A Beach Themed Table Setting

Welcome to the 196th Tablescape Thursday!

Recently, I embellished a candle holder with aqua-colored seashells.  It  provided the inspiration for this week’s table setting.


We’ve had the most wonderful spring here in Georgia.  Lots of mild days with occasional rains.  Has it been nice where you live, too?  I wish every spring was like this one.


Soft, cool aquas are perfect for a spring/summer table setting. (Press Ctrl + a few times to enlarge all pics in this post. Press Ctrl 0 (zero) to return to normal size.)


I spotted the wine glasses in Pier 1 a couple of months ago and loved the color for a summertime table setting.


The aqua reminds me of summer skies and ocean waves.   The china is from Kohls, four years ago.


Come a bit closer and check out this napkin fold.  It has to be one of the easiest napkin folds ever.


Can you tell what it is?    Yep…a starfish!  My napkin wasn’t very stiff…a starched napkin would probably work a bit better.   I’ll put together a tutorial post for creating this super easy fold real soon.   In the meantime, if you are looking for a great napkin fold for your spring/summer tablescapes, check under the “Tablescape” category at the top of the blog.   You’ll find the Napkin Folding category there and there’s a cute sailboat napkin fold linked there.

Oops, forgot to take a pic of the starfish salad plate.  If you would like to see it a bit better, check out this previous beach themed table setting.  I used them in that table setting, too.

I had lots of shells left over when I embellished this candle holder. (You’ll find the tutorial showing how I attached the shells to the candle holder in this post: Decorate a Lantern with Shells


I used some of those left over shells to decorate the stems of the wine glasses, too.  I drilled a teeny hole in the top of each shell, just as I did for this previous Beach/Seaside Table Decoration.  Then I just ran some jute thread through the holes and tied them to the stems of the glasses.  Here’s how they look decorated with three shells.


And here’s how they look with a single shell adorning the glass.  I alternated the three-shell and single-shell look around the table.

The iced beverage glasses in this table setting were only $1 each from Dollar Tree last summer.  They are covered with the cutest Adirondack chairs.  Can you see it now?  Adirondack chairs painted in bright summer colors, all lined up along the beach.  I chose a bright yellow one to sit in…what color did you choose?  We are totally relaxed, sipping our cool drinks while ocean waves lap at our toes and salty breezes kiss our faces.  Here, let me freshen up your drink.  One cherry or two? 🙂


A closer view of the shell decorated stems…


While taking pics of this table setting, I heard a loud buzzing sound.  I know that sound!  I looked behind me and there he was…a cute little hummingbird buzzing around under the pergola, looking for the feeder I usually hang from the outdoor chandelier each spring.  It’s amazing how they remember where the feeders were in previous years and come back to dine.  I stopped taking pics and ran inside to mix up some nectar.  You can see the feeder hanging there in the background.  I’m not sure if he ever came back.  I hope he did.  I love watching them through the kitchen bay window and from the porch.  (Pssst: I made a video of a hummingbird feeding at the that feeder back in August 2010.  Just click on the link in the above paragraph to view the video.)


A few final views of this table setting…


Now that I’m finally using my camera in the manual setting, I love playing around with the aperture, honing the focus in on one portion of the table while blurring the rest.   The photo below was taken with my D7000, an AF-S Nikkor 35mm 1.8G lens, ISO set at 100, aperture at f1.8 and exposure time was 1/60 second.  I absolutely love this 35mm lens for photographing table settings.   Really lets in so much light!


Getting darker now…


A couple of evening views..


Do you have a beach trip planned?  Go ahead…make me insanely jealous!


Looking forward to all the beautiful tables settings for this Tablescape Thursday!


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  1. Funny how we can pick one color and a theme is born! I love this shade of blue and the napkins are the color of sand! Love the napkin fold! I have to look at Dollar General for these glasses, I bet they were a steal! Very pretty and charming! You did a wonderful job with the candle and the wine glasses.


  2. beautiful table Susan. I love the shell detail on the wine glasses. It looks so fresh and cool and anyone would smile and enjoy dinner in that setting.

  3. Susan, thank you so much for hosting 🙂 … got a bit carried away today and posted three blog entries. Hope you don’t mind 🙂 Gorgeous table setting!! Love the blue!
    Greetings from Australia♥

  4. Une table magnifique… Une ambiance très vacances! ! J’aime beaucoup … très raffiné et très frais.
    gros bisous

  5. What a refreshingly beautiful post…..how I wish we were in summer now….
    I love turquoise and anything about the sea.
    We are freezing in the South at the moment.
    PS Your blog is truly gorgeous. You were my first inspiration for blogging.

  6. Susan, I agree that our spring has been very mild this year – in other words, we have had a spring! I always love to see how you personalize your tables! The starfish-shaped napkins are so creative and I will be stealing that idea!! The blues are lovely and remind me of beach glass. Congratulations on your move and thanks for hosting. You need to write a post on “How She Does it All”!!

  7. Lorraine says

    I really love this table! Those glasses are gorgeous and that IS a fantastic summer color. We have a little hummingbird too but I can’t capture a picture of him! We have had a great Spring here in Va too….I can’t remember in a long time when it was so nice and pleasant in June….it’s usually already hot, hot hot!
    Blessings, Lorraine

  8. I don’t have a table to share this week but I just love the color combination that you choose above. Nothing evokes beach more then that blue!

  9. The most amazing sea and sky colors. I am taking note for my new southern home in September.

  10. The aqua blue is perfect for a beach themed tablescape – I love the adirondak glasses and that they came from the Dollar General – how cool is that. I too have been thoroughly enjoying our unusually mild spring weather. I open the front and the back doors – turn on a fan – and allow the fresh cool air inside – heavenly!
    I appreciate you being a gracious hostess!

  11. I think this is one of my all time favorite table settings that you have done over the years!

    The starfish napkin, color palette, darling drinking glasses~ wow, wow and WOW!

  12. I love the blue glasses and shell plates. Such a pleasant summer feel! I am going to the beach and am excited to be with my family. Funny, I had a beach- shell tablescape all ready for today and you surprised me with a beach theme too.

  13. So beautiful! I just love that color blue and you have found so many treasures with it. Glad to hear you are having a lovely spring. We have hit summer and oh, I am not ready for it! Loved looking at this table, imagining being by the sea!

  14. Love your beach theme setting. So pretty! Sweet Lady, I wish I just had half of the beautiful table settings that you must own! WOW! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  15. Thank you so much for hosting this wonderful party today! Your table is so pretty it actually made me sigh 🙂 The blues are amazing!


  16. Thank you for sharing this seaside inspired tablescape and hosting another wonderful week of inspiration! I love turquoise and the beach, and will definitely be trying something new this summer. Blessings!

  17. Hi Susan, With the exception of one tremendous heat wave we are having a very cool, rainy season in New England. My peonies were wiped out by the rains of the last few days, but I do like the cool air so I’m not complaining! Love your pretty beach setting–my weakness! Your new blog design is clean and beautiful. Have a wonderful day. Linda

  18. Susan, I’m walking out the door to spend a few days at my cousin’s beach house, so this is inspiration for my visit. Perhaps my cousin will let me play with her dishes and set a table. 😉 Love the aqua color! Thanks for hosting.

  19. Kathleen says

    Beautiful table, Susan. I love the candle holder you made!
    The glasses are adorable! I would buy those, they would be cute for here. No Dollar General though! 🙁
    Thanks for hosting!

  20. Hi Susan,
    Isn’t aqua wonderful in to sooth the heat of the summer???Your table is gorgeous, and I LOVE those starfish plates!
    Have a fun weeks end,
    Big Hugs,

  21. Chubby and Chique says

    Hi dear Susan,

    Congrats for jumping in the WordPress and now it is working. YAHOOOOOO §;-)

    Now, I really am drooling with you turqouise treasures.

    Honestly, I just received my first turqouise wine glasses and tea set yesterday and I even purchase shells & jute rope for my TS
    Next week… I am desperately in need of a beachy mood. Sweden is still cold and we only have rain since Spring.

    I might do a half copycat §:-) and link your post in case, I don’t change my plans.

    Happy TS, dear Susan and enjoy the rest of the w/end.

    Hugs from Stockholm,

  22. As usual, beautiful table setting. Love the square shell plates and what an awesome job you did on the design of the glasses with the shells. Just lovely!

  23. Absolutely love all the crafty things you did with your seashells! All that’s missing is the surf rolling in in the background. I love the links of other bloggers – great way to get fresh ideas.

  24. I simply love your porch! The pretty beachy accessories are perfect! Love that blue.

  25. Vickie H. says

    Love these cool aqua blues! Beautiful job adorning with the shells!!! You didn’t mention where you found that PERFECT flatware…would love to know! I just ordered 12 place settings of the most wonderful “bamboo-look” flatware from Target online! Great price and stainless steel too…Horchow had it but theirs was CHROME and I did NOT want chrome flatware….stainless 18/10 at the very least! Can’t wait for it to arrive! Thank you for sharing your wonderful ideas!

    • Thanks, Vickie! I’m pretty sure it came from Kohl’s. I believe I bought it when I purchased the beachy china at Kohls about 4 years ago. You are going to enjoy the bamboo flatware! I use mine a lot.

  26. I was curious as to where you purchased the turquoise flatware. I have turquoise glasses that would look great with your flatware. How on earth you get so much done I can’t imagine. There must be more hours in your day or you just use your time much more wisely. Love your blog. Beautiful tablescape.

    • Phylis, I found that so many years ago…I think it was in Kohls…pretty sure it was Kohls. I wish there were more hours in my day! Let’s just say I haven’t been getting a lot of sleep lately. But that should improve soon. 🙂

  27. -Brenda- (aka mrsben) says

    Perrrrrrrrrrrrrrrfection! Lovely tablescape and sooooooooooo haaaaaaaaaaaaaapy for you that the worse part of moving your Blog is behind you. Now you can relax a bit and really enjoy that beautiful weather you are having. Wish I could say the same, however our weather on the whole has sporadically been terrible with warm and cold days intermixed with lots of rain. That little ‘hummer’ is way too cute and thanks for sharing him.

  28. Your seashell embellishments are really cute! I saw that color in the goblets at the beach, but I can’t find them here in Bham — kicking myself! Were your shells blue or did you paint them?

  29. Entertaining women says

    This color story always makes me so happy…just lovely. I’ve been wanting aqua stems, but I had forgotten about Pier One…I’ll have to mosey on over to the store. How did I miss that you’re now using the D7000. Don’t you just love it. I pretty much carry mine with me everywhere that I go. I’ll check out the 35 mm lens. You get marvelous results with it. Thanks again for hosting us. I know that you must be relieved to have the great transfer completed. The site looks glorious. Cherry Kay

  30. Entertaining women says

    Me again. I meant to tell you to check out the Hoya Pro 1 Circular Polarizing filter, if you don’t already have it…spectacular results with outdoor shots. Cherry Kay

  31. As usual, one of my favourite themes Susan. Love the way you attached the shells to the bottom of the wine glass, must add that one to my theme in the gazebo. I wish we had your weather though, have had so much rain lately.
    Love, love, love this new *home*. Now I know why you persevered so much to *hop* over.
    Thanks for hosting.

  32. Glad I stopped here as I see this super gorgeous and sophisticated tablescape… Though I was late when I came across this blog as many have already commented here but I wanna express my compliment in making this table. You have done it right once again as your table is very beautiful. Can’t resist the color combinations that you made here – perfect!

  33. Beautiful, soft colors! One of my favorite table settings.

  34. Ann s Mindicino says

    This is what I don’t understand and you post it every Thursday. Is it just for other bloggers? Is there any reason for me (follow; don’t blog) to do this and could you help me figure it out. thank you, ann
    Tablescape Thursday, click HERE.

    Please Read:
    If you are participating in Tablescape Thursday, please be sure to add your permalink below, and not your general blog address. To get your permalink, click on your post name, then just copy and paste the address that shows up in the address bar, into the “url” box when you link up.

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    If you would like to use the Tablescape Thursday logo button in your post, just copy and paste it to your computer and upload it to your post as you would any photo.

    Please, don’t add your post name/blog name ALL IN CAPS…it tends to create big spaces between the rows of links. Thanks!

    Let’s try something fun today! Please visit the person who linked before you and after you…that way everyone will get some visits. Hope you’ll visit more, of course.

    Welcome to our Tablescape Thursday party!

    • Hi Ann,
      Just click on the “Other” category at the top of BNOTP and under that category you’ll find a link that explains about the blog party, Tablescape Thursday. You do need a blog in order to link up. All the ladies who have linked up are bloggers. Of course anyone can click on the links and visit the blogs and enjoy their beautiful table settings. No blog needed to visit and enjoy. 🙂
      TT is a Blog Party and the only way you can really participate and show pics of a table is by having a blog on which to post your pictures. Then you can link up your blog and folks will visit. It’s super easy to start a blog on Blogger…lots of folks do it just so they can participate in various blog parties. They are a lot of fun! Click on my DIY, Blogging category at the top of BNOTP. Under that category, you’ll find a post called Blogging Secrets and in there I mention where you can go to start a Blogger blog. Or, you can hire a person to set one up for you, but it’s super easy to do on Blogger.

      • Ann s Mindicino says

        Thank you, Susan; now I understand. I do “guest blog” for a friend and I will share this with her and decide how to proceed. I like blogging but don’t want to make the commitment and if you do it right (like you do) it is a big commitment. Congrats on the move and thanks for explaining this so clearly and promptly. ann

  35. Very pretty table in aqua and sand. Very summery too. I’m having enough of this 90 degree weather around here…wish I was back home with my spring kind of weather. Thanks for hosting lovely lady.

  36. Can I just eat dinner at your house? I’ll bring the food if you’ll just set the table! This has to be my favorite setting that you’ve ever done.

  37. Love those aqua glasses. Just so pretty!

  38. Susan, I love your Tablescape Thursdays! And this weeks beachy blue theme is just stunning!

  39. Susan,
    The glasses are adorable, beautfull table, Everything you post!
    Congratulations and tks for sharing!
    Love from Brasil

  40. Love your beach table! Thanks for hosting.

  41. I love aqua! And what darling napkin folds!

  42. So inviting and fresh – what time is lunch! I would love to know where you found the aqua wine glasses??? I’ve been searching for months. Thank you!

  43. Love that beach theme table scape! The candle completes the look. So timeless. You have wonderful taste. I find seashells never get old when you decorate a table and I love to just put candles in a bowl of shells and have a romantic dinner. You lesson in napkin folding will help me remember you each time I make one. Thanks you for sharing.

  44. Congrats on the move…and getting everything sorted out. Sounds like a chore but one worthwhile once you’re done.

    Love the aqua table…so fresh and calming.

    I’m so excited…my sister has located a hutch very similar to yours for me to makeover. I’m picking it up this weekend so I will be pouring over your post on how you refinished yours. Thanks for the inspiration and the tutorial.

    Hope you can catch up on your sleep soon!

  45. Susan, The aqua with your white porch is just stunning. I love those wine glasses and the added shells. This table is wonderful in the candlelight. Thanks so much for hosting. Dianne

  46. I love the indoor/outdoor setting and the cool aqua color. The table looks gorgeous with the candlelight and those starfish napkins are perfect. Thank you for hosting. I have linked up my informal sit-down dinner.

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