25 Denim Bags & Purses Made From Recycled Jeans

Welcome to the 273rd Metamorphosis Monday!

For this week’s Met Monday, I thought it would be fun to share 25 fab Before and Afters. These “Befores” started out as old, out-of-style or too-worn jeans and turned into shiny, new purses and bags.

To get the link for a particular tutorial, just click on the title of that post and it will take you to the post where you’ll find the link for the tutorial. Several require very little sewing so these are great projects for the beginning seamstress.

25 Recyled Denim Jean Bags and Purse Tutorials


1. Anthropologie Inspired Denim Purse

Farfalle Denim Handbag, Anthropologie Inspired


2. Floral Denim Purse

Denim Purse Handbag


3. Denim Clutch

Denim Pouch


4. Jean Purse With Floral Accent Fabric

Denim Purse Made from Jeans


5. Toile-Lined Denim Summer Tote

Denim Tote Made from Recycled Jeans


6. Summer Denim Purse

Adorable Recycled Denim Purse Made From Repurposed Jeans


7. Denim Clutch with Floral Accent

Make a Denim Clutch from Old Jeans


8. Denim Bag With Storage Pockets

Denim Bag, Purse Made from Jeans


9. Denim Shopping Tote

Denim Shopping Bag


10. Plaid & Denim Purse

Make a Denim Plaid Purse From Recycled Jeans


11. Denim Lace Ruffle Purse

Make a Denim Purse with a Lace Ruffle Accent


12. Denim Tote With Belt Accent

Denim Tote Made From Denim Skirt


13. Denim Swim Bag

Denim Swim Bag or Purse Tutorial Made From Recycled Denim Jeans


14. Blue Jean Purse

Make a Purse from Old Jeans


15. Denim Purse With Leather Handles


Denim Purse, Denim Bag


16. Child’s Denim Purse

Purses Made from Denim Jeans


17. Denim Tote

Denim Tote Bag Made From Recycled Jeans


18. Fringe Denim Purse

No Sew Denim Purse for Kids


19. Denim Messenger Bag

Denim Satchel or Messenger Bag Made From Recycled Jeans


20. Denim Lunch Sack or Toy Bag

Denim Lunch Bag Made from Jeans


21. Denim Electronic Gadget Bag

Electronics Cozy or Bag


22. Denim Patchwork Bag 

Patchwork Jeans Clutch Purse


23. Denim Project Bag

Denim Armrest Project Bag Made From Jeans


24. Denim Camera Bag

Denim Camera Bag Made from Old Jeans


25. Denim Exercise-Mat Carry Bag

Denim Carrying Case for a Yoga Mat Made From Recycled Jeans


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Looking forward to all the Before and Afters linked for this Met Monday!

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  1. Thank you so much for hosting, Susan – I hope you had a blessed Easter!

  2. So many great ideas, Susan. Wow! A lot of talented people are making fabulous bags with old jeans. Thank you for the inspiration you always provide. laurie

  3. Oh I love a good makeover that makes use of the three R’s.

    Also, I truly loved the video of your grandson. What a darling cutie!

  4. SO many cute ideas! I love the tote that is pictured on the boat and the camera bag! Thanks for hosting, I am SO glad to be back to blogging and to be back HOME!!!!

  5. Thanks for hosting! Coincidentally I am in the process of purchasing a denim handmade bag this week, thanks for sharing some great denim finds, pinned to my denim board!

  6. Cute bags,thanks for hosting Susan!

  7. Suzanne of Simply Suzannes at Home

    Thanks so much for hosting, Susan!
    Have a great week,

  8. I can see lots of pinning going on with all those delightful denim bags! Thanks so much for sharing and hosting, Susan!

  9. These are lovely purses, Susan! My favorite is the Floral Denim Purse – love the lining. I am delighted to join your party this week and do appreciate you hosting – I hope you have a blessed week,

    • Kathy Jennings says

      Hello Susan:
      After searching (for days it seemed) for cutes denim purse ideas, I fumbled onto your site and was richly rewarded with your 25 ideas for used denim blog. What an inspiration!!! Prior I had dug endlessly finding few gems… But your site not only was a bonanza but, you also give related cute sites.
      Thank you so very much Susan!!!

  10. Wow! That’s a lot of purses. I love the first one with all the little bows on it! Thanks for hosting, Susan!

  11. What a fun post!! I ADORE the nautical-esque bag on the boat! So many cute ideas! Perfect for summer. Thank you for hosting and sharing, congrats on the beautiful family addition!

  12. Some great denim bags. Thank you so much for hosting! Hope you have a great week.

  13. Thanks so much for hosting! Happy Monday!

  14. so many clever creations, Susan! thanks for sharing so many fun ideas, and having us over to party!

  15. I never realized how many things you can make from a pair of jeans that are so truly beautiful!!!…
    Thanks for hosting Susan…happy Monday and hope you had a great Easter!

  16. Those purses are so cute–can’t wait to check them out! Thanks for hosting, Susan. 🙂

  17. Wow Susan, what cute bags! You have really inspired me. Thanks!

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  18. Hope you had a lovely Easter Susan!
    I had a jean tote bag when I was a teenager in the late 60’s…they were kinda hippy, though. I didn’t make it, they were all over NYC made out of recycled jeans too!
    Thank you so much for the inspiring party. Have a wonderful week.

  19. some really great bags, I esp. like that first one. thanks for the party Susan!!

  20. Deborah D says

    I love all the purses! Now to get busy sewing up a couple or three or 25!!!!!!!

  21. Hi Susan! Thanks for hosting your great party for us this week again. I am so grateful to you for having the rotating thumbnails in your party’s setup. I wish that all party hostess’ used that feature. I think is is so much more fair…not all of us can sit at the computer to hit the button when a party comes online. Your little grandson is SO adorable…I enjoyed watching the video of him cooing at his mobile. I just had a new grandbaby on Good Friday! She lives in Colorado. I will be flying out there in a couple of weeks to meet her in person…we have only seen her in photos and on skype so far.

  22. I always have been trying to think what to do with those favorite jeans when they wear out. Great ideas, I’m pinning it! Thanks for hosting.

    Shannon ~ bohemianjunktion.com

  23. Great roundup of ideas, Susan. Thank you for hosting.

  24. Thank you Susan, for all your hard work hosting two great parties each week.

  25. Thanks, as always, Susan for hosting the party. These are great – I still have the shoulder bag I made from my jeans in 1975! I carry it when I go flea marketing. 🙂

  26. Denim never looked BETTER!! franki

  27. I don’t usually gravitate to denim, but you make it look so gorgeous! 🙂

  28. the different type of bags you create are awsome

  29. hi susan. the purse of number 10 is so great . i would like to sew like that .please quid me how to make my old jeens to purse like number 10

  30. Elenir Cezimbra says

    I love your website – the ideas are fantastic – upcycling and recycling is great way of protecting the planet! Keep up the good work!

  31. Hi,

    I was just wondering if these are all copyright, or some sort of thing, free?

    Love #15 and thought of making my own version of it.

    Thanks. May God bless you each day,


    • Hi Neia,
      No, they are all tutorials that are available online. Click on the title of any purse you would be interested in making. The link takes you to another blog of mine called Denim Do Over and in the post at DDO, you’ll find the link to the tutorial. The tutorials have all been posted by bloggers who are sharing how they made each purse so you can make one yourself, if you would like to.

  32. it’s really wonderfull

  33. Susan, sending you a shout out.. from Union Square!! I will run these by my peeps at Textile Recycling. Many gifted seamstresses and, fabric artists stop by to drop off scraps, which we might no longer accept – so I could just ‘adopt’ those. Great pix and ideas! I used to sew a lot, years ago, and also worked for Mc Call’s Patterns – so I totally see in my mind how those pieces should be cut, and fitted together – no prob. Again, many thanks, sista.. for putting a way cool ‘bug in my ear’…

  34. OMG! Jeans Bags… My childhood memory. I remember my mother stitched it once for me when I was a student, and I just loved that. I still keep it as it takes me back to that good old days. With plenty of ideas, you have provoked me to stitch one for my little daughter and continue the legacy. Lol. Thanks for sharing

  35. My favorite is the denim patchwork bag. So many ideas to make out of old jeans. Thanks for the info.

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