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A Beautiful Beach House That Comes With Its Own Lighthouse!

Beach House, Fenwick, Old Saybrook

Imagine buying a beach house and along with it you become part owner of your own lighthouse! See that little light house waaay out there, standing so bravely, a bright shining sentinel to all who sail by. If I read correctly, That's the Saybrook Breakwater Lighthouse at in Fenwick Point and I believe it's the lighthouse that's included with the beautiful home we're touring today.   The person who purchases this beautiful Victorian … [Continue Reading...]

A Whimsical Garden Bench for the Front Porch & Some Landscape Updates

Luciana Bench in Blue

Welcome to the 382nd Metamorphosis Monday! See that chart below? Yay, for sunshine! Finally, the re-varnishing of the screened porch floor can start tomorrow. It was scheduled for almost two weeks ago, but the weather has not cooperated. Finally, we have sunny days ahead.   Boxwood Shrubs for the Front Yard Landscape While I've been awaiting sunny days, my focus has returned to the front yard. Remember this photo of Frances … [Continue Reading...]

AncestryDNA: My Surprising Results Are Back

DNA Email

If there's one thing I've learned during this process of having my DNA analyzed with AncestryDNA, it's the more you learn, the more you realize how complicated and involved this whole tracing your DNA heritage can be. The more you learn, the more questions you have. This stuff is intense, but every day the process is getting better and better. So here's how this process went for me: I ordered the kit back on April 9th and it arrived the … [Continue Reading...]

The Happiest Tablescape Ever: A Sunny Limoncello Celebration

Sunflower Centerpiece for Limoncello Table Setting with Lemon Dishware

Welcome to the 400th Tablescape Thursday! Wow, can you believe this is our 400th Tablescape Thursday! Tablescape Thursday has been going on now for almost 8 years and I love it today as much as I did that very first week back in August, 2008. Thanks so much to each and every talented dearheart who has participated over the past eight years by either linking their tablescape to the party or by sharing photos of your beautiful table with me, so … [Continue Reading...]

My Favorite Bags for Summer & a Fun Bag Story

Monogrammed Draper James Overlook Straw Bag

When it comes to fashion, my weakness is handbags and shoes, pretty much in that order. I love me some bags and shoes! Maybe it's because when I gain a pound or 10, all my handbags and shoes still fit just as they did before...no problem! ;)   Summer bags are so playful and fun! I've always loved straw bags and Draper James, owned by Reese Witherspoon, has a really cute one out this year. This bag was available last year with an … [Continue Reading...]

Shell & Sea Glass Chargers for Beach Inspired Dining

Shell Charger Plate with Blue Sea Glass

Welcome to the 381st Metamorphosis Monday! Wish I had a porch update to share with you, but unfortunately due to the off-and-on rainy forecast last week, the flooring company wasn't able to come out and re-varnish the porch floor. So frustrating when every day predicts rain (except on the weekends when they don't work) and half the time, it never materializes.  If/when we get a clear forecast, they should be able to get started. So frustrating … [Continue Reading...]

A Storybook Cottage Home Tour: Carmel-by-the-Sea

Carmel by the Sea Cottage Living Room

Happy Weekend to you! I'm a happy camper today. Got my computer back and the issue was a bad graphics card. So I'm back in business and so happy to be working from my real computer with full size screens instead of my small, travel-size computer. Has it been as gorgeous where you live as it has been here? This wonderful spring weather has me motivated to get cracking again on the landscaping I've put off for way too long. I'm planning on … [Continue Reading...]

On Safari: An African Safari-Themed Tablescape

Giraffe Etched Glasses from Giraffe Manor for Safari Table Setting

Welcome to the 399th Tablescape Thursday! When I was on safari in Kenya last September, I stayed in romantic Giraffe Manor for one of  the nights I was there. Giraffe Manor, built in 1938 in the style of a Scottish Hunting Lodge, is truly like something out of a storybook. The Rothschild Giraffe is endangered and the good folks at Giraffe Manor are doing what they can to increase the population. Did you see the new baby that was born … [Continue Reading...]

A Ride Up-Down Monte Solaro & An Impromptu Performance

Riding up Mounte Solaro on Anacapri, Isle of Capri

My main computer, the one I use every day, is currently at the computer doctor being worked on. While it's away, I thought I'd share a video I made back when I was visiting the Isle of Capri.   While visiting Capri, I did a little shopping inside Carthusia where I purchased two small bottles of perfume.   The island of Capri has two towns, Capri and Anacapri. One of the interesting things I learned while visiting … [Continue Reading...]

After 8 Years, It’s Time!

Screened Porch Ready for Spring Entertaining

Welcome to the 380th Metamorphosis Monday! It was a busy weekend around here. The porch that normally looks like this...   ...and like this...   ...looks like this today. Ruh-roh! Something's up!   The hutch that was full of dishes, now looks like this.   All the dishes are here on the breakfast table. What is going on around here?! After 8 years of weather and wear, I decided it … [Continue Reading...]

Decorating and Dressing in Blue & White

Hugo Kaagman Delfware Designs Art, Zuiderzee Museum, Enkhuizen  03

I'm a big fan of blue and white, just find it so beautiful. I've used a lot of that color in my guest room.   Reading corner in guest room...   Well, no one does blue and white better than the Dutch! When I was touring this outdoor village that I shared in this post: Zuiderzee Museum, I got a wonderful surprise when I walked into one of the buildings there.   The entrance of the building and this room … [Continue Reading...]

Dining for the Spoiled Rotten or Those Who Long To Be

Dessert, Vantage, River Voyager

Welcome to the 398th Tablescape Thursday! One of my favorite parts of going on vacation is not having to worry about meals. I never had the opportunity to learn to cook when I was growing up, so the little I know (and trust me, it's just a little) I learned on my own once I was married. I love preparing food for special occasions, dinner parties and holidays but the rest of the time I'm definitely a lazy cook. It was awesome not having to … [Continue Reading...]