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In The BNOTP Library: Nantucket Island Living

Nantucket Island Living by Leslie Linsley

I have several books about Nantucket and this is definitely one of my faves. Photography is stunning and this is a large book that's beautiful to display during the summer months on a coffee table or other prominent spot in your home.   In the BNOTP Library: Nantucket Island Living Author: Leslie Linsley   3 Things I Like About This Book: The inside of this large book is as wonderful as the cover. We tour some … [Continue Reading...]

Lovely Finds at A Classy Flea + A Gift!

Antique Chest of Drawers

This morning I stopped by one of my favorite haunts, A Classy Flea. I snapped a few pics while there so you could come along, too! I was slightly obsessed with this colorful pillar candle holder covered in lovely stones. It was $19 Oh, I missed the sideboard behind it! I think the sign on the sideboard says $275.  Looks like a beautiful piece!   This cell phone picture doesn't do this piece justice.  I couldn't believe this … [Continue Reading...]

Celebrating the Red, White and Blue

A Summer Porch

Welcome to the 354th Tablescape Thursday! Late yesterday afternoon, as I was just finishing my table for today, a big storm blew in. I quickly grabbed the food I had already placed on the table, along with a few other items I thought would get wet or blow away and made a hasty retreat inside. It stayed almost this dark out for the rest of the evening, even after the worst of the storm had passed. We needed the rain so I can't complain too … [Continue Reading...]

Kitchen Counters: What To Keep Out and What To Put Away


Back around 2002, I gave my kitchen a mini-renovation. At that time I had the cabinets painted white, added glass to the front of eight cabinet doors, added under-cabinet lighting, new backsplash, had granite counters installed and replaced the stove, microwave and sink. Since my kitchen isn't overly large, I've made a conscious effort over the years to keep the countertops cleared off and as clutter free as possible.   I do keep a … [Continue Reading...]

Own Mad Men, Don Draper’s 1914 Colonial Home

Mad Men's Don Draper's Colonial Home For Sale 18

Are you a fan of the popular, long-running TV series, Mad Men? The series first premiered back in July 2007 and lasted for 7 seasons! The last episode actually just aired a little over a month ago. I bet we'll be seeing Mad Men reruns for a long, long time. In the very first episode of Mad Men filmed back in 2007, this classic 1914 center-hall Colonial is the home of Don Draper, the Creative Director of the fictional Manhattan advertising … [Continue Reading...]

An Ordinary Patio Becomes A Beautiful Three-Season Porch

Beautiful 3-Season Porch Addition

Welcome to the 335th Metamorphosis Monday! I'm so excited because I have such a treat for you today! Recently, Linda and her hubby added a three season porch to the back of their home. Linda said, "Recently, my hubby enclosed our outdoor area. Formally, this space was a raised concrete patio that had a pergola over it."   "He always hesitated to enclose it because he didn't want a roof overhead since that would prohibit natural … [Continue Reading...]

In The BNOTP Library: The Well-Dressed Home

The Well-Dressed Home by Annette Tatum

Have you ever noticed how sometimes the colors in the clothes hanging in our closets are often the very colors we feel most comfortable using when decorating our home? This book celebrates that and takes the concept even further.   In the BNOTP Library: The Well-Dressed Home: Fashionable Design Inspired by Your Personal Style Author: Annette Tatum   3 Things I Like About This Book: If you've ever wondered what … [Continue Reading...]

Faerie Door Cottage: A Real Storybook Fairytale Cottage

Faerie Door Cottage

I'm beginning to think that England has a monopoly on all the fairytale cottages. lol Okay, maybe not a monopoly but they definitely have a some of the most magical, storybook homes to be found anywhere! One such cottage is Faerie Door Cottage, located in the village of West Overton in the English county of Wiltshire. Is this not about the cutest cottage ever? The stone exterior and thatched roof immediately say storybook. As if that's not … [Continue Reading...]

Sail Away With a Nautical Table Setting

Nautical Table Setting with Sailboat Plates and Sailboat Flatware

Welcome to the 353rd Tablescape Thursday! I braved the heat this week to create a table out on the porch. Actually, a passing storm today cooled things down a good bit so it wasn't that terribly hot, after all.   I always feel a little sad when I see June 21st pass by on the calendar. That date is our summer solstice which means our longest day of sunshine has come and gone. The daylight will stay with us just a little bit less … [Continue Reading...]

Here I Go Again!

Shells and Seaglass

Greetings! How is your week going? I've been busy working on a few little projects. I'm back at it again, priming and painting old, plastic charger plates.   Recently I purchased a few bags of shells to supplement the last of the ones I still have left from my visit to Captiva and Sanibel Islands 30 years ago.   Ever since I made shell chargers a few years back, I've been itching to make them again incorporating a … [Continue Reading...]

In The BNOTP Library: Cottages

Cottages by Brian D. Coleman

After touring such an adorable cottage home in yesterday's post about an English cottage named, Pixie Nook, the book I'm sharing today follows well with its mix of whimsy and cottage charm.   In the BNOTP Library: Cottages by Brian D. Coleman Author: Brian D. Coleman   3 Things I Like About This Book: I have several "cottage" books and this is definitely one of my faves. The cottages the author features are … [Continue Reading...]

Pixie Nook: A Storybook Cottage Reminiscent of Rosehill Cottage in “The Holiday”

Pixie Nook in Warleggan, Cornwall, United Kingdom

Remember Rosehill Cottage, the adorable cottage in the movie, The Holiday that stole our hearts only to break them when we discovered it wasn't a real house but a faux house created just for the movie. Oh, the bitter cruelty of it all, playing with out storybook-cottage-loving hearts that way! Rosehill still lives on in our hearts, even if it doesn't physically exist anymore.   Recently I came across a darling cottage in Warleggan, … [Continue Reading...]