4th of July Nautical Table Setting

Welcome to the 355th Tablescape Thursday!

So, remember that table setting I didn’t get to post last week because a big storm came along and put an end to any thoughts of taking pictures for the day?



It’s a week late, but better late than never, right?

4th of July Table Setting on the Porch


I ended up setting this table with two different centerpieces.

4th of July Nautical Table Setting


The first centerpiece was a flag and pinwheel centerpiece I put together a few years back, only this time I added something new to it.

4th of July Tablescape On Porch


I freshened it up with some tall, fireworks. Not sure what you call this kind of firework. Fireworks scare me so these will never be used, they are just for decoration.

4th of July Centerpiece with Flags, Pinwheels & Fireworks


I had friends over this past weekend so I picked up some sunflowers while shopping for groceries. I couldn’t believe they had this big bouquet for just $10.

4th of July Table with Warren Kimble Flag Dishware and Sunflower Centerpiece


I added a small package of baby’s breath to the arrangement to fill in around the bare stems. I wish they could or would leave the leaves on sunflowers when they cut them. They always look so naked without anything around the stems.

4th of July Table with Sunflower Centerpiece


A centerpiece of sunshine!

Sunflower Centerpiece for a 4th of July Tablescape


I brought out my little lawn chairs for this tablescape. You may remember seeing them in previous tablescapes over the years. They were originally votive candle holders and the glass votive holder fit down inside the hole in the seat of the chair. I bought them to hold cupcakes, instead.

Cupcakes for the 4th of July


The flag dinner plates are Colonial by Warren Kimble. Initially I was going to use the matching flag salad plates but I changed my mind and decided to make this a patriotic tablescape with a nautical twist. I loved how great the David Carter Brown Driftwood salad plates looked with the Warren Kimble Colonial dinner plates.

Independence Day Table Setting


I tucked a small firework (is this what they call a bottle rocket?) inside denim flatware holders alongside the flatware. You’ll find a tutorial for the flatware holders here: Make Denim Flatware Holders from Old Jeans

Flag Plates for 4th of July


The flatware I chose for this patriotic nautical table setting is my “Fishstix” shark flatware. I’ve been using it a lot this summer. It’s perfect for a summer table with a nautical theme. You can’t see it in this picture, but this flatware has a fish tail for a handle. 

FishStix Shark Flatware_wm


Here’s a picture of it from a previous nautical table setting showing the handle. I love the idea of dinner guests pulling their flatware out of the denim pocket and finding it has a fish tail! 🙂

It’s available on Amazon here: FishStix Flatware and I’ve also included it in the BNOTP shop under the Tabletop category for referencing later.

Galleyware Fishstix Nautical Shark Flatware


I tucked Pottery Barn star covered napkins into the pocket underneath the flatware.

FishStix Shark Flatware_wm


Tea glasses covered in stars repeat the pattern of the napkins. I found those in Big Lots 4-5 years ago. The blue wine glasses are from Dollar Tree several years ago.

Star Glasses for 4th of July Dinner Party


Which centerpiece do you like best for this tablescape…the sunflowers…

4th of July Table with Warren Kimble Flag Dishware and Sunflower Centerpiece_wm


…or the flags, pinwheels and fireworks centerpiece?

4th of July Nautical Table Setting


Looking forward to the wonderful tables posted for this Tablescape Thursday!

Tablescape Thursday

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  1. Those sunflowers are gorgeous, Susan. What a neat idea using the lawn chair votive holders to hold cupcakes instead. Beautiful patriotic table, love the dinner plates too….Christine

  2. Judy Lincicum says

    Hi Susan, well I travel around blogland quite a bit everyday, and I have to say your tablescape was worth the wait! I believe it was the best I had seen through the 4th of July holiday posts. Thanks for posting, even though it was late. Most people would have just blown it off. I really enjoyed it and I believe I like the sunflowers the best because of their color. Hope you have a great week! Judy

  3. I like the sunflowers. I think it makes the table colors “pop” a little bit better.

  4. I love your July 4th centerpiece with the fireworks Susan, what a fun & festive touch mixed with your flags! Your sunflowers are so pretty in your blue enamel pitcher too! I have a hard time resisting sunflowers at the grocery store 🙂

  5. Hi Susan….I think both tablescapes are very colorful and creative, but I especially like the flags, pinwheel and fireworks centerpiece. The confetti and small lawn chair votive candle holders add a festive touch to a July 4th centerpiece. Love your ideas (and your blog).

  6. Hi Susan, I love to party with you each week! Your tablescapes always have such wonderful details:) Thanks for hosting!! – Christine

  7. What a great table, Susan! I think for this table I like the flag centerpiece, but overall I would prefer that sunflower centerpiece. Those chairs with cupcakes – too cute. Love the denim napkin holders and that whole post from the past. Plates are awesome together. I love tablescaping!

  8. I like both of your centerpieces but my favorite is the one with the sunflowers! Great pop of color.

  9. Wonderful table! Love those chairs…perfect on this table.

  10. I love both centerpieces! The flags for the first week of July and the sunflowers for the rest of the month. While I am just starting and trying to buy little by little, I am trying to make a tables cape last the whole month. That way as I find things, I can add them and fill the table by the end of the month. I just picked up a flag pillow and a red and white stripe pillow from Pottery Barn (on sale of course). So far the table is looking really nice. All from the Dollar Tree except for the star napkins from pottery barn.

    I also wish I had a contact for you so I could send you pics of the table as well as some of the fall things we have gotten in. (I have a blog that I am trying to start about starting over after 40, but not ready for anyone to look at it yet so I not linking them yet)

    • Jeri, you can send them to betweennapsontheporchatgmaildotcom. That’s a great idea, using a table for a month or even for a whole season. I like that!

  11. Love the cupcake chairs Susan and the fireworks shooting out of your centerpiece! The table looks great with the sunflowers too, great for the week after when everyone is still feeling 4th of July festive!

  12. Oh, girl!! This tablescape was just HOT!! Adore the cupcake presentation…well, just the entire ensemble!! You “rocketed” it!! franki

  13. crumpety cottage says

    Hi Susan,

    I don’t usually like Sunflowers, but I love them in this table scape! They look particularly nice with the baby’s breath all around and in that pretty blue and white container. That centerpiece gets my vote!

    The little lawn chairs are too funny. 😀 I always get a kick out of your ‘cupcake holders.’ They add so much personality to an already bursting-with-personality table. Glad you were able to post this pretty table scape today.

  14. Linda Page says

    I love both table settings. The fireworks really add to the flags. I am like you and do NOT like fireworks. They are scary things. And the news is just full of stories about people that were hurt or killed over the July 4th holiday while playing with fireworks. Very scary. I love the sunflowers. They are beautiful. But my favorite item: the lawn chairs!! They are just too cute. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Hi, Susan,
    Love your table. I “oohed and aahed” when I first saw it and am hard put to decide which centerpiece I like better: probably the firework one for the actual July 4th, then switch to the sunflowers for another summer dinner. And I have serious flatware envy over your “FishStix” pattern! Thanks for sharing! Rosie

  16. I just adore the lawn chair cupcake holders. So creative. Centerpieces: for some inexplicable reason, I associate sunflowers with later summer, so I vote the flag/fireworks one for the holiday table. But the splash of yellow with all that blue–hope to see that again!

  17. Love those tiny chairs! I’m a flower person so I always gravitate to the floral, however for this table I believe the fireworks centerpiece goes best. I’m glad you showed both. Your blue & white enamel ware vase is lovely. I can image a beautiful table scape with that vase and the sunflowers used with blue and white dishes. I have the same blue wine glasses from Dollar Tree. I’m honored to know you shop in the same store :).

  18. Marlene Stephenson says

    I love the sunflowers,this is one of my favorite table settings you do. I love to sit down to eat and feel like smiling and truly enjoy the meal,this is what i like about this setting.

  19. I love the 4th tablescape. Worth the wait and thanks for thinking of us all! Can you please tell me where you bought the David Carter Brown Lobster plates? And, did your set come with the mugs? I have had no luck looking on the net. Many thanks.

    • I found those on eBay about a year ago. The seller was also selling the matching mugs but I didn’t buy those. Probably your best best is to watch eBay and replacements.com. Sometimes a seller will even put a set on Amazon but more often I see discontinued David Carter Brown on eBay. There are some David Carter Brown Halloween plates right now on Amazon, though.

  20. As usual Susan, your tablescape is stunning, festive and beautiful. You are amazing. Thank you for sharing your inspiration with us each week.

  21. After reading Jeri’s post I go along with a lot of her ideas. I do have an idea that I would like to share. I find placemats from Kohls that are flag design but not quilted (two pieces front and back). If you take out about 4 inches of stitching along the edge, fill with fiberfill stuffing, and hand stitch back this makes a inexpensive pillow for the 4th.

  22. I so love this table….so many beautiful things gathered together to create a fantastic table for the summer and the 4th! Thanks for hosting Susan!

  23. I like the flags, pinwheel and fireworks centerpiece for the table! It’s funny, I just linked my pinwheel napkins for the 4th on your party. Thanks Susan for hosting your lovely parties!
    Happy Thursday!

  24. Oooo, Susan, love the pinwheel decoration. I also adore those small chairs. I will have to go *through the red door* to find out where you purchased those.
    We have heard Dollar Tree maybe coming to our part of the world. We have Dollarama but Dollar Tree seems to have lots more. I only hope they do not do as Target did, put different merchandise to the U.S.
    As an aside, last night “Something’s Gotta Give” was on t.v. I watched it and ogled those beautiful rooms. I also forgot just how funny it was!! 🙂

  25. Susan, both are fun and festive! I like the simplicity of the sunflowers for breakfast, but the flags for a celebration meal. I’m adding some shots to my Red, White, and Blue board.

  26. Beautiful table! Love your attention to detail, that silverware is just adorable too!

    Thanks for hosting a great party every week!

  27. Susan, both centerpieces look great, but I’m loving that huge American flag pinwheel with flags and pinwheels surrounding it. The entire table is so much fun and so patriotic. I may have to get some of that fish flatware. You are showing so many great ways to use it. Thank you for hosting.

  28. I always love and adore your tables, Susan.

    TY for inspiring me.

    Happy Thursday.

  29. Lanita Anderson says

    Hi Susan,
    I always enjoy your tablescapes – such great ideas! While I love all of the red, white & blue, I think my favorite centerpiece would have to be the sunflowers. They are beautiful!! Especially in the blue & white enamelware…. I love that you shared two centerpieces for the same table – that gives even more ideas. I really love the cute lawn chairs – my grandmother had chairs like that on her porch….such good memories! Thanks for sharing,

  30. Your tablescapes for the 4th. of July are simply the best, ever!
    I love the one with the little patio chairs, just too darn cute! My favorite centerpiece is the one with all the flags gathered like that…love it!
    You have endless talent and inspiration to share, dear Susan.

  31. Your tablescape is beautiful and so creative, but I would not expect anything less from your talents! Love those little porch chairs, it is so creative to use them for cupcakes! Fun, fun, fun!

  32. Love it all and I am storing away that bluejean pocket idea for a place holder!

  33. I love both of your tablescapes, I can’t pick one over the other. :0) I especially love the little lawn chairs holding the cupcakes–how sweet and unique! Have a great day.

  34. I love this tablescape. Very pretty.

  35. Love ur Tablescapes , where did u find little lawn chairs for cupcakes??

  36. Hi Susan!
    I was just looking at your old postings and I came across the Patriotic centerpiece with the flags and pinwheels. We co-host a block party for about 150 and I decorate the tables identically to yours. Great minds, huh? I’m very taken with the center flag pinwheel. Is that a yard stake? Do you remember where you bought it? I just love it!

    • Thanks, Yolie! It’s been so many years, I don’t remember now. It seems like I may have found those in Dollar General, but it could have been Michaels or Hobby Lobby.

  37. Marie Page says

    Are the small chairs available anywhere now?? Sooo appropriate !!!

    • I’m not sure. I purchased them in Old Time Pottery many years ago. Over the years I’ve seen some on eBay in various colors, so that might be a good place to check. Look for “chair votive candle holders” or phrases like that since they are actually votive candle holders. Hope you can find some, Marie!

  38. Sandy Park says

    Welllll, Susan, I’m a BIG 4th person, so I like the flags centerpiece the best. BUT I also love sunflowers. I’m a big help. You’re just so talented. I do love the land chairs and wish I had some. They’re just so darn cute.

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