My Peloton Cycle, A Healthy Addiction

Welcome to the 414th Metamorphosis Monday! Happy New Year to you!

The dressing area off my master bedroom has been through a couple of transitions over the last few months, one of which was unwanted but has probably worked out for the best.

When my father and mother-in-law moved into assisted living about 12-15 years ago, none of their children wanted the beautiful green bedroom set that had been my mother-in-law’s when she was growing up. Not wanting to see it sold, we purchased it from the estate. It was too beautiful and had way too much sentimental value to let it go.

The bed, bed-side table and chest of drawers have been stored in my basement all these years, but I’ve been using the lovely dresser here in my bedroom. Back during the summer I received a phone call from another family member who remembered that I had the set and had changed their mind and now wanted it. As you can imagine, I wasn’t too happy about it since I loved it and was actively using the dresser, but I felt if my mother-in-law were alive today, she would probably have wanted them to have it. So, of course, I said, yes.

It left a big hole in this room and in my heart. The room has remained empty until very recently.


About two months ago I was watching TV and saw a commercial that I found really intriguing. I never watch commercials, but this ONE caught my eye. It was for a spinning cycle that lets you take live (and on demand) spinning classes right from your own home. You can even take scenic rides through some of the most beautiful national parks around the world!


Many years ago I remember hearing about the spinning craze. Kelly Ripa is a big fan of spinning and I think that’s where I first heard about it. Though I knew spinning was hugely popular, I had no interest in trying it. There was no I way I was going to drive through Atlanta traffic to some distant spinning studio several times a week to take a class.

Another deterrent was the cost. Classes typically run around $35 per class. I can’t imagine spending $105 each week to take just 3 spinning classes. If you did that for a month, it would be over $400! As if that isn’t bad enough, the classes can be hard to get into. Since they are so popular, folks normally have to reserve them well ahead of time or risk finding the class has already filled up. Motivation to exercise is hard enough to come by without all these obstacles.

After seeing the Peloton bike on TV, I started doing some research. What really cinched my desire to ultimately buy one was a visit to the Peloton Facebook page where I saw my daughter-in-law’s sweet face as someone who had “liked” their page. I had no idea she knew about Peloton. I texted her and discovered she was a fan and dreamed of owning one some day. She loves spinning and used to take classes all the time before she had two little ones.

That did it, with Christmas right around the corner, I knew this was the perfect time to make her dream come true. There was no way I could buy one for myself and not get one for her since she had been wishing for one long before I even knew they existed. It’s been so much fun comparing notes with her and talking about which coaches are our favorites.


After having the bike for several weeks, I’m completely addicted. They warn you it’s addictive, and honestly, I was hoping it would be. So nice when something that’s good for you is actually something you enjoy and want to do. Rare, that!


I wanted to share this with you because this is a lifestyle blog and this bike has been a significant and positive change in my lifestyle.  In this post I’ll share some general information about how it works, then feel free to ask me any questions you might have. By the way, this is NOT a sponsored post, I paid for my bike in full and Peloton has no idea I’m writing this post.

How It Works

So, here’s how it basically works: You purchase the cycle and they deliver it a week or two later, depending on how close you are to one of their warehouses. Once the bike arrives, you can take spinning classes live while they are actually happening in the Peloton Studios in New York. Or, you can take any of their “On Demand” classes, any time of the day. You’ll need a decent internet speed/wi-fi connection because the classes are streamed to the bike.

These bikes are not cheap, just under $2,000, but then it’s not just a bike. It’s bike with a sophisticated tablet/computer built into it. My daughter-in-law who has been spinning for years, said it’s by far the nicest spinning cycle she has ever ridden. It is a beautiful piece of machinery, so the price didn’t surprise me that much.

I purchased our bikes in the Atlanta Peloton store at Lenox Square Mall, where I was able to test one. (See their current retail locations here: Peloton Locations.) They have a bike in back where you can take a full class before deciding if you want to purchase one. I didn’t take a full class, I was pretty much sold after reading articles online, reading the reviews HERE and talking with my daughter-in-law.

I was told that Peloton doesn’t really make any money off the bikes, that it’s more or less a break even in that regard. Where Peloton makes their money is the fee you pay to stream the classes each month. It’s $39 a month for unlimited classes, which I think is a bargain when you consider it normally costs $30-35 to take just one spin class in a studio, more in some places.


For $39 a month, you and anyone in your household can take as many classes each month as they wish. So a husband and wife (and anyone else in their family/home) could take as many classes as they like for that fee. And the best part is, you don’t even have to leave your home! Love that!

Update: I’ve heard there’s a Peloton app that you can also use to take classes. I think it runs around $12 a month from what I’ve heard. So you may be able to use the app to take a class via an iPad, tablet or smartphone. If having a smaller screen would be okay for you, that may be an option to explore.

The monitor is huge (size of 4 iPads) so it helps make you feel like you’re really there. When you’re taking a live class, the instructors can see your User Name on their leaderboard in the New York Studio. They sometimes give you a shout out or say something encouraging. They are great about noticing milestone rides, like when you’re taking your 100th class. I haven’t actually taken a live class yet, have been content with thousands of “On Demand” classes available, but I think I’ll take one soon.

You’ll notice I’ve added a padded seat cover to my bike. My dil says the Peloton seat is much more comfortable than the spin bikes she’s ridden before. I’ve also read your tush gets used to the seat after a while, but I figure why not ride in comfort from the start. lol I wear padded biking shorts, too. Eventually, I may remove the cover, but it’s so comfortable, I may not. This is the one I saw recommended by other Peloton riders on the Peloton Rider Facebook page, and the one I purchased for my bike: Padded Seat Cover

Update: It’s amazing how fast your bottom adapts. After just a couple of weeks, I no longer need the padded biking shorts, but still love the padded seat.


I’ve plugged my bike into a surge protector since I don’t want a surge to hurt the computer. Update: I upgraded the surge protector to one with higher joules since I wasn’t sure if the small one I was using was enough to protect the computer. Read more about that in this post: Peloton Cycle: Two Months In and What I’ve Learned.

I’ve placed my green stepper thingy under my bike because it makes it a little easier for me to hop onto the seat. It can be kinda slippery with cleats, so if you have a bike and do this, be careful when getting off the bike, that you’re feet don’t slip out from under you.

The seat is positioned around hip height. When riding, your legs should be almost straight with a slight bend in the knee, basically the way it should be when riding any bike. When riding the Peloton, you wear cycling shoes with cleats. All this was new to me since I’d never taken any spinning classes.


There’s a spot to hold water and trust me, you need it! During a typical 45 minute ride, I usually burn between 400-450 calories, per the stats on my monitor. Those who are in better shape and have been riding a lot longer, will sometimes burn as much as 700-1,000 calories during a 45-minute class! That’s the beauty of spinning, you make it as easy or as intense as you wish. The orange knob that you can just barely see in the lower part of the photo below, is how you adjust the tension as recommended by your coach during a class.


When I bring up my screen each day, I see all the live classes down the left side of the screen. There’s one pretty much every hour or so during the day. I think I’ve counted 10-12 live classes on most days. It’s a good idea to wake up your monitor as you’re getting dressed to ride because there are often short updates that come through. Peloton is forever adding new features to the bike, which is awesome!

On the right side you can see just a few of the “On Demand” classes. There are classes for every fitness level, beginner on up to very challenging. There are around 4,000 “On Demand” classes already and that list keeps growing everyday since the live classes taking place in New York each day are often being recorded so if you missed the live class, you can take it later via On Demand.


The coaches are amazing–very motivating and professional. When I first bought my bike, I thought I’d primarily use it to take the “Scenic” rides. Peloton sent biking pros out to bike some of our gorgeous national parks and other scenic rides across the U.S. and in other countries. Those rides were filmed with a Go-Pro and when you take those rides, the view is as if you’re riding it yourself.

Years ago, I regularly biked our Silver Comet Trail three to four times a week, riding 22 miles each time. I’d start at the 11 mile marker, ride out to the 22 mile marker then turn around and bike back. I stopped after so many people were attacked and one person was murdered around the 17th mile marker, a spot I had biked through every time I rode the trail. I just couldn’t enjoy it anymore knowing what had happened there.

I’ve missed it so much! It was my therapy, my happy place until it became too dangerous. I knew the scenic rides on my Peloton wouldn’t be quite the same as being on the trail, but I thought they would be a lot of fun and they are!

Surprisingly, after buying the bike mainly for the scenic rides, it’s the actual spinning classes that have really drawn me in. You work much harder when there’s a coach cheering you on, reminding you why you’re doing this and sharing tips to keep you going.

You can look up your favorite coach to take one of his/her classes (there are tons taught by each of the coaches) or you can choose a class by the length of the class.


Or, you can find a class based on the class type/style. Peloton is continually improving and adding to the already vast number of classes available. They recently added in Yoga classes for folks who enjoy that. I haven’t taken a Yoga class yet, hope to do that soon.

There’s motivating music playing during all the classes. The music is chosen by the coach and it varies from Hip Hop to Rock and Roll to Country, to you-name-it. Coach Christine D’Ercole has taught several “Legends” classes where all the songs are by a single, iconic, musician/singer. I took her Billy Joel class and it was awesome!

Update: I love Coach Jennifer Sherman’s 60 minute Epic Sing Along classes, they are so much fun! The riders who take the class, often post videos of themselves riding and singing afterwards on the Peloton Rider’s Facebook page. 🙂 It’s a party! lol

Some of my favorite rides are those with a live DJ. It’s a lot of fun because in addition to the coach, the DJ is right there partying and dancing all the way through the class. I love those rides and love the interaction between the DJ and the coach. The time passes pretty quickly with so much going on.

Update: I’ve gotten a few questions about the monthly classes and if you have to sign up for those. You don’t have to sign up for the spin classes, but the classes and the coaching are really the main reason for purchasing the bike. The classes and the coaches are what make you want to ride. I know there’s no way I would want to ride if I was doing it while watching TV…I just wouldn’t have the motivation. The classes and the coaches are so engaging, that’s what makes you want to ride.

Also, if you are referred by someone, Peloton will give you two months of classes free and the person referring you gets two months free, as well. If you decide to purchase a bike, appreciate if you give them my daughter-in-laws name (Nancy Herin) as your referrer or you can click and order online here: Peloton Spin Cycle.  You’ll get two months of classes free and she will as as well, so thanks in advance for that!


Note: Also, I think this probably goes without saying, but if you have any concerns about cycling or any type of exercise, be sure and talk to your doctor first before buying a bike or starting any new exercise.

Over on the built-in dresser to the right of my bike is where I keep my wireless headphones and heart rate monitor.


When you purchase your cycle, you can buy a kit that comes with headphones, but they aren’t wireless. You don’t have to use headphones but I wanted the class experience to be as immersive as possible. I want to feel like I’m there in the class. I purchased wireless headphones that are designed to work well under heavy sweating conditions. From what I’ve read on the Peloton Facebook Riders page, not all headphones stand up to heavy sweating. You’ll find the headphones I use here: Wireless Headphones for Sports Activities


The other thing I purchased is a heart rate monitor. It’s a very good idea to wear one while riding for a lot of reasons. The kit that’s available to purchase when you buy your a bike does come with one, but it’s the type you wear around your chest. I knew I wouldn’t like that without even trying it, so I purchased a different style.

I love this one because you wear it on your arm and it pairs very easily with the Peloton Cycle, showing your heart rate right there on the monitor in front of you.  Most heart rate monitors will not pair with a spin cycle so you end up having to use an app on your phone, which means you’re having to stare down at your phone throughout the ride.

This band will last for around 6-8 classes before it needs charging and it charges up quickly. I’ve been very pleased with how it works and can’t imagine riding without it. You’ll find it here: Heart Rate Monitor. I purchased the hot pink one, my dil has it in a bright blue color.

Update: I think Peloton has updated the bike where it will now work with a Fitbit. I’m not positive about that since I don’t have a Fitbit, but if you have one, you may find that it will pair up with the bike to display your heart rate on the screen when riding.


Aside: A heart rate monitor is invaluable when riding/taking classes. If you haven’t been doing a lot of aerobic activity in the past, your heart rate will climb pretty quickly in the classes until you get in better shape. After taking an endurance class from Coach Steven Little, I realized I’ve been riding way too hard, staying in heart rate zones 4 and 5 most of the time. Now I want to take more of his endurance classes and focus on riding more in Zone 3.


Oh, almost forgot to mention one of the coolest features: The bike has a camera, so if someone you know has a Peloton, you can ride with them. I haven’t tried this yet, but there’s a way to connect with them and see them in the top left side of the screen. I guess it’s like Facetime or something. I wonder if you can actually talk to them? Again, I haven’t done this, so not sure how it works.

I can tell my endurance is improving. I’ve never had trouble running up and down the steps in my house, but now it’s pretty much effortless. I’ve also noticed my tush is changing, moving up and inward. lol And that started happening after about 12 rides. I guess it’s from riding the hills in the standing position on the pedals. So you start to see changes pretty fast, faster than I expected!


I don’t really believe in New Year’s Resolutions, so you’ll never see me writing that post. But I do believe in waking up each day and asking myself, “What can I do today to make this and the days that follow, the best days of my life?”

I’m always striving to grow, to improve, to learn more, to experience more, to do more. My Peloton bike is just one more step in that direction. It truly is one of the best gifts I’ve ever given myself. When I get off that bike after a ride, I feel like anything is possible.

Update: I’ve written a follow-up post sharing some additional info and answering some of the questions I’ve received here: Peloton Cycle: Two Months In And What I’ve Learned.

If you would like to know more about this bike and how it works, check out the Peloton page here: Peloton Cycle

Read the reviews of those who have bought the bike here: Reviews

1-Minute Video: This is Peloton (This was the commercial I saw that made me want to know more.)

5-Minute Video by the founder of Peloton that goes into even more detail: Peloton: Tour of the Peloton Bike

Official Peloton Rider’s Facebook Page where you can read what people who own the bike are saying: Peloton Rider’s Facebook Page


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  1. Regality (aka The Quing) says:

    Good luck to you, Susan. I’m all for any type of exercise that doesn’t require that you leave the house and can be done in your jammies. 🙂

  2. Wow! That is quite a machine. Sounds like a wonderful way to exercise. Happy New year!

  3. You are amazing!!!

  4. AWESOME gift Susan!!! Let me know if you need another daughter in law. lol

    Thanks for sharing details on this amazing exercise machine.
    Makes me want to try it out!!!


  5. Laura Hess says:

    I’ve been obsessing over this bike. I put it in a cart several times. The stopping point has always been the monthly fee. I also worry about the monitor holding up. So funny to see this post pop up. Maybe it’s meant to be.

    • Yeah, I thought about that when I purchased it and told them they better not raise their monthly fee in the future. lol They don’t seem to have any plans to do that from what I was told when I purchased my bike.
      One thing I read online that some folks do to save on the monthly fee for the classes is they download the Peloton App onto their phones and participate in the classes via that. I think I read that it’s around $12 a month to use their app. If you download it to a iPad, that would be a bigger screen on which to see the classes. There may even be a way to project it onto a larger screen, but I’m not sure how to do that. I really don’t mind the $39 a month fee because the coaches are amazing and you would pay that for one spin class in a cycling studio.

    • Laura, I didn’t mention this in the post but when you purchase a bike, they will give you two months of classes free if you tell them you were referred by someone. So you can use my name as a referral if you like, and get two months free. They did that for my dil and me, letting us refer each other, so we both got two months free.

  6. Happy New Year, Susan! I loved hearing about the Peloton bike- and about the results that you are already seeing! That’s inspiring- please keep us informed.

    Thank you for the party!

  7. Congratulations, Susan! You really treated yourself well with this gift (and your dil, too!). Keep us posted on your experience, but I suspect you’ll be engaged for a long time to come. I bet riding with your dil would be a fun session. Thanks, too, for providing all the info here in one place. Peloton would do well to have you as an ambassador.
    Gosh, and I was feeling pretty accomplished just getting my Christmas stuff put away and my year in review summarized. Until now….lol.

    • Rita, that is a huge accomplishment! I worked on that after I returned home and was too tired to ride on those days. So congrats to you for getting all that done! I think I need to buy another bin or two, I thought about your comment about buying another bin as I was putting it all away. 🙂

  8. Susan, I’ve been watching the ads for this bike and have been seriously thinking about getting one. Glad to hear you like it.

    • Thanks, Kim! If you live anywhere near one of the stores, definitely go in and try it. That helped me to make my decision, although it was mostly made before I got there.

  9. Love your new spin bike!…I have to show this to my hubby!…So glad that you are really enjoying it!….and I am so happy that your in-law’s furniture will be going to a good home…I am sure it is very bittersweet for you! Happy New Year Susan…hope 2017 will be a very happy and healthy one! Thanks for hosting too!

  10. Happy New Year!!
    Thanks so much for the pary!!

  11. Thanks for the thorough Pelaton review Susan, my husband & I watch the commercials all the time wondering if you have to be a super athlete to use one…and of course you need the work out room with a view to put it in, like the one in the ad…:) Glad you love it and you make it sound very appealing-I love that there are so many classes and lengths to choose from. Happy 2017!

    • You don’t need to be an athlete, but you do find out quickly how out of shape you are aerobically. I’ve never done anything that’s really aerobic, so it’s kicking my tush. But it’s amazing how fast you improve. I would probably stick with the Beginner and Rookie classes for the first month. I did around 3 beginner classes, then dove into the 45 minute classes.
      I would just concentrate on beginner classes until you’re ready for more. There are all ages and all types riding, definitely some are very athletic, but most are just everyday people, I think.

  12. What an uplifting post! You really found the perfect combination of exercise and convenience. And so much progress already. Also, since you may be downsizing to a cottage someday, at least now the bedroom furniture willl be one less thing to deal with.

  13. Happy New Year! I’m sorry about the family member change of mind on the dresser. In laws can be outlaws!! Ha! However you have a beautiful new bike! What a beauty! You will get many hours of healthy pleasure! Thanks for the detailed dissertation. Interesting info.

  14. This is SO intriguing…room…it’s all about the room…*sigh* Happy miles!! franki

    • I didn’t think to share the size space it takes up…need to add that to the post. The mat is around 6 feet long and 3 feet wide, so that’s the space you need for it. I started to put it in the basement but then realized I wanted it where I could see it and access it more easily. Thanks, Franki! Happy New Year to you!

  15. Having read your post I’m totally exhausted. And all the early birds commenting give me such a fright. Guess I’m cut from a different bolt of cloth, and wonder why I’m awake so early today. Guess I’ll stumble down for my coffee to start the day. Maybe contemplate exercise? Too early to tell.
    Happy New Year.

    • lol I’m a night owl. I usually exercise late at night. I wish I were an early bird but my natural time clock doesn’t seem to like mornings.
      Happy New Year, Kem!

  16. That’s a great way to get/stay fit! I am so happy for you and it was so thoughtful of you to buy your dil one as well.

    • It’s a lot of fun comparing notes and encouraging each other. She’s rocking the bike and riding even more than I am! lol
      Thanks Jan and Happy New Year to you!

  17. It looks like you are all set for a healthy 2017. Happy New Year!

  18. Linda Page says:

    I agree with Franki in that it’s all about the “room”. I wish I had a place for one but I would have to disassemble my craft room to have a place for a spin bike. Ugh! That Pelaton looks fantastic! I have wanted a stationary/spin bike for years but space has been the problem. It broke my heart about the furniture you had to give up BUT I am excited that you and your dil got spin bikes. That is just really cool. But if you are down to a size 0 when I next see you, I will not like you any more!!! lol Guess I better get back to walking every day. I have slacked off during Dec and I can tell a difference. I just need to adjust to walking regardless of the weather!! You, my friend, don’t have to worry about weather. I knew that I really didn’t like you!!!

    • Okay, I just went and measured the mat it’s on and it’s 73 inches long by 36 inches wide…so that’s around 6 feet by 3 feet. That’s all the space you really need.
      lol Don’t worry, I don’t ever think I’ve seen size 0 in my life! You are so funny! I would be happy to lose about 20 lbs though. 🙂

  19. Cyndi Raines says:

    Happy for you Susan – what a great way to start the New Year. The price is out of my price range, but it sure sounds like a lot of fun. I’ll just have to put up with riding my “cruiser” on our bike trail which isn’t that far from our house and taking my long walks, although I’m sure I won’t see the results as fast as you will. Keep us posted and so looking forward to your blog and more fun in 2017! How did you like your “northern trip”? The weather wasn’t too bad, huh?

    • Would love to have a trail near my home, that would be wonderful for biking spring, summer and fall.
      The weather was really mild. We spent time out in the yard with my oldest grandson, playing with the T-ball set Santa brought him. It’s really funny how sometimes it’s similar to our weather here and other times it’s much, much colder.

  20. Great and generous gift for your DIL. Kudos to you for taking the exercise initiative. We don’t have a good spot for an exercise bike. Wish we did.
    Happy New Year, Susan!

  21. Can I be your DIL?? LOL!!! This sounds amazing. Keep up the good work. I would like to try this, I used to bike mANY years ago and haven’t in a LOOOONG while. Happy new year!!

  22. Anne Shaheen says:

    Love a new spinbike but no one, not Goodwill, Salvation Army,Union Mission will take my old stationary bike or treadmill. Too many already been donated.

    • This is not a regular spin bike, it an experience, a lifestyle. I never bought a regular spin bike because I knew I wouldn’t ride it. This one I love because of the classes, the coaches, the scenic rides. I would not recommend it to anyone who isn’t interested in taking spin classes because the classes are really what this bike is all about.

  23. Shannon Grundy says:

    Do you have to purchase the monthly plan? I know there are some free YouTube videos out there that my husband watches when he rides an indoor bike. Would love to get him one of these.

    • No, you don’t have to but I wouldn’t spend that much for a Peloton bike if you’re not planning on taking the classes. The bike is an awesome spin bike, but the main reason it costs what it does is for the technology…the tablet that streams in the live classes. Peloton has an app and you can stream classes to an iPad for $12 a month, I believe. Not sure if that’s just On Demand classes or Live classes, too.

  24. my brother in Atlanta has this set up in his basement gym…but I have not tried it. I love bike riding…but location, not having a beach property, traffic, etc. impede my love of cycling. I need to look into this. Thanks. Wishing you good health and happiness this year! sheila

  25. Vickie H. says:

    I have loved reading every word of this post. And I never heard of this bike before now. My husband was VERY familiar with it. I just purchased a fancy schmancy elliptical back in July and I DO like it but find I am bored. I am going to check out some YouTube videos to watch while I am on it. Also, I believe with our smart TV technology we may be able to access the Pelaton app on the iPhone and open it on the TV screen (we mounted a 32″ smart TV on the wall in our workout room)…..something to try. I am intrigued by this spin bike and intend to pursue further research. Thank you for sharing and happy spinning in the new year!!!

  26. This looks like the best of the best. Thank you for showcasing your lastest find. Wish I could join you, but sadly it’s out of my price range! You always investigate products so throughly and explain them so easily. I truly appreciate that. Looking forward to hearing more about your spin travels!

  27. I have a peloton too! I got it last May and we loooove it. Although I fell off the bandwagon in December… was literally sick the whole month on antibiotics, but better now! Did my first ride in a while, amazed to see how my heart rate climbed so quickly after not riding in a while! Enjoy your bike!

    • So awesome to hear you are still loving it, Angelina. Glad you are better. I was sick for about a week with a terrible cold so I know what you mean. You’re doing good to just get through the day when you’re sick.
      Amazing how just taking a month off makes such a different heart rate wise. Mine is improving but has a long ways to go. I end up in Zone 5 very quickly every time I stand up to climb a hill…soooo annoying!
      Exciting to meet another Pelotonian in Blogland! 🙂

      • Oh yes, when we started doing hill climbs my heart rate shoots way up! Who is your favorite instructor? Some of them are kind of hard for me! I also like the new off-the-bike things they have – I have been doing the yoga from Colleen!

        • I haven’t taken a class yet that I didn’t like, I really like all the coaches I’ve ridden with so far. I think my fave (as of right now) is Steven Little. He reminds me of my flying instructor when I took flying lessons in college because he puts a lot of the responsibility of your ride back on you. He expects you to listen to your body and do what’s best for you, including pushing yourself harder than what he’s asking for in the class, if you know you can do it.

          I also like how he doesn’t talk too much, so you can really get into the music and use it to help your ride, but when he does talk, he says something important, something your really need to know and can use. He has a Marine background so he’s sort of like tough love, but he also let’s you know he’s got your back. He says he’ll be there to pick you up if you fall. He challenges you though, so he’s tough, but fair. He made me miss the days when I was taking flying lessons. Who is your favorite instructor?

          • I think my favorite instructor is Alex Toussaint (sp?),but also I like his playlists a lot. I also like one of his sayings he says every class… “Feel good, look good, do better!” But I agree, I really like all of the instructors! Who I ride with really depends on what music I feel like listening to, to be honest! Some are a little hard for me though, like Matt Wilpers for example. I am not a pro-cyclist… just someone trying to stay in shape! I am sad Nicole Meline left, she was my husband’s favorite.
            I have not yet had a problem with my bike, but is good to know that they are fast with their repair!
            Yes, if you have some pain from riding, take a few days off, don’t push it! Nice having a peloton friend!!

            • I like him a lot, too. I’ve only taken one of his classes but definitely want to take more. Like that philosophy! I think he has his own line of clothing in the Peloton Boutique. That’s so true about the music! I like almost all kinds of music so I enjoy it all. The more upbeat/energetic music does help you ride harder, at least it does for me.

              I wish I had gotten to take a class from Nicole, she was gone before I got there. I wonder if I can find one of her classes in “On Demand.”

              Angelina, last night I was thinking about why we all enjoy this bike so much when most exercise equipment just sits, unused. It’s definitely the classes for me. When I’m taking a class, my bike could be tettering on the top of a mountain ridge or sitting on a sand dune in the Sahara desert and I wouldn’t even notice. I get so pulled in to the class, it’s like I’m really there. I can see why the classes are so addicting with waits to get in, in the cycling studios around the country. I don’t see that going away, so I think we’ll be loving our bikes for a very, very long time.

              • I totally bought his shirt for my husband and I! You can find Nicole’s classes on demand. I do most of my classes on demand because I am in CA and some of the live rides start at 3am!
                You are right, we love this bike because of the classes. I had another bike that was cheaper and also didn’t have the classes and I would get so bored on it. With this bike, I am so motivated once I get on it, I don’t think any other bike could do that! I really feel like I am in the class with them! I used to go to spin classes in a studio but now I live way out in the country and it’s just not possible. Anyway, glad to hear you are loving your bike!

  28. Vicki Durham says:

    I dropped your name on the Pelonon Facebook page. People wanted to hear from real people re. The bike. Some even said to buy attachments and put on a less expensive bike. Mainly they are wondering if it’s worth the expense. I know your posts will help them.

  29. Fellow Pelotonian here. . . just out of curiosity, how many ounces do those Swell water bottles hold? Thanks!

  30. Loving my Peloton bike!!!

  31. is there a service plan that is included for an amount of time? I just worry about it holding up. For that price……..

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