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A Tablescape to Celebrate Fall


Welcome to the 111th Tablescape Thursday! We are finally starting to get some cooler temps here in Georgia. I have to be honest with you guys...I'm just not a cool weather fan. But I do love fall colors so putting together a fall tablescape was a lot of fun. I kept my centerpiece simple since I had a lot going on color wise in this tablescape. Ummm, wonder how a few acorns from the huge oak tree that lives in my front yard would … [Continue Reading...]

A Halloween House…Spooky!


Here's something for fun as you continue enjoying all the great posts linked for yesterday's Met Monday. A friend and I went on an historic home tour in Atlanta on Sunday. We came across this house all decked out for Halloween... Let's take a closer look... Hilarious! My favorite part is the boarded up windows! I saw some giant spiders when I was in Pier 1 the other day. Wonder if that's where they got theirs? Wouldn't it be funny … [Continue Reading...]

Kitchen, Pantry and Stairway Renovation


Welcome to the 90th Metamorphosis Monday! I love it when readers of BNOTP share pics of recent renovations, because I get to share them with you! :) Brenda, a reader of BNOTP lives in this adorable house with a wrap-around front porch. It may look small from these pics...but it has 6 bedrooms! When Brenda and her hubby moved into their home, they knew it would need some serious updating. They had just retired and were up for the … [Continue Reading...]

End of Summer Tablesccape on the Porch

Spring Table Setting Tablescape with Candlelight Centerpiece

Welcome to the 110th Tablescape Thursday! Welcome to a very special week of Tablescape Thursday! I am sooo excited to share my table setting with you this week because tonight, I'm sharing beautiful dinnerware that is just about to make it's debut! In just a few days, Sketch Floral will be available for purchase in retail stores, but you're getting a little sneak preview here this evening! I decided to keep the centerpiece very simple using … [Continue Reading...]

Update to Autumn Basket


My Fall Basket: Well, I took everyone's combined advice and I: 1. Decided to keep the fall basket on the door since most of you liked it. I made it taller and skinner so I think it looks much better...less wide and overwhelming on the door. And 2. I cut the whiter flowers off the bunch of sunflowers they were attached to. I dispersed them throughout the arrangement. For some reason, they looked a lot whiter in the photos I shared with … [Continue Reading...]

An Autumn Basket for the Front Door

Autumn Basket for the Front Door

Welcome to the 89th Metamorphosis Monday! I need your help today...I can't see the forest for the trees, so tell me what you think. I have a pretty fall wreath I sometimes place on my door...but this year I thought I'd try a basket instead. Here's how my front door has looked all summer. Nice, but time to put this look away and welcome in the fall season... I found this large basket recently while out antiquing and I loved the … [Continue Reading...]

Three Tablescapes: A Baby Shower, Beach Fun and Inspiration for Thanksgiving

mom's 248

Hi Everyone! Hope your week was fabulous! Any great plans for the weekend? I hope wherever you live...the weather is as awesome there as it is here. A few months back, I was blessed to receive some delightful pics of tablescapes created by three readers of BNOTP. I thought I'd share their wonderful tables today...along with the info they sent about how they were inspired to create them. Kathy from Murray, KY told me, "I thought I'd share … [Continue Reading...]

A Spring Table Setting on the Porch

Welcome to the 109th Tablescape Thursday! Happy Tablescape Thursday! Come on out on the porch...it's a beautiful day! We don't have breezes today so we'll just turn on the fans and make our own breezes. The weather is positively perfect...not too hot and not too cold...just right for dining on the porch. I have beautiful new china to share with you today...it just called for a special centerpiece of pretty flowers. I found … [Continue Reading...]

Glass Front Cabinets for Your Kitchen


Welcome to the 88th Metamorphosis Monday! Happy Met Monday! How was your weekend? I've had out of town company all weekend so mine was busy and fun. We did a little antiquing and I came across a wonderful basket that I think will be beautiful hanging on my front door for this fall. It's huge so it will be a challenge to fill...hope to be sharing it with you soon. Metamorphosis Monday: For this Met Monday, I thought I would share a little … [Continue Reading...]

Pocket Fold Napkin Folding Tutorial


A couple of weeks ago, I posted this summer tables setting for Tablescape Thursday. (You can see more pics of this tablescape here: Summertime Table Setting Tablescape with a Floral Centerpiece of Roses and Daisies.) Several folks expressed an interest in how this napkin fold is achieved. It's soooo easy...you're gonna love it. So, let's get started. By the way, if you have a napkin with a monogram or decorative design in one corner, that … [Continue Reading...]