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In the BNOTP Library: Perfect English

Perfect English

Thanks so much for all the generous comments on this morning's post, a tutorial for building a Pottery Barn inspired Cubby Organizer. I've been lusting after that organizer for years! Appreciate the awesome tips you left, too. Had no idea a compound miter saw could be used for a project like that! I also never thought I'd be asking Santa for a miter saw for Christmas! :) This evening I'm sharing another fave from the BNOTP library, a book … [Continue Reading...]

Build a Cubby Organizer, Pottery Barn Inspired

Pottery Barn Cubby Organizer Knock-off

If you've been reading Between Naps on the Porch for a while, you know I love organizing "stuff." It's ridiculous how excited I can get over finding cool ways to store those things we need and use each day. It's icing on the cake when storage is actually pretty and decorative in addition to being functional. One handsome storage solution I've been eyeing for a long time is Pottery Barn's Cubby Organizer.   Here it's being used … [Continue Reading...]

Restoration Of A Historic Ski Cabin In Switzerland

Ski Cabin in Switzerland Before Renovation 1_wm

Welcome to the 270th Metamorphosis Monday! Do you have your passport handy? We're heading off to Switzerland this morning to visit our friend, Cornelia! Cornelia has invited us on a tour of her historic 1853 ski cabin located in the Swiss mountains. It's was being restored all last summer and was done in time for this past winter's ski season. You've heard of ski-in and ski-out? This cabin is the epitome of a ski-in-ski out cabin! During … [Continue Reading...]

In the BNOTP Library: Martha Stewart’s New Old House

Martha Stewart's New Old House Book

Pssst: I've created a new category at the top of BNOTP called Library so if later you're trying to remember the name of a book I featured from my decor library, you'll be able to click on that category and find it there. I also dropped the rating scale because I realized that I'm only going to be sharing those books that I own and really like.  So if I'm sharing it here, you know it's one I love. Recently, we toured Martha Stewart's historic … [Continue Reading...]

In the BNOTP Library: Country Living Decorating With White

Country Living Decorating with White

If you missed the video I sent out in my morning post, you are in for a treat! I had to watch it several times and I still want to watch it again! lol It's pretty awesome! The comments you've left are pretty awesome too, I can tell you loved it as much as I did. In this post I'm sharing a book I ordered a few months ago and have really enjoyed. When it arrived, I was surprised and delighted by the cover. I knew the book had a wicker "look" … [Continue Reading...]

Coolest Woodworking Video Ever: This One’s For the Book Lovers


Happy Friday! What do you do when you have too many books and not enough bookshelves?   Imagine if a woodworking shop came to life. Even if you're not into woodworking, you'll like this 7-minute video. It made me laughed out loud a couple of times. The clamps were my favorite. Eee-eek, eee-eek, eee-eek. That will make sense in a minute. :) The video below was made by Frank Howarth from Frank Makes.com. He holds a Bachelors of … [Continue Reading...]

Celebrating Spring!

DIY Double-Bowl Vase Hurricane, Pottery Barn Knock-off

Welcome to the 289th Tablescape Thursday! I've been working every night this week in the basement until well past midnight, finishing up my latest woodworking project which I'm dubbing the "Glove of Woodworking." lol That will make more sense if you read yesterday's post. :)  It's almost done, just needs a little paint touch up here and there. I didn't get a chance to put a new table together this week so I dug waaay back in the archives … [Continue Reading...]

A Workbench for the Basement

Basement Work Bench_wm

I've been hold-up in the basement for the last few days, working on a project that reminds me of the time I decided to teach myself to knit. It went something like this: Gee, I think I'd like to learn to knit. Ummm, what should I knit first? I know...gloves! Yeah, you can imagine how that turned out! Later on, an experienced knitter told me that a glove is one of the hardest things you can ever knit. Duhhh. Leave it to me to choose that … [Continue Reading...]

In the BNOTP Library: A Home of Your Own

A Home of Your Own 2

Today I thought I'd share a book that's probably not that well-known. I noticed this evening that it's been out about a year but still doesn't have any reviews on Amazon. Not sure why because I really like it and think it's a great book.   It was the cover that drew me to A Home of Your Own. I loved the entry and staircase shown on the dust jacket. Speaking of  dust jackets, this is one of those books that still has the same … [Continue Reading...]

Remembering Turkey Hill, the Newly Renovated Iconic Home of Martha Stewart

Turkey Hill Dining Room Early Days, Martha Stewarts Home

Iconic Turkey Hill, even if you don't watch a lot of  television and haven't ever read any of Martha Stewart's books, you have probably heard of her wonderful, historic 1820 home in Westport, Connecticut. Actually, it's Martha's prior home since she sold it back in April of 2007 after having lived there for 30+ years. While doing a little online research for this post, I came across an old article in a local paper and it stated, after Martha … [Continue Reading...]