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A Beautiful Herend and Royal Copenhagen Tablescape

Welcome to the 136th Tablescape Thursday! Rain, rain, go AWAY. Come again another day. On second thought, don't come back for a few weeks. We are water logged here in Georgia. How is it in your part of the country? I am seriously craving some sunshine. Fortunately, my friend, Cornelia sent some all the way from Switzerland via a lovely table setting.  Welcome to Cornelia's beautiful dining room. She has the table all ready for … [Continue Reading...]

Pottery Barn Home Office Update: Sharing Some Fun Stuff


Several folks have e-mailed or left comments asking how the office is coming along. (If you're new to reading BNOTP, check out THIS post and THIS post for some background info.) The weather has certainly slowed my progress down a bit. I have a small amount of sanding left to do and I haven't been able to complete that since it turned cold. Max, my four-footed furry shadow, won't stay out of the room while I'm sanding and I just can't put him … [Continue Reading...]

Historic Home Restoration

Welcome to the 114th Metamorphosis Monday! Hi Everyone! Hope your weekend has been a fun one. Today I have a metamorphosis I'm super excited to share. Well actually, it's the beginning of a huge metamorphosis. If you've been reading BNOTPfor very long, you know I have a passion for historic homes. Recently, I met Dustin with Van der Fleet Designs and Restoration. He not only has a passion for old homes, he spends his days overseeing the … [Continue Reading...]

Spring and Easter Inspiration for Your Decor

Easter Decorating

While we continue enjoying all the wonderful tablescapes linked for yesterdays Tablescape Thursday, I wanted to share a little spring and Easter decorating my friend, Cornelia has been doing. Cornelia lives in Switzerland and loves to collect exquisite pieces to decorate with for the seasons and holidays. I love how she used branches to display her collection of beautiful ornaments and Easter decor. Let's take a closer … [Continue Reading...]

Debutante Camellias in a Springtime Tablescape

Debutante Camillias in a Tiered Centerpiece for Spring Tablescape

Welcome to the 135th Tablescape Thursday! It was such a gorgeous day here...70's and breezy. I decided to set this week's tablescape in the breakfast room. My camellia bush has almost finished blooming. Amazingly the blooms are much deeper and richer in color now than they were a couple of weeks ago. Maybe it's the warm weather we've been having for the past two weeks. I couldn't resist putting together one more table setting … [Continue Reading...]

Backyard Paradise

Y'all, Phyllis from Around the Househas been holding out on us! I've got the goods on her now, though. Phyllis spends her days blogging in a beautiful paradise and it's right in her own backyard. Come along for a little garden tour...and try to not be as jealous as I am! ;) What a gorgeous way to use a fountain! Let's go for a stroll in her lush garden. This waterfall must sound heavenly on a hot summer's day. So … [Continue Reading...]

Candlelier Silhouetted Against a Blue Hour Sky

From time to time I've shared this deck that's located to the left of the screened-in porch. This deck area is underneath a pergola and has a large candlelier hanging above. I really love this outdoor fixture. I bought it right after I added the porch and decks HERE a few years ago. It came from a store (Smith & Hawken) that has unfortunately gone out of business. You can still buy some of their products in Target. I had a mischievous … [Continue Reading...]

Repairing Damaged Walls from Wallpaper Removal

While we continue enjoying all the wonderful links for yesterday's Met Monday, I thought I would share some of the progress I made in the office, today. In case you are new to BNOTP, for the last couple of months I've been converting my son's old bedroom into a home office. You can see the Before HERE and HERE. I covered everything up. I put "you-know-who" on the screened-in porch so he wouldn't be breathing in all the sanding I'd be … [Continue Reading...]

Spring Sprucing on the Porch


Welcome to the 113th Metamorphosis Monday! Greetings!  Hope your weekend was fabulous! I had plans to start working on the walls in the office, sanding and patching, sanding and more patching. But Mr. Max had other plans. I couldn't get him to abandon his perch on the desk and I don't think sanding while he's in the room would be such a great idea. Tomorrow, I'll try again and I may have to just lock him out of the room, which he isn't going … [Continue Reading...]

St. Patrick’s Day Table Setting with Shamrock Plates


While we continue enjoying all the beautiful tablescapes posted for this week's Tablescape Thursday, I have one more fun table to share before this holiday slips away for another year. My friend, Bonnie sent these wonderful pics of a table she created for dinner with some good friends. Don't you love her beautiful breakfast room?! Love those dragonfly chairs! Let's get a closer look at the table. Sweet daffodil … [Continue Reading...]

A St. Patrick’s Day Tea Out On the Porch

St. Patrick's Day Tea 019

Welcome to the 134th Tablescape Thursday! Happy Tablescape Thursday! I hope your day was fabulous and full of lots of bright, beautiful sunshine. Spring is springing up all over my yard. My daffodils are up and they are just beautiful. Since today is St. Patrick's Day, I wanted to share a little teascape I created a couple of years ago with daffodils from my yard. Hope you enjoy! St. Patrick's Day is tomorrow! I picked fresh … [Continue Reading...]

View the Homes of Celebrities, Athletes and Famous Personalities


Recently, I came across an interesting website I never knew existed. I have to warn you, it's a tad addictive and you feel a bit like a stalker.  It's called Virtual Globetrotting. Have you ever wondered what kind of house some of your favorite movie stars, celebs, tv/radio personalities or professional athletes live in? There are thousands of star's homes pictured at this site and some look like hotels. They are HUGE. Here are just a few I … [Continue Reading...]