Your Fruity Coconut Drink Awaits

Welcome to the 408th Tablescape Thursday!

Last November I joined The Property Brothers and a couple thousand of my closest friends for Drew and Jonathan’s first ever Sailing with the Scotts Cruise.

View of Miami from Cruise Ship, Sailing With The Scotts


It was a blast meeting Drew and Scott and they are just as nice in person as they are on TV. Try to ignore my completely starstruck face! lol

Drew Scott, Sailing With The Scotts Cruise


It had been a very long time since I’d taken a cruise. Last time I was on a cruise was in, uhh–never mind the year, 😉 and I had just graduated from high school!

Carnival Cruise, TSS Mardi Gras


Cruises can be noisy, crowded places, especially out on the decks. Each day we got a little rain, but the storms were always the kind you don’t mind because they only lasted a few minutes. Once they were over, they always left plenty of beautiful sunshine behind.

After one of those mini-storms, I found the top deck completely empty and sat down to enjoy all that quietness with a fruity drink. It turned out to be one of the best moments of the trip. It was so peaceful sitting and gazing out across the deep, blue ocean while sipping from a drink that looked like a lost prop from a beach movie.

Fruity Drink Served in Coconut Shell


But what made that moment really unforgettable was the double rainbow that suddenly appeared. I stood up and walked back to get this photo for you, you can still see my drink on the table where I had been sitting.

Two Rainbows seen out on the ocean on the way to Key West


Love these unexpected gifts from nature!

Second Rainbow is forming


The double rainbow stretched all the way across, it was stunning and these pictures snapped with my cell phone do not really do it justice.

Single Rainbow Became a Double Rainbow


I knew I had to bring back this silly coconut to remember that special moment. I was amazed to discover it wasn’t made of plastic or resin but was a real hollowed-out coconut! Inside was a tall, skinny, plastic cup. I envisioned sipping a cold drink from it some hot, summer night out on the porch.

How fun it would be to bring back two, then I could enjoy a drink on the porch with a friend, both of us sipping from our monkey-face, coconut shells. Before the cruise ended, I purchased one more fruity drink.

Party Drink in a Coconut Shell


On the last day of the cruise as I packed my suitcase to head back home, I figured that there was no way the coconuts were going to make it home. I still vividly remembered the grilling I got in the Atlanta airport when I brought back six, hand-carved, wooden animals from Africa last September for my grandson. What an experience that was! If the hollowed-out coconut shells didn’t shatter from being tossed around by the baggage handlers, I figured my suitcase would never make it pass TSA.

Imagine you’re a TSA agent and you’re sipping your coffee and peering into your computer x-ray screen when a suitcase passes through containing two large, round balls. Inside each of these big round objects, you see a long, skinny cylinder. Yeah. Just imagine how that would look on the TSA scanners! If I were that TSA agent, I would have probably called in the bomb squad and had that suitcase dispatched!

I was so happy when my suitcase appeared on the baggage carousel in the Atlanta airport. I was even happier when I got home and opened my suitcase to discover two intact, smiling, coconut monkeys still bidding me, “Have Fun.”

Party Drink in a Coconut Shell


Come on, Friend! Let’s have a little dinner out here on the deck.

Summer Dining on the Deck


Listen! I think I hear the ocean waves now! 🙂

Beach Themed Table for Summer Dining


The last time I hung this whimsical sign here, I placed netting over the window behind it.

Beach Table Setting for Two, Summer Dining


Do you remember this table? (Table below can be viewed here: Sand, Sea and Surf Table)

Beach Coastal Tablescape


This time I used the netting as part of the tablecloth.

Whimsical Beach Themed Table for Two


I think I found this cute sign in Marshall’s one year. I love it because it looks like she’s pining away for the lifeguard and has run him off from his stand. Or, maybe she’s eagerly awaiting his arrival! lol

No Talking to the Lifeguard Beach Sign_wm


Nautical Beach Table for Two


The starfish napkin rings are a DIY project from a while back and you’ll find the tutorial to make them here: DIY Starfish Napkin Rings

DIY Starfish Napkin Rings


Salad plates don’t have a hallmark or brand name on the back, they just say “World Market” which is where I found them several years ago. Notice the coral design in the background of the salad plate.

Crab and Coral Plate from World Market


I love how it mimics the design we see in the dinner plate. I love pairing these salads with these dinner plates even though they didn’t come together. Can’t remember where I found the dinner plates, probably Marshall’s. Unfortunately, they only had three but I liked them so much I purchased those three hoping to find three more later on. They are marked “Effetti d’Arte” on the back and are signed, “Tiffani” on the front.

Effetti d'Arte Coral and Blue Plates, Design by Tiffani


I tucked straws covered in little red crabs into our fruity, coconut drinks. Straws are from Marshall’s a few years ago.

Summer Table with Fruity Coconut Drinks


I love this silly shark flatware! It’s available for purchase and is on sale here Shark Flatware. I think I found it HERE when I purchased it, but not sure if it’s still available now.

Shark Flatware for Beach or Lake House


The knife has a fin on top so it looks so cute when displayed turned up.

Whimsical FishStix Shark Flatware


In addition to the fin on the top, the knife also has the shark face etched into the surface. The serrated part of the knife looks like teeth! lol Just love the whimsy behind this flatware!

Shark Flatware for Lake Houses and Boats


Do you have a beach trip planned? I can’t believe how fast summer is passing!

Summer Dining on the Deck


Looking forward to all the beautiful tablescapes shared for this week’s Tablescape Thursday!

Tablescape Thursday


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  1. Woo hoo, I am the first links! I love the coconuts and your table looks great! I noticed it looks like there is a rope looking banding on the dinner plate! The napkins are the perfect color! Thanks again for hosting, Susan. Have a great weekend. I bet that grandson of yours is growing like a weed!!!

    • Thanks, Pinky! Good eyes, it does have a rope design around the outer edge. I’m visiting with them, too…we’ve been blowing bubbles with a bubble machine and playing in the water. lol Feels good in this heat.

  2. Thanks so much for hosting Tablescape Thursdays! I look forward to it each week. Your tablescape this morning was so fun and Summery! I love the plates and flatware. I’m still thinking about buying the adorable bumblebee flatware you showcased last week. I hope that you have a wonderful weekend!!!

  3. So much fun Susan, you brought the cruise home with you to re enjoy any time you want! I am crazy over that shark flatware, I just might have to get some! Thanks for the party today

  4. Maggie Amis says

    Adorable – love the “fish” silverware….

  5. Hi Susan,

    What a beautiful table setting! I have to tell you, your blog has been a wonderful diversion for me the past 13 days. I had to fly to Atlanta on July 2nd as my son was admitted to the hospital with pancreatitis. Surgery was three days ago and we are now working on day 13 in the hospital. I am quickly learning this whole area as I drive around Cobb county looking for the grocery store and the hospital :):)
    So, thank you again! When this is all said and done, I might actually get to the Classy Flea!

    • Susan, I’m so glad it’s provided some entertainment during what sounds like a stressful time. Hope your son is getting better and stronger with each passing day. Sending him a ton of get well wishes!
      I just visited A Classy Flea a couple of days ago and saw some really tempting things.

  6. Susan, love your travel story and of course, your beautiful table! Thanks for hosting! Pam @ Everyday Living

  7. Love the post-high school picture … we must be about the same vintage because my high school prom dress was that exact style but a green tropical fabric. And I wore my hair long and straight just like yours in the picture. Although I spent HOURS with large rollers and a curling iron giving it body and just a bit of curl on the ends.
    Fun to remember!

    • Leslie, I remember those big rollers! I used to take large chunks of my hair and wrap it around sponge rollers, do you remember those? lol I would sleep with those in overnight and wake up with big waves in my hair. I remembering loving that dress in the picture. A friend who had been on a cruise the year before loaned it to me to wear.

  8. Oh yes, we may need to nickname you “The Traveler”! That’s great that you brought back momentos from the high seas. I can’t wait to find out where you are going next!

    • lol I don’t know what’s gotten into me but I’m always planning another trip these days. I’m obsessing lately over Greece but I’m afraid I’ll have to wait until next year. Do you like to travel, Jan? Where would you want to go next?

  9. I always love hearing your travel stories and this table is so cute! Thanks for the party and have a fun weekend. The Pina Colada” song is running through my head right now, LOL!

  10. Enticing little spot for two. And that netting adds the perfect texture. Were there cupcakes on the menu? I bet there were! (in a cupcake mood; trying to resist).

  11. I don’t have a beach travel planned, but for the 1st time Iam going across the pond for a trip to England and Ireland.
    We will see castles instead of sand castles. Does that count?

  12. Those are fabulous and gigantic and I am so glad they survived! We hadn’t been on a cruise for years either and took another one two years ago! Definitely ready to go again.
    I love the picture of you after you had graduated – especially the guy with the ruffled shirt and mustache! That was how hubby dressed for our first few cruises – even rented the tuxes! Haha! Love it!

  13. ruth E. Rupp says

    Hi Susan, I typed in – – ( a replacement dishes web site) to see if they had your Effete d’Arte plates,and the identical plates came up on their screen. It said to type in if you want them to look for the plates. Thought you would like to know. Always enjoy your gorgeous tablescapes, wonderful ideas, and travels. Ruthie in Minnesota

  14. Stunning rainbow! I have taken so many cruises but never once saw a rainbow out there. Lucky you! Your coastal tablescape is also very pretty….Christine

  15. I love to read stories behind the post! Thank you for sharing this one and the wondeful rainbow photos. My girls love coconut milk straight from the coconut which we buy occasionally. They would enjoy these!

  16. I love your creative table inspired by your cruise Susan! Those coconut shells make me chuckle! Beautiful double rainbow too 🙂

  17. Love your photos and your story about the coconuts, Susan. :0)

    I’m thinking the TSA screener might have at first thought there were two decapitated heads in your suitcase—LOL!!!

    Whenever we travel overseas, we always have a dilemma about what kind of souvenirs we should pack in our suitcases, ship via mail/DHL, or haul with us in carry-on. I’m always reading about baggage-handler thieves who routinely steal from checked baggage, so we rarely put anything of value in our checked bags. When we were in Ronda Spain, we bought some really pretty pottery plates for about 60 Euros, but DHL wanted 450 Euros to ship the plates to the U.S.!!! So that time we carried these rather large and heavy plates in our carry-on bags. It was very stressful, but the plates made it unscathed.

    Again, thanks for sharing. Love your tablescape and the coconuts. :0)

  18. The only thing I love more that a pretty table is eating at a pretty table. I just had a great dinner (roast turkey & fresh squash) so now I will look at your table. I got stopped in Maui for a bottle of nail polish wrapped in a plastic bag in my bag. The USDA said that it looked like an onion so the took my luggage apart.

  19. Marlene Stephenson says

    So cute and a nice table setting. Looks yummy and fun. I hope you don’t mind me asking what kind of plants are there in your pots in the back ground? Thanks Susan.

    • Thanks, Marlene! Those are the Portulaca I originally had in the tiered planter I made in this post:
      I discovered when the flowers die, they shrivel up and fall off, so I was constantly having to clean up after it every day. Plus, they seemed to need more light than they were getting on the porch. So I put them in my outdoor pots since I had never bought any plants for those this year. That way when the flowers fall off, it will be outside. lol
      The larger plants on either side are the hibiscus I wintered over. I didn’t realize I was supposed to cut them back and the branches got really long and leggy. So I finally broke down and cut them back, so they are super short now.

  20. You haven’t changed much since that pretty young lady.
    I love cruises and we went to the last one four years ago. Love another soon.
    Thank you for hosting and sharing such a great sea side tablescape.

  21. Jill from Southern New Hampshire says

    Glad you found a nice quiet moment on the deck, Susan. Those monkey cups are adorable! Have you seen the indigo botanical three-quarter sleeve tee from Talbots that has monkeys subtly drawn into the jungle scene? I love everything toile so I just ordered it.

  22. So cute. Cant wait to get a little bistro table for outside to decorate as well as eat and enjoy the weather.

  23. HI Susan, Not sure if you remember me. We met on the Vantage Cruise this past late April on the Tulip tour. It was on the last day of the cruise and I mentioned someone told me that they follow your blog and was excited that you were on the same cruise. So we talked and I had my IPad you signed me up! I have been following you ever since and enjoy all your advice, adventures and the pictures. It was great meeting you!

  24. Julie in NC says

    I love everything about your summer tablescape! The monkey cups and shark flatware add just the right amount of whimsy and fun! When I saw your beach sign, however …my first thought was that SHE is the lifeguard. 😉

  25. Dorinda Selke says

    Hi Susan – Been crazy busy this week so just sat down tonight to catch up on my favorite blogs. What an adorable tablescape this week! Love the coconut monkeys – so fun ! I bet drinks taste even better when served from them. My hubby and I are celebrating our 35th wedding Anniversary by vacationing in the Florida Keys in September. Cannot wait to just get in that warm salt water and relax!! And of course, spiced rum might be involved as well Hugs, Dorinda

  26. Mariellan Morris says

    Susan, I love your BNOP posts! You have such great ideas. I’d love some advice from you…I write a family history blog and my family readers cannot leave comments. I think the comments add so much, and I enjoy reading your readers’ comments. If you know any helpful hints, I would sure appreciate it. I use “Blogspot” though Google if that helps. Thank you so much.

    • Mariellan, I just saw your comment. I had a developer design my website for me and I think the theme that I’m using had comments built into it. I use a Genesis theme.
      Perhaps your theme has comments also, but maybe they just are activated. Every theme is different. I know you left this comment a long time ago, so you may have figured it out by now. Apologize for taking so long to respond.

  27. Kathleen says

    I love the beach sign! I like the fish net on the window, but when you use it on the table it goes with the dinner plates. The shark silverware is so fun, especially the knife. So glad the monkeys survived the trip. Also fun to see you as a teenager…you have not changed much young lady.

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