5 BNOTP Readers Are Going to England + A Bucket List Upgrade for My Flight

From time to time I get comments or e-mails from Between Naps On The Porch readers asking if I would consider putting a trip together. I love that idea but I’ve never really planned a trip before. For all the trips I’ve taken, I’ve always left the details up to the experts.

Recently Laura, a friend, and a retired College English professor, put together a 10-day Literary Tour to England with the help of a British travel agent. I almost didn’t mention this trip on the blog since it is more of a “themed” trip and not your typical tour of England, but since I had just recently heard from another reader inquiring if I would consider putting a trip together, I decided to mention it in a post since there were still a few spots left.

I am so excited to report that five BNOTP readers have decided to go! I’m looking forward to meeting Cheryl, Mary Beth, Andrea, Gwendolyn, and Nicole this July as we trace the steps of Jane Austen, ThomasHardy and other literary greats from the past. I’m especially looking forward to taking in a Shakespearean play or two with them at the Globe theatre toward the end of our trip.

I’ve had BNOTP readers join in on trips before, but this is the first time five have booked the same trip. Perhaps more folks decided to go this time since this trip was scheduled pretty far out. In the past, the trips I’ve taken have often been last minute since I like booking those last-minute travel deals when I can find them.

Just want to add, I am paying the exact same amount as everyone else who’s taking this trip. Actually, I’m paying more than most since I opted for a single room and am paying a substantial single-supplement. I did not share this trip on the blog in hopes of receiving a discount of any type, I simply shared it because of all the interest I’ve had from BNOTP readers asking if I could organize a future trip. Whenever space is available I’ll continue to share trips in the future in case you have an interest in joining.

A Play at The Globe Theatre

Photo from The International Traveler.com


Something I’ve Never Done Before, Plus A Big Discovery!

I did something for this trip that I have never done for any trip I’ve taken before: For the overnight flight to England, I’ve booked a seat in the Delta One section of the plane, the section with the flatbed seats for sleeping. Flying overnight for 8 to 9 hours sitting upright or slightly tilted can be pretty rough. I’ve done it many, many times in the past, usually only getting around four hours sleep if I’m lucky, and that four hours is usually in fits and spurts, not a straight four hours. Since the cost of this trip was so reasonable, I decided to spend a bit more this time and make the flight a part of the experience.

When booking the flight, I discovered something that I have never realized before. Did you know the price showing at the Delta website for an upgrade to Delta One on your flight over, isn’t really the price you have to pay for the flight? Let me explain.

Whenever I’ve booked an overnight international flight in the past, I’ve always longingly eyed those first-class offerings, but I’ve never actually clicked on them because I knew they were way more than I was willing to pay. This time, out of curiosity, I clicked the Delta One selection that was showing a cost of $4,000+ roundtrip, instead of the $1,500+ I was seeing for the main cabin.

Delta One Flight

Via Delta

What I saw next was a big surprise. Turns out that $4,000 price is calculated on flying Delta One on both the outgoing and the return flight (round trip) but you don’t actually have to do that! The return flight can be booked in whatever section of the plane you wish. Did you know this? Probably everyone was aware of this but me!

For the return flight, I chose a fairly new offering with Delta, something called Premium Economy. Premium Economy was almost the same price as Comfort Plus. If you’re not familiar with Premium Economy, Google that for more info. If I’m remembering correctly, the seats have footrests, recline back a little more than they do in Comfort Plus and I think the food/drinks are slightly upgraded.

I booked my flights on January 1st, so it’s hard to remember the exact pricing, but I think my roundtrip ticket was around $3,000. Still, a hefty price, but not the $4,000+ I was initially seeing.

Via Delta


So just remember when you’re booking a flight, the pricing you’re seeing for the upgraded flight(s) is for flying that way roundtrip. If you only fly one leg of the flight in an upgraded tier (like the overnight flight) the flight will be a lot less than the amount showing initially.  I don’t mind not getting sleep on the return internationa flights because those always end up being during the daytime. It’s those long overnight flights that are so tough.

I doubt seriously I will upgrade to Delta One when I travel internationally for future trips, but again, the cost of this trip was so reasonable this time, I decided I would treat myself to a flat-bed seat at least once in my life. This will definitely be a “bucket list” moment for me.

For those who are curious or interested, I’ll try to take a few pictures to share what flying Delta One and Premium Economy is like. I’m almost looking forward to the flight as much as the trip. Okay, maybe not. But at least I’m not dreading it like I normally do. I just hope I’m not too excited to actually sleep.

Delta One Flat Bed Seat

Via Delta

This is the first time I’ve ever found myself wishing the overnight flight was a bit longer. I would love to have a couple of extra hours to just enjoy the process of flying Delta One before I need to go to sleep. As is, I will need to get to sleep pretty soon after boarding if I’m going to get a good night’s rest.

Have you ever flown Delta One or something similar? If so, I appreciate any tips. When I initially booked the flight, I booked my seat on the left side of the plane. Tonight I realized that would place the little side table for drinks and such on my left, and I’m right-handed.

Seat Configuration for Delta One, A330 Plane

Via Delta


I decided to move to the right side of the plane. It’s not a big deal but it made more sense to select a seat where the little side table will end up on my right. I really have no idea if one side of the plane works out better than the other, this will definitely be a learning experience.

Delta One for Flying Overnight

Photo from thepointsguy.com


I’m looking forward to sharing England with you this July! To read more about this upcoming trip, check out this previous post where I shared our Itinerary: Literary Trip to Southern England.

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  1. Jane Boyd Broce says

    I so love all your recommendations of the past that I need to share one …take a silk pillowcase to cover their scratchy pillow! The “bed” is not soft so be prepared and if you have a large cashmere shawl, it will keep you warmer than the blanket given.

    I hope you have a wonderful trip! Jane

    • Thanks so much for that tip, Jane! I was planning on taking a big shawl but I’ll be sure to take a pillowcase as well. I may make it an older pillowcase, that way I can just leave it and not pack it for the return trip.

  2. Susan H Whetstine says

    That’s very interesting to know!! Looking forward to hearing about the trip and the sleeping arrangments!!

    • Thanks, Susan! Looking forward to sharing it. I hope I don’t like Delta One too much because it’s going to make me yearn for that on future trips. LOL 🙂

  3. Hello Susan,

    My name is Jann and I live in Guildford Surrey, England.
    I’ve been following your blog for quite a while now and really enjoy that you talk about so many different subjects, you also research the topics so well.
    Living in England some of the things you talk about are out of reach but it’s always interesting.
    I love Talbots cloths and we did have a shop in Guildford for a while but it’s gone now.
    Your trip in July sounds like you will have a wonderful time. It’s quite funny as it’s only 35 minutes by train to London and I’ve never been in the Globe.
    Jane Austin’s house is about 30 minutes by car and I’ve been there quite a few times.
    I did the flat bed on a round trip flight from London to Vancouver, it was worth every penny. From the time you check it everything was so calm and comfortable. On the flight we were supplied with noise cancelling Bose headphones which takes away the aircraft noise. I am quite tall at 5ft 9ins but there was still plenty of space.
    The only downside is I now don’t want to fly any other way, so have to save for the flight.
    Have a lovely day, it’s beautiful and sunny here in Guildford right now.
    Best wishes, Jann

    • I was thinking that this evening, this is going to ruin me and make me want to fly that way every time I have an overnight flight. lol Jann, maybe you can join us for a play at the globe!

      • Thank you so much for the kind invitation to join you at the Globe,
        I would love to.
        If you have the date and time I will check to see what’s happening here at home and if I can get a ticket.
        Oh I’m excited already

        • Jann, I’m not quite sure yet which day, I just know it will be toward the end of the trip, so somewhere around July 23rd or 24th I’m guessing. I believe Laura, our trip leader said we will be seeing Henry IV, apparently, that’s what will be playing during that period. I’ll ask Laura for more info. but if you don’t hear back from me, be sure and email me at [email protected] as the time draws near so I can pin that date/time down. I’m sure the travel agent in England will be purchasing our tickets and we may not know until then.

        • Jann, I emailed Laura and she replied saying, “We are sitting in the upper part—in the nice seats!—on Tuesday, July 23rd, for the evening performance.” If I can find out any more detailed info about seat numbers, etc… I will let you know so hopefully you can be seated in that approximate area or near our group.

  4. Oh, my…this sounds so “mystery”-ous…looking forward to the next “chapter!” Go forth and enJOY!! franki

  5. My husband thanks you for this post. I dread flying at night. Now I can sleep through the flight!

  6. Susan,

    I grew up in the heart of England and now live in Charlotte, NC. I wonder if you’ll be going to Stratford-Upon-Avon, close by to where I grew up and where Shakespeare is from. If you do go there I’d recommend the boat tour that goes along the river Avon. Will every day be scheduled? If not I highly recommend becoming a member of the National Trust, which allows you to visit 100’s of homes in England.

    Excited for your posts,

  7. Hi!
    Go to seatguru.com and put in your flight number and date. It will show you the layout of the seats with recommendations and warnings. Some seats have an obstruction under/behind, some have too much noise or an obstrcucted window view, etc. The airline may change the a/c type before the flight so things may change. Like everything else with travel, make educated decisions then go with the flow and have a great trip!


    • I think seatguru was where I read not to book the first flat-bed seat because those have less storage room or room for your feet (or something like that) due to being right behind the bathroom or kitchen. I think they also recommend not booking the last of the flatbed seats because those are close to another one of the kitchen areas. It’s been a while since I looked anything up on that site so I will check it again. Thanks for that reminder!

  8. You’ll be spoiled for life now. I think you are eligible for Delta’s lounge in ATL so get to the airport early. You will really enjoy!
    I booked my London trip last October and got round trip in business on AA for just under $3500.00 but it’s non refundable. I’m in the mini cabin on the 777-300 that only has 2 rows and is right behind First Class. This is my seat. http://youtu.be/uERvhWggY6A

    • I know, that’s what I’m afraid of! Ignorance is bliss, right? lol
      I noticed the other day when I logged on to change my seat that it says my flight is non-refundable. I thought all flights were non-refundable so was surprised to see that. It doesn’t worry me because the only reason I would want a refund is if I got sick and couldn’t go, but I purchased trip insurance as I always do. So I don’t need for it to be refundable. Are some flights refundable…like if someone just changes their mind? I always thought all flights were non-refundable.
      That looks like a First Class or Delta One seat in the video. You can see where your feet would go if you made your seat into a bed to sleep, or at least it looks that way.

      • I think when you see the really outrageous prices like $12,000 for business or first, those are changeable or refundable (but I’m no expert). Those are the fares businessmen book because they may need to cancel or change.You will just have such a relaxing, comfortable flight that even getting a few hours of solid sleep will make a huge difference. I was shocked they wouldn’t let me change my first flight from Guadalajara to Dallas to one 2 hours earlier unless I wanted to pay close to $2,000.00!
        It looks like you have storage in the ottoman at your seat, correct? Did you check YouTube videos for your plane and seat info? This will really be a fun trip for all of you.

        • A friend of mine just went to Australia with her hubby I was curious what Delta-One was for a really long flight like that. I looked it up and it was $8,000 per person! I guess they know people REALLY want to fly First Class on those super long flights so they can charge a lot. Of course, there are more meals and they have to pay their crew for a longer flight, etc…
          I’ve watched a few videos and I remember the vloggers saying there was plenty of storage, but I don’t remember now where the storage is. I was thinking it was somewhere down near their feet. I’ll have to take some photos to share the details after I take that flight.

          • Think of the Delta miles you’ll get for this flight! You should get bonus miles for the premium cabin if Delta is like American Airlines. Hope you settled on a carryon.

  9. Dana Goldstein says

    So excited for you all and cant wait to see the pictures and hear about the trip in July. I loved my last trip to England, we went straight to Bath from the airport, checked into our B&B and then down the hill to Bath Spa. Floating in the mineral waters for an hour before a lovely dinner capped off the best travel day ever. The only thing that would have made it better would have been first class seats. I agonized over splurging on for first class seats but we took Virgin and they didn’t allow you to change cabin classes for the return. Thanks for the tip because I love flying Delta and next time I’ll stick with them and splurge on the outbound overnight portion.

    • That sounds like a wonderful trip, Dana! I’m actually flying Virgin Atlantic’s Premium Economy on the trip home. I guess they are a partner with Delta. I prefer to always fly Delta but couldn’t find a flight that I like coming back that was a Delta flight.

  10. Flying first class is much more relaxing. I use to travel to Britain and Europe with my husband on business. The company paid. Unfortunately after retiring my husband didn’t think springing for first class was worth it.

    • I’m not sure I’ll do it again since it does cost a good bit, but I do want to experience it at least once. I know you enjoyed it during the time you were traveling for your hubby’s business. XXX

  11. Hi Susan. The last time I flew overseas was about 10 years ago. I flew from San Francisco to NYC on coach, then flew from NYC to Brussels. I flew coach on the second leg of my flight, too. I don’t remember the carrier, (it may have been an east Indian airlines, but I’m not sure), but OMG, what a difference! Even though is was an economy class ticket, it was quiet, the seats were big enough to comfortably seat an adult person, and the entire crew looked and acted very professionally. In fact, they were lovely. I have to say that regardless of your flight class, domestic carriers are horrible, in my opinion. The first time I flew to Europe was about 20 years ago, on the Concorde, which was amazing; 3 hours and 28 minutes from New York to Paris. You didn’t experience jet lag, or that strange feeling of your body clock being out of whack. I have long looked at those premium class “cabins” and thought that they must be wonderful, but you are right – they are considerably more expensive. Thank you for the travel tips!

    • I kinda know how you felt on Indian Airlines. One of the nicest, most beautiful planes I’ve ever flown in was Kenya Airways when I was on the way to Kenya for my stay at Giraffe Manor and Mahali Mzuri. It was so much nicer than the Delta, KLM and Air France planes I’ve flown in.

      I think it must have been brand new. There were hardly any passengers on the flight that day, much of the plane was empty and it was a BIG plane. My whole row was empty so I lay down across all three seats on my side and slept much of the way.

      Everything about that plane was nicer/more high tech. The windows didn’t have shades, you pressed a button and they dimed. The airline attendant was so nice and so professional. I was really impressed and would fly that airline again.

      Lisa that is SOOO exciting that you got to experience the Concorde! OMGosh, how I would love to have done that! I would love to hear more about what it was like.

      You must check out this video by Mentour Pilot, a YouTube channel I follow. I just watched one of his videos about the Concorde a few days ago and it made me so wish I’d been able to experience it. He said just what you mentioned, that you could fly from London to NY in less than 3 hours. That’s amazing! He shows part of a video of it breaking the sound barrier. What did that sound like when you were inside? I can’t even imagine!

      He goes into a lot of detail explaining why they discontinued it. One of the main issues was how expensive it was to fly since it took a tremendous amount of fuel as you would expect. He said it burned 2 tons of fuel just taxiing out to the runway at Heathrow.

      The good news is another company called Boom is working on a supersonic jet now and it will have a lot of technological advances that will make it a lot more fuel efficient. It will be made of much lighter composites and sounds like it will the wave of the future.

      Can you imagine if we Americans could reach Europe in 3 hours anytime we wished?! We’d be hopping over to Europe for 3-4 day weekends. I would love to do that for shopping in Paris and London! Could be very dangerous for my pocketbook, though! lol

      Lisa, if you’re interested, here’s the video where he shares more about The Concorde and why it ultimately was discontinued.

    • Lisa, here’s one more wonderful video about the Concorde: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jnh3PdNN6ps
      JoAnn Collins is a hoot talking about flying to London. Also, love the two older women standing in front of the Pyramids at Giza. Amazing folks could fly over to the see the pyramids, then “be back home for tea” all in one day!

  12. Cyndi Raines says

    Wow! What a blessing, to be able to actually sleep on a long, international flight going over! I think that would cut my anxiety to almost nothing. 8 – 10 hours sitting in a cramped seat would not be something I’d enjoy, even though you can walk around a bit, but being able to stretch out and actually rest would be awesome! I know you will love it and probably never want to settle for a seat again, ha! Oh, well, priorities count and a good sleep is one, especially so you are rested for the big adventure ahead. So happy for the 5 other BNOTP readers who will be joining you, how fun! Looking forward to your trip and taking it with you via your posts! Lol

    • Well, they have champagne to help with that. 😉 Hee, hee.
      One of the nicest features of the Delta One cabin area is everyone gets aisle access so you don’t have to ever climb over anyone to go to the restroom, etc… I really like that. Thanks, Cyndi! Looking forward to sharing this adventure with you! 🙂

  13. Well I fly internationally every year and I always try to ugrade to Delta Comfort. However, some planes/flights don’t offer. My last flight to the UK only had the Premier option so I paid extra for that. What a rip off. My seat was still pretty far back in the plane and I really didn’t notice any benefit. I will never use that option again. As far as the Delta 1 sear, that would be so amazing. But I’m not sure I could ever return to the regular seats. Once you have all the luxuries, it will be hard going back to the “cattle car”. Lol

    • Oh no, that’s what I’m flying coming back on Delta’s partner airline, Virgin Atlantic. I read good reviews on their Premium Economy so hoping it will be nice.
      I know, that’s what I’m afraid of, will be hard to not want to book that on future overnight flights! lol

  14. I definitely want to hear/see more about the flat-seat travel. I’ve been to England twice and had great adventures; a couple were unplanned and they made the best memories.

  15. Thank you for the You Tube link, Susan. I love reading your blog, and you are always so sweet!

  16. Oh, Susan,

    You will LOVE first class. I flew on BA to London once in 1st for an overnight flight and now I am spoiled. BA was offering a special for the round trip two years ago and I was alerted by my friend who was going to the same trip but from a different location.
    I slept like a baby after a gourmet meal and was awoken to a warm towel for a freshen up and a really good cup of tea and a scone with jam and clotted cream. Doesn’t get much better.
    On the return flight, also 1st, I watched movies the whole way, but with privacy. I caught a British series which had not shown in U.S. and watched 7 episodes. Also had the fabulous food with the real cuppa tea. I am totally hooked now.
    I have not flown overseas since but I like your idea of first class going over and then sitting upright on return during the day.

    The best part was the use of the BA sky lounge with great food and comfortable area to wait for flight on both sides of the pond. As someone else said, Go early and enjoy!
    You will love England. Heathrow is Big and exhausting but the shops are terrific. Check out the Cath Kidston Shop. Her merchandise is not available here in U.S.; I am so glad I wondered in there. I only bought a purse and a tote bag which I am so happy to have them. People come up to me all the time and ask where I got my purse…..too bad, she could sell lots here. I know you love handbags. I have thought I could just fly to Heathrow and shop. Well, that would be expensive now that I am hooked on First Class.

    • Oh, but what a fun shopping day that would be! 🙂 I’ve heard fashion/handbag enthusiasts on YouTube talk about the awesome shopping in Heathrow and saving a bundle as compared to shopping in the U.S. Unfortunately, I probably won’t have any time to shop since I think the travel agent will be picking me up shortly after I arrive and my flight back home is earlier than I would like. I wish I did have time to just wander around and check out all the shops. Your flight sounds wonderful, Patricia! I hope I have a similar experience. 🙂

      • You would not be near the shops upon arrival, if I remember correctly.
        Maybe, you can find a Cath Kidston store somewhere else in England.

  17. I never get jet lag, and have always wondered if it’s because I don’t bother trying to sleep on the flight over. I usually fly out of Los Angeles at night, and go nonstop; it’s a long flight, and yes I’m pretty tired that first day, but I sleep like a baby that night and I think my clock doesn’t have to reset itself. I’d still love to try the flatbed, though, because I am quite long-legged,and it would be nice to be able to stretch out!

    The UK is my heaven on Earth; I know you all will have a fantastic time on this lovely trip! If you have time in Bath, the fashion museum is fun.

    • I don’t have too many issues with jet lag or what I think is jet lag, but if I’m up all day, get on a flight that evening and then don’t sleep that night, I feel really bad the next day…not from jet lag but from sheer sleep deprivation, which I think is very different regular ‘ol jet lag. I know some folks fly over a day early to have time to recover from the flight, etc… but I’m hoping I will sleep and will arrive feeling pretty good. We’ll see how this goes. lol
      Tammy, you should treat yourself to a flat-bed flight at least once in your life. I’m looking at it as part of whole this trip experience. Unfortunately, we won’t make it to Bath which just means I will HAVE to go back again to see it. 🙂

  18. I now fly first class. The space, restroom, lounge, boarding, food, drinks, luggage…you get the idea. You will be spoiled and you are worth it!

  19. Susan, your trip sounds wonderful! You will love the upgraded seats, and you will be spoiled for life! My husband traveled internationally a lot before he retired, and now we are able to enjoy the frequent flyer miles on United Airlines. We are headed to Amsterdam in April to go to Keukenhof Gardens and then on to France (Paris, Strasbourg/Colmar, and Normandy). I am so excited! I can’t wait to hear about your trip.

  20. We splurged and traveled Delta One from ATL to HNL and it was such a wonderful experience that now we are spoiled and finding it difficult to go back to “just” comfort class. Not only was the lay down “bed” much better for sleeping, but the little things really made the difference for me! Westin bedding (very comfortable for airline standards), warm towels during meals, and the TUMI amenity case (loved the Kiehls hand lotion). Enjoy it!!!

    • Thanks! Susan, did you feel you needed a shawl or something to cover up with or was the Westin Heavenly bedding enough? I know, I’m afraid I’m going to feel the same way after this trip…will be hard to go back to the regular seating on those long overnight flights.
      Unrelated to flying Delta One, I’ve reached Gold status with Delta as of last year and I’m taking a short 1-1/2 hour flight to Dayton Ohio in April. It will be interesting to see if I get an upgrade to 1st Class on that flight. I often get upgraded to Comfort Plus when traveling internationally…and that was when I was Silver. Of course, the planes are much smaller on the short domestic hops, but it will be interesting to see. If I don’t find I’m getting upgraded, I may just quit putting everything on my Amex and just pay out of pocket for better seats when I really want them.

  21. Wow Susan,
    those Delta One cabins look very comfortable and welcoming! What an experience that will be, I’m so glad for you!
    I know, you are going to L.O.V.E England! Are you planning to visit the Buckingham Palace, as well? If not, but you’d like to “see” the Royal Family (and/or other celebrities) then visit Madame Tussauds’ museum! 🙂
    I’ve been several times to London and I would have loved to visit Port Isaac (aka Portwenn) too, where “Doc Martin” lives, but unfortunately, Cornwall is on the “opposite” side of the country, and there’s never enough time to see and visit everything… sigh… Looking forward to seeing your pictures and reading your posts from England! ♥

  22. Hi Susan, I live in England and have been following your tablescapes etc for some years now. I have read up on your trip, and I would like to suggest a couple of things to you! You mention Beatrix Potter – be sure to use English coins as we have some Beatrix Potter 50 pence pieces in circulation! They are few and far between, but they are there! You say about visiting Canterbury (its my neighbouring town) – try to do The Canterbury Tales before the Cathedral, it will all make more sense that way! And literally less than 5 minutes walk from The Tales are the Canterbury Historic River Tours. If you can add one thing onto your day in Canterbury, it must be this!! The Tales are on the left, you want the River Tour on the right (there is also one to the left, trust me, do the one on the right… it is beautiful and the tour guide will tell hilarious stories from history!) Oh, and you can also buy Cath Kidston pieces in Canterbury 🙂 xx

  23. Have you ever thought about doing a hike in England? We hiked the Cotswold Way which ended in Bath. It is an eight day hike, and it’s one of the best things we have done. I liked it even better than hiking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu. I think our longest day was 12 miles. We hiked in the rain for several days, but that didn’t dampen (pun intended) our spirits. Some of it is hilly, but if you prepare ahead of time, it’s very doable. You can hire a company that will give you a route map, book your inns, and transport your luggage to your final destination each day.

  24. Cecilia from Georgia says

    You will have a blast!! I went with a group to London the week before the Royal wedding and it was wonderful. One word of advice for you is to wear a hat when you go to the Globe and wear cool clothes. The sun was hot in May and I’m sure it will be worse in July. Stonehenge is worth the trip and is also hot but the ride through the countryside is beautiful. Good luck and have a wonderful trip. (I’m a newbie with you and look forward to reading your past posts).

    • Thanks so much for those tips, Cecilia! I was wondering if it would be hot. I know our seats are in the upper gallery so we may have some shelter overhead but a hat sounds like a smart idea! Can’t wait to see England! Thanks again!

  25. I flew the flatbed section on a trip to Dubai in 2010. I flew Virgina to Atlanta and then Atlanta (leaving around 11 pm) nonstop to Dubai. It was a work trip and the cost was around $5K if I remember correctly. I think the flight was around 16-17 hours. The service on Delta was “passable” on the leg to Dubai and was almost “nonexistent” on the return leg. I was disappointed for the cost of the fare. However, it was great to have the sleeping bed and I did sleep a little. I got cold and wore a sweater and then had the blanket they give you as well. But I did sleep some so that was great. My friends who have flown Emirates (leaving DC) say the service is MUCH better but all in all I was glad to have the “bed” feature. The pod was just good in general because you get much more privacy and allowed me to get some work done as well. I hope you have a wonderful trip…wish I were joining you. Someday I want to go on a garden tour in the UK so I can see the gardens I have seen on the show Love Your Garden…lol.

  26. I’m excited to hear all about your trip as I love, love, love your travel posts. I can’t get enough of your tips for travel accessories, packing, and then your trip itself. We are leaving 7/20 for a three week trip to Europe which includes a 12 night Mediterranean cruise so I’m counting down while working on planning my cruise excursions! Hope you have a fabulous 4th and are feeling better soon! 🙂

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