5 YouTube Channels To Check Out & All Are Very Different

I don’t have cable TV, disconnected it last year because there was rarely anything on that I enjoyed watching, at least not enough to justify the cost. Now I subscribe to Acorn TV which I do enjoy when I remember to watch. lol Hey, did you know the new Agatha Raisin season is out on Acorn? I just discovered that a few days ago. I think there are only 4 episodes so far. I’ve only had time to watch Episode 1, but it was a good one!

If you don’t subscribe to Acorn TV, I can definitely recommend it. I think it’s $4.99 a month if I’m remembering correctly. Totally worth it, especially if you enjoy a good mystery. There seem to be a lot of those on there.

Since I don’t watch TV, when I get in the mood to watch something, it’s often a video from one of the many YouTube channels I follow. Today I thought I’d share a few of my faves. All of these are very different from each other, hope you enjoy!



Kirsten and Jörg go on wonderful adventures to the most charming locals, often staying in the most adorable fairy tale cottages. Kirsten does most of the narration and I find her voice very calming.  She dresses in traditional British/English style clothing, so I am always excited to see what wonderful outfit she’ll be wearing in each new video. If you love English style, exploring the English countryside, beautiful country houses and fairytale cottages, you’ll find Kirsten’s channel here: Kirsten.


Mentour Pilot


I just recently discovered Mentour Pilot and have really enjoyed catching up on some of his past videos. He is a pilot and shares everything you could ever wonder about flying commercially. He has covered many topics including how pilots avoid mid-air collisions, what pilots do if a plane loses both engines, the secret meaning of all those “dings” we hear over the PA when flying, what causes some of those mystery delays, how pilots deal with volcanic ash/fog/lightening, what happens when a pilot becomes incapacitated while flying, haunted crash sites, and so many more fascinating subjects! Occasionally his two dogs join him during his videos, which is always fun to watch. Check out Mentour Pilot here: Mentour Pilot.


Kristina Braly


Kristina is an anesthesiologist who loves technology, designer fashion and sharing makeup tips. In addition to sharing her favorite/latest technology finds, fashion buys and makeup tips, on Mondays she answers questions asked by her subscribers in a segment called Medical Minute Mondays. Those videos are always so fascinating! Did you know redheads usually need more anesthesia than the rest of us? I never knew that! You’ll find Kristina’s channel here: Kristina Braly


My Daily Sweet


Natalie blogs mostly about designer fashion and handbags, but since she’s an attorney, she occasionally shares some really interesting insights into the legal side of designer fashion. I just recently read that Cartier has sued Saks Fifth Avenue. Saks turned right around and countersued. That’s the kind of topic she’ll sometimes cover in a video, in addition to sharing some exciting unboxings and reveals of her designer fashion purchases. You’ll find Natalie’s channel here: My Daily Sweet.


Holly Holden


Holly, along with her daughter-in-law, Karen, share wonderful tips and ideas on all kinds of topics including classic decorating, beautiful fashion, entertaining, gardening, recipes and fun places to shop/visit in the New England area. In the screen capture above, they are sharing tips for wearing scarves, demonstrating with their beautiful Hermes scarf collection. This video seriously made me want to start buying pink scarves! I loved all the ones she shared in that video!

I’m looking forward to trying some of the recipes Holly and Karen have shared the next time I host a gathering in my home. You’ll find Holly’s channel here: Holly Holden.

If you like of any of these channels, you may wish to “Subscribe” and click on the little bell to be notified when they have a new video up.  Happy watching! I’m off to work on a Valentine’s Day table for tomorrow’s Tablescape Thursday!


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  1. I love her channel. Especially the video on the waste baskets and English bins. As for the Holden punch, my goodness, you would have to hire a Uber service to get your guests home safely. In this litigious day and age, I would be afraid to serve it. Her book Pretty and Proper is a delight. So many of her ideas in one convenient spot.

  2. Anne Shaheen says

    Thank you Susan for opening my eyes to a new venue of viewing! I was not aware of all that is available. And I love and breath needlepoint.

  3. Thanks so much Susan! I can’t think of a better person for recommendations!

  4. ♥♥♥ this post!! I’m checking out all of these — especially the pilot one.

    Susan, if you haven’t started watching the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, please do. If you want the pilot through to the end you’ll see the point. Awesome acting, gorgeous clothes, amazing old cars. Worth your time.

  5. Wow thank you. This is great info. I rarely “channel Surf” on Youtube, so this is great info.

  6. Thanks for the videos. I am not entertained by cable!

  7. Bravo to you for cutting the cord, Susan. I re-visit this every time the cable company raises my rates. I have to call them and request a better price, and you’re right, there’s not much included in their choices of packages that I care to watch either. Part of my problem is that my cable subscription is bundled with phone and internet, along with TV. I also get unreliable cell service in my house, because of old home construction and all the hills and trees in my area, so I’ve kept my land line. I’m assuming you have a smart TV in order to watch all of this. Either that, or you don’t mind watching on your computer. I don’t have a smart TV, and don’t care to watch on my PC, which has probably kept me from making the leap and cutting the cord.

    • I was in a bundle with Comcast that included cable, phone and internet but I didn’t even have a phone connected the whole time. I just use my cell phone. So now I just pay for high-speed internet. I do have a smart TV but I had issues getting it to work properly, so now I just watch shows on my second computer monitor. I have two very large monitors in my office, not sure if you’ve noticed those on my desk when I’ve shared pictures of my office. So what I normally do is while I’m sorting or editing pictures I have taken for a blog post, I’ll have a YouTube video or an Acorn show playing on the other monitor. I have not missed cable at all, not for one minute. It felt so good to cancel it and get rid of all those adapter boxes, remotes and other paraphernalia. I’ve even donated all my TVs except for the one in my living room (which I should probably go ahead and donate) and the one in my office that’s a smart TV. it was great to get the TV off the kitchen counter, too. Even though it was a small TV it took up more space than I had realized. I know it’s hard to disconnect cable when you have a guy in the house who love sports. Men do not want to give up their sports watching and I can’t blame them.

  8. Sandra D in Joliet says

    I would cut the cable if it wasn’t for my Mom watching tv. I have a large Smart TV that worked wonderfully for a couple years until AT&T bought the Dish or Direct and now I can’t watch anything on the hub-it says I don’t have enough Broadband. Funny I had enough before! I love You Tube for Flosstube (cross stitching) and DIY crafts. I love Acorn and Britbox and find myself watching Poirot and Midsommer Murders over and over but I think I will tune into Kirsten because I love to see the old cottages, gardens, etc in England so I may enjoy that. Now if I could find a great internet service that would deliver true high speed so I could watch it on my large smart tv instead of my Kindle Fire.

  9. Love this post, Susan.

    I love watching YouTube videos too. If you enjoy Holly Holden you might enjoy the channel Quintessence too. Designer Susanna Salk visits creatives like Carolyne Roehm, Bunny Williams, Charlotte Moss, and Laura Slatkin.

    I also have a channel called Wright Farms. My hubby and share our trips, home tours, and family home movies.

    ~ Kiki ~

  10. I love watching J Schwanke, a top rated floral designer. Discovered Christopher Allen watching Christmas decorating videos, he has such a positive life message. And Mathias4Makeup, a Hollywood makeup artist who actually enjoys making up women over 50! YouTube is an incredible source of great information.

  11. Christine Anderson says

    Check out English Villages and Walks with my dog. Both charming. located in Documentaries

  12. Susan, I love watching YouTube videos! Whenever I feel a little bit sad I watch videos about laughing babies and I promptly feel better! LOVE babies, they’re the best therapy! 🙂 When I want to be “creative” I watch tutorials on knitting, lol and when I’m disappointed by bad news about evil in the world, I watch videos about real life heroes to restore faith in humanity… that helps a lot, too! 🙂 And when I exercise on my indoor bike (usually every other day) or I just feel happy, I watch music videos! It seems, there’s always a good reason to watch YouTube videos! lol
    So, I just watched two of Kirsten’s videos: The “Last minute Christmas cake” one and the “I’m so German” one and lol, she is cute, but I think she might be the first wife on earth who misremembered how long they have been married while husband Jörg knew better! 🙂 Oh, and their visit to that Christmas market in Manchester was so fun! A market stall said “Feuerzangenbowle” = “A German Tradition”. Now I’m wondering, what is NOT a German tradition there? lol I love anything British, so I’ll definitely watch all of her videos and check out all the other channels you recommended! TFS, Susan!
    PS: Cable TV?! Since years there’s a satellite dish installed on my roof and since Internet, Netflix and Sky on our TV’s, cable TV is just a bad memory! lol

  13. Thanks for this, Susan — Kirsten’s Devon Cottage video is like stepping right into Doc Martin!

  14. Thanks for sharing. I do like the Hallmark channel and Hallmark movies and mysteries. I want to try some of these you tube channels you mentioned. Have a great day.

  15. Cyndi Raines says

    I would drop our cable in a New York Minute but hubby has his favorite news station, a few programs like the History channel (I watch that too) and some sports, but that’s about it. We watch PBS, which is now showing Victoria, but in the evenings we borrow many of my nieces DVD’S which are Midsommer Murders, Foyle’s War, Miss Marple, Poirot, basically Acorn productions. I’ll have to check out Kirsten to see the countryside and the lovely cottages. Thanks for the You Tube information.

  16. As a redhead in my younger days, I am aware of the tidbit about redheads that you mentioned. In spite of having numerous surgeries I’ve never had a problem with not having enough anesthesia, thank the Lord. We have the bundle deal with our cable company but I refuse to switch our landline phone over to them. Don’t feel comfortable doing that. Of course, we also have our smart phones. Won’t cut the cable tv yet either because I’m a news addict and also watch some of the sports with my hubby. Most sitcoms and other shows on cable are not of interest to me. I am definitely an internet addict, though, and I like to watch some of the YouTube channels. You’ve got quite a collection of elite/high brow channels on your list.

  17. I’m a bit late to the comments on this, but doesn’t anyone have antennas anymore? I have a fiber optic cable system/hi-speed internet bundle because the husband HAS to have the sports stuff. I have a little tv in the kitchen that I like to have on while cooking, eating breakfast, etc. but I didn’t want the receiver to crowd my counters too, so we installed an inside attic antennae (from Amazon) and the quality of the signal is incredible. It’s a cheapie tv set, but the picture quality is better than the “non-HD” channels from cable. Remember when everyone had to switch tv’s because all the free antennae signals went digital, any many people switched to cable because it was easier, and the digital antennaes at first were not very good quality (maybe new technology)? You can get these for the attic from Amazon for under $70 and you’ll be able to enjoy PBS, all the major networks, local news and all the subchannels that may be available in you area. And this signal never goes out due to bad weather, cable outages, Internet problems, etc. And best of all, it’s free.

  18. Bobbi Duncan says

    Love Holly Holden, especially because she still believes in good old fashioned manners which, sadly, is fading fast in some of the youth of today. We just got Acorn a few months ago and are pleased with their selections thus far. Luckily, Michael rarely watches sports other than to check on the scores and will sit and watch the super bowl if the teams are to his liking. Other than Hallmark, there’s just not much worth watching on cable–I do LOVE the Outlander series though lol! I read your 2009 retirement post and all I could think was” what a night and day shift”, and a far more peaceful one at that! God was watching over you, for sure! I’ve been in some horrendous situations myself, including being stabbed two times by a man I knew from MY CHURCH while I was living in Marietta–very scary time, indeed!

    • Wow, I need to hear the rest of that story. How terrifying! I’m glad you got away, sorry you went through such a horrible experience!
      I’ve heard about the Outlander series but have never seen it. I know it’s super popular.

    • Bobbi, just wanted to let you know, I replied to your email but as usual, I got that return message saying, “Your message wasn’t delivered because it may contain a virus.” I know my email doesn’t have a virus because I never get that response from anyone else I email, except when I email you. I hope you can find the email where I responded. If you do get it, please let me know. I don’t know why my emails always get blocked when I email you. 🙁

    • Bobbi, it’s kinda hard to explain. When you leave a comment here on the blog and I reply to that comment here on the blog, those emails are getting through to you. Then you’ll reply to that email that you’ve received in your inbox and I will get that in my Inbox, but when I reply back, within seconds I always get this message…see below. I’ve blocked out email address so it’s not visible in that image below of what I get back whenever I email you from my [email protected] address.

      So basically, the only way I communicate with you is by leaving messages here on the blog. If I email you from my Inbox, it always comes back with that message. I’ve had this happen several times. Thanks for sharing the amazing story, I’m so glad you escaped. I can’t imagine going through anything like that! I just wanted to make sure you knew that I always reply to you but when I reply via my gmail account, your Lycos account will not let my emails get through. I don’t have that with anyone else that I’m aware of. I guess Lycos just doesn’t like my emails for some reason. Maybe it thinks my email address is spammy or something. 🙁

    • Or maybe your ISP provider, whoever provides your internet service, won’t let my emails come through. Again, when I reply to a comment you leave here on the blog, those replies make it through. One you get my reply, if you just click reply, your next reply is going to land in my Gmail Inbox. I do get those, but I just can’t reply back via gmail because it comes back to me saying my email has a virus, which I know it doesn’t because this doesn’t happen with anyone else. So the only way I can’t reply back is coming here to the blog and replying to one of your previous comments. I wish I knew why that happens. Just wanted you to know because I didn’t want you to think I’m not replying to your emails. There’s just a glitch someplace that’s not letting them get through. Have you even had anyone else have an issue emailing you or is this just something I’m experiencing? I wish I knew how to fit it.

  19. THANKS SO MUCH for these “ideas!!” It’s been days of rain here and so dark and gloomy…I’ve watched LOTS of television. Amazon Prime has “saved me” a couple of times…but, these “You Tube” suggestions sound super!! I really MUST try Acorn!!! franki

  20. Thanks for the heads up on the YT channels. You name it and YT has it. I will be checking out your suggestions. I too cut the cable cord 8 yrs ago as cable isn’t a necessity. It was difficult at first but I soon became adjusted to not having it.

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