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Mixing China Patterns in a Table Setting

Welcome to the 133rd Tablescape Thursday! It was dark and stormy all day today. Late in the day the rain finally let up and I was able to cut some flowers from the garden. Since it was such a gloomy day, I decided to make my own sunshine. My Delight and Thy Delight by Robert Bridges, a British poet and poet laureate from 1913 to 1930 My delight and thy delight Walking, like two angels white, In the gardens of the … [Continue Reading...]

Search Content with Barcode Scanner on Droid Phones

Last year I was toying with the idea of buying a smart phone, but I kept hearing the 4G phones were coming out any day. So I waited since the 4G phones were supposed to be a good bit faster. While I waited, I had an opportunity to test drive a friends 3G droid phone and absolutely loved it. About a month later, the phone company I have been with for around 9-10 years came out with a 4G phone and my cost was only $99. I couldn't pass up that … [Continue Reading...]

Sleeping with a Mouse

Before my recent office move, my blogging headquarters used to be in the dressing room that's just off the master bedroom. Max kitty, my furry shadow, used to lie in my lap whenever he could squeeze his way in. Can I tell you--it's not easy blogging with a 15 lb cat in your lap. :) So, normally I would pull the bench you see in front of the dresser over beside my chair and he would happily curl up with one paw resting on my leg while I … [Continue Reading...]

Best Wallpaper Remover


Welcome to the 111th Metamorphosis Monday! Guess what this is. It's the last of the wallpaper! Can I get an Amen from Blogland?!   The evil wallpaper is GONE, GONE, GONE!   Thanks to this stuff...Safe and Simple. You'll find their website HERE and in case you're wondering, I'm not being compensated in any way for recommending this product.  I'm just sharing the good stuff, when and where I find it. A … [Continue Reading...]

Sailboat Napkin Fold

Sailboat Napkin Fold

This napkin fold is a great fold to create with a striped napkin but it will work with any pattern. I used a 20" square, blue and white striped napkin for this tutorial. Hope you enjoy this fun fold. It's a great one for summertime dining. Here's a second way to display this fold for a completely different look: You could even tuck a little surprise down into the center...maybe some … [Continue Reading...]

Beautiful Camellias

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My camellia bush was positively covered in buds before the week-long winter storm hit in January. It made me sad to see them all ruined. This past week we had some warmer than normal temps and once again the camellia is covered in buds...some just beginning to open. Camellias look as if they should have a scent, but they do not...or at least the camellias I've seen do not. They come in quite an array of colors...all beautiful. Mine are a … [Continue Reading...]

Shop Vintage and Save, Part II


While we continue enjoying all the great tablescapes posted for yesterday's Tablescape Thursday, come along for the rest of a recent outing to A Classy Flea. An Empire secretary from the early 1800's: $1,200 A cute cottage server: $149. This would make a great sofa desk or a hall table, wouldn't it? Old Wicker Chair: $25. I can never resist vintage wicker. Antique Mantel: $395 I loved these...Bon Bon Button Magnets … [Continue Reading...]

Shop Vintage and Save $$$


Though, I've finally found wallpaper remover that actually works to remove wallpaper (YAY!) I've been taking a little break this past week. Instead of stripping wallpaper, I've been indulging in the fun part of building a home office...the furnishing/decorating. I don't buy a lot of furniture these days, but starting a room from scratch has had me doing my part to boost the economy. I normally prefer old or vintage furniture. I love the character … [Continue Reading...]

Porch Hutch from Fall to Spring


Welcome to the 10th Metamorphosis Monday! I gave myself a break this week from working on my home office. Instead, I've been playing out on the screened-in porch. I couldn't resist since it's been in the 60's all this past week and actually hit 75 degrees here today! I know this warm weather isn't going to last, but I had to play a little since it was so pretty. I decided to make a few changes to the hutch. This hutch used to be a really dark, … [Continue Reading...]

You’re Invited to a Tea Party!


Recently, I received some delightful pictures of a tea held by Meg, a reader of BNOTP. Meg was originally born in England but now lives in Canada. She wrote to me and said, "I recently gave a British afternoon tea for six friends, including cream horns for which I bought the molds from England last year." Meg told me the she went with a teacup theme and the cloth napkins were held by wooden teapots. Love it! Meg said, "The china is … [Continue Reading...]