A Birthday Present & A Few More of My Favorite Finds

Being a serious handbag lover, I typically purchase a new bag every year or two. Sometimes I purchase it new if I can find it in the color I want, other times I will buy it pre-loved from the only site I really trust for preloved bags, Fashionphile. I like buying from them because if the bag isn’t what you expected once it arrives, you have 30 days from the date of purchase to return it for a full refund. That policy is extremely rare in the pre-loved world! They even pay the shipping both ways, I think.

I am a big fan of Christian Dior handbags; I especially love their Lady Dior bag. I’ve read that it was renamed that after Princess Diana was given one as a gift by France’s First Lady and she loved it so much, she carried it a lot. If you search online for photos of Lady Diana with her Lady Dior bag, you’ll find tons. They come with a strap but she always seemed to hand-carry it.


I finally added a Lady Dior bag to my small handbag collection a few years back, buying it pre-loved at Fashionphile. (See all the Lady Dior bags they currently have in stock here: Lady Dior Bag.)

It was listed in “Excellent” condition and looked brand new when it arrived. I saved a lot, it was almost half of what it would have cost if I had purchased in a boutique!

Dior Lady Dior Studded Supple Leather Handbag


During the summer of 2020, I decided to purchase Dior’s iconic Saddlebag. Initially, I wasn’t sure I liked the look of the Saddlebag, but the more I saw it being styled on Instagram and the more I learned about its history, the more I began to love its unique “saddle” shape.


The Saddlebag first became popular when Carrie was seen carrying it in the show, Sex and the City. It was popular for a few years, then it kinda faded away. Dior brought the design back a few years ago and it has been going strong ever since.

Sex and the City, Carrie Bradshaw, Dior Saddlebag


When I purchased mine, the sales associate in the Dior Boutique here in Atlanta told me that Dior has no plans to retire it again–that it’s here to stay. He may be right because it appears to be going strong with new colors, patterns, and material choices being added every year.

A Strap for My Bag

I was thinking about purchasing one of Dior’s many shoulder straps to use with my saddlebag when I want to wear it crossbody but I wasn’t sure the expense was worth it since the Saddlebag is so easy to carry on the shoulder. When wearing it on my shoulder, it kinda tucks right up under my arm which keeps it nice and secure. It fits beautifully against the body when wearing it on the shoulder and I haven’t had any issues with it sliding off. But I’ve seen so many photos on Instagram featuring it with a strap, I finally decided to keep my eye out for one that would go with most of my summer clothes since that’s the only time I really wear this bag.

Unfortunately, as always seems to be my luck, the strap I found online that I loved was a design from a year or two back. Drat! Seems I’m always a day late and a dollar short! I can’t tell you how often I spot something online just to find out the photo is X number of years old and the item is no longer available. It’s kind of a challenge when that happens, a throwing down of the gauntlet and so begins the hunt! lol


I gave up searching for it last summer but recently I spotted a picture somewhere that reminded me of it again. Just for grins and giggles, I searched on Fashionphile and was surprised to see it available in “Excellent” condition.

Saddlebag with Christian Dior Kaleidiorscopic Strap


These straps aren’t inexpensive so I hemmed and hawed for a few hours, trying to decide if it was worth the expense. As I saw more and more people putting it in their cart and “hearting” it at the site, I realized I had better buy it before it was gone. I knew I would have 30 days to decide if it was worth the expense once it arrived. Christian Dior Kaleidiorscopic Strap


My birthday was a few days ago, so it’s my birthday present to myself. If you love designer bags, I have been very happy shopping with Fashionphile. They have no idea I’m sharing this, just feel very comfortable sharing about my experiences buying from them since it’s all been positive. You’ll find their website here: Fashionphile.

Some items they carry are true bargains, others may be as much as they are in the boutiques if they are an extremely sought-after item. Their pricing for Lady Dior bags is usually great, usually much less than what you find in a boutique. Also, check out their “Sale” section for 10-30% off deals.

Dior Kaleidiorscopic Strap


This was the other birthday gift I purchased for myself. My son and daughter-in-law have two Tervis mugs that I hog every time I’m visiting with them. lol I love their mugs and tumblers because they keep drinks cold and don’t sweat on my desk. They come in tons of colors/designs. I purchased this one here: Tervis Tumbler. You can see a lot more of their designs in both their mugs and tumblers here: Tervis Mugs and Tumblers.


When I was visiting with my grandsons during December, one of them was wearing this shirt I had purchased for each of them a while back. Isn’t it awesome?! I just love it…appeals to my weird sense of humor! lol  I just looked and it’s still available where I purchased it, here: Funny T-Shirt.


Today I was scoping out the spring styles at Talbots. They always have the cutest clothes for spring! I love some of the Valentine’s Day sweaters they have in. Sooo cute! You’ll find this one here: V-Day Sweater.


I love the single red heart on this one. It can be found here: V-Day Sweater.


Crazy about this red jacket! It’s available here: Red Jacket.


Adorable pink raincoat for those April showers! It’s available here: Pink Rain Coat.


I always love the floral shirts they get in for spring. LOVE the colors in this one! Notice the contrasting cuff…love those details! This shirt is available here: Spring Floral Shirt.


Cute earrings! I haven’t tried their earrings but I’m tempted by these. They are available here: Crystal Embellished Earrings.


Love this leather tote! I love the caramel brown color, it would really work great for all seasons. It’s available here: Tote.


Hope you have an awesome weekend! I’m working on a puzzle and trying to talk myself into putting away all the Christmas decor I’ve brought upstairs to store under the eaves in the upstairs family room. I’ll get it done. Sometime. 😉

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  1. Ohhh I love the Dior bag! Wow! And thank you for the great round-up of fun finds!

  2. Love the saddle bag purse. What is the strap made of? I always have to put a purse on my shoulder. I can’t carry one in my hand.

    Mexico has a weird law that you can’t import used items so I don’t check out Fashionphile often. Would be afraid to trust expensive items shipped here anyway but if a friend was coming down I would ship to them to bring.

    As usual, I like all your picks.

    • It’s embroidered and it feels like a heavy cotton or something like that. It’s very sturdy. My photos do’t really capture the pretty colors. The design is kind of a kaleidoscope effect.

      I didn’t know that about Mexico. Wonder why they have that law? Interesting!

  3. When we lived in Florida we visited the main Tervis Tumbler store in Nokomas many times. Their glasses have a lifetime guarantee. It they start to leak or crack, take it, or send it, to an authorized return store and they will send you a new one. Years ago they had trouble with them cracking along the rim of the glass. We would just gather them up and return them and pick out new ones. I haven’t had any problems with ours for years now. It’s all we use.

  4. Happy Birthday! Love your purchases and I appreciate your sharing! I have purchased many items you share and have no regrets!

  5. Wishing you a year of happiness and blessings. Enjoy your purchases. God Bless.

  6. I know 3 little kids that those ‘Let’s eat Kids’ shirts would look cute on.
    I’m so glad there is someone else that hasn’t put all their Christmas decor away.
    Happy Birthday, my daughter’s birthday is tomorrow, I guess I’m old enough to be your mother!

    • Thanks, Mary Lou! I turned 64 yesterday, I can not believe it! The years are flying by!

      • My eldest son will be 64 at the end of this year. The years do fly by, I know you are enjoying every minute. Take care of your health and before you know it, like me you will be visited by Great Grandchildren. I find it hard to believe too.

  7. Happy Birthday! You sure know how to celebrate

  8. I have quite a few Tervis cups and all but a couple of them have “clouded up.” When you research that problem, you find information saying that sunscreen can cause that problem. Well, that’s not helpful in my case because no sunscreen has been near my cups. I’ve never gone to the trouble to return these but I have considered it.

    • Daphne, do you by any chance, but them in the dishwasher? The reason I ask is when I’ve put plastic measuring cups in my dishwasher, they’ve clouded up. So far, I’ve been washing this one out by hand because I wasn’t sure if it would get cloudy if I washed it in the dishwasher. I need to look and see if the description says anything about that and how best to wash it. I’m really hoping this one won’t cloud up.

  9. Ha – LOVE the dino shirt – I’m going to check for adult sizes! 🙂 Love your birthday purse strap too. Hope you had a great BD celebration! Happy Saturday Susan – take care over there!

  10. Brenda s. Lawrence says

    Happy Belated Birthday Susan!!! I’m glad you found some extra special things for your birthday and treated yourself. It’s always nice to treat yourself! Love the purse strap, I’ve never own such an expensive handbag, but it sure it pretty and I love that Lady Di had one too. Love the cup as well, one that doesn’t sweat and keeps your drink cold/hot is always a plus. Hugs, Brenda

    • Thanks, Brenda! I loved Princess Di, she was a good person and just beautiful inside and out. I still feel so sad that she didn’t get to see her boys grow up.

  11. The sweater with a single red heart and the red jacket reminded me that Wear Red Day for women and heart health is Feb 5th. You can wear them twice.

  12. Cyndi Raines says

    Glad you treated yourself! Best (belated) Wishes, Susan! My birthday was on December 24th and I turned 64 also and I can’t believe it either! Lol The time is really flying by, yikes! If I lived closer and restaurants were open we could have celebrated together with a great lunch. I am glad you are pacing yourself in putting away Christmas things. My Christmas inside things were just put away Wednesday and outside lights( if the weather holds) will be this week. I’m debating about the pinecone garland and the wreaths as they make the house look so nice and bring a smile when we pull in the driveway. They may stay up for another week or so, I’m still thinking that one through. What’s the rush right? Enjoy the afterglow I say, hehe.

  13. Hi Susan, Happy Belated Birthday!!
    Your “Lets eat kids” t-shirt reminds me of one of my favorite books, “Eats, Shoots and Leaves” by Lynne Truss, all about grammar and punctuation and written in her signature witty style. It’s a hoot!
    Beautiful strap, by the way!

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