10 Dream Kitchens: Cottage, French Country and Traditional At Its Best

Recently, I came across a picture of a kitchen I absolutely loved. It led me to a site called Plain & Fancy Cabinetry. Don’t you love that name. It’s like kitchen heaven, looking through their website. I found so many beautiful kitchens!Β I chose a few of my faves to share with you today. Do you have a bib on? You will need one because we’re entering serious drool territory!

Let’s start off with my very favorite of all of them. I LOVE this beach cottage kitchen, the colors, the glass front cabinets, the hidden refrigerator. Don’t hate me, but I’m not a big lover of stainless appliances. I don’t hate them, but how I do adore a white kitchen with hidden appliances.

This kitchen totally checks all my boxes and a few I didn’t know I even had. I love the color of the center island. It’s the perfect amount of turquoise/aqua without feeling overwhelming. And the good thing is, this is basically a white kitchen so if the aqua ever became too much, it could be painted over or changed to a different color without a whole lot of work.

Cottage Beach Kitchen with Aqua Turquoise Island


Do you follow BNOTP on Facebook? If you do, you saw this gorgeous kitchen below yesterday when I shared it on Facebook. It was reshared over 435+ times, so apparently I’m not the only one who loves it.

Look at all those windows! The ceiling, the floors, the fireplace…there is so much to love!

Traditional Kitchen with Painted Island and Fireplace


Here’s a view from the other end.

Kitchen with Large Butcher Block Island and White Painted Cabinets


Love a dark-stained island? This kitchen had kind of an old world feel to me…very beautiful!

Beautiful Kitchen with Dark Wood Island


This kitchen is an excellent example of French Country. Love the rich yellow walls, the farmhouse sink and that beautiful window overlooking a lovely view.

French Country Kitchen with Yellow Walls and Antiqued Cabinets


Another great kitchen! My favorite thing in this kitchen is the glass front refrigerator. Do you think that’s a Sub Zero? You always see them in stainless but apparently you can have custom cabinetry made to make to fit over it.

Kitchen, White Cabinets and Glass Door Refrigerator


How do you like the soft color of the cabinetry in this kitchen? Is it a sea green or is it a soft gray? Hard to tell but it’s beautiful!

I recently shared a photo of a kitchen with a stove like this one on Facebook. Someone recognized it and said it’s by a French Manufacturer and the brand is La Cornue. It comes in lots of colors: a bold blue, sky blue, white, soft green, red, purple (yes, purple) and of course black as shown here. It probably comes in more colors than that, those are just the ones I saw at their website. I would have to pull a Julia Child and go to a French culinary school to be worthy of cooking on a La Cornue. πŸ˜‰

French Country Kitchen with Sea Green Cabinets


How do Β you like the mix of colors for the cabinets in this kitchen. You have antique white/cream, deep blue and a stained island. I personally love the variety and how it all works together! Do you like a mix or prefer all the cabinetry be the same?

Blue and White French Country Kitchen


This kitchen has a more sleek, modern feel. When I’ve gone on home tours in Atlanta, I’ve seen quite a few kitchens like this one. It’s a popular look for kitchen renovations in some of the older historic homes in Atlanta.

Beautiful Kitchen with Painted Cabinets and Dark Wood Top Island


Another beautiful kitchen with a hidden refrigerator. Love the coffered ceiling and notice the rock surround above the stove top.

Kitchen with Cove Ceiling, Paneled Refrigerator and Painted Cabinets


Even smaller kitchens can be loaded with style! Notice the open beam ceiling. You can just see the stove top off to the right, built-in at an angle in the island. As much as I LOVE glassed cabinets, I’d be tempted to remove the ones over the bar/island. I love being able to see through without having to look under cabinets. The extra storage is nice though!

French Country Kitchen with Painted Glass-Door Cabinets


Did you have a favorite?

If you could build your dream kitchen, how would it look? Would it be a combination of some of these or is one of the kitchens pictured above, your dream kitchen?

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(Pictures above are fromΒ Plain & Fancy Cabinetry.)

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  1. These are all gorgeous, and I have to say, I prefer a white kitchen myself. But if I had to choose only one of these, it has to be the second one from the top. A fire place in the kitchen… now that I would love!

    • Does the ceiling and the flooring in the 2nd picture bother you? The boards are going in opposite directions. I find it distracting. Pretty kitchen though. Great post – loved the ideas and links!

      • Sandy, I hadn’t noticed that. I wonder if they did it that way on purpose. I know with hardwood flooring, the boards HAVE to be installed where they are going the opposite direction of the floor joists. Not sure about ceilings. It might have felt too same/same if they were both going the same way. I think I kind of like them going opposite directions, which surprises me to say that. πŸ™‚

  2. The white kitchen with the turquoise island is my favorite, I will be dreaming about it tonight. πŸ™‚

  3. Kristi Bennett says

    I love the kitchens. Hard to pick a favorite, but I would say the kitchen with the rock around the stove. I could also live with the French Country. πŸ™‚ I noticed the majority of the kitchens had hardwood. I like that. Just gives them a more cozy look.

  4. Those are some great kitchens for sure, thank you so much for sharing them with us today. Have a great week. πŸ™‚

  5. Susan, I love looking at pictures of kitchens, and you’ve got some beautiful ones here. I especially love the beach kitchen and the one with the soft green/gray cabinets. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Vicki Daugherty says

    Okay, how does one decide? I had to look at all of these twice just to take a breath! Going back to yesterday’s 300+ shares, in the second picture of it, what is that natural wood area on the left side corner? Is that an open pass through into a room, or is that a mirror? And why leave it natural? Susan, I agree with you, I do not like that one set of uppers – even with glass doors – and would remove that section. I am intrigued by the angled cooktop, or stove or whatever! Too much beautiful design to take in, but I am pulled because that fancy French stove is calling my name!

    • I was just looking at that more closely and I think that is an open space because I can see a picture hanging on a wall on the other side, unless of course that’s being reflected in the mirror. It sort of looks like there’s a door over there with a small transom above it. You can see bottles, too, if you look through the entry into that area, so it kind of appears to be a Butler’s Pantry on the other side. A pass-through would make sense if it is a Butler’s pantry, for passing through glasses/dishes, etc… Maybe the door leads out to a garage and that’s the way into the home from that area?

  7. I can only dream of a house beautiful enough for a fabulous kitchen like any of those pictures.
    If I had a kitchen like that, all else I would need is a beautiful french style bedroom and a bathroom washer & dryer then I could live Happy Ever after LOL

  8. Margo Kuhn says

    I could just get lost in looking at those kitchens. I would be at that website for hours. I loved all the kitchens, some a bit more than others, but they are all fantastic and who would not love to have one of them. Each had features that I really liked. Thanks for sharing. If I ever decide to re-do my kitchen, I am looking to you for that website. Ha ha.

  9. I discovered Plain & Fancy Cabinetry years ago when my cousin was building her home. We adored every cabinet they had. They are definitely on the high end of cabinets, but I bet they are worth every penny. I haven’t met a Plain & Fancy Cabinet I didn’t like. My favorites are the last two that you shared.

  10. Don’t they have the most amazing cabinetry! Swoon-worthy stuff for any kitchen.

    Thanks for the tour, Susan.


  11. Susan,
    Oh, yes, dear friend…I love the French Country with the yellow wallls, famrhouse sink and the huge window!!! Thank you for sharing these lovely kitchens today!!!

  12. Well, after waiting twenty nine years…I got a new kitchen in our cabin and I did the wood “slate” cabinets with hidden appliances (GE Monogram.) I was looking to have the kitchen “recede.” I also did everything with burnished bronze..including the back splash. Aren’t kitchens today getting the “treatment!” πŸ™‚ franki

  13. Patty S Wells says

    The kitchens are beyond dreamy which you shared on your blog today. There are a lot of great ideas to borrow from these kitchens which could be done with any cabinet line such as combining painted and stained cabinetry, a smattering of glass front doors, to break up the mass of solid doors, and orienting a kitchen toward beautiful views. For those who want to shop for high end ranges, the La Cornue range has an English competitor, The AGA. Susan, your posts are always beautiful, and we as readers are so appreciative of their content .

    • pam ~ crumpety cottage says

      Haha! That’s what I have – an Aga! Apparently they are quite common in England. πŸ™‚ Which makes the whole thing even cozier for me because I am an Anglophile. πŸ™‚

  14. Andrea Campbell says

    Indeed, they are all beautiful, but I like the first and second kitchens best. But one thing I always wonder when I look at beautiful kitchens is, does anyone really cook in them? Are they really working kitchens , or are they simply showplaces? Perhaps the thing that draws me to the first two is that I can imagine actually cooking in them. I have a fairly nice kitchen now, although it does need some new things and some updating. However, for twenty-six years we lived in a very humble home with a ridiculously insufficient kitchen — but in that kitchen I made oodles of great things and even won two cooking contests!

  15. I enjoyed see all these gorgeous kitchens. I feel inspired!

  16. I choose the Country French kitchen. I love the dusty yellow color of the walls and the just-right off white of the cabinetry! Yum! My cabinet doors have the same molding but my kitchen is all white cabinets and white wood paneled walls BUT it is an old house (55+ yrs) and the counter top and backsplash is pink and dark brown 8 sided ceramic tile and an aqua built in oven that is original. I would love to see my cabinets painted and lightly stained like the Country French cabinets. I would also like to paint the wood paneled walls that dusty yellow. It has such a warm look to it. The wood paneling goes into the dining room also and is now white but that dusty yellow would make my dining room look so much better. Thanks for posting these pics. I will save this post so that I will have the pic of the Country French kitchen to go by as we update my old kitchen.

  17. Hi Susan, I still read your beautiful posts’ everyday when the hit my email inbox and as always I just love it, it’s like getting a new magazine each day!
    But…I have to say though I do like these kitchens, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my own the most after our major remodel and I am living in my “dream kitchen”. I’m a somewhat modest person when it comes to “tooting my horn” so its odd to be saying such things however I never thought I’d have the kitchen I do and with my hubs to make it come true, I’d still be in my old, frumpy dark kitchen.
    Thank you for the lovely pics and for still inspiring all of us out there with your posts at BNOTP!

  18. I am in love with the last one, actually, because it is more my style and would work in my tiny house. I wouldn’t have the overhanging cabinets, either. We will be remodeling the kitchen in the next few years and I would love white cabinets, a wood floor, and countertops similar to these. Thanks for sharing these ideas!

  19. Oh my gosh, you chose some lovely kitchens. I’ll take the one with the palladium window. I would never leave home.

  20. Beautiful kitchens – all of them. My vote goes to the one with sea green cabinetry. Love all of the detailing, especially the column style cabinetry framework. What a great island with its extra storage & open nooks. We’re doing our small kitchen in stages; over past 10 years, replaced appliances with all white, added hardwood floors, replaced overhead lighting, and this year replaced cabinetry with bead board paneled doors & had kitchen painted with light sage cabinetry, light cream background areas & white trim. Maybe within the next 2-3 years we’ll get the granite countertops for the final completion. Feel like we have a new kitchen with every stage. Anyone else doing a room over a period of time in stages?

  21. LindY G Sherrod says

    My favorite is the yellow one with the roosters. I love the big window behind the sink, I spend a lot of my time at the sink and would love the view. The appliances need to be white, I am not a fan of stainless steel either. Of course a fireplace in the kitchen would be a fabulous bonus and since everyone hangs in the kitchen, BIG and ROOMY would be perfect. All of the kitchens are pretty.

  22. Wow, you sure picked some beauties!!! I love Plain&Fancy, they are pricey but so unique…….I like the layout of the 3rd from the bottom, like the second sink on the left, I can see just a part of it, a nice spot to set up drinks at a gathering. Also like the dinette area to the right, close by. Of course would change the cabinets, I really like the combination of wood, and 2 colors of paint…….darker paint on the bottom and lighter for the upper cabinets, love the wood top counter. One can only dream!!!

  23. I was drawn to the area in the first kitchen that is to the left of the stove. It has the great lights over top and is kind of recessed. Very curious as to what it is used for. I will have to check out the website. Maybe there are more pictures.

  24. Oh, if I could have it, I would have the kitchen with the fireplace! With a big cozy chair to sit in and while away the snowy winter while making yummy things in the oven – be still my heart. And of course, a beautiful big Maine Coon cat and a Golden Retriever by my side.

  25. I love the one that was pinned 350 times. It looks so family friendly. I can just hear moms telling their sons not to skateboard around the island and I can see little ones staking a claim on the space under the island for a play area. This kitchen just beckons people to come in and make themselves at home.

  26. I am currently sitting in the garage outside my gutted kitchen praying the cabinet makers vision matches my dream. This will be my first NEW kitchen. I’m having a hard time finding white appliances I want because stainless is so prevalent. My favorite above was the one with mixed cabinet colors although I’ve never done different tops and bottoms. My 1930 kitchen was painted soft yellow with white doors and my 1964 kitchen was soft green with white doors. I’m installing stained maple – so wish me luck coming out of my comfort zone! Oh, and the impetus for this new kitchen was to remove a set of cabinets/shelves that I had to look under.

  27. oh, too hard to pick! I really love the color of the cabinets in the kitchen with the dark stained island — very soft and warm. But floor would need to be wood. The tile seems too cold. Thanks for sharing!

  28. These kitchens make my heart skip a beat!

  29. Amazing coincidence! My husband and I just came back from a little get away in Lancaster County, PA. Driving home we always pass Plain & Fancy Cabinetry in Schaefferstown. And I drool whenever we go by. I just told hubby oh to have a kitchen from there. Then you have this post, so I can drool all over again. I’m guessing it would cost us a small fortune to have our kitchen done with their cabinetry. Thank you so much for putting together a wonderful collage of kitchens. I’m partial to anything beachy, so I would pick a white cabinet and go from there. I especially like the mix of a different color cabinet as an accent as well. And a quartz countertop that looks like sparkling sand!

  30. They are all stunning! While I really don’t have a favorite, I just know I would cook more in any one of them.

  31. Amazing inspiration, even for me who has to deal with a kitchen that is only a tenth or even less of those! One of the pictures really convinced me that covering the fridge was the way to go for me! Only a few more month to wait before I get cabinets in my kitchen!

  32. pam ~ crumpety cottage says

    Susan, as everyone has said, they are all beautiful. But despite that, I still didn’t see my ‘dream’ kitchen. For me, the layout is as important or possibly even more important than the cabinetry. I’d take a pinch of this and a soupcon of that to concoct my own ‘reci0pe.’ πŸ˜‰ It sure is fun to dream about a dream kitchen, isn’t it? πŸ™‚ *sigh*

  33. Cynthia Christensen says

    Dear Susan:
    Me love the French Country Kitchen! Very yummy….but, I would “settle” for the Olde World kitchen, if I must. Would “neeeeeed” the La Cornue stove regardless of which kitchen the Blessed Lord would see fit to give me. It would be a miracle, for sure.β™₯

  34. Marilyn in Mt. Vernon, VA says

    They’re all just gorgeous, but if I were forced to choose two — I agree w/Cynthia above my comment — I love the French Country and the Old World kitchens…I’d never want to leave; I’d probably actually make dinner every night.

  35. There is something about each kitchen I like. I’ve had hard wood floors in my kitchen. They do get marred quickly, although items may survive a fall better than ceramic, which it have in this kitchen. For 20 years we had 2 houses and was able to try out different things, although the kitchens are 20 years old, now. I have had electric and propane. Propane takes forever to get things to boil and my stay cool handles get hot. Electric is hotter and the handles stay cool. Haven’t tried gas. I love my 2 sinks, bookshelves for all my cookbooks,, back splash and molded in sinks, touch faucets. I love my view. I had it designed so I could look through my eating area and see the backyard and our great water view.
    I like the larger spaces so you have more options on appliances. I would like one of those professional cooktops. A combination of closed cupboards, glass doors and open shelves would be nice. The specialty cupboards for coffee, appliances, are nice. I would have a butlers rooms, so many dishes, and a separate pantry would be ideal. Now I make due with a walk in pantry under the basement stairs and have an extra bedroom closet as a butlers closet. Things are still tight but work.
    I hate a white kitchen. I’ve had plaid wall paper, dark panelling, and pear green, with cobalt blue accents because I collect cobalt blue depression glass. I’ve had whit cabinets, walnut and oak, love the oak, but might be interested in painted ones.
    If I got a chance to design a kitchen again, I would keep some of what I have and make changes for some of the newer ideas.
    I stop rambling now

  36. Katherines Corner says

    They are all so lovely. I actually shared a simple kitchen tour the other day. nothing and I mean nothing like this beautiful space. I don;t think I could pick a favorite. because I like something from each of them. Hugs

  37. Oh Susan!
    I love all of these! just beautiful! Thx for sharing! My wish list is getting very long……

    happy Sunday!

  38. bobbi duncan says

    Hi, Susan. Now I know you must come up to the Brandywine Valley for a visit…the headquarters and plant for Plain & Fancy is just one hour from me, located in the quaint and lovely little town of Schaefferstown, PA., and just north of another wonderful historic town named Lititz, PA. PLUS, THERE ARE FOUR SHOWROOMS JUST ONE TO TWENTY MINUTES FROM US where I have been known to have been dragged out of. Their cabinetry is amazing and all American Made. It is our dream to one day have our cabinetry made by this company, but that will probably have to wait for when we have a little retirement cottage, with not much cabinetry, to afford them. Ha! Ha! Oh well, one can dream beautiful dreams. Thank you for the lovely sampling…so many that I love! How does one ever choose ?

  39. took me forever to read this but, Wow! love kitchens. if and when we ever get around to building a house I would like heated Mexican ceramic tile floors (or i’ll design and build them with my potter friend), a love seat and tv for all those cooking shows (my kids and i watch them together), and book cases specifically for cookbooks and cooking/food magazines. I’d love a window looking toward the yard so i can watch grand babbies play and maybe a secret cubby hole where they can take a break close to the action.

  40. Love ‘Em all but the yellow French kitchen looks timeless to me. Here’s a question for you & your readers…any suggestions on tiny cabin kitchens? We’re building a 900 sq foot cabin on a hilltop close to the Mississippi. An open concept with the kitchen flowing into the living space. My husband wants concrete countertops…yikes.?

  41. These are all beautiful kitchens. We just bought a new home and I absolutely love our kitchen. It has new hardwood floors and a breakfast nook with a build in bench and view of the water. The appliances are white but they add a charming and rustic feel to the room. Of course stainless steel appliance are awesome.

  42. My favorite is the last kitchen, although I, too, would remove the upper cabinets that block the openness. I like the cozyness. I like a kitchen that’s “just big enough” and this one looks like it is perfect.

  43. In the first kitchen with the blue island. Do you know where she got the tiles above the stove with the fish. I just love them. I am going through a remodel now and would love to have them in my kitchen.

    • Andrea, I’m not sure but you may want to visit the company linked at the end of the post where I found the pictures. They probably have a contact email on their website and hopefully they will be able to tell you where they are from.

  44. Absolutely stunning kitchens! Could you please tell me the wall paint color and the cabinet color on the French Country Kitchen please?

    • Jean, I’m not sure but you may want to contact Plain and Fancy Cabinetry at the link at the end of the post. They may be able to tell give you that info.

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