A Beautiful Beach House That Comes With Its Own Lighthouse!

Imagine buying a beach house and along with it you become part owner of your own lighthouse! See that little light house waaay out there, standing so bravely, a bright shining sentinel to all who sail by. If I read correctly, That’s the Saybrook Breakwater Lighthouse at in Fenwick Point and I believe it’s the lighthouse that’s included with the beautiful home we’re touring today.



The person who purchases this beautiful Victorian home located in Fenwick in Old Saybrook, Connecticut, will also become half owner of the lighthouse! Amazing! Isn’t Fenwick where Katherine Hepburn lived back in the day? I think it was Fenwick.

Beach House, Fenwick, Old Saybrook


As I toured this home, I fell in love with the interior and knew I had to share it with you. It has so much charm and character, lots of great features like the screened porch visible below.  There are also plenty of wonderful attic-style rooms with quirky sloped ceiling, love those! Of course those rooms come with fabulous ocean views! Let’s go inside and take the tour!

Seaside Home in Fenwick, Old Saybrook 03


Notice the design of the front door, so pretty! Lots of beautiful wainscoting here in the entry.

Seaside Home in Fenwick, Old Saybrook


Notice the stone wall, why do you think it’s there? Do you think it’s just a stone feature here in the entry? It almost looks like it has a special purpose for being there with the lanterns on either side. Maybe it was created to have a pretty table in front? It’s kind of looks like the overmantel for a fireplace.

Stone Accent Wall for Seaside-Beach Home


A cozy living room with a beautiful coffered ceiling…

Stacked Rock Fireplace, Seaside Home, Old Saybrook


Love all the window seats in this home! With those views, you know whoever lives here will spend a lot of time sitting and gazing out the windows!

Window Seat Overlooking the Ocean, Fenwick, Old Saybrook


I’m not sure where this room is in the house. I wondered if it could be a seating area off the master bedroom. What do you think?

Catherdral window, Raised Ceiling, Seaside Home, Old Saybrook


Gorgeous kitchen with both marble and wood countertops…the best of both worlds!

White Kitchen, Marble and Wood Countertops, Seaside Home in Fenwick


Love the glass door refrigerator! This is definitely a chef’s kitchen!

Beach Home with beadboard ceiling, Fenwick, Old Saybrook


Oh, there’s that room again, so it’s off the dining area! Love all these fabulous windows. Notice how the windows in the other room don’t have mullions in the lower windows–nothing to obstruct the wonderful views.

Seaside Beacj Home in Fenwick, Old Saybrook


Let’s go up and check out the bedrooms.

Staircase, Seaside Home in Fenwick, Old Saybrook


This is such an amazing room!

Coffered Ceiling, Window Seat in Seaside Home in Fenwick, Old Saybrook


Could you stand to wake up to those views each day? Love the window seat and love that the view through the lower windows is unobstructed.

Window seat for a Seaside Home in Fenwick, Old Saybrook


Fabulous bath! There were too many photos to share them all, but I’ll link to them at the end of the post in case you want to see every little corner of this beautiful home.

Seaside Home with Amazing View, Fenwick, Old Saybrook


Here’s one of the bedrooms that has that fun attic-feel that I love. Cute!

Romantic Attic Bedroom with Window Seat, Seaside Beach Home


Another great bedroom…love the ceilings in here!

Cute Attic Bedrom, Seaside Home


I love that they incorporated one room into the home that has stained walls/woodwork.

Recreational Room for Beach House


The light, painted floor with nautical-compass designs keeps this room from feeling too dark.

Nautical Painted Floor, Beach Home


This is where I’d live, high up here in the screened-in porch. Can you just imagine the ocean breezes!

Screened Porch for Beach House in Connecticut


When the screening isn’t needed, there’s a lovely open porch to enjoy. You can never, ever have too many porches! And that’s the truth! 🙂

Seaside Home with Porch in Connecticut


Fenwick has both an inner and outer lighthouse. I’m guessing the one we see below is the inner lighthouse, while the one we saw earlier is the outer lighthouse. Anyone live in this area or has visited there who knows for sure? I bet this area has an amazing seafaring history since it needed two lighthouses at one time.

Seaside Home in Fenwick, Old Saybrook with Lighthouse


I’ll leave you with this enchanting nighttime view. Look at that gorgeous sky, I bet the sunsets are amazing!

See more of this beautiful home where these photos were found here: Beautiful Seaside Home

Beach-Seaside Home, Fenwick

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  1. Jennifer says

    My family has had a beach cottage in Old Saybrook my whole life (just a little shack!) and the homes in Fenwick are amazing!!!! I take a drive through every time I visit. Thanks for sharing a little corner of my world!

    • That’s awesome, Jennifer! You need to hold onto it. Everyone I know who has had a beach house someplace really special, always regrets it if they ever sell it.

  2. My ancestors are among the founders of Old Saybrook. That was way back in the 17th century. Never been there, however.

  3. If I win the lottery I want to buy this house! Oh, to wake up and not even have to get out of bed to see the ocean!!!!!!!!!!! What a dream! Thanks for shaing this, Susan.

  4. So, so much goodness in one place. Did you notice the small metal handle on the wall under the staircase? Screams Nancy Drew mystery to me 🙂

  5. Sharon by the Lake says

    What an incredible home! The views are stunning! Which brings me to my next point . . . the windowseats. I have never been a fan. We had one in our dining room and it mostly collected stuff and they are not comfortable. I would rather have two comfortable chairs FACING THE WINDOWS so I could see out rather than twisting around to try to take in the view.

    • Sharon, that is a very good point about window seats. It would be cool if you had a place to comfortably lean back, to read a book and look out. Otherwise, chairs would be more practical for facing toward the window. I do love how they look in a room though…not sure why. lol

  6. Glad I don’t have a cool $9 million lying around – I could be tempted to make an offer on this beautiful home.

  7. Lovely home. But I couldn’t take all of that white – guess I’m in the minority . . . . Just too blinding white for me. And I wouldn’t want to share the Lighthouse:)

  8. Laura Tieri says

    How beautiful! I love all the windows & light streaming in!
    It was almost shocking to see the darker wood after scrolling through all the photos of white!

  9. Beautiful! I think the stone wall in the foyer is the back side of a fireplace. You do come up with some amazing houses. Thanks for such a wonderful blog.

  10. Could the stone wall be the backside of the fireplace? Wonderful home. The huge window seats are large enough to lay there and watch the scenery and nap.

  11. Oh my gosh. *Gulp* It is perfect – I think this is the best house you have ever shared – it is PERFECT. I would love to have the money for that incredible home. Just beyond dreams – whew – love love love it.


  12. Susan Petersen says

    I, too, believe the stone wall is the back side of the fireplace. I vaguely remember reading somewhere that this was done to provide warmth for travelers, as they entered the home..

  13. Heather Snively says

    Agree it’s the fireplace wall in foyer. Lovely accent! Agree it is a cook’s kitchen though I doubt the placement of that microwave was done by anyone who cooks, unless of course they are about about 7 feet tall. For all the liquids at boiling I lift out of mine, and frequent use of other two hands vessels I would be scalded or at least a mess. Once you lift it out from the awkward height, there seems to be no immediate place to set it down without turning to the island. Opening for a quick view or stir (looking down at the turntable) would require a step stool for some of us. Still, if that house were gifted me, I would be thrilled even if I never microwaved again! It is a real charmer!!!!!!!

  14. Cyndi Raines says

    It’s just over the top! BEAUTIFUL!! Thanks Susan.

  15. Absolutely beautiful! A real dream house.

  16. Maggie Amis says

    Thank You Susan – Beautiful…..

  17. Love this house………I could move right in!! Wow!

  18. Sandy Park says

    I’m soooooo in love with this house AND it comes with it’s very own Widow’s Walk.

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