20+ Products I Can’t Live Without

I’ve been working on this post in my head for months.  Every time I do or use something here in my home that I love or can’t do without,  I have thought about this post.  It isn’t written to endorse any particular brand, although that’s invariably going to happen just because sometimes it’s a particular brand that does the job just the way I want it done.  If I really prefer that brand, I’ll mention it in this post, otherwise, I’ll just use generic terms and not a brand name.  Oh, and all the things I’ve mentioned (except one) are readily available in most hardware stores or online.

Join In:  Impromptu Linky Party
I want to know what you can’t live without in your home!  I added InLinkz to the end of this post so you can link up a post sharing what you can’t live without.  This post will be up all weekend, so join in and share your favorite go to products or ideas!

If you don’t blog, no problem.  Just leave a comment with your “have-to-have” products/items.  I have my pen and paper ready…I’m going to jot some down to try.  Can’t wait to hear!

My List:
So, here’s my list…items I use every day in my home that I’d sorely miss if they weren’t available:

Floor Protector/Furniture Leg Pads:  Since all the rooms in my home (except two) have hardwood flooring, I use these under pretty much every piece of furniture.  They help protect the floors and they also make it a lot easier to slide furniture around when you need to vacuum underneath or just want to try a chair in a different spot.  They are readily available in most hardware stores and on Amazon here: Floor Protector Pads.


Touch-Up Pens:  You may recall these from a post I created sharing how to hide scratches on furniture. (I always keep these around and they last a long time without drying out.  They are available in lots of different wood tones and you’ll find them here: Minwax Wood Finish Stain Marker.

1 019


Timers:  I couldn’t live without a timer in my entry.  It’s so nice when the light automatically comes on each evening…no stumbling down the steps to fiddle with the switch.  It’s also nice to come home after dark to a brightly lit house.  In the fall and in the spring, you have to adjust the timer just a bit as the days grow longer or shorter.  But other than that, there’s nothing to do but plug it in and let it work.

1 001


Push-pin or small hook to help hide cords:  Here’s a little trick I employ to help hide cords under furniture.

1 019


Just take a small push pin or a hook as show here and push/screw it into the underside of your table/furniture.

1 022


Then, using a twist tie or rubber band, gather the long cord and hang it from the hook or push-pin.  So nice to tuck away those long cords when we can.


Hagerty Silversmith’s Spray:  There are a number of great silver polishes on the market.  I keep a cream polish on hand but I always make sure I have some of the Hagerty spray polish around.  You can really get down into the nooks and crannies of silver with a spray, as opposed to a cream which can gunk up in the grooves and leave behind some messy residue.  Be sure though to wear a mask when using a spray, no matter what kind of cleaner you use.  You don’t want to risk inhaling a cleaning spray.  When I use this, I wear a mask, spray the item and then walk away for a minute while it works. Then I come back and wipe it off. I use a very soft toothbrush to get down into grooves and tight spaces. You can find Hagerty Silversmiths Spray Polish here: Hagerty Silversmiths Spray Polish


Two Vacuums:  Okay, I’m cheating a bit here because I don’t have two vacuums, but I desperately want two vacuums.  I know I would vacuum more often if the vacuum wasn’t always on the floor where I’m not.

I almost had a central vacuum system installed when I was having the basement remodeled, but a friend told me how much she disliked hers and never used it.  Plus, the price doubled  between the time I first checked into it and when I was ready to have it installed.  The company I talked to said the increase in price had to do with an increase in the cost of copper.   I don’t know if that was just a line he gave me, but I gave up on the whole-house vacuum idea after that.

But I highly recommend, if you don’t have a central vacuum system, save yourself the trouble and risk of falling on steps and buy a second vacuum.   It also comes in handy if one of them dies right before the big party. Never hurts to have a back-up vacuum.

Update: I have two vacuums now and it’s made life so much easier! I went with this vacuum shown below, Panasonic Upright Vacuum, because it has bags (I hate dumping a nasty, dirty canister) and because it has a retractable cord…no winding up a long cord. I had a retractable cord on my old Electrolux many years ago and loved it!Panasonic Vacuum

Hand-Wash Basket:   Okay, you’re going to think I’m nuts, but I’ve been using the same General Electric washer for 32 years.  Yes!  32 Years!  I’m on my third dryer but the washer is still going strong.

I hope to one day renovate my laundry room and when I do, I’ll probably break down and buy a new washer and dryer.  That will be a sad day though because I LOVE the hand wash basket that came on my GE washer in 1980.  I use this thing ALL. THE. TIME.  It’s perfect for 2-3 shirts or a couple of thick sweaters, or a bunch of socks/underwear.  It just uses the amount of water needed for those few items and it washes them gently.

This plastic tub/basket fits down over the center agitator thingy and the basket that holds the detergent sits right on top.  It’s awesome!  I periodically check to see if another company has made a washing machine with a basket like this, but I’ve never seen another one.  So wish someone would make one again…before my washing machine dies.


Hand-Wash Bag:  For delicates like hose and lingerie, a little mesh bag comes in handy.  I toss this into my GE Basket along with a few more items and the straps and hooks on lingerie don’t get all caught up in your sweaters and socks.



Shout:  Love this stuff for getting out stains.



Fish Foam:  I just discovered Fish Foam Window Cleaner when they began advertising here on BNOTP, and now I’m hooked.  The thing I love the most, besides the fact it cleans so well, is when you spray it on your window, it stays put.  It doesn’t run all down the pane and onto the window frame as you frantically try to catch it.  Good stuff!



Scissors in every room:  I keep a pair of scissors in every room of my home.  Scissors are so inexpensive.  I found them for a $1 in Hobby Lobby or some craft store a while back.  No more running up and down the stairs to find the scissors.  I label them all on the handle:  Laundry Room, Bonus Room, Office etc…. so I always know what room they go in, just in case they sprout feet and turn up in another room.



Pledge Fabric Sweeper for Pet Hair:  My friend, Bonnie, told me about these and they have changed my life!  Seriously!  They are amazing for getting pet fur off of furniture and they work FAST.  Soooo much better than a roller.  LOVE these!  Just try it…you’ll see!

Pledge Pet Hair


Masking tape:  I always keep masking tape around.  It’s great for so many things where you want to temporarily tape something and not ruin the surface underneath.  I tape paint chips to walls or tape painted poster board when I’m trying out wall paint, before I commit and paint the room.  I’ve even used it to tape up curtains I’ve bought to see how they look hanging before I actually hang them.  So many uses.



Goof Off:  I don’t like the way this stuff smells, but wow, does it do a great job of getting the price stickers and glue residue off glassware and dishes.  You should always read the can to make sure it’s safe to use on a surface before you use it.



Measuring Tape:  I keep one of these on each floor of my home, in the garage and a small one in my car.  Seems like several times a month I need to measure an area, a wall, a piece of furniture or something and keeping one upstairs saves me a few steps.  The one in the car comes in handy when I’m shopping for furniture, rugs, etc…



Level:  I guess I could do a whole post on “tools.”  A level isn’t something you need often but it’s a must for hanging some things, especially large items like mirrors or craft/paper organizers that are not easy to move once hung.



Ooks: Gone are the days of putting giant holes in my walls with molly or toggle bolts.  A wallpaper hanger told me about Ooks and they are amazing.  I use them for almost everything I hang.




This large, heavy Venetian glass mirror here in the dining room is hanging from an Ook.  No kidding!


It’s hanging from an ook that looks something like this.  This one below will support up to 100 lbs.  They make ’em that will support up to 160 lbs and even over 200 lbs.  You can find Ooks here: Ooks.


Flashlight by the bed, in the kitchen and in the office:  A flashlight is another item I keep in several places of my home:  kitchen, office and bedroom are key rooms.  You don’t want the electricity to go off in middle of the night while you’re sleeping and have no way to navigate to find candles and such.

Flash light


Emergency Light/Flashlight:  I have one of these plugged into an outlet in my upstairs hallway.  It only comes on when/if the electricity goes off.  So, if the power goes out in the middle of the night, the hallway is lit up and you can unplug it and carry it like a flashlight.  You can find these in hardware stores.

1 017


MillCreek Biotin Shampoo:  I just discovered this shampoo a few months ago.  It is so gentle on color-treated hair…doesn’t strip your color.  Love it!  I bought it at GNC.


They’re Real! mascara:  A few days ago I got my hair cut in a new salon that just opened in my area.  The salon is HUGE and carries a million products.  I have been searching for a good mascara.  Over the past several months I’ve spent a good bit trying different brands…wasted money.  I asked the ladies working in the salon what mascara they recommend and they all immediately handed me, “They’re Real!” and said it makes your lashes reallllly long.  It’s not cheap…$22, but I love it.  The brush is amazing and doesn’t clump up.  You can find it easily online…just Google.  It has a rating of 4.7 (out of 5) after 187 reviews on this site and 5 (out of 5) after 57 reviews here.


Almonds:  I keep these in my desk drawer for a quick healthy snack during the day…can’t do without them.

Mini Almonds


Box to hide remotes:  Have to have a place to stash those unsightly remotes. ๐Ÿ™‚

Family 103
Family 104


Now, I want to see what you can’t live without! If you don’t blog or can’t join in with a post, just leave a comment and share your top 5, 10 or 20 things you can’t live without…besides kids, hubby, pets, food, water and the stuff we all can’t live without. ๐Ÿ™‚

Link up your “can’t live without” list below:

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  1. Debra @ Common Ground says

    Hi Susan, you have some great tips, and I love a few of your great products too. Goof Off is a staple around here. I linked up my current bath project with Behr Paint, I'd like to buy stock in the company!!

  2. Jenn @ Peas and Crayons says

    So fun Susan! A lot of your go-to products I use (i die for that pet hair sweeper – I have 3 of them!) but there are few I'll have to check out! =) Linked up my favorite foodie products that I stock up on in bulk! Hope you have a great weekend! <3

  3. Great post! Thanks for hosting the link party!Dry wall screws made my list….I think I need to give Ooks a try.

  4. Oh I soooo agree with you on the timer! I hate coming home to a dark house. It makes the winter months so much happier with the house lit up when I get home at the end of the day. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Denise in London says

    I've been waiting for this post all day long and have not been disappointed! So many of these things were on MY can't-live-without list when I lived in the States.

    As far as my life in England now, my #1 can't-live-without item is my electric kettle. Can't even think about a day without tea!

  6. I've had a central vac in my last two homes and wouldn't live without one. I keep a hose on each floor (including one in the the basement and one in the garage) with the attachments too so there is no dragging the van and/or equipment up and down stairs. The suction on the central van is better than any free standing vac I've ever had and/or tried. I also love the 3M Command Strips for hanging stuff on the walls. No more holes! And we have night lights and timers everywhere in the house.
    Enjoyed your post and your recommendations. You always come up with great ideas for posting.

  7. Great post! Now I can add some products to my list! You should try Un Do adhesive remover…smells more like oranges and works on getting the sticky stuff off.

  8. Michele @ The Nest at Finch Rest says

    Don't have time today to join the linky party (what fun) but mine in no paeticular order:

    1.) Goo Be Gone – stuff works miracles

    2.) parchment paper for easy clean up less grease baking and crafts

    3.) i am with ya on scissors everywhere in the house

    4.) coffee press – i use it for much better loose leaf tea brewing all day every day

    5.) post it notes (glad Romy and Michelle invented them, haha)

    6.) magic pet hair eraser sponge (bought at Bed Bath and Beyond for $10 years ago and it is a miracle worker!)

    7.) my sonic care electric toothbrush

    8.) cordless phones and cell phones – how did we ever live without them before?

    9.) microwave

    10.) computer

    And of course, I could never live without my wonderful husband, and that's the truth of it. HE is the best thing around this house.

    Fun post, Susan.

  9. Susan BetweenNapsOnThePorch says

    Sandy, I think if I still had carpeting, I'd really want one. I don't need much suction now since the house is almost all hardwood flooring except for 2 rooms. Wish the price hadn't gone up so much back when I was finishing in the basement. Would be nice to just have the hoses to pull around and not the whole vacuum.

  10. Susan BetweenNapsOnThePorch says

    Great list!

  11. Susan BetweenNapsOnThePorch says

    Thanks, Renee…will look for that!

  12. I agree with all those listed.Also love bartenders friend.Great to use on dishes to get marks off.My love lately is Annie Sloan chalk paint.I know I am late to the party on this one.But just started using it and I am in a painting frenzy.Don't think I could live without it.

  13. Susan BetweenNapsOnThePorch says

    Thanks, Denise! An electric kettle…cool! Guess if they have electric coffee pots, we can have electric kettles, too.

  14. JoAnna of re-U creating new spaces says

    Great blog post idea. I want to try the mascara ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Linda Feb 3, 2012

    Love your hide a cord with a small hook idea and will use that today!
    My list of must haves:
    Hangaway Collapsable Clothes Hanging Rack. Works great for a place to put clothes on hangers right out of the dryer. After clothes are put away in closet, the Hangaway folds up easily. Mine stores without taking up much space in a corner of the laundry room. Also nice to put in a room where an overnight guest is staying. Can be purchased on Amazon as a set of 2 for $46.50. Magic Eraser for removing marks on walls – It's Incredible! Digital Timers – easy to set for turning lights on & off plus the timer has an off switch if needed. QVC has these 2 for $22.00 Item #V29424 however I purchased mine at Lowes in the Christmas Department.

  16. Love your idea of hiding cords with a small hook & I will do that today!
    My can't live without products:
    Hangaway Collapsible clothes Hanging Rack. Great for hanging clothes (on clothes hangers) right out of the dryer. Great for over night guests to hang their clothes on, in guest room. Folds easily and stores slimly when not in use. I keep mine in a corner beside my utility sink in laundry room. These are sold in sets of two by Amazon & QVC. Magic Eraser is incredible for removing marks on walls!!!
    Digital Timers for lamps are easy to set and have an off switch if needed. Sold on QVC Item #V29424 however I bought mine at Lowes in the Christmas Department.

  17. Heidi @ homeingreece says

    I blogged for this party! such a great idea – I'm excited to see what everyone else can't live without ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. tropicalbeachgrl says

    Great blog! I learned some things (hooks for catching cords), found your tops are also mine (furniture sliders, pet sweeper, Shout, many more!)

    Here's my top 5 (thanks for asking!)

    1. SheaTerra Organics hand & body lotion, my body just "sighs" with relief when I use it! (Just Google to find–love that it contains 99.7% natural products–no parabens. Company fosters small businesswomen in Africa as well as the environment)

    2. Dyson Animal for first floor, Dyson Ball for upstairs. Love them both . . .

    3. Tide; could not live without it, there's no substitute!

    4. PBS Masterpiece Mysteries

    5. IPhone. It contains my life.

  19. Glenda/MidSouth says

    Great post. Will you be doing this again and if so when, as I was not prepared for this one? I have many of the same things you do. min wax markers, protector pads, timers, shout. Goo Gone has saved the day many times, flashlights in every room and scissors in most rooms. Even the 2nd vacuum cleaner – got tired of lugging one up the steps and when my back started its issues I had to do something.
    I am sure there are many others here.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  20. The Boss loves the Ookes…he uses them to hang everything….I love McCormicks pepper grinders….I I love using WD40 to clean all my stainless steel appliances…it works like a charm.

  21. Glenda/MidSouth says

    I'm in ! ๐Ÿ˜€ Did have a picture ready to go with the list, so used my profile pic. Hope that is ok.

  22. 1) Dyson Animal
    2) Rowenta Iron
    3) Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

  23. What a fun post! I have a lot of the same things as you that we use often–and I love the tip about the hooks for cords!
    I blogged just for this one. Thanks!
    I need to add ONE thing to my list: APRONS. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Happy Weekend!

  24. Teresa at Splendid Sass says

    Great post! Learned a lot here today!
    Thanks for sharing and have a good weekend.

  25. Several great ideas on your list. I use a slicker dog brush to remove dog hair from the dog mats before they go into the washing machine. I also have a floor size version for the area rugs in the den/dog room. Both tools are fabulous for getting the dog hair removed from napped fabrics. Lots of dog hair at my house so this is a must!

  26. Mrs.Flescher says

    Great list! I have several similar items on mine too. While I am still organizing my list, I wanted to let you know before you are overwhelmed with comments… Mary Kay has a similar mascara called Lash Love Mascara for only $15! It has the same "spiny" brush that creates long separated, natural looking lashes. I just love mine! Anyway, if you'd like to try it, I'll be happy to send you some! Just let me know!

  27. Mom in High Heels says

    LOL. I have scissors all over the house. You can't open a drawer or cabinet without finding a pair, yet every time I actually NEED them, I can't find a single pair.
    Goof Off or Goo Begone is genius. Definite must have.
    Almonds. Yum!
    BTW, my mom has a central vacuum unit in her house and does not use it. She absolutely hates it. She went out and bought an upright vac.
    I've heard of They're Real before, but never tried it. I just ordered some. We'll see how I like it.

    My can't live withouts:

    Philosophy's Hope in a Jar moisturizer

    Philosophy's Amazing Grace Perfume, body wash and lotion (lovely smell!)

    Bounce Dryer Bar-this is a new item, but I love it!

    600+ thread count sheets (after sleeping on them for years we've become sheet snobs and anything below 600 thread count feels weird and scratchy)

    Tempurpedic mattress and pillows-crazy expensive, but worth every single penny

    Electric kettle (boiled water in 30 seconds!)

    My Kindle!!!!

    Scarves-I wear one almost every day

    Dried cranberries (if I can keep Indy out of them!)

    Rudi's Organic Nuts and Oats bread

    Pepsi (but only every now and then)

    White cheddar rice cakes

    Kernel Season's popcorn seasoning (of course our favorite is white cheddar)

    Tilsiter cheese

    Wine ๐Ÿ™‚

    Johnny Depp ๐Ÿ˜€

  28. Susan BetweenNapsOnThePorch says

    I think I could use some "Hope in a Jar" lol That sounds like something worth trying. I'm trying to find a new perfume. I was wearing Vera Wang and it just smells too heavy. I'm with you on the sheets. I'm a sheet snob, too…I'm afraid. Great list!

  29. Susan BetweenNapsOnThePorch says

    Thanks! That's good to know!

  30. Susan BetweenNapsOnThePorch says

    What is a slicker brush…I gotta google that. ๐Ÿ™‚

  31. Nancy's Notes says

    What a fascinating and informative post! What a wonderful tip about the hooks for cords, very clever! I'm going to go re-read all the comments too! Have a great weekend!

  32. My central vac! I have had Electrolux, Dyson, etc, and there is no comparison!

    I use those bleach tabs too for the bathroom.

    I like the Sprayaway window cleaner.

    Stain stck for stains.

    Commercial size fry pan, really big to do a lot at one time

    I will have to come back and read what everyone picks. Right now I am trying to get through commenting on Tablescap Thursday posts!

  33. So many really great ideas. I have to give this some thought however one thing that came to mind is to have your fave hand cream in several rooms and your car!!

    Please do come and join my Valentine Giveaway!

    Art by Karena

  34. bright girl says

    Thanks for the great suggestions! Using a hook to keep those unsightly cords organized is ingenious. And I just used Ooks to hang a shoe organizer on my closet door. This is getting my noggin going. I'll have to come up with a list of my own tomorrow! Have a Bright Day!

  35. Hi Susan, Such an interesting post. My must have window cleaner is cslled Invisible Glass. It's sold at Walmart in the automotive section. Absolutely the best window cleaner I've ever used….positively no streaks.
    I agree with ya about the scissors…even keep a pair in my purse.
    Also keep a sewing tape measure in my purse…ya never know when you might need to measure something while shopping.
    Swiffer dusters….best invention ever. Keeps my house looking presentable.
    Shop vac wall mounted vacuum…in my garage…keeps my car lint and animal hair free.
    Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner…stays on all day and absolutely no smudges.
    Olay Pro X wrinkle reducer cream….really does work and firms my skin.
    Leaf blower…keeps my garage presentable.

  36. These are the products that make my life easier and more pleasant.

    1. Oxy Clean Baby Stain Soaker – especially good on food stains and is gentle on fabric
    2. Baby wipes – not just for baby bottoms but great for stains on rugs and upholstery
    3. Arm & Hammer Essentails fabric softener sheets in Lavender & White Linen. Tuck in with sheeets and towels. Makes them smell wonderful and use natural ingredients instead of chemicals since they are for babies.
    4. Lamp Bergere alcohol lamps. They scent and disinfect the air. The French used them (unscented) in their hospitals before disinfectants were commonly used. No candle soot.
    5. Microfiber mittens for dusting.

  37. Hooks for hiding cords…brilliant!
    Love reading the other lists:
    I must have: my Keurig. Williams Sonoma Lemon counter top cleaner. My hand vac. Carmex (dozens of them). Rubber gloves. Swiffer, duster and sweeper. My cell phone. Daytimer (old school, I know). Tablet. Light catcher from Little Falls Minnesota that turns my living room into a disco every afternoon. Magic eraser. Kitchen Aid mixer. Tape measure. Headlights…a flashlight on a head band, hands free light! Yankee candles. A knitting or crocheting project close at hand.
    Something great to read. Pinterest…

  38. Just a quick list here as we leave for our vacation tomorrow.
    The one thing which I could not do without, is my KitchenAid mixer. I bake a lot and this is my helper.
    Also, even though we have a central vacuum, I find my swiffer vac is wonderful for a quick clean up for crumbs etc.
    Lots of things on your list too Susan, I loved the idea of the hooks underneath the furniture for cords.
    Of course, I must mention my hubby because he does all my D.I.Y. wish list items.
    Great subject!!!

  39. Distinctly Home says

    I love that mascara too!!! Thanks for the fun read!

  40. Swiffer dusters for dusting & for floors.
    In an emergency use a used fabric-softener sheet โ€“ use 2 (one on each side of the mop). Removes hair, dust and static from tile & hardwood floors.
    Micro cloths โ€“ wipe clean windows โ€“ no lint.
    Blue painters tape โ€“ used for marking freezer packages.
    Coupon cutter โ€“ itโ€™s a little retractable blade that cuts newspaper clippings/coupons.
    My kitchen scale – to measure out my ingredients โ€“ no more inconsistent recipes.
    My Clapper โ€“ I think this was a joke or a โ€œwhite elephant giftโ€, but I love it. I no longer have to get up to turn out the lights. Mine has a remote.
    But, if my house is on fire I going for my Kitchenaid.

  41. sweet violets says

    The hooks for cords….great idea!!
    Can't live without my glue gun, not just for arts and crafts, have repaired many an item with this baby!!!
    Ten years ago put a vacuum on each floor, shop vac in the basement and garage, and have a hand vacuum for stairs and upholstery.
    Goo Gone is the best.
    Barkeepers Friend, removes all stains.
    On each floor I have scissors, Scotch tape, magnifying glass, stapler and measuring tape…actually carry a measuring tape with me all the time!!!
    Tools on all floors.
    The electric blanket is my new best friend!!
    A jar of peanut butter…..
    and I love my copier/printer…..thanks for this fun post!!!

  42. Susan BetweenNapsOnThePorch says

    I'm getting so many good ideas! I have a long list going beside my computer. Love this!

  43. sweet violets says

    Have to add these items…..Kitchen Aid stand mixer and the portable mixer.
    Eye glass cleaner cloths.
    Mario Badescu skin care products.
    L'Oreal Hydra Nutrition cream.
    MaryKay lip balm.
    Crabtree and Evelyn Gardener's hand cream.
    Amazing Grace and White Shoulders fragrances.
    Wacoal bras….worth every penny!!
    Borax and make my own laundry powder…..that's it for now….hugs…cleo

  44. Great Post Susan, will add a few of your suggestions to my household. Thank you.

    My list:
    "Easy Water" a water treatment system without salt. No more hard water to ruin your kitchen and bathroom fixtures,
    In-floor heating thruought the house,
    Vinegar and sqeegee for cleaning windows and large mirrors in a flash andwithout streaks
    "Weiman" Stainless Steel Cleaner & Polish
    Quirl, a German hand held wooden gadget that mixes flour and water (and other food items)in seconds,
    Portuguese Flannel sheets in the wintertime,
    Bicycle hooks (they're coated and come in colors) to hang pots and pans and many other items,
    "Miele" ironing machine,
    The best olive oil money can buy,
    My large waterbath canner,
    Lots and lots of fresh flowers in my house

  45. Lynn@ The Vintage Nest says

    Awesome……..this post and comments is Awesome but I am talking about the cleaning product Awesome. Works on everything and gets out all kinds of stains and you can get it at the Dollar Stores. I keep a vacuum on every floor. Can't lug them up and down the stairs. A great pair of kitchen scissors are a must. I have to try your new found mascara! ๐Ÿ™‚

  46. What a great list. I am going to save this. I would also add brillo pads, they are so multi functional and lysol wipes, use them for everything.

  47. Jane@Cottage at the Crossroads says

    Susan, I loved this post. I've been visiting everyone who linked up and I have found some things that I want to try. I am going to look for that mascara that you recommended. I found out about Mr. Clean Magic Erasers last summer, and now I can't clean without them.

  48. Hi Susan- many of those products are on my list, as well. That table in your foyer? I have the same one! Bought it 25 years ago at a place in Marietta , on White Rd. Don't think it's in business anymore

  49. SheilaG @ Plum Doodles says

    I'm loving your faves! I will be fixing that lamp cord with a hook today. I bought some of those ooks awhile ago, but haven't used yet- glad to know they actually work. I was a little leery of those little nail thingies actually holding. Thanks for the ideas- there are several that I will definitely be checking out, like the shampoo- I have a really hard time finding anything I'm not allergic to.

  50. Forgot to say this: I've had a central vacuum for 25 years, and I would trade anything I own–seriously!!!– for that baby. I love it!!!

  51. Susan (My Place to Yours) says

    I've been hiding cords with cup hooks for years, and it so much tidier, isn't it? Your suggestion just made a lot of people happy today

    I much prefer Goo Gone over Goof Off because it smells better, but it's a definite must-have. Couldn't do without Restoration Linen Cleaner for keeping vintage linens pristine, that's why I sell it in my shop. Carbona Stain Devils are another laundry must-have. (I linked up both of those for more info.) Oh, and my wood floors love the Roomba robot vacuum.

  52. Great idea! I am loving reading all these little things. And I am making a list of products I want to try. Thanks, Susan.

  53. curlyrose49 says

    Great tips. I just got some shout wipes from my daughter she bought at Target and gave me. I keep them in the car for spills when we are out and about. Eye glass clearners from Costco , vasoline it works great on your hands at night with a pair of gloves, vinegar, oxiclean and the list just keeps getting longer LOL!!! I have to check back and see other tips you leave for us. Great blog you have I just found it and really enjoy my time spent here<3 Sandy

  54. Susan, love this post! I've made a list of the items I'm getting today. Like you, I've thrown money away on not so good mascara and have been looking for good mascara. Will get They're Real mascara today! And the clorox toilet bowl cleaner (we have the "ring" problem as well). We use the 3m hanging thingies, but can't find them to use with heavy items. Will looks for the Ooks here in the DFW area.

    Thanks so much for this list!

  55. Susan BetweenNapsOnThePorch says

    I never thought of WD for cleaning. Thanks, Sue!

  56. Susan BetweenNapsOnThePorch says

    Tracy, yep…same place I bought that one. I miss that store.

  57. Susan BetweenNapsOnThePorch says

    I have a friend who buys Awesome and loves it! Is it similar to 409? I should have put 409 on my list because I use it so much. lol Awesome costs a lot less, though. I'll have to try it.

  58. Susan BetweenNapsOnThePorch says

    Ooooh, would I love heated floors throughout! The water here in GA is really good…not hard and easy on the plumbing…but hate the chlorine that they put in it. Love this list…gotta check some of these out!

  59. Fleece sheets from The Company Store – way warmer than flannel!; 6 zone warming mattress pad from Frontgate; LaRoche Posay Anthelios liquid melt in SPF 60 sunscreen – instantly dries and not greasy, available at CVS Pharmacy and Amazon; Fallene Cotz tinted sunscreen – wear it as foundation make up from Amazon; Biz powder laundry detergent for soaking out bad food stains in linens; Garden Botanika custom gardenia scented bubble bath – makes best and long lasting bubbles, any scent will do; Jabra Cruiser Bluetooth wireless speaker for my cell phone, attaches to the visor and great sound quality…bought at Costco, got another from Amazon.

  60. Fleece sheets from The Company Store – way warmer than flannel!; 6 zone warming mattress pad from Frontgate; LaRoche Posay Anthelios liquid melt in SPF 60 sunscreen – instantly dries and not greasy, available at CVS Pharmacy and Amazon; Fallene Cotz tinted sunscreen – wear it as foundation make up from Amazon; Biz powder laundry detergent for soaking out bad food stains in linens; Garden Botanika custom gardenia scented bubble bath – makes best and long lasting bubbles, any scent will do; Jabra Cruiser Bluetooth for my cell for hands free car talking, attaches to the visor, from Costco or Amazon

  61. Ann Haller says

    Susan, Great post!! I agree with your Hagerty's Silver Polish spray but I have an added tip for you. My father owned a small jewelry and gift store in the early 1960's. He swore by Hagerty's, said it did the best job. I have a lot of silver pieces as you can imagine. I used to drag it all out, put in a good movie in the VCR and liquid polish away. The old school, liquid Hagerty's, wipe on, let dry and buff off. Quite the production. One day I was in Nordstom's gift department, they had a large display of hotel silver on sale. I asked the clerk how they kept it so shiny. She brought out the Hagerty's pre-treated GLOVES. " Put them on and walk around picking up random pieces and giving them a quick rub." I was hooked!! Here's MY trick with the gloves: I have two pairs. I used them until they turn black with tarnish. Then, I switch hands and used the back side. Throw them in the washer and dryer when I finish. When they come out, I re-spray with the Silver Polish spray and put them in a Ziplock bag until I need them again. Great for a quick touch-up so it doesn't become a huge chore each time.

  62. Dawn dishwashing detergent,great on grease stains,also simple green removes ink stains from clothes.

  63. Shirley@Housepitality Designs says

    Great post…I too love the ooks. Just read the comment from Ann Haller on the Hagerty's pre-treated gloves.Oh great..need to run out and get some right away!!

  64. Lingerie bags are great for socks. Keeps from losing one sock of a pair to the washing machine sock eating monster.

  65. Great list of ideas, especially your cord trick. I only have one thing to add about the bleach tablets in the toilet tank. My plumber told me the bleach in the tank will cause your toilet flapper to not last as long. Messes up the rubber and then you get the situation of water leaking into the bowl and your water bill will go up.

  66. I love 409 too…great cleaner.

  67. Microfiber cloth for glass — used with plain water or a spritz of vinegar water — no more streaks on bathroom mirrors!

  68. Can anyone recommend their favorite vacuum cleaner? I have not been able to find one that really works and lasts more than a year or so.

  69. Susan BetweenNapsOnThePorch says

    Sandy, a few folks mentioned the Dyson and I have heard that it's good. I think it's kind of expensive, though. I'd also love to know which one folks like best since I'd like to replace the one I have and buy another one for the upstairs. I only have carpeting in two rooms, so I don't think I can justify the expense of buying a Dyson.

    • An Oreck upright is the BEST vacuum cleaner, I’ve ever had! It uses bags, a lot of hotels and etc. use them. They last a long time! Oreck has their own stores, also you can take your vacuum there for a check-up each year, which keeps it in perfect condition.

  70. sharonavinger says

    Love this post. I can't do without: thick warm slipper socks, throws, my books, our chair and a half recliner (so comfy!), my assortment of flavored tea bags, under cabinet radio in my kitchen, kitchen scissors, the blues all over our home, built-in bookcases, cute decor accessories, Marshall's and TJ Maxx (they're building a Homegoods here but it's not open yet!), decorating blogs, decorating magazines and our new sunroom addition!

  71. I have to brag on my Oreck. They too are a little more expensive, but once you own one, you will have it forever. I bought a basic model years ago ~ it came with a hand-held vacuum. Both vacuums are fabulous….the Oreck is really light which makes pushing it on carpets easy. It works fine going from carpet to tile and is low-profile enough to get under my counters. I bought mine on-line, but they also have stores. I love my Oreck ~ and no, I'm not related to them or paid to say that….it's just that good.

    And, Susan, a great list ~ reminded me I need another tape measure:)

  72. What a fun idea for a party! Thanks for dreaming this up.

    Most of the things on your list, I would have added to mine, but since you thought of it first, I didn't. I can't seem to find the Hagerty's silver spray any more — where do you get yours? Great idea for controlling cords, too.


  73. Susan BetweenNapsOnThePorch says

    I can't remember now where I last found it. I'll just be out running around and I'll trip over it and grab a can then. I have no idea where to tell you to look. I know you can order it online…just google it and it will pop up.

  74. I really liked my Oreck but it wore completely out after 10 years or so. in my previous house which was much larger. We have downsized, and I now use a little Hoover upright I bought for my son years ago which found it's way home, down on the main floor. I put the newer bagless fancier Hoover (Windtunnel?) upstairs for my husband to push! I don't like the bagless at all — too messy to clean up and the filters are very pricey plus it is heavy.

  75. I'm a cord hater from way back and learned the cup hook trick too. It helps greatly. Dangling cords can kill an otherwise pretty scene.

    My favorite lip balm is Ecolips. It is organic with SPF of 15 and more. Comes in several flavors or none at all. Runs about $3.00 and shipping is ultra cheap. I stash them in several rooms. So much better than those on the racks by the supermarket checouts.

    I also carry a tiny measuring tape in my purse. YOu would be amazed at the things you can measure in stores before you bring them home.

  76. JoelandDeborah says

    Susan, I have loved your site for a long time. I KNEW you and I had a lot in common, but I am more sure of it than ever after reading this. I use almost every single one of these things. One item I haven't used is the Ooks. I am dying of excitement to try them. Toggles in my walls are my least favorite things ever. You are amazing. A thousand hugs today.

  77. Susan BetweenNapsOnThePorch says

    Awww, thanks Deborah…you are a sweetheart! โ™ฅ You'll love the Ooks.

  78. Love this post and I have enjoyed your followers lists as well. Here are my items.
    1. Half n Half coffee creamer
    2. Old English Oil Scratch Cover Polish for the dry antique dressers I own (I should get those minwax pens)
    3. Olive oil and Balsamic Vinegar
    4. Ponds Face Cream-cheap cheap make up remover
    5. MaryKay mascara
    6. Cutco Knives
    7. All my glass cloches, and cake stands (I could live without them, but I love them)
    8. Swiffer
    9. SOS pads
    10. Weiman Stainless Steel Wipes
    11. Weiman Glass Stove Top Cleaner

    On a side note the Weiman Company sponsors the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition.

  79. eleven-o-one says

    Yes, two vacuums is a must! We renovated the second floor of our home last year and I had a hall closet added with just enough room to store a second vacuum cleaner. it was the first thing I bought once the renovations were done. Oh…make that the second thing. The first thing I bought was bubble bath to use in my new soaker tub which would also be on my list.

  80. Scissors, fine point magic marker, scotch tape, pens, ruler or measuring tape, rubber bands & paper clips in every room and the car.
    Clorox wipes & paper towels or clean up cloths wherever pets hang out.
    I usually have a book upstairs, downstairs and in the car going at all times.
    A supply of greeting cards on hand.
    Hand cream by every sink.
    Hershey kisses.
    A long handled bath brush by bed for scratching back at night (am a widow so need to supply the scratcher)
    Neck pillow by rocker in front of TV just in case I need to watch shows with eyes closed.
    Pen and paper by bed, chairs and couch in case a bright idea hits me. oh truth be told I need them for memory purposes.
    Vacume and broom on every floor.
    Stairway basket.

    • Beckie Taylor says

      What a wonderful sense of humor you have. Your comments have me chuckling…always a nice way to start the day. Hope you have a good one.

  81. Try the fragrences made by Clean. Sold on Home Shopping Nework and I am sure stores too LOL. Also Amazing Grace by Philosophy. Dyson is OK but heavy. Love the Dyson heater and fan especially around my dogs and cats. I like my Roomba especially in my bird (parrots)room.

  82. Vicki V @ blestnest.blogspot.com says

    Your idea for taming the cords is brilliant! I have often wondered how people keep the cords in check. Thanks for that tidbit!

  83. Love this post.

    I second the recommendation for Un-Do. Not greasy, and you can remove a photo from an album without harming the picture, re-open a sealed envelope, remove a stamp, store label, etc.

    Good old baking soda and wet paper towel to clean baked on grunge/grease from glass top stove…finish with Windex

    Simichrome polish…the best for cleaning brass.

    Tilt out front for kitchen and bathroom sink base…handy to store toothpaste, brush, half-used SOS, sponge, etc.

    Tombo rolling adhesive (Michaels scrapbooking)…no more licking Christmas card envelopes…much faster.

  84. Great post!
    thanks for having a Linky party!


  85. Susan BetweenNapsOnThePorch says

    Just bought a bottle of Amazing Grace today…Love it! I also bought Daisy…it smelled clean and fresh, too. Love perfumes with a clean scent.

  86. Carol-Anne (Use the Good Dishes!) says

    I don't think I've ever participated in a linky party here, but I so love this subject, I had to join in! Thanks for hosting! I can't wait to find out what other people can't live without!

  87. Another Sandy says

    I have had a Dyson for more than 5 years and it works as well as the day I got it. I don't find it that expensive compared to what I paid for 2 Electrolux vacuums over the years and 2 cheap vacuums that didn't last. One year, I bought the top rated Consumer Reports rec for $300 and it didn't vacuum well and had plastic parts that broke off and could not be replaced. The other cheaper vacuum never worked that well on carpet and was lousy on other surfaces. The Dyson works equally well on all surfaces. Electrolux works well but are as heavy as tanks and very expensive. A plus for Dyson – it doesn't tilt and fall over – good for when you vacuum stairs, furniture, and cars. At certain times, I have seen great deals on Dyson at Target and Costco – possibly clearance?

  88. Susan BetweenNapsOnThePorch says

    Sandy, I may just give Dyson a try. Thanks for the recommendation!

  89. I so appreciate all of your interesting and practical posts. Loved your photography lessons – I copied and saved every word….many of your favorite products are also mine – would love to see more posts like this. Thanks for your dedication to producing a very worthwhile and informative BLOG!

    Catt from KY

  90. Ramblings of a Southern Girl ~ Rhonda G says

    Great tips and products! I love the tip about concealing cords under the furniture on cup hooks! Ingenious!!! Thanks for sharing them all! Going to check out that mascara too!

    I enjoyed your tips on Photography several posts back. Going to go back, reread, and take notes! Your pictures are always so crisp and clear.

  91. OK, so this is not along the lines of helpful household products, but I could not live without my Ipod. Also my French Press, the electric tea kettle, and a wonderful $5 Riesling from Aldi's. Also, my smooshy ridculously thick and plush king size mattress! The other thing I could not live without is FANS, ceiling fans and stand fans in every bedroom and ceiling fans in the sun room and family room. I hate still air. Love all the lists!

  92. Susan BetweenNapsOnThePorch says

    Donna, I'm with you on the fans…I think I just love the white noise…well, that and the moving air. I'm craving an iPad. My son is telling me wait since iPad 3 may be released soon. Thanks for your list!

  93. 1) Glue! All kinds. Super glue, Gorilla glue, Glue guns. 2) My trusty screw drivers. 3) My step stool. At a little over five feet tall I am vertically challenged in a 1930's house with high cupboards! 4) Those little screw-in cup hooks. I use them for everything.

  94. Have you all tried L'Oreal Voluminous Mascara? It's like $8 and is THE best mascara. ๐Ÿ™‚

  95. Hokie Grandma says

    Oh my. I have a GE washer from Sept 79! The basket looks just a little different but it all works great. We are on the second dryer. We are starting on our screened porch and using several of your ideas. Our builder loved your pictures when I showed him.

  96. Susan BetweenNapsOnThePorch says

    Awesome…your washer is still running, too! They really built those GE's well back then. Take Before and After pics of the porch your having built. I would love to see it when it's done!

  97. Carolyn and Ron says

    I just must post a comment and then I am off to bed. I am absolutely bleary-eyed from reading these posts, the linked posts and all of the comments. I have seen most of MY "must-have items" in your comments. One thing I am not sure I have seen (but I did say I was bleary-eyed) is YOUR BLOG! I have stalked your blog for a couple of years now (although I don't think I have EVER commented before) and ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! I have learned so much, gotten inspired, been entertained, and just plain ENJOYED it very much. Thank you! BNOTP is HIGH on my "must-have" list!

  98. Susan BetweenNapsOnThePorch says

    Awww, thanks, Carolyn! You are so nice! Appreciate you being here reading each day! โ™ฅ

  99. Just got around to reading all the comments here…great suggestions. I want to weigh in on the Dyson.There is NOTHING better. We have 5 dogs and 2 cats in a smallish house with a mix of carpet and laminate…the hair battle is constant. I can use my Dyson on what looks like a reasonably clean floor and pick up a full canister of yuk where I didn't know it existed. It is a pleasure to use and even better, the warranty is for 5 years and their customer service is a dream to work with…no questions asked, eager to please. I will never use another vacuum but Dyson.

  100. Susan BetweenNapsOnThePorch says

    Wow, that's an amazing warranty! I still haven't bought that second vacuum but I was reading all the reviews on various vacuums last week on Amazon…trying to pick one…so thanks for sharing this info!

  101. Another Sandy says

    I noticed today (2/16) that Costco had the Dyson DC33 marked down/on sale for $299. Online it is more. I don't know if the price is the same at all Costco stores or not but it's worth checking. I think it was about this time last year that Target had Dyson marked down at some stores – I know their prices can vary on some items. I would like to have a 2nd Dyson for upstairs.

    Thanks to the tips here, I bought the Udder Cream and Gloves in a Bottle for my husband's eczema. He thinks it is helping esp the Udder Cream. Yay!

  102. Susan BetweenNapsOnThePorch says

    Sandy, thanks for that info about Costco. I'm so glad the Udder Cream is helping…that's awesome! I use it daily on my hands, especially during the winter!

  103. Kathryn Ferguson Griffin says

    Thanks for sharing the Ooks. Put it on my hardware store shopping list. And, yes, I'm super behind on my blog reading. Working on a couple of projects that have been taking up a lot of time. One outside and one inside. Hope you're having a grand weekend. Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  104. My must haves are magic eraser, kitchen scissors that I use every time I cook, Dawn dish liquid, coffee, spray paint, Coldwater Creek no iron shirts, and that cooling gel stuff that you put under your eyes in the morning to depuff them. I use Aldi brand. Ditto for Comet lemon scented bathroom cleaner. I enjoyed reading everyone’s posts. Deb

  105. Susan, I book-marked this post when I read thru from the beginning of your blog. So many great suggestions–I return again and again. You may need to do a follow-up. I just bought the Biotin shampoo from GNC and love it. My hair is so soft! But what conditioner do you pair it with? I’ve read such mix reviews for the Biotin conditioner. Thanks.

    • Glad you like it, I love it, too! It’s the only kind of shampoo I use. When I first bought it, I still had a big bottle of Biolage conditioner because I used to use Biolage shampoo. So for a while I just kept using the Biolage conditioner. On a trip back into GNC to buy the Biotin shampoo, they had a special for the set, the shampoo and conditioner, so I decided to try it. I love it, too! The conditioner is great! About every 5th shampoo, I will use the Biolage conditioner since I still have it, but I like the MillCreek Botanicals Biotin conditioner better! I hope they never quit making either the shampoo or the conditioner.

  106. Praline McCormack says

    Love the post and all the comments! Added many things to my shopping list. Speaking of vacuums, I LOVE my shark vacuum, only weighs about 5 lbs so super easy to carry upstairs. I think it does a better job than the other popular vacuum.

  107. Victoria Bewley says

    I loved this post. Here’s my list, scissors everywhere-I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and it really helps not to fight with packages, my glue gun and my new Stanley Brad/Staple gun, my Laura Geller Phenomenal Foundation (fool proooof), my MabellineBrow Drama-I’m old, hand sanitizer (I’m a thrift shop freak), and im permanently hooked on General Finishes Java Gel and Velvet Finishes paints. Both product lines are so easy to use. No sanding and waxing for hours. And infused water. My husband is really sweet, too. Oh, and I could make it without Pinterest. How I found you.

  108. Catalynn says

    oh Susan…. what a trip down memory lane.
    I also had a GE washer/dryer set many many years ago with a little mini wash basket. LOVED IT!!!
    The washer finally gave out and it was going to cost a few hundred to fix it so we thought maybe it was time for a new set with modern technology etc…. HUGE MISTAKE!
    We bought a new set for wayyyyy too much money.. they looked great…digital with lights, chrome.. all the bells and whistles.. etc, etc, etc and I SUFFERED through the next 7 yrs…wishing I had my old GE set back ๐Ÿ™
    So last year hubby and I finally said “THAT’S IT… we’ve had it.. let’s go get a new set similar to our old GE!”
    No more “high efficiency” with barely any water and all the other things that I hated about the new set… so I did a ton of research and found a set that’s perfect for us although it doesnt have a mini-wash basket which would have been great.
    It’s the “Huebsch” Commercial grade set…we found out that they use them at the military bases here… they’re awesome and really clean and dry the clothes with good old fashioned technology so I’m finally smiling again on laundry day. lol
    oh and another thing…
    I also LOVED the “Pledge Fabric Sweeper for Pet Hair” because nothing picked up pet hair like that thing.. I used mine over and over… and finally went to purchase a new one only to find out that SC Johnson had discontinued production of them and now they are only available on Amazon and Ebay from $40 – $80 each PLUS SHIPPING!
    So I carefully took mine apart and emptied it several times for a year or more until it literally fell apart and the little rollers were completely wrecked.
    I still miss it every single day but I refuse to pay someone that much money for something that initially sold for $5

    • Catalynn, I didn’t know the new washers did such an awful job, now I’m really hoping this machine keeps going. I’m still using it. It was the machine we purchased when we got our first real apartment after graduating from college. So, we bought it in 1980. That means it’s 35 years old! I just washed a load in it yesterday.
      I’ll refer back to this post for when it croaks to get the name of the machine you found that’s a good one. I will so miss that handwash basket, though! That’s what I used yesterday when I washed a small load after returning from my trip this past weekend.
      I didn’t know they had quit making the Pledge Fabric Sweeper for Pet Hair. After Max passed a way, I got rid of everything that reminded me of him because I was so distraught. I think I had one of those that I had never even opened. I just looked around the house for it because if I still had it, I would mail it to you, but I didn’t see it anywhere. I guess I got rid of it, too.
      I hate it when they discontinue stuff that actually works! Yeah, I would never pay that ridiculous price on eBay for one, either!

  109. Catalynn says

    yes well.. I know some people swear by the new HE sets with all the chrome, digital displays etc etc but I hated every single day we owned ours and it was a high end pair with good consumer ratings.
    You have to use the new HE detergents (low sudsing) which was okay but I prefer my good old laundry detergent and bleach etc…and you have to be very careful to only do a few items at a time (very few!) which was also a problem.
    With my old set I could do the sheets, pillow cases from our king size bed and a couple towels (on the large load setting) and they came out thoroughly cleaned and rinsed.. bright white, smelling fresh, perfect.
    With my HE set that would be 2 possibly 3 loads depending on how many towels and it was all computerized and automated front loading with no way of tossing in an additional hand towel or facecloth if I noticed it after the load started.
    Plus it would wash, rinse, pause, pause, PAUSE a lot (while it’s computer brain contemplated the universe lol) and basically take forever to do a load which would be annoying but okay if the laundry came out sparkling… but the longer I used them the more dissatisfied I became with the results.
    So what used to take me about 40 – 45 minutes total was now taking hours to accomplish and the articles weren’t as clean.
    I guess I should have known it was too good to be true… that a few cups of water could do the same job as a tub full of hot water and suds.

    I totally understand your sentiments of removing anything that reminded you of your beloved Max…. so sorry Susan ๐Ÿ™
    It was very sweet of you to think of me with the offer of the “Pledge Fabric Sweeper” and I would have taken you up on that offer in a heartbeat!
    I still can’t believe they were discontinued (there’s a lot of complaining online if you do a Google search)

    I’ll keep my eyes peeled and hopefully find one at a yard or garage sale ๐Ÿ™‚

  110. Susan, I am so sorry to hear that Max passed on to kitty heaven. I know from your comments and stories that you adored one another. I must have missed your post about him. Although I am not a cat person, many of my friends are, and I always try to respect their love for their companions and always enjoy their stories as felines of all shapes and sizes seem to be very clever and smart. I have asthma so no indoor pets for me. I do have to say that Max was certainly a handsome guy. His cousin, a tri-color (mostly white), who lives across from us visits most mornings, especially if his human Mom comes by for coffee. Also, I was happy to hear you were able to visit your son, dil, and precious grandson recently. Perhaps, at a later date, you can put some of Max’ s photos and stories in storybook form for your grandson. Take care and thanks again for all of the wonderful posts/photos, etc. Ashley

  111. Susan,
    An interesting update on the “Pledge Pet Hair Sweeper”.
    As I said in the earlier post Pledge discontinued them BUT…
    Bissell now offers the exact same thing only this time you can use as is or attach it to your vacuum hose!
    Bissell calls it “Pet Hair Eraserยฎ Tool.”
    It comes with their “Bissell PowerGroom Rewind Premier Pet Vacuum” but you can also buy the tool separately and the good thing is that it fits onto standard vacuum hoses.
    We have a central vacuum system and the hose fits perfectly, we also purchased a Miele a few months ago for quick clean ups and it works with that hose as well.
    It comes with a little spray bottle of Febreeze which I don’t usually use but I guess it could come in handy if there was any odor in the cat hair being vacuumed.
    Check it out..

    Also thought I’d share another little gadget that I absolutely love!
    Every year I go crazy during mosquito season.. they LOVE me and I always end up with bites even if I put on a lotion to repel them.
    What makes it worse is that I guess I have an allergy to mosquito bites because they itch and turn into lumps that literally drive me crazy for weeks.
    A friend told me to get a “Therapik” and it changed my life.
    Most insect venom is thermolabile (sensitive to heat).
    The Therapik delivers heat in the specific temperature range necessary to neutralize the venom from over 20,000 different species of insects and sea creatures.
    Hubby was stung by a wasp a few months back and it worked like a charm on that as well.
    I always have it with me…It’s nice and small, runs on batteries and fits in my pocket or purse… great for traveling too.

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