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An After-Christmas-Sale Haul

Well, "haul" may be a slight exaggeration. It's more like a mini-haul. Have you done in after-Christmas shopping? I haven't been in the mood, probably due to being sick. Thankfully, I'm all better now! It's 63 degrees here today, sunny and gorgeous! I decided to stop by the Williams-Sonoma that's a couple miles from my home to see what's shaking. In the past I've found some amazing deals there after the … [Read more...]

Restoration Of Historic Ski Cabin In Switzerland

Welcome to the 270th Metamorphosis Monday! Do you have your passport handy? We're heading off to Switzerland this morning to visit our friend, Cornelia! Cornelia has invited us on a tour of her historic 1853 ski cabin located in the Swiss mountains. It's was being restored all last summer and was done in time for this past winter's ski season. You've heard of ski-in and ski-out? This cabin is the … [Read more...]

Celebrating Spring!

Welcome to the 289th Tablescape Thursday! I've been working every night this week in the basement until well past midnight, finishing up my latest woodworking project which I'm dubbing the "Glove of Woodworking." lol That will make more sense if you read yesterday's post. :)  It's almost done, just needs a little paint touch up here and there. I didn't get a chance to put a new table together this … [Read more...]

Historic 1852 Ski Cabin, Restored & Updated

  Welcome to the 228th Metamorphosis Monday! Thank you so much for the loving comments you left on my weekend post and on Facebook. I've read each one and appreciate them more than you know. Metamorphosis Monday: Last September Cornelia shared pics of the restoration and renovation process they had started on their historic ski cabin located in the Swiss Alps in the Canton of Grison.  The … [Read more...]

Dining in a Garden of Lilacs and Wisteria

Welcome to the 246th Tablescape Thursday! Spring arrived in early May for my friend Cornelia, who lives in the beautiful country of Switzerland. Cornelia celebrated by dining in her garden enveloped in the scent of lilacs and wisteria.  The wisteria vine climbing the back of Cornelia's home was just beginning to bloom. I'm always amazed at how big a wisteria vine can get.  It really is … [Read more...]

Beautiful Table Setting with Villeroy & Boch, Manoir and Paseo Gien

Welcome to the  214th Tablescape Thursday! Good Morning on this gorgeous fall day!  I have a beautiful table setting to share with you!  But first, I just had to say I was sooo touched by all the wonderful dreams you expressed in your comments yesterday.  There's nothing I can say except, Wow!  I hope every single one comes true. Every single one!  ♥ Tablescape Thursday: For this Tablescape Thursday, … [Read more...]

Historic Swiss Ski Cabin Renovation & Restoration

Welcome to the 192nd Metamorphosis Monday! How was your weekend?   Do anything fun?  Are you enjoying these beautiful fall days or do you live in an area where spring is just getting underway?  It's been really pretty here in Atlanta.  I spent the weekend going out to eat and to the movies with a friend.   Then I worked on a little project, a project I hope to share soon. For this Metamorphosis … [Read more...]

6 Autumn Tablescapes

Welcome to the 209th Tablescape Thursday! Thanks so, so much for all your supportive comments yesterday.  A special thanks to all the dear-hearts who signed up for the BNOTP RSS feed, e-mails and "Liked" BNOTP on Facebook.  I feel so blessed to have you here reading.  I've said it before and it's still true. You are the very best part of BNOTP!   Appreciate you so much! Autumn is in the Air I'm just … [Read more...]

On a Balcony in Switzerland

Welcome to the 206th Tablescape Thursday! Thanks so much for all your comments on yesterday's post.  I haven't had a chance to reply to the questions left in the comments, since that post went up so late last night, but I'll definitely be doing that today. For this week's Tablescape Thursday, we're jetting off to Switzerland to dine on my friend, Cornelia's wonderful balcony.  It's always such a treat … [Read more...]

A Garden Table Setting

Welcome to the  197th Tablescape Thursday! For this Tablescape Thursday, we're flying off to Switzerland to dine with Cornelia in her beautiful garden.   Cornelia created this table a few weeks ago for a special occasion.  Cornelia wrote, "Today we celebrate Ascension in Switzerland." "I created a tablescape, a fresco using mostly China from the German Manufactory Nymphenburg.  This is the view … [Read more...]

Dining on the Balcony, Table Setting with Lomonosov Porcelain

Welcome to the 192nd Tablescape Thursday! For this Tablescape Thursday, we'll be dining on my friend, Cornelia's beautiful balcony in Switzerland. The view is wonderful from here! Cornelia, please tell us all about the china you've chosen for this beautiful table setting here on the balcony.  Cornelia shared, "The theme is mainly based on the predominating porcelain, the Russian Lomonosov … [Read more...]

Table Setting with Spode, Chinese Rose

Welcome to the 190th Tablescape Thursday! Greetings!  For this week's Tablescape Thursday, we're stopping by Cornelia's beautiful home in Switzerland.  Recently, Cornelia prepared a wonderful table setting to share with friends and family for Good Friday. Cornelia said, "I set the table with Spode’s Chinese Rose.  Chinese Rose is the most popular and long-lived of all Spode patterns, and is derived … [Read more...]

The Matterhorn, Switzerland in Winter

Welcome to the 162nd Metamorphosis Monday! Greetings!  Hope you had a wonderful weekend! For this Metamorphosis Monday, I have an outdoor "Before and After."  Cornelia, who lives in Switzerland and sometimes shares a lovely tablescape for Tablescape Thursday, recently shared some amazing photos with me.  They are of the mountain cabin she and her husband own in Switzerland.  Cornelia told me during … [Read more...]

Dining in the Conservatory

Welcome to the 179th Tablescape Thursday! Greetings!  For this Tablescape Thursday, we've been invited to dine in the Conservatory.   Doesn't that sound wonderful?   Hope you have your passport handy because we'll be traveling to Switzerland this evening for dinner in Cornelia's beautiful home. Come on in...Cornelia has everything ready. Notice the gorgeous inlay around the apron of the … [Read more...]

Christmas Tree Lit with Real Candles

I know Christmas is behind us, but I just had to share these wonderful photographs of Cornelia's, gorgeous tree.  Cornelia lives in Switzerland and each year she decorates her tree in a traditional way, using real candles.  Wait until you see the photos of it all aglow in candlelight!  It truly is breathtaking!The decorating process takes Cornelia many hours, usually 15-16.  The … [Read more...]

August 2011: A Look in the Rear-View Mirror

Thanks so much for sharing your fave decorating and design books in the comments on this morning's post. I love the fantasy "Buttonchief7" shared in her comment. Made me laugh! I think I have the same fantasy. Here's a little recap of all the events here at BNOTP for the month of August, complete with links in case you missed a post or would just like to revisit it. Thanks so much for visiting and … [Read more...]

Mixing Herend for a Garden Table Setting

Welcome to the 158th Tablescape Thursday! A few years ago I attended an historic home tour that was by far, the very best home tour I've ever been on.  It was in Newnan, Georgia and was sponsored by The Georgia Trust.  If you ever have an opportunity to go on one of their home tours, be sure to go.  They are well organized and the homes are always absolutely amazing! On this particular Newnan tour, we … [Read more...]

Easter Breakfast Table Setting with Royal Copenhagen, Musselmalet

Welcome to the 152nd Tablescape Thursday! Earlier in the spring, Cornelia had a ladies breakfast in her beautiful home in Switzerland.   It was near Easter and she created a gorgeous table setting for the event. Cornelia said, "I had an Invitation this morning.   I invited 5 ladies for breakfast and had a Royal Copenhagen, Musselmalet tablescape. " "The Musselmalet is also known as Blue … [Read more...]

Blue & White Tablescape with Meissen Onion

Welcome to the148th Tablescape Thursday! For this Tablescape Thursday, I'm so excited to share a beautiful table setting created by my friend, Cornelia. Cornelia lives in Switzerland and she recently had a very special, formal dinner event. I rarely entertain formerly so it was exciting to see Cornelia's beautiful table and to hear about this special occasion. Have I mentioned lately how much I love … [Read more...]

A Beautiful Limoges Table Setting

Welcome to the 145th Tablescape Thursday! Welcome Friends! We're jetting off to Switzerland this evening for dinner with our friend, Cornelia. It's always such a treat to have dinner here in Cornelia's beautiful dining room. Cornelia has set a lovely table for us this evening! The tablecloth and napkins are by Le Jacquard Francais. Salad plate is Limoges by Raynaud & Co. The … [Read more...]

Dining in the Garden

Welcome to the 142nd Tablescape Thursday! Happy Tablescape Thursday! Our friend, Cornelia, has invited us all for dinner in her beautiful garden in Switzerland. Don't you just love the romantic feel of the wisteria climbing up the back of her home. We will be dining this evening surrounded in the fragrance of lovely flowers. It's a perfect day to be out in the garden. The tall hedge … [Read more...]

A Beautiful Herend and Royal Copenhagen Tablescape

Welcome to the 136th Tablescape Thursday! Rain, rain, go AWAY. Come again another day. On second thought, don't come back for a few weeks. We are water logged here in Georgia. How is it in your part of the country? I am seriously craving some sunshine. Fortunately, my friend, Cornelia sent some all the way from Switzerland via a lovely table setting.  Welcome to Cornelia's beautiful dining … [Read more...]

Spring and Easter Inspiration for Your Decor

While we continue enjoying all the wonderful tablescapes linked for yesterdays Tablescape Thursday, I wanted to share a little spring and Easter decorating my friend, Cornelia has been doing. Cornelia lives in Switzerland and loves to collect exquisite pieces to decorate with for the seasons and holidays. I love how she used branches to display her collection of beautiful ornaments and Easter decor. … [Read more...]

A Christmas Tablescape and a Candlelit Tree

Welcome to the 123rd Tablescape Thursday! Happy Tablescape Thursday! I hope your week has been going great. I haven't even started to think about taking down all the decorations...not looking forward to that job. Before we say goodbye to Christmas completely, I'm excited to share Cornelia's tree all aglow with real candlelight in her home in Switzerland a few days ago. You may recall from THIS post, … [Read more...]

Christmas Tree Illuminated with Real Candles

Welcome to the 100th Metamorphosis Monday! Wow! Can you believe it's the 100th Metamorphosis Monday?! Thanks so much for coming along on this fun journey with me week after week. Can't wait to see what the next 100 Met Mondays will bring. Metamorphosis Monday: Christmas in Switzerland Each year Cornelia and her family head out into the beautiful forest of Switzerland along with a forester. They … [Read more...]

German Christmas Pyramids

German Christmas Pyramids: Have you ever seen those tall, multi-tiered Christmas pieces with the little figures on each level? Often there are candles surrounding them and and they spin around and around. I've seen them over the years and knew they were usually made in Germany...but that was about the extent of what I knew. It turns out they are actually called German Christmas Pyramids. Cornelia who … [Read more...]

A Tablescape Celebrating Autumn’s Bounty

Welcome to the 114th Tablescape Thursday! I've been working on a tablescape this week out on the porch...the weather here has been in the 70's all week! Love it! But, the last few days have been raining...not great for taking pics to share. Fortunately, Cornelia recently sent some great pics of a wonderful tablescape she's created in celebration of the autumn season. It's always such a treat when … [Read more...]

Antique Forget-Me-Not Book

Hi Everyone! In the midst of all my computer "stuff", I've been acutely aware of what today is...a day we will not soon forget. So today I'm sharing a beautiful book that's over 100 years old and is ALL about not forgetting. Cornelia, whose beautiful tablescape was featured last Tablescape Thursday, recently came across an amazing find...a Forget-Me-Not book.   Have you ever seen or … [Read more...]

A Garden Party with Meissen, Deutsche Blume

Welcome to the 107th Tablescape Thursday! Have I told you lately how much I LOVE...I mean reallllly love Tablescape Thursday? When would we ever have an opportunity to see so many beautiful collections of exquisite, delightful...sometimes even whimsical...china, crystal and flatware if you didn't stop by and link your amazing tablescapes here each week?! This week we are international travelers, … [Read more...]

Beautiful "Rote Rose" by Meissen

Welcome to the 104th Tablescape Thursday! Tablescape Thursday: For this week's Tablescape Thursday, we are international travelers again...jetting off to Switzerland to view beautiful china, crystal and silver in a most exquisite setting...Cornelia's beautiful home. Cornelia recently had a tea party with some dear friends. The children were invited for this special affair and I know everyone … [Read more...]

Whimsical Le Ballon by Villeroy & Boch

Welcome to the 101st Tablescape Thursday! 67. What is that number? That's how many knock-down gorgeous tablescapes I have visited so far, from our 100th Tablescape Thursday celebration last week. :) As you can see, I'm still have quite a few more to go...and I WILL visit each lovely link. If I haven't been by your blog yet, I'm coming! Unfortunately, some folks are not using permalinks...big … [Read more...]

Saxon Flower by Royal Copenhagen

Welcome to the 93rd Tablescape Thursday! Hello, sweet friends! How was your day? I hope you are well rested because we are jetting off to Switzerland this evening. You did bring your passport, right? Cornelia is welcoming us back into her home for an evening of dining in her wonderful conservatory. I see she has lit the candelier for us... Cornelia shared wonderful information about all the … [Read more...]

A Fish Tale for Tablescape Thursday

A Fish Tale: Cornelia is inviting us back into her beautiful home, and this time she is sharing a fabulous ocean/seafood inspired tablescape. This whimsical table is a delight to view! So, grab a cup of coffee and a yummy scone...or perhaps a hushpuppy would be more in order.   Sit back, relax and enjoy! Love all the light coming in through the windows... Lovely chandelier... Your … [Read more...]

Your Blue Hour Pictures

Welcome to the 69th Metamorphosis Monday! Metamorphosis Monday: Last Met Monday, I shared a metamorphosis of the sky as it goes from daylight to evening to the Blue Hour. If you aren't sure what the "blue hour is" click HERE to read last week's MM post. Many of you were excited to capture your own blue hour pics. Thanks for sending those pics my way so I could share them with BNOTP readers … [Read more...]

Dining Amidst the Tulips and Wisteria:

Welcome to the 89th Tablescape Thursday! It's time for Tablescape Thursday! Do you have your passport? What? Well, run go get it because we are jetting off to Switzerland this evening! :-) Cornelia has planned a special evening for you...we are all dining in her beautiful garden! The spring season in Switzerland is running just a few weeks behind our spring here in the southeast. The tulips and … [Read more...]

Dining in the Conservatory with Royal Copenhagen, Blue Flower

Welcome to the 87th Tablescape Thursday! Tablescape Thursday: I'm soooo happy to be sharing another gorgeous tablescape today with you that's coming all the way from Switzerland! Dear Cornelia graciously agreed to invite us into another one of the wonderful rooms in her beautiful home. Today we will be dining in the conservatory.  I love saying that word...conservatory. I've always LOVED conservatories … [Read more...]

Beautiful Nymphenburg Tablescape

Welcome to the 86th Tablescape Thursday! Hi Everyone! Hope you've had a wonderful Wednesday! When I attended Mercer University in Macon, Georgia, we used to have Wonderful Wednesday every week. On Wednesdays, there were no classes! We were supposed to spend the time studying or attending special lectures, but in truth, most of us slept in and caught up on school work...or goofed off! Follow-up to … [Read more...]