1960’s Kitchen Gets a Dramatic Makeover

Welcome to the  341st Metamorphosis Monday!

Do you ever come across a kitchen makeover that just stuns? This Cape Cod home located in Harwich Port, Massachusetts hadn’t been updated in many years. It has been renovated throughout and is now available for purchase.



The entrance is really pretty and inviting with a basket of  greenery on the door. I was just thinking how I haven’t had a basket on my front door in a while and I’m itching to do that. Even just simple greenery as they have done here, looks really pretty.

Whole House Makeover in Massachusettes 12


But we’re here to see the kitchen! Here’s how the kitchen looked before its makeover. It had old, badly worn linoleum floors, yellow formica countertops and painted cabinets that I’m guessing were originally stained, based on the existing hardware. I have a feeling this was the original kitchen for this home since it was built in the 1960’s. The black appliances weren’t doing much for that yellow countertop, were they?

Whole House Makeover in Massachusettes 01


Here’s how it looked after a complete makeover! This is the same view as the picture above, just a bit further away. Looks like they relocated the dishwasher to a much better spot.

Whole House Makeover in Massachusettes 02


They went with a chippy, rustic look for the back wall, subway tile for the backsplash and open shelving, all popular trends right now.

Whole House Makeover in Massachusettes 14


I like the old piece of furniture made into an island but I think I would have gone for a larger island in such a big kitchen. Maybe the wide-angle lens they used is just making it look larger than it is.

Whole House Makeover in Massachusettes 13


The whole house was renovated including the fireplace in the living room.

Whole House Makeover in Massachusettes 03


It does look much better painted white, doesn’t it? I wonder if that’s soot on the brick. It looks more pronounced in the after photo.

Whole House Makeover in Massachusettes 04


The bathroom makeover in this house is pretty dramatic, too. Here’s the “Before.”

Whole House Makeover in Massachusettes 07


And here’s the “After.” I’m kind of surprised to see they took the hardwood flooring into the bathroom since it has a tub. I’ve seen that in powder rooms but you don’t see it very often in full baths. Looks like they really took advantage of all that wasted space and added a vanity with lots of good storage space.

Whole House Makeover in Massachusettes 08
See more of this makeover where these photos were found here and here.
Looking forward to all the great Before and Afters posted for this Metamorphosis Monday!

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  1. Thanks for hosting Susan! I love this renovation, especially the white kitchen. Not a big fan of the rustic back wall though, but that’s just not my style.

  2. Wow, what an amazing transformation! This makes me want to redo my kitchen! Thanks for hosting another great party, Susan!

  3. That rustic kitchen wall is amazing! Pinned!

  4. Thank you for the party Susan, and the house before and after tour~ I love a makeover and this is a great one, love love the kitchen!

  5. Very nice makeover. I agree…the piece of furniture looks so pretty, but it definitely looks like there was room for a larger island. Cape Cod is on my bucket list. The homes always look so charming. Thank you for the linky.

  6. Very nice….but (always a but ) I do not like or know what people see in those bowls on top of a vanity. I am short and not everyone is over 5′ 11″. Kids can’t use them nor can short people. Something to think about. Yes, they look nice but in my opinion not practical.

  7. The third kitchen pic is my fave but I love the mix of vintage and modern in the fourth with that ‘island’! Gorgeous.

  8. Hahaha and looking at the pics again it seems they’re all the same kitchen – wow from different angles one of them looked like a whole other room! Major applause to those renovators on that house, I think they did wonders with that kitchen space!

  9. Love it all except those lighting fixtures in the kitchen which ( for me) are
    inappropriate and at least in the photo much too busy with that rustic wall
    in background.

  10. We purchased a 1960 all brick ranch home with the darkest kitchen I have ever seen last fall. We redid the kitchen in early 2015 and the change, like the pics you have shown here are unbelievable. What a difference a new light kitchen can make in a home. Every time I walk into it, I smile and think it could be in a decorating magazine. Thanks for reminding me how far we have come in redoing this home.

  11. Thanks for hosting, Susan! What an amazing transformation to a sad, little kitchen. Thank you for finding and sharing the inspiration. Have a great week ahead. Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  12. Suzy Laird says

    When we bought our present home, there was soot on the bricks above the fireplace. I removed it by wetting the bricks with a spray bottle of water (put some old towels on the hearth to catch drips). Then sprayed with Scrubbing Bubbles. Let that set a bit, then just cleaned it with a wet sponge. The soot came off beautifully!

  13. Thank you so much for the party Susan! I hope you have a great week! Take care, Tara

  14. About the wood floors in the bathroom, it is probably bamboo flooring. It has a natural resistance to moisture. It is a good choice for bathrooms and kitchens. It works well in the whole house.

  15. I love the chippy wall! Perfect!

  16. Oh I just LOVE that kitchen Susan !
    The camera lens does in fact make everything look larger though – when we were house hunting – all the houses on MLS looked huge and when we got there they were quite small 🙂
    Thanks so much for another great party !!!

  17. You know what I like best about this makeover is that it’s not supercharged, it’s just a good, overall makeover. I agree about the island, though. I think that piece would be better serving in the bath.
    Thanks for another great Met Monday, Susan. Have a nice week.

  18. Oh my goodness, Susan-what a GORGEOUS kitchen makeover! Thank you so much for sharing and for hosting another great party! Have an amazing week!

  19. Gorgeous kitchen…I adore that rustic wall. I too would prefer a larger island, though. Thanks for the party!

  20. Linda Page says

    This is a great kitchen makeover! It looks like they removed a door at the end of the counter where they moved the dishwasher. I can see what looks like a door frame in the first picture but in the remaining picture, it just shows wall space. I think Gail is right about the bathroom wood flooring probably being bamboo. Good job on the entire house. Thanks for sharing.

  21. Amazing what a little imagination and elbow grease can do. I wonder though, did they eliminate the backdoor in the kitchen? Also, it seems as though they didn’t do anything to the tub and surround. I worry when I see the shower curtain drawn in a listing. Maybe it just wasn’t cost effective to fix it.

  22. Very nice redo! I am impressed. Thanks for being the wonderful hostess you are week after week!

  23. Thanks for the lovely home tours each week — I enjoy seeing them. Thanks also for hosting such a creative party! Hope your week is off to a great start!

  24. Thanks so much for the party!!


  25. Deborah Jenkins says

    Hey Susan, I love your blog. I have oak hardwood in my downstairs full bath and it has held up beautifully for 10 years. Of course its not used everyday for bathing, but the toilet and sink are used many times daily. The flooring was sealed well.

  26. We have hardwood in both of our bathrooms and they are used daily. If the floor is sealed properly there is no issue at all. Mine have been in use for the past 12 years and they still look great!

  27. Always love to see what you post, Susan! Thanks for hosting!
    Lynda @ Gates of Crystal

  28. A most wonderful renovation…the kitchen is stunning! Thanks for hosting Susan! Have a great week!

  29. Hi Susan,

    Great update!! Loved it.

    Re the chippy/rustic wall above the cabinets. I’m betting it’s wallpaper. Hard to believe, I know, but I have pinned something very akin to that on my Pinterest Page. Just FYI for your readers.


  30. Susan, This certainly is an amazing renovation. I think it does look like wall paper above the cabinets. Thank you for hosting, I don’t get to participate in Metamorphosis Monday very often.

  31. The kitchen is so inviting. Let’s just all sit down and enjoy some good food and good company right there

  32. Thanks for hosting Susan!

  33. Loved the tour and that kitchen is awesome. Thanks for sharing it Susan, and for hosting MM. Hope you have a great week!

  34. THAT WAS kitchen LOVE at first sight!!! franki

  35. This is the 1st time I am commenting…been reading your great newsletters for quite awhile now. I just want to say that sometimes the ‘before’ is better than the ‘after’. For me, the ‘before’ cabinets are so much better than the new ones. I actually took notes for the next time we redo our old cabinets! I really don’t like the new set up in the kitchen either. The only thing I would replace is the yellow-ish countertop 🙂

  36. claire goulding says

    I think I must be in a minority when I prefer the before photos! when I clicked on the link, I thought the old one was the after photo. over here the trend seems to be 1950’s – 1960’s kitchens, original ones at that. near where my mum lives was a 1950’s bungalow that had an original kitchen that the new owners sold for £5,000! they took up the original parquet flooring and sold that, and light fittings. in its place is a regular rather boring house.it also had a green tiled roof, not an original one which would have been worth a lot.
    I didn’t like the island in the kitchen either, I have a breakfast bar in my kitchen, and I’m always complaining I don’t want a bar in my kitchen, I don’t drink!

    • Cynthia Lambert says

      Clair Goulding, I totally agree with you. The vintage kitchen had so much more charm. They were crazy to remove it, as people are looking for houses with vintage kitchens now. It did need to have the hardware removed, as those old black iron ones are not appropriate. People are also replacing walls so that they no longer have the open floor plan. That makes me so happy, as I was never a fan of open floor plans. Rooms are each made for a purpose and many an unhappy homeowner regretting knocking the wall down between kitchen and living space. But breakfast bars are for just that – breakfast. They are not intended for serving alcohol, unless it’s a Mimosa with your Eggs Benedict. These homeowners will also regret taking out the glass firescreen. I just put one in, because my house didn’t have one. They serve many purposes, not the least of which is keeping the smoky smell out of your living space when the fireplace is not in use.

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