4th of July Table Setting

Welcome to the 199th Tablescape Thursday!

Greetings! Hope your week is going great.   Look what I found on my front porch today.  A package!  I wonder what could be inside?

Oh, there’s a little note.  Let’s take a closer look and see what it says.  The note says, “Enjoy!” and it’s signed, Mary.   Any guesses what might be inside?


I’ll give you a big hint.  Tucked inside this lovely package is the sweet fulfillment of a wish…a wish I voiced out loud in last week’s Tablescape Thursday post, pictured below.  If you saw that post, you may remember I only set four place settings because I was missing two of something I needed to set six.  Mary saw my post and e-mailed to say she had two extras and would love for me to have them.   Wow!  How nice is that!  They arrived yesterday and I couldn’t wait to use them!   Have you guessed what they are?

4th of July, Independence Day Table Setting


Yes!  It’s the elusive, hard-to-find, beautiful, blue glass chargers!  It was totally a miracle I had managed to find four…remember that story from last week.  And now I have six thanks to the sweet generosity of Mary!   Mary, thank you soooo much for the chargers…I am absolutely thrilled to have a full set of six now.  You’ll be seeing these again this summer.  I’m envisioning a wonderful blue and white table setting.

Blue Glass Chargers


I put the new chargers to immediate use, creating one last table setting for our upcoming Independence Day celebration.

4th of July, Independence Day Tablescape Table Setting


This was one of those weeks when I couldn’t decide between a couple of centerpieces, so I decided to take pictures of both.

4th of July, Independence Day Tablescape Table Setting


After a few pics with this wonderful lantern (found last summer in Old Time Pottery) as my centerpiece,

4th of July, Independence Day Tablescape Table Setting


I decided to try the pinwheels.  (Tutorial for making this centerpiece can be found here: Pinwheel Centerpiece for 4th of July Party)

4th of July, Independence Day Tablescape Table Setting


I really liked both centerpieces but ended up using the pinwheel one (with flags) for the rest of my pics.

4th of July, Independence Day Tablescape Table Setting


4th of July, Independence Day Tablescape Table Setting


This is by far my favorite china for a 4th of July table setting.  I saw it for the first time when I posted two table settings created by my friend, Bonnie:  4th of July Table Settings.   I was fortunate to find six place settings of it on eBay that year.

4th of July, Independence Day Tablescape Table Setting with Watermelon Napkin Rings


I completely forgot to take a close-up pic of the flag china so I stole the photo below from an Independence table setting I put together last year.  The china pattern is Colonial by Warren Kimble.  Last year I made bunting napkin rings for our celebration.  (Tutorial can be found here:  4th of July Craft Bunting Napkin Rings.)

Warren Kimble Colonial Dishware


This year I went with these cute, wood, watermelon napkin rings.  I can’t remember now if I’ve ever used these in a table setting for Tablescape Thursday.   Okay, just checked and I have used them once before in a table setting last summer featuring a carved watermelon centerpiece.  Watermelon just fits with a 4th of July celebrations, doesn’t it?

Watermelon Napkin Ring


The beautiful glassware was provided by Noritake and it’s the first time I’ve use it in a setting for a Tablescape Thursday.  It’s called Breeze Blue.  Does that not sound like the perfect glassware for dinner on this “summer-breeze-makes-me-feel-fine” porch?   It comes in lots of pretty colors.  I used the amber for an autumn tablescape last fall.

Blue Stemware


I added a tiny embellishment to the stem of the glasses:  two yummy mints attached with starry, red ribbon.  They are little surprise treat for my dinner guests.

4th of July, Independence Day Tablescape, Table Setting


Evening arrives…

4th of July, Independence Day Tablescape, Table Setting

God Bless our great country and the brave men and women who risk their lives to protect it, and us.  Words can’t express how grateful I am every single day!

Lantern Centerpiece


Have a wonderful 4th of July, dear friends!

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  1. What a sweetie for sending you two of those beautiful blue chargers!
    Now I am on a hunt for something similar!
    Your table is gorgeous, a perfect blend of all red/white and blue!

  2. Your neat story got even neater! What a nice friend to send you the chargers!

  3. What a lovely gift!! Beautiful patriotic table Susan. Thanks so much for hosting!

  4. Thanks so much for hosting!

  5. Michele from Finch Rest says

    Susan, that was so SWEET of Mary to send those to you! Wow, people can sure be kind. And now your table is amazingly perfect – just gorgeous.

    Thank you for hosting 199 tablescape linky parties! Next week is 200? WOW, that’s remarkable!

  6. Morning Susan,
    I favored the one with the pinwheels and flags first till I saw the lantern all lit up…………they are both
    just so patriotic and beautiful. Love the flag plates and how sweet of mary to share those chargers with you, they are beautiful also, and really look great with your stemware. Always fun to visit you hon.
    and thanks for always hosting this fun meme.
    blessings, Nellie

    • Thanks, Nellie! I too my pics this week sort of late in the day, toward evening. The chargers had just arrived that afternoon. Worked well for some candlelight pics, though.

  7. Another wonderful tablescape on the porch, and I like both centerpieces. The chargers are a marvelous shade of blue; I wonder if there’s a chance my TJ Maxx might still have some…doubt it. Thanks for inviting us for a peak and for hosting Tablescape Thursday…such fun! Cherry Kay

    • Cherry Kay…it’s worth checking. They were so reasonably priced. Hope they get more in later…perhaps in some other colors. You can’t beat $1.99 per charger…never seen them that reasonable before.

  8. Gee Singh Newbanks says

    OOhh. Yet another beautiful red, white and blue table. I really need to be on the hunt for somethings blue 😀

  9. Susan, What a wonderful gift to receive. I love anything with blue glass so those chargers would be a favorite of mine too. I love the pinwheel centerpiece too. Dianne

  10. I cannot put blog on how do I do this? I love your tablescape.

  11. What a great gesture to honour your country.

    That’s a great gift to receive and I am drooling your collections and in every settings you do. Always, a wonderful ideas to bring me back home and those tips? I keep them forever and forward the young ones.

    TY Susan, for giving us the enjoyment every Thursday.

    Hope you have a great day & a blissful week-end ahead.


  12. I love how generous bloggers are, the chargers are stunning and your tablescape is beautiful. Thanks so much for hosting. Hugs, Marty

  13. Love the variations of your patriotic table. Love what you did with the centerpiece! It’s always fun to see what you’ve done with the different tables and areas in your home!

  14. Both versions of the tablescape are lovely. I cannot believe the chargers are so inexpensive. How sweet of Mary to go to the trouble of shipping them to you. I’ve always loved the Noritake Breeze stemware – such graceful lines. The dinnerware mirrors the look of the wooden flag plaque you made last year. Hope your holiday is perfect.

  15. Aren’t friends on Blogland just the most wonderful people? mary is just a perfect example. Beautiful tablescape and so nice that you got more blue chargers to complete your collection….Christine

  16. What a sweet things for Mary to do for you. I love the blue chargers, too.
    Both tablescapes are wonderful, but I think I like the second centerpiece the best.

  17. Susan, the blue chargers are wonderful and what a special, thoughtful friend Mary is. So nice that you now have 6 of these. It’s so frustrating when one can’t find the pieces to finish out a set. I have that issue with some plates I found last year at TJ. Only found 4 salad and 4 dinners, but searched several other locations without any luck. ;-(
    I aslo remember how kind you were to help me track down the monkey pitcher several years ago. Do you remember that?
    Enjoy your 4th of July. Any special plans? Quiet one here. We hosted a party for 50 last year on the 4th, but not repeating that. Too hot!
    ~ Sarah

    • I do remember that. I still love that silly monkey pitcher. lol I’m supposed to have dinner and watch the fireworks with friends from the Sundial restaurant. It a rotating restaurant in downtown Atlanta. You can see it here:
      Should be fun!
      Wow, 50! Now that was a good size party! I don’t blame you for just wanting to relax this year.

  18. Happy 199th tablescape 🙂
    What a wonderful gift! Thank you so much for hosting… and what an impressive tablescape – never seen anything like it!! As a contrast to everything American, I’ve linked up a few blue and yellow (Swedish) entries 😀 Greetings from Australia♥ ~Pernilla

  19. I read last week on one of my favorite food blogs that a newlywed’s husband had requested fried chicken for his birthday. She had never made fried chicken before since she is from the north and now married to a southern man. She said her mother had prayed that her dinner turned out well. She wittily said she was not aware that there was a chicken god, but apparently there is because her dinner was heavenly. Sound like there must also be a plate god watching out for you.
    Now for some real reverence, we need to bow our head and pray this 4th that our country mends. Happy 4th.

  20. Your table looks beautiful Susan!! I love your centerpiece with the pinwheels…unique and fun! Thank you so much for hosting this lovely party and have a wonderful weekend! Angie xo

  21. Bloggers are often the sweetest people! Such a wonderful patriotic table. Thanks for hosting.

  22. How thoughtful! I like both centerpieces, but I love the lantern!!

  23. Susan, I am so happy for you that Mary found the blue chargers. I looked at two of the Marshall’s near me, hoping I would find you two chargers, but to no avail. It is just wonderful when a “hunt” is successful! As always, your table is lovely. I will look forward to future tables featuring these blue chargers. Happy 4th of July, MM

  24. Thanks so much for hosting, those blue plates are a perfect blue. Looking forward to more about Haven and things you learned.

  25. Your pinwheels turned out great but I LOVE your lantern setting! The blue chargers look beautiful under your dishes. That was very nice of her! I have to agree with you though, the watermelon napkin rings are the perfect touch to a fourth of July setting! It’s all very pretty!

  26. That was so sweet of Mary to send you those chargers! Thanks for hosting Susan.

    Susan and Bentley

  27. So glad you got your two extra chargers.. Sure made for a really pretty table. I love that you used the flags and the pinwheels.. The blue Noritake glasses are perfect companions to the chargers. happy fourth.. xo marlis

  28. Mid-Atlantic Martha says

    Beautiful chargers! Love how they set off your pretty red,white and blue table! Happy 4th!

  29. What wonderful tablescapes! What i enjoy most is your photography…..beautiful pictures are hard to beat….Thanks for hosting always! Lyndaoflakeland.blogspot.com

  30. Love this china pattern! I am a huge fan of the American flag and dishes so this pattern is going to have to live in my house soon!!
    I like the addition of the watermelon napkin rings. Nothing screams summer better than watermelon!

  31. How lovely that you got two more chargers! I really love them, wonder if I can find something in like them in green for my everyday place settings…

  32. I know you’ve heard this many times before, but your blog is really amazing. I can now appreciate all he time and effort you put into it. I for one am a big fan.

  33. Good Morning – just stumbled on your blog and LOVE the name, as napping on my screen porch is bliss ! Wanted to say I loved the idea of Tablescape Thursday and your patriotic theme…as well as your story about the quest for the blue chargers. How nice of someone to send you more ! I would love to participate, but I don’t have a website or blog….I hosted a family get together last weekend. My chargers were red metallic..not too red…that I found at Walmart after the holidays. 4 in a box were 10 dollars, on clearance for 1 dollar. How could I resist ( I thought I should since I have brass and brushed silver chargers….) I thought even if I used them as trays to give gifts for cookies, at 25 cents each…score ! I have used them several times since then, and did 4th of July theme with the red chargers, my Pfaltzgraff Yorktown plates, those same goblets from the Dollar Store, a mason jar filled with daisys from my yard and flags, and silverware wrapped in big white napkins I got on sale at Target, tied with ribbon and a flag stuck in …that was the “take home” favor ! LOVE seeing your tables and will be checking back often ! Thanks !

    • Hi Ann, thanks so much for your comment…so glad you found us A few folks (before they started their blogs) used to post pics on the site, Rate my Space…then they would stop by on Thursday morning around 10:00 AM when Tablescape Thursday went up and join in the party. Anyone can upload pics to Rate My Space. Just register with them and upload away. Then come by and link up to your RMS site on Thursday. Or, start a blog to just participate in TT…lots of folks do! It’s REALLY easy to start a blog with Blogger. Your table/gathering sounds wonderful! What a awesome deal you got on your chargers. The daisies sound sooo cute! I love daisies in a table setting! 

      • Thanks for the ideas….been thinking about starting a blog and this may be the reason I need ! Have a great weekend !

  34. Dear Susan (I call you ‘Naps’ in my mind)–
    I am going to begin participating in Thursday tablescapes as soon as my dining room is relieved of the extra furniture that my living room makeover has sent the dining room’s way. I am so inspired by your tables!

    • Ha! I like that. Naps…has a nice ring to it! 🙂 Yes, please join in…you will adore the ladies and gents who tablescape with us each week…they are the best!

  35. Bloggers are just the sweetest people. How thoughtful of Mary to send you two more chargers. They just make your table setting. I am going to look in my area for some of those. They are the prettiest shade of blue. Just had to tell you that I’m painting a pumpkin red, white, and blue. Yes, you read right. We have some pumpkins in our garden.

  36. I was inspired by your beautiful blog and tablescapes back when you first started posting them. This week I finally tried my first one, and I can’t believe how fun it was! Thanks so much for being a wonderful inspiration.


  38. Hi Susan!! Love your tablescape, actually, I love ALL of your tablescapes; you are such an inspiration for me! Thanks for posting your pics and giving direction and information…you’re wonderful! Okay, now that I have gotten all of my giddish joy and praises out to you, I was wondering if you could tell me the name and maker of your flatware? I’ve seen it before, searched high and low on-line, but, I’ve had absolutely no luck whatsoever. I thank you in advance, Susan!! Hugs from Arkansas…..


  39. Thanks so much, Tina! You are so nice! Which flatware…do you mean the off white flatware in the main table setting or the black flatware in the close up of the china from the previous table setting…or the twisted metal “rope” looking flatware in that glimpse of last week’s table? Just want to make sure I give you the correct one. 🙂

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