment if I had written a post showing my process for planting shrubs. I was thinking about that today and remembered that I had written a post about 1-1/2 years ago that showed how I planted some Leyland Cypress trees in my back yard. I figured a refresher is never a bad idea, so hope you find this post helpful. I don't have the best luck with keeping indoor plants alive, but I've always had great success with the … [Continue Reading...]

A Front Yard Makeover With Boxwood Shrubs, Benches & Copper-Roof Dovecote

View of Garden Through Window

Welcome to the 384th Metamorphosis Monday! A while back I started a big makeover for my front yard landscape. Bushes were removed and transplanted to the back yard and a Japanese Waterfall Maple was transplanted to another area of the yard. The tree is doing well in its new home, as are the shrubs that were transplanted to the backyard.   It's taken me a while to add shrubs back. I had a local nursery create a landscape plan … [Continue Reading...]

Hardwood Flooring for the Guest Room: A Reveal

Hardwood Flooring for the Guest Room

Happy Friday! How was your day? Mine was especially wonderful because I became a grandmother for the second time! My son and dil welcomed their second son early this morning. Mom, Dad and Baby are all doing great. My son shared several videos with me today and I can't wait to hold him in my arms. No matter how old I get or how often it happens, I am always completely awed and amazed by the miracle of a new little being coming into this world. … [Continue Reading...]

Celebrate a Special Birthday With a Beach-Themed Tablescape and Handmade Chocolates

Rose Covered Package, Party Favor for Guests

Welcome to the 402nd Tablescape Thursday! Have you ever thrown a birthday gathering for a friend? Recently Toni put together a wonderful table to celebrate a friend's 70th milestone birthday. Toni's friend loves the beach and anything beach related so she kept that in mind as she decorated for the party. Toni said, "I decorated the dining room hutch and corner table with the remainder of my beach collections to further carry out our theme for … [Continue Reading...]

A New Potting Bench & A Double-Decker Hummingbird Feeder

Screened Porch After Floor Revarnished

There's been so much happening around here lately, I thought I'd give you a little update all in one post. It's kind of a in-progress post with some hopefully helpful tips mixed in. After the new coat of marine varnish dried, the furniture was moved back out onto the screened porch. So glad to have the porch back together again.   The flooring in the guest room got its third and final coat of polyurethane this morning. The … [Continue Reading...]

Should Burlap Be Removed From a Ball & Burlap Plant, Prior to Planting It?

Green Beauty Boxwood

Got a question for ya. When you're planting a balled and burlapped shrub or tree, do you remove or do anything to the burlap before planting it? If you've always wondered about that, I have the answer once and for all from one of the most respected growers out there. In the past when I've planted shrubs that were ball and burlap, I've always been told by a well-known, popular nursery with many locations here in the Atlanta area, to leave the … [Continue Reading...]

Landscaping with 4 Varieties of Boxwood Shrubs

Flag Pillow, Black Bench, Red Hunter Boots

Welcome to the 383rd Metamorphosis Monday! Looking forward to all the wonderful Before and Afters for this Metamorphosis Monday! Happy Memorial Day to  you. This weekend I've been working out front. When I last left you, I had a couple of shrubs in the ground. See them there in the back?   Today, this side looks like this. Yay for progress! So far I've planted 5 Green Beauty Boxwood, 2 Baby Gem Boxwood, 1 Green Tower … [Continue Reading...]

Garden Nursery Visit

Plant Wall Hanger in Window Box Style

Yesterday a friend and I visited two garden nurseries in Atlanta: The Family Tree Garden Center and Grower's Outlet. I didn't buy any flowers but I came very close to purchasing some hydrangeas at Grower's Outlet. If I didn't already have a gazillion boxwood shrubs to plant (and I just bought 5 more yesterday!) I would have purchased some hydrangeas. I took a few photos while inside The Family Tree Garden Center. Loved this planter they have … [Continue Reading...]

Two New Benches for the Front Porch

Bench shipped from Grandinroad

A few days ago I blogged about ordering a couple of the Luciana benches from Grandinroad when they were having a good sale on their outdoor benches. (View that post here: Whimsical Garden Bench for the Front Porch)   As mentioned in that previous post, my front porch was built from this photo found in a Southern Homes magazine many years ago. This is the beautiful historic home at Gainesway Farm. I loved everything about this porch … [Continue Reading...]