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Welcome to the 158th Metamorphosis Monday!

Watermarking photos…that’s a big metamorphosis I’ve just recently started making to photos you see here on BNOTP.  In the past I never worried too much about placing a watermark on the photos I post.  I loved it when folks used a photo and linked back to BNOTP.

But recently readers of BNOTP have e-mailed me with links to  tablescapes and other photos showing up on professional websites as their own.  My pics have even turned up in eBay ads.  I think often it’s done in error, or at least I’d like to think so, but either way I knew it was time to get busy watermarking the photos I take and post.

There are lots of tools available for watermarking pictures, but today I’m going to share the two I like using.  If you have a system you love, please share it in a comment.  It’s so wonderful when we can share and help each other.

Watermark Option #1:  Watermark in Live Writer, Cost: Free
Do you create your posts in Live Writer?  If not, you may want to download Live Writer (LW) and give it a whirl.    LW is a very popular program for creating blog posts and once it’s created, you can send the draft to Blogger or publish it to your blog.  LW was really popular before Blogger updated their posting process.  Now that creating a post in Blogger is a lot like creating one in LW, I’m not sure if  LW is still that popular with those who post on the Blogger platform.  A lot of folks who have Word Press blogs do still use LW.

If you use Live Writer for creating your blog posts, you may already know you can watermark your photos in this program.

Here’s how watermarking in Live Writer works:
To watermark photos in Live Writer, you upload a photo to the post you’re creating in LW.  Once the pic is loaded to the post, click on the photo and a “format” menu appears where you’ll see the “watermark” option. (Note the yellow arrow below pointing up at the word, “watermark.”

Click on the watermark option and a screen will open up where you’ll type your “text” watermark, pick a font style and the size you want your watermark to be.  That’s it.

Note:  Live Writer will not allow you to upload and save a “custom” watermark that you or a graphic designer has created.  It just lets you add “text” watermarks to your photos.

Now, here’s the awesome part…the part I just found out you can do when using Live Writer to watermark photos.

If you don’t want to watermark every single photo individually, which takes forever, you can click on “Set to default.”  (Note the other yellow arrow in the photo below.)  If your default watermark ends up covering something in your photo, click on the photo, then click on “watermark” and you can choose to move the location of your watermark for that one photo.

You can also remove a watermark on a photo by clicking “Revert to original” which is above the “set to default” option or by clicking on the photo, selecting watermark and deleting the text in the box.  That will come in handy if a photo gets watermarked that you don’t want watermarked.

If you don’t use Live Writer to create your posts for your Blogger or Word Press blogs, check out Watermark Option #2 below for watermarking your pics.

(Click on any pictures below to enlarge)

Watermark Option #2:  Visual Watermark, Cost: $20…a one time charge

Since I didn’t realize you could set Live Writer to automatically watermark all photos when they are uploaded, I went in search of another way to watermark my pics.  I spent one evening trying out a lot of watermarking tools before I found Visual Watermark.  I’m not trying to sell you on VW…I’ll just share how it works and how it’s different from watermarking via Live Writer.  You can compare it to the system you currently use, as well.  Visual Watermark isn’t free…it costs $20 which is a one time charge.

How Visual Watermark is different from watermarking with Live Writer:
Here are a few of things that Visual Watermark does that you can’t do with Live Writer:  1. You can have a custom watermark created by a graphic designer (or create your own) then save it to VW to use as your watermark.  2. You can create and save multiple watermarks in different sizes, colors, font’s etc… in VW to use for future watermarking sessions (more on that in a sec)  3. You can watermark a gazillion photos in seconds because you can watermark in batches and it will save your watermarked pics to a folder of your choosing for future use as needed.

Here’s how Visual Watermark works:
It’s a fast process to watermark using VW, but this tutorial may make it seem complex because I’ve broken the process down into such detail, including how to edit a watermark after it’s in place.  So don’t let this tutorial make you think it’s complicated…it’s not.

For our example today, we’ll watermark 4 photos of a Valentine’s Days table setting, as if I were planning to use them in a post.   To watermark the photos in VW, you first open up the VW watermarking program on your computer.  See the white section there on the left.  That’s where we’ll upload or drag the pics we wish to watermark.  I love the drag method…it’s so fast.

To upload pics to Visual Watermark, you just highlight all 4 photos by clicking Control-A and then just drag them over to the white section of the VW screen.  You can drag 1 or 100…however many you wish.  Or you can click on “+ADD” and upload as many as you wish at one time from a file on your computer.  I prefer the drag method since it’s so fast and easy.

Here’s how it looks when all 4 photos are in Visual Watermark.  The first photo is highlighted on the left, so that’s why you are seeing that photo visible on the right.

Because I’ve already been working in Visual Watermark for a couple of weeks, I’ve have already created several watermarks in different sizes and colors.  Next we’ll just click on the down arrow in the menu and  select “Open” which opens up all the saved watermarks.  (If you wish to create a new watermark, you click on “New Watermark.”)

You can tell the watermarks I’ve created because I’ve named them all  BNOTP.  I’ve created some gray watermarks and some white watermarks.  Gray comes in handy when the picture is really white at the bottom where I like to place my watermark.  I’ve also created them in different sizes to better fit some of the photo sizes I upload. Oh, by the way, VW also has lots of fancy, unusual watermarks you can use…you’ll see those options listed below, too.

Once I select the watermark, it looks like this below.  See how it’s kind of covering the plate since the watermark is on the right.  If I wish, I could create a separate watermark and save it for when I wish to watermark pics on the left.  Then I could just click on it in the list above and use it, instead.  You can save as many different watermarks as you wish.

But let’s pretend I haven’t saved a left sided watermark.  No problem, I can just edit this one.  To do that, I just click on “edit” at the top of the screen.

This box opens up with lots of options for editing the watermark.  I can select to move it to the right, center it, move it to the top or place it in the middle of the photo.  In this case, I chose to move it from the right side… (note the arrow)

…to the left side. (note the arrow)

Then I just click on “apply changes” and here’s how it looks once it’s been moved.

Now I’m ready to tell Visual Watermark to watermark all the photos as I’ve indicated.  Before I watermark them, I can click on each pic in the white box on the left and see how the watermark is going to look once its been added.

When I click on the word “Watermark” (note arrow) a box pops up and gives me several options.  I can tell it to watermark all the original photos OR to watermark copies and save them in a separate file within the main file, or anywhere I wish on my computer.

One of the cool things about VW is the ability to watermark in batches.  If needed, I could have dragged/uploaded 50 photos over to VW and when I clicked on “Watermark” it would watermark all 50 in seconds.  Sometimes I’ll drag over the vertical pics and watermark them.  Then I’ll drag over the horizontal pics and watermark them.  I’ve found the vertical and horizontal pics look better with different size watermarks.  It took me a few sessions to get used to the program but now I can watermark a bunch of pics in a matter of a couple of minutes, if that long.

I don’t recommend watermarking your “original” photos because you may wish to use them one day somewhere without the watermark.  I always choose the option of watermarking and saving copies in a separate file. (see below)

When I click OK, here’s how the file on my computer looks now.  You see my original 4 photos that are still left unmarked and then there’s the file I have named WM that contains the same 4 photos but with watermarks.  This will come in handy later if I wish to use the watermarked photos again in another post.  They will be here watermarked and waiting.

As mentioned above, you can watermark your photos with anything you wish, including an image or a professionally designed watermark.  Just playing around, I downsized my blog button and uploaded it to VM and watermarked a few pics.

Update: I decided I much prefer Visual Watermark for my watermaking of photos.  Live Writer does screwy stuff with my pics.  If I upload them to Live Writer and Watermark them, then send the post as a draft to my blog, if I alter the size of my pics once they are in Blogger, they become out of focus.  Since I enjoy posting larger pics and frequently alter the size, I do all my watermarking in Visual Watermark now.  Best $20 I ever spent on my blog!  I’m considering having a custom watermark made and I love knowing I can upload that to VW and use it there, if I do.  Plus, Visual Watermark has tools you can use to make some fun watermarks.

A few folks have asked if it’s okay to pin these posts…yes, please do!  You many pin anything you see here at BNOTP, even if I don’t have it watermarked, yet.  I hope to eventually get all my pics watermarked…but that may take a while.  So pin away and enjoy. ♥

If you find this tutorial or any of the other shown below to be helpful, so appreciate if you’ll give them a +1 in Google!  Thanks in advance!

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Looking forward to all the Before and Afters for this Met Monday!

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  1. I love it Susan! This is the kind of valuable information that I need! Thank you sooooooo much for helping out us "newbie" Bloggers! XO Cindy

  2. laxsupermom says:

    I've always wondered how to add a watermark. Thanks for sharing and for hosting this party each week.

  3. Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions says:

    Thanks for hosting, Susan!

    I do use Live Writer and I love it! I would always think it would be so much easier to do a "batch" of pictures with a watermark, so I am glad to hear they allow you to do this easier now. I am definitely going to check it out on the next post I draft!

  4. Jenny @ Simcoe Street says:

    Thank you for hosting! xo

  5. Confessions of a Plate Addict says:

    Thanks for the tips, Susan! I use Love Writer and go in and watermark one and then right click and save my very loooooong watermark (you understand) and then just paste on all the rest. It's a little faster and I still have control since I usually include graphics for my readers to copy. Thanks for hosting! Have a great week!…hugs….Debbie

  6. Kerry Rossow says:

    Oh, my goodness. I am heading to work, but I am so looking forward to the watermarking tutorial! Thank you so much- and thank you for hosting!
    Kerry at HouseTalkN

  7. Inspire Me Heather says:

    Thanks for the tips, I might just use LW when picnik ends… looks easy enough!

  8. Ingrid@morestylethancash says:

    Thanks for a great article on watermarks. It is the one thing that I urge all new bloggers to do with their photos.

    Like you I have had large professional sites show my photos with no links back to me. I consider it the same as theft.

    To any new bloggers out there, take the time to learn how to do watermarks, it will save you heart ache latter.

  9. Katie @ Wildwood Creek says:

    Thank you for another great photo tutorial!

  10. Shirley@Housepitality Designs says:

    I have WordPress and I watermark my photos in Flickr using Picnik. Hopefully Flickr will have a good substitute for Picnik. Once I learned how to do this, it was an easy process..now I dread having to learn another one again!!..thanks for hosting and your great tutorial.

  11. Jeni Gray says:

    I love the idea of using a logo image for a watermark! Terrific!
    I have been using simple text to add watermarks to my jpg images, which is easy in some photo programs, but I agree, if you have large batches this method is better.

  12. "I don't like it when a watermark covers up something that needs to be visible in the photo. That seems to me that might be one disadvantage with the preset watermark system in Live Writer." I agree, Susan! I've used it in LW before but its not always where I wan it to be!
    Plus, we all know how crafty thieves can be….I've run across SEVERAL recent incidents where someone's watermark was PURPOSELY cropped off before the thief loaded it onto their own blog, thereby taking credit for someone elses hard work!!!!!!!!!! Boy, does that tick me off!!

    Great tutorial & thank you for hosting MM again. It is rare that I have something to show off that fits the parameters of your MM meme…that is, something that has been done over to improve it.


  13. Linda@Coastal Charm says:

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  16. martinealison says:

    Je ne suis pas très douée en informatique, mais je vais essayer tout ça dès à présent…
    Merci et gros bisous.

  17. Susan BetweenNapsOnThePorch says:

    Debbie, I just went in and played around a bit more with LW and it's actually really easy to move a watermark from side to side, once all the pics are loaded and have been automatically watermarked with the preset method. You just click on the photo you wish to move the watermark on, and then click on "watermark." The window/box pops up that lets you re-select the location for that photo. So it appears really quick and easy to fix on the few pics where you want to change which side the watermark landed on when you uploaded the photos.

  18. marty (A Stroll Thru Life) says:

    Great information. Thanks for hosting. Hugs, Jarty

  19. Dear Susan, Thank you for this great tutorial (and all the other fabulous tutorials) You write in an easy-to-understand style, one all of us can understand.
    I have used Picnik in the past but will sign up with Visual Watermark because I can adjust style, color, size, etc.
    Even though I politely ask not to have my photos copied there are always those who do not heed my copywrite warning. Watermarks are very important. Often credits get lost in cyberspace or credits are not always given.

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    Thank you so much for this info! I'm a newbie and have been watermarking in publisher- very slow way to go, but had been using it for so many years in office- it was the only thing I knew. Can't wait to try out LW. Oh, and thank you for hosting the party! 🙂

  24. Lizabeth @ Infuse With Liz says:

    That's great to know! I'm not real great with all those programs but I will look into it. That would be disturbing to know someone used your photo on an e-bay listing! That's just lame! I guess the bottom line is to realize that whatever you are posting can be seen all over the world and one should be careful what they post.

  25. thank you so much for that tutorial. Many blogs I visit are sharing about making sure to add watermarks. Now I know how to begin. Thank you for hosting the link party today. I really appreciate it when you seasoned bloggers take the time to set them up and give everyone the opportunity to share. You are awesome!

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    I will have to check out Live Writer. With Picnik going bye bye I need to find another program!

    Thank you for the party!

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    your posts are always interesting …..
    Although not often leave comments, (as a matter of language)
    I follow you always ……
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    See your home gives me a charge to go forward in my dreams …..
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  33. Perfect timing for this post.I just started blogging.One question can I watermark a photo if it is already posted?Thanks for hosting.

  34. Thanks, Susan! I joined in today! How fun!

  35. Susan BetweenNapsOnThePorch says:

    Hi Anne, I don't think so…haven't found a way to do that. Would be nice if Blogger had a system for that but haven't heard of one. If you find one, please share.

  36. Susan, I've been watermarking my photos since I began using Live Writer almost three years ago. Of course, it took me a several posts and many individual water markings that took forever to realize that I could set the default setting!! What a great feature. If I want to un-do a water marked photo, I just double click on the picture, click on watermark in the task bar, and then delete the text that comes up in the drop-down box. You always have such good tips for everyone and are so good about sharing your knowledge! 🙂

  37. Brooke @ Spruce Your Nest says:

    Thanks for hosing and thanks for the tutorial! I watermark in Picnik and with that going away I will definitely need another option 🙁

  38. Susan BetweenNapsOnThePorch says:

    Sue, thanks for that tip…I just added it to the post. I'm new to using LW for watermarking so still sort of figuring it out. 🙂 I so love the default setting. It really does take forever doing them one at a time.

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    My son helped me do this on Photoshop on our computer, but other then that, I am clueless on watermarking on a regular basis.

    Thanks for the help. I may see if I have LW. If not, my in house computer geek will have to help this computer illiterate Ö¿Ö¬

    Jocelyn @

  43. I have been using LW for about a year but, had been using the old version. I got a new laptop this year and now have the new version and I have been trying to figure out how to set it on auto for my watermark! You just answered my question. thank you! And thanks for hosting.

  44. Entertaining Women says:

    I'm so excited to read your post on watermarking. I've been interested in marking my photos, especially with all the activity on Pinterest. I'm such a dinosaur, but I'll work my way through this a step at a time. Each new thing is a touch overwhelming, but I'm thrilled to take on the adventure. Thanks so much for the tutorial. It is opening new doors for me. Question: Could you please, do a tutorial on the ins and outs of adding an RSS feed and Atom? I've gone to the site, but it's a bit frustrating. Cherry Kay

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  48. Answer, Yes you can watermark photos already published in Blogger. Go to EDIT your post. Select the phtograph and save to your File. Then watermark that photo9. Then go back to EDIT in Blog Post. REMOVE the photograph and insert your new photo.

  49. Designs By Pinky says:

    Susan, as you know I am NOT computer savvy!!! I post my blog on blogger. Is there a way for me to watermark? Thanks so much for being so generous with your knowledge! XO, Pinky

  50. Susan BetweenNapsOnThePorch says:

    Pinky, you can watermark using Picnik…but it's going away and I don't know if watermarking is available via Google+. You can watermark in Picasa, but I don't like watermarking that way…it's too awkward, or at least it was for me. Plus, I think your limited to one font in Picasa…that's all I saw. So, the only ways I have found that are easy are to either create your post in Live Writer, which is super easy to use OR purchase a watermark program like Visual Watermark or one of the others that's available and do it that way. You can also watermark via Photoshop, but that's pretty complicated. I'm sure there's probably a way to watermark using some of the photo editing site I posted about a few days ago, but I'm not sure how to do it in all those. I prefer the two I've posted about here. I think you would really like creating your posts in Live Writer. LW is NOT another blogging platform like Blogger or WordPress. It is just a program for writing your posts…kind of like Microsoft Word is a program for writing up a letter, etc… Once you create the post in Live Writer, you can send it to your blog in Blogger as a draft post or actually have it publish on your blog. If you download it today and start playing with it, you'll have a post created lickety split…it's that easy to use. They've made it look a lot like Blogger so it's easy to use.

  51. Susan BetweenNapsOnThePorch says:

    Gina, that's true. What I'd love to see is a button you click that automatically watermarks the pics that are in a post, without having to do all those steps. 🙂 In my dreams. lol

  52. Thank you 🙂

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    I started using LW a while ago and love it, so easy to use. Thanks for hosting!

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    Thanks for hosting! I love that tablescape w/ the popcorn holders…very clever 🙂

  61. Hi Susan,

    I have just begun putting a watermark on my photos. I was shocked to receive an anonymous comment the beginning of January telling me a blogger from Brazil had posted my photos onto her blog and was saying My family was HER family. When I visited I found post after post filled with photos of my grandchildren and family members. The photos were from recent and much older posts. She did remove most of the photos after I emailed her, but I was totally uncomfortable with the whole situation. I will never be able to watermark all of the photos already on my blog but I will from now on.

  62. Susan BetweenNapsOnThePorch says:

    That is awful! Glad you were able to get them removed!

  63. Bettsi McComb says:

    This was so helpful! I love the idea of marking them all in batches. I'm looking forward to more of these kinds of posts as these are the parts of blogging that I find the most challenging.

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  68. Helen's Decor says:

    Susan, thanks for the tutorial on watermarking. I "learned how" ages ago and then didn't use them. I've heard of people claiming photos as their own and that is stealing in my view. I need an afternoon class in this…it's a lot to take in. Thank you very much for taking your time to explain it all and the pros and cons of each. Helen

  69. I've been using the batch watermark method in Picasa.

  70. Lynn@ The Vintage Nest says:

    YAY! thank you Susan!! I used to use LiveWriter. Going back for a look around again. 🙂

  71. Alycia Nichols says:

    I've been watermarking for about a year or so now using a free program called Aoao. I went back and watermarked EVERY photo (which seemed to take forever!!!) after discovering someone was taking my photos and using them for a wedding CD they were producing for profit. No link back to me whatsoever. It really made me mad! I have been watermarking ever since. I place mine strategically across the middle of the photo for fear of people simply cropping the watermark off at the bottom. I don't know if they are actually able to do that or not, but I just didn't want to take any chances. It's a shame that we have to go through all this, but it's akin to paying tons of money for a security system and monitoring fees to prevent home break-ins. Thieves are everywhere! 🙁

  72. Angie @ Beneath the Magnolias says:

    Thank you Susan for this tutorial. I know you spent a lot of time on it. I have used Picnik, Photoshop Elements, and Inkscape for watermarking. My favorite was Picnik but they don't have enough fonts to choose from. I'm so picky when it comes to fonts. I have quite a few downloaded and I want to be able to watermark using my own font. Will LW let you use a font that is on your computer?

  73. Susan BetweenNapsOnThePorch says:

    Angie, I'm not sure. I know it will let you upload anything you have saved on your computer and there are a lot of fonts to choose from. You can try it out for free so that's probably the best way to check for sure.

  74. Oh, thank you!!! I've been watermarking every single photo in LiveWriter and this is fantastic. I just tried it and it works!

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    Hi, Susan! I haven't gone over this info, just glanced, but I wanted to say that I think it is awfully nice of you to take the time to show everyone this!! I will keep this info to learn it when I get the GUMPTION to do so. 🙂
    Hope you have been well!

  78. Hi Susan. I learned the hard way that I need to watermark my photos. I took photos at a shower and shared several of them on Facebook for the friends and family of the bride. The following week I found three of my photos on the blog of a friend of the brides as though she herself had taken the photos. She hadn't even asked my permission to use them. Now I watermark everything unless I really don't care if someone borrows them as their own work. Picasa allows an easy solution also.

  79. I was so excited about your info and then I see it is not for macs. My mac has iPhoto that you can crop, and enhance the photo, but it does not watermark. I tried to download Gimp, but it is not compatible to the lion software. I was told I would have to wait until Gimp catches up. I was advised to get Pixelmator from the Apple store. I did some googling for watermark and macs. I found a site that said PowerPoint would watermark. I have PowerPoint on my computer. I chose a blank sheet, inserted a photo, went to text and watermarked it. You can choose font and color of font. You can go to align and put it anywhere on the photo. I am still playing with it, but for any of you that have a mac and already have PowerPoint this may be an option. When you save it – save as a jpeg and send it to your iPhoto. Hope this helps for you mac people.

    Susan, Please keep providing info with us. Even though I could not use some of the software this post has been very helpful.

  80. Susan BetweenNapsOnThePorch says:

    Sorry it didn't help you, Madonna. What about Visual Watermark…that should work I think.

  81. Thank you, I think VM will work. I need to read a little further, but this just may do the trick. You are so good to offer us your research. I read a lot, but I am amazed at you. Thank you again.

  82. Susan BetweenNapsOnThePorch says:

    You're welcome…hope it helps! 🙂

  83. Julie, RN says:

    Another option (and one that many folks already have on their computers) is PowerPoint. Just open a blank presentation slide and click on "insert" to insert your photo….one per slide. Do as many as you want. You can use WordArt or a simple textbox to place a text watermark (or insert a clipart image of your button). Copy & paste wherever you want on each photo. Then, "Save As"….choose to save as a jpeg file. It will ask if you want to save only the current slide or every slide…choose all slides and it will save them individually in a folder for you. Hope this helps.
    Julie, RN from http://www.craftyimaginings.blogspot.com

  84. Katie Sue says:

    Thank you so much for this. I had no idea how to do it and your tutorial made it so easy.
    Katie http://katietreasures.blogspot.com/

  85. Little Susie says:

    yay, i'm your 5995 follower! official now! and numerically symmetrical! lolol…even though i've been reading your blog for years…. well, i love this post and just read 80+comments about watermarking…. whew!… lol… thank you for your post on this, i remember seeing the ebay ad with ''like this'' and your table scape pic using a similar product…..almost makes you laugh like HEY THAT'S MY KID!!! almost, because after all, we birth these lovely photo creations! lol…anyway…i have managed to delay blogging all the way through the end of picnik, maybe by the time i start posting on my blog, my son will realize mommmy is 90 and needs help ;-)…you make everything look so easy and logical, my next post, i will try to see if i can do it in LW and watermark and come back and report :)….thank you honey bunny, you're the best at explaining everything so clearly ~~
    susie <3

  86. Susan BetweenNapsOnThePorch says:

    Susie…you are so cute! Thanks for keeping me symmetrical. It was meant to be! 🙂 Hope the watermark tutorial helps. Live Writer makes creating a post and watermarking pics soooo easy. Your too funny about the 90 thing. I hope we're all blogging until were 100…imagine what those posts will be like. 🙂

  87. Thank you for the great tips on watermarks. I am new to blogging and appreciate any information that all the experienced bloggers share. I am using wordpress, and had not heard of Live Writer either. I am going to go have a look at it.
    Thank you

  88. Susan, for your Mac users: I recently downloaded Visual Watermark for Mac, but I’m not pleased with it. You can only save one template (not several like you show in this post). I’ve asked for my money back and am now going with iWatermark Pro which can be used independently or from within iPhoto and Aperture (a HUGE convenience for Mac users). Not only can I watermark multiple pics at once and use various settings, but I can also resize pics, create thumbnails — and lots of other things I may never understand! The cost is $30, but compared to the $20 for Visual Watermark, it’s a fantastic deal! Thought it might help to have this info in case someone asks. Have a great week!

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