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A Garden Party with Meissen, Deutsche Blume

Welcome to the 107th Tablescape Thursday! Have I told you lately how much I LOVE...I mean reallllly love Tablescape Thursday? When would we ever have an opportunity to see so many beautiful collections of exquisite, delightful...sometimes even whimsical...china, crystal and flatware if you didn't stop by and link your amazing tablescapes here each week?! This week we are international travelers, jetting off to Switzerland for a wonderful … [Continue Reading...]

A Beautiful Bedroom Renovation


Welcome to the 86th Metamorphosis Monday! Happy Met Monday! How has your Labor Day weekend been going so far? I've been spending mine setting up a new computer I just purchased from Vision Computers here in Atlanta. I still love my laptop and it will be great for using when I'm downstairs in the kitchen, but it was definitely time to upgrade to a desktop for my office area. I'm really enjoying Windows 7...so many neat features that Vista just … [Continue Reading...]

Beautiful, Vintage, Copeland Spode, Tower in a Springtime Tablescape

Summer Table Setting Tablescape with Roses and Daisies Centerpiece

Welcome to the 106th Tablescape Thursday! How was your day? Are you looking forward to a nice long Labor Day weekend? Any cookouts planned? I hope whatever you do...it's fun and relaxing. Enjoy these last treasured days of summer. I'm almost in the mood for fall...but not quite. With temps still in the 90's in Georgia and the blessing of low humidity, I'm still tablescaping out on the porch. This week I'm using a china I've never used on … [Continue Reading...]

Where Do You Blog? Party


Kate at Centsational Girl is having a Where Do You Blog? Party! Have you ever wondered how the home offices or blogging spaces of your fellow bloggers might look? Where do they sit and create the posts you read? Be sure to stop by Kate's and check 'em all out! Where Do I Blog? When Max cat plants all 15 lbs of his furry, little body on top of my chest every morning asking to be fed, I roll out of bed, feed his Royal Furryness, and … [Continue Reading...]

When Life Gives You Lemons…


What do you do? I'm a firm believer in just digging in my heels and pushing forward. Don't waste time asking why... Or, why me? Listen to your heart and find your strength from within... How's that old saying go? "If you don't like something, change it; if you can't change it, change the way you think about it." Be sure to visit Beverly at How Sweet the Sound for Pink Saturday . … [Continue Reading...]

Lemonade Days


Welcome to the 105th Tablescape Thursday! It's still very much summer here in the sunny south...and I'm loving every moment of it. I'm one of those strange people who loves hot weather. Cold weather...not so much. Since I was really hoping you might be stopping by this evening, I made us some yummy lemonade and cookies. What's that? You're wondering about that tripod out on the deck? Shhhh, that's my top secret, special ops, hummingbird spy … [Continue Reading...]

The Endearing Art of Silhouette


Hi Everyone! Hope your day was grand! Have you had a chance to visit the "Before and Afters" linked for this week's Met Monday? If not, scroll down to the post below and enjoy! I have to tell you, y'all make me feel lazy when I see all the wonderful and creative things you are doing in your home! The Endearing Art of Silhouette: Today, I thought I'd share a special moment in time...21 years ago. One morning I read in the newspaper (remember … [Continue Reading...]

Beautiful Bath Renovation


Welcome to the 84th Metamorphosis Monday! Hi Everyone! Hope you've been having a fantastic weekend. The rain finally let up here and we've had a gorgeous summer day. I love summer and will be so sad to see it go. This week for Metamorphosis Monday, I'm sharing a bathroom renovation. It's not one of my baths...how I wish it was! Mary, who lives in the beautiful state of Virginia, sent some great "Before and After" pics of the changes she … [Continue Reading...]

Do You Have Synesthesia?


A few weeks back, I was listening to The Skirted Roundtable and the topic of synesthesia came up. Even as a Psych major, I don't ever remember having ever heard of it. Have you? I'm fascinated with almost any discussion about how our brains work...how we perceive our environment and how we think. Synethesia, from the Greek words, "syn" (together) and "aesthesis" (perception) is a condition, for lack of a better word, where a person's senses … [Continue Reading...]

Beautiful "Rote Rose" by Meissen

Welcome to the 104th Tablescape Thursday! Tablescape Thursday: For this week's Tablescape Thursday, we are international travelers again...jetting off to Switzerland to view beautiful china, crystal and silver in a most exquisite setting...Cornelia's beautiful home. Cornelia recently had a tea party with some dear friends. The children were invited for this special affair and I know everyone must have felt like royalty dining at such … [Continue Reading...]