6 Patriotic Wreaths You Can Make For the 4th of July

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6 Patriotic Wreaths You Can Make For the 4th of July

For the past couple of weeks I’ve been featuring some absolutely adorable patriotic wreath tutorials at Denim Do Over. All of these wonderful red, white and blue wreaths were made using scrap fabric and recycled denim. One even starts with a pool noodle from the dollar store! How creative is that!

I think I’m going to try my hand at one if I can just decide which wreath to make. Maybe I need to just get started and see where I end up…just like me to be over-thinking a project too much. 🙂

6 DIY Patriotic Wreath Tutorials


Click on the title of each wreath below for access to the feature post at Denim Do Over, where you’ll find a link to the tutorial to make that wreath.

Good luck trying to pick just one to make, they are all completely awesome!


Patriotic Red-Bandana & Recycled Denim Wreath 

Make a 4th Of July, Patriotic Wreath 2


Patriotic Rag Wreath With Stars

Make a Patriotic Wreath for the 4th of July


Denim Rag Wreath With Red-Bandana Flowers

Wreath Made With Repurposed Denim Jeans


Patriotic Pool Noodle Wreath

Denim Wreath Made From Pool Noodle


Denim, Burlap & Red Check Wreath For Independence Day

Patriotic Wreath Made From Scrap Denim, Burlap and Check Fabric


Ruffled Denim & Burlap Wreath With Button Stars

Make a Denim & Burlap Wreath


Decorate your porch or home with a wood flag you can make yourself! Here’s an easy tutorial I created a while back for a making a Pottery Barn inspired wood flag: Make a Pottery Barn Inspired Flag For Independence Day

Build a Wood Flag For the 4th of July


Will you be having a cookout or party this year for the 4th of July?

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  1. Jean Tucker says

    Whoopie, getting BNOTP in my inbox again. Thanks for changing service!

  2. Linda Page says

    These are really cute. Deciding which one to make is hard. My fave is the Denim, Burlap and Red Checked wreath. I already have some burlap…..hmmm! I like your new service. Your blog downloads immediately where it took longer on the other service. Smart move.

  3. Mary Johnston says

    Hi Susan,
    have been wondering if you ever “antiqued” your “Pottery Barn” inspired flag you made. I made the flag per your tutorial, but never stained or antiqued mine. I love it, but also like the aged look.
    I did received two emails, but so thankful to receive BNOTP in my mail box again!
    Look forward to all your posts.

    • Not yet…big chicken that I am. lol The problem is I love it both ways, so can’t decide to do it. I have it hanging in my garage over a work table all during the year so I see it as I come and go and work on things there…then just pull it out to hang for the patriotic holidays. So glad you made one, Mary! Yep, I changed my schedule choices at the new service and when I changed that part, it grabbed the previous post and sent it out, too. I saw it when it happened but unfortunately, once it starts mailing the post out, you can’t stop it. Oh well, it’s all a learning process. Thanks for your patience, Mary. Hopefully it didn’t upset too many folks. 🙂

  4. Mary Johnston says

    By the way, this post of the Porch all done up for the 4th is one of my favorites, and the bonus is the flag tutorial.
    I am always on the look for the flag inspired dishes, and they are difficult to find.
    thanks for all your quality posts!

    • Thanks, Mary! Check on eBay for those…that’s where I found the set I purchased. It’s been a while but I bet they will still pop up there. Also check Replacements.com…I’ve bought pieces I was missing from them, too.

  5. pam ~ crumpety cottage says

    Hi Susan, I think I’ll make the Patriotic Rag Wreath with Stars. It’s so cute and after going to Holly’s blog to read the ‘how to,’ I see it’s super easy. (Like, ridiculously easy!!) 😀

    Thanks for sharing these fun projects. I think you should do the noodle wreath. Something about using a pool noodle to make a wreath is just so … you. 😀 Haha.

    • I LOVE that one too! That’s the fabulous thing about all the rag wreaths…they look all fancy and complicated but are sooo easy. I think they take time and patience more than anything…good project to work on while watching TV or listening to a book on Audible. 🙂

  6. Susan, I love these patriotic wreaths! You always provide the greatest inspiration! Thanks for sharing these. I may have to give the denim wreath a try. I have so many old jeans.

    • Thanks, Betsy! I just cleaned out my closet and have one more pair of jeans I can recycle. I think between it and the scraps left over from my other projects, I may have enough for one, too. 🙂 Betsy, if you make one, take pictures of the process. I’d love to see how you make it!

  7. Almost new “AnAffair with a House” bought for $5.00 at library book sale!!!!!!!!!

  8. Yay. Receiving daily updates again. So excited!!!!!
    Love the wreaths. Definitely some ideas to try

  9. Grandmom says

    What a “Grand Old Flag” perfect patriotic porch. 😉 Just received two Warren Kimble Colonial mugs…it’s a start. Most of the plates are out of my budget range on ebay; but I’ll check after July 4th (maybe prices will lower then). As for your awesome (and I try not to use that word often) DIY Flag, since I can’t glue two pieces of paper together without wrinkles, do you ship?

  10. Vicki Daugherty says

    Susan, I don’t mind if I receive 100 of the same posts each day….. it’s just such a relief to finally be getting them again. I felt like I missed news from a friend. Hope the new change works for you too. Vicki in Louisville KY

    • Oh, thanks Vicki…I was pretty horrified when I realized it went out twice. lol I don’t think that will happen again. I have a little learning curve with new service. I’m so glad this appears to be working! 🙂

  11. Pat Cobb says

    Thanks. Like always … you and your ideals are amazing!

  12. Hi Susan,
    unfortunately, I’m not going to celebrate the 4th of July this year, because I will not be at home.
    Do you remember my new Dutch friends I met one year ago? This year they also rented again the same house as they did last year and they will start their four week vacation on July 5th. Since I rented my house for August, there wouldn’t be opportunity to meet, so they just invited me to stay with them from day one of their vaca as the house is big enough. Aren’t they kind? 🙂 Of course, on Saturday, we will be having “American” diner, anyway, but not so much decoration… I’m so lucky, they share with me my “Americanitis”. 🙂
    Being kind, too, 😉 I will straightaway return the favor and have also invited them to stay with me when my rental begins, so I’m going to stay at the beach for eight weeks overall and my (girl)friend and her two kids seven weeks, until start of school. Oh, Susan, you should hear what we talk in English… I’m sure you would be ROFL all the time hearing me with my Italian accent and her with her Dutch accent, but hey, we understand each other very well, so everything’s okay! LOL
    ~Hugs to you~
    PS: You know I lost some weight, so I have lots of jeans I can use for all your patriotic ideas! Love them all!

    • pam ~ crumpety cottage says

      8 weeks at the beach!! 😮 Cecilia, that is so wonderful. I hope you all have a fantastic time. 🙂

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