Tour Historic Dunboyne Castle, A Beautiful Irish Castle

Welcome to the 447th Metamorphosis Monday! Good Morning! It's 7 AM here and I'm writing this on my second morning in Ireland. The first is a bit of a blur since I didn't sleep at all on the plane ride over. Rather than bore you with that, how about a tour of  the lovely castle where we stayed on our first night in Ireland. This is the older section of Dunboyne Castle. I'm not sure if they have actual rooms one can stay in overnight in this older section, I … [Continue Reading...]

Forty Shades of Green

Noritake Carnivale Salad Dessert Plates in Green & White Tablescape

Welcome to the 465th Tablescape Thursday! I took the new tablescaping storage for a spin yesterday, and I have to say, it definitely made putting a table together for Tablescape Thursday a lot easier with everything so accessible. If you missed that previous storage post, you'll find it here: Tablescaping Storage.   With an upcoming trip to Ireland just a few days away, I couldn't resist having a little fun with this week's table … [Continue Reading...]

What I’m Packing for Ireland, Almost Everything Is On Sale!

Whenever I create a post sharing how I'm packing for a trip, the comments vary greatly from positive ones to folks who seem to think I've lost my mind for taking so many clothes. lol Some folks relish the idea of packing light for vacation with only a couple of pairs of pants and a few shirts, all tucked inside a small carry on bag. They will often take time to wash clothes during a trip. That's awesome, if that's your thing. I totally get it and respect your choice … [Continue Reading...]

Trip Preparations and A Bit of Shelf Tweaking for Met Monday

Welcome to the 446th Metamorphosis Monday! Hope you had a wonderful weekend! I've started some preliminary packing and will soon share what I'm taking on this upcoming trip to Ireland. I plan to take my computer in hopes of creating a few blog posts while there, but for real time postings you'll want to check Between Naps On The Porch on Instagram here each day: Between Naps On The Porch. If you're not currently using Instagram, don't worry. It's not necessary … [Continue Reading...]

The Best Summer Sales and A Few Changes To My Glassware Storage

Thanks so much for all the wonderful comments you left on Thursday's post! There were several questions and I tried to answer those in the comments on that post, so if you have a moment, check out the comments for additional information on that project. You'll find that post here: Tablescaping Storage for Dishware, Flatware, Napkin Rings, Napkins and Glassware. I've been washing glasses the last couple of days, removing that slippery film that magically appears … [Continue Reading...]

Tablescaping Storage for Dishware, Flatware, Napkin Rings, Napkins and Glassware

Attractive Cabinet Storage for Garage, Home, Basement

Welcome to the 464th Tablescape Thursday! Yipee! The garage cabinets are at last complete!   Let's throw back the doors and see how they are being used. You'll notice I've stored a lot of the things I use as centerpieces and when decorating across the top. You'll get a better view of some of those in this post, as well. Update: A few folks are concerned that the things on top will get dusty. If I find that is happening to an excessive amount, I … [Continue Reading...]

The Mysterious Case of the Greasy Glass

Why do glasses feel slimy, oily after being stored in cabinets

That title kinda sounds like a Nancy Drew Mystery story gone wrong, doesn't it? Ewww! Yeah, I think I'll pass on that book! lol Before we get into today's post, I am happy to announce that CabinetGate is officially a wrap. I had one door that arrived damaged and a replacement door is being shipped, but other than that and some possible shelf tweaking, the garage cabinet storage project is all finished. I'm looking forward to sharing it with you tomorrow for … [Continue Reading...]

CabinetGate: Progress Has Been Made

SystemBuild Cabinets for Garage Storage

Welcome to the 445th Metamorphosis Monday! When I last left you in the saga of what I'm now dubbing CabinetGate, ;) I had just two of six cabinets in place, the other four having been completely destroyed during delivery.   Little recap: After assembling the two cabinets that arrived in good shape (they were delivered by a different delivery company) I filled them with napkin rings, flatware, charger plates and napkins.   I've made … [Continue Reading...]