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A Dovecote in the Garden

Lazy Hill Dovecote in Perennial Garden

A Dovecote in the Garden Landscape Recently, I posted about a kind soul who came to my "rescue." That post contained lots of photos of the large dovecote in my perennial garden that runs along my driveway. I received several e-mails from readers asking for more information about this bird house and where I found it. My interest in a dovecote for my garden came from years of going on garden tours. Often, while on the tours, I would come across … [Continue Reading...]

Sunshine Yellow for Spring

Welcome to the 131st Tablescape Thursday! It's been a rare February day...actually a rare February week. With temps in the 60's here all week long, I've been craving spring and a tablescape full of sunshine. I just shopped the house for a centerpiece. Actually, I couldn't make up my mind which centerpiece to use, so I used two. :) The sunflowers normally live on the trunk/coffee table in the upstairs family room/bonus room. I've … [Continue Reading...]

Affordable Buffalo Check Curtains

Buffalo Check Curtains

Lately, I've had curtains/draperies on the brain. Once the walls are all finished in my home office, I'm toying with the idea of adding some simple curtain panels on either side of the double window. If you don't sew or if you just don't have the time to make your own draperies, one of the most reasonably priced stores with great "stuff" online is Country Curtains. Don't let the name fool ya, they carry lot of beautiful curtains and draperies … [Continue Reading...]

Pottery Barn Bedford Office Renovation


Welcome to the 109th Metamorphosis Monday! How was your weekend? It's been unbelievably gorgeous weather here in Georgia. I should have been out working in the yard but instead I've been inside working on the office. Office Changes: There have been a lot changes in the office this week. I'm working on removing the rest of the wallpaper a little at the time. My arms get tired from scraping so I've decided to just do a little each day. I … [Continue Reading...]

The Best Wallpaper Remover, Ever!


Life just got better... ...because of this. Safe and Simple is the best wallpaper remover, ever. Hands down! This is the stuff professional wallpaper removers use and they use it because it actually works! Why it isn't in every Home Depot and Lowe's in the world, I do not know. So, while Mr. Max does this... I'm doing this...   Several folks have asked for the web address for Safe and Simple. Just click on the … [Continue Reading...]

Knights in Shining Armor…They Do Still Exist

Bluebirds Nesting in Lazy Hill Dovecote

The ground had been covered with snow and ice for four long days. At last it had melted...just enough for her to leave her home for a quick trip out. Upon returning, as she pulled into the driveway, she noticed a little fluff of orange feathers protruding from one of the entrances to the dove cote, the same cavity where the bluebirds had nested every year for the past three years. The thought came to her...the bluebirds must have sought refuge … [Continue Reading...]

Your Beautiful Tablescapes

Welcome to the130th Tablescape Thursday! This week I'm sharing some of your beautiful tablescapes for Tablescape Thursday. Andrea: Betty: Dianna: Bill: Cherry Kay: Christine: Laura: Ginger: Jewel: Linda: Lori: Lynne: Marlis: Meredith: Pat: Phyllis: Pinky: Rena: Sara: Tammy: Thanks again everyone for sharing your … [Continue Reading...]

A New Addition to the Office and Antiquing at the Queen of Hearts


Wow! So much amazing creativity and talent in Blogland! Have you checked out all the wonderful Before and Afters linked for yesterday's Met Monday? You amaze me each and every week with the projects you take on in your own homes and the beauty you create for your families and the ones you love. Thanks so much for sharing your talents and most of all, thanks for showing us how we can do it, too! I'm convinced Bloggers are the most generous sharing … [Continue Reading...]

Pottery Barn Bedford Home Office Update

2 (1)

Welcome to the 108th Metamorphosis Monday! "Life is what happens when we're busy making other plans." Isn't that how the saying goes? This certainly wasn't how I planned it when I noodled out the creation of a home office. If you look at the list on my sidebar, "Strip off wallpaper" was much, much higher on the list than "Move furniture into office" and "Move computer, printer, office." But life threw me a curve in the way of … [Continue Reading...]

A Love Story for Valentine’s Day

The most fabulous benefit of having a blog is all the wonderful folks it brings into your life. I have truly met some of the nicest Dearhearts over the past two years. Recently, I was chatting with Phyllis and she shared a little about her wonderful parents and their life together. It's the most perfect love story and with Valentine's Day only a few days away, I knew I had to share it with you. Phyllis told me her parents, Bill and Tomi, are … [Continue Reading...]

The Upside-Down House


Yesterday evening I posted a few pics of some very unusual houses. As luck would have it, a reader of BNOTP had actually toured one of these amazing homes in person. Magda, has a lovely blog where she shares her wonderful talent for sewing and creating and she generously shared a few of her pics from her visit to the upside down house. Thanks Magda for sharing these in-person pics! As I mentioned yesterday, this home is in Syzmbark, Poland, … [Continue Reading...]

Extreme Homes


Lately, while I've been in the messy and some-what chaotic process of converting my son's old room into a home office, my house has been feeling a bit out-of-sorts. My mind has been preoccupied with lots of decisions. Spinning around inside my brain are the pros/cons of paneled vs painted walls, decisions about rug choices, lighting choices and chair choices. So, while I take a deep breath and remind myself it doesn't all have to be done by … [Continue Reading...]