Tour A Wonderful Carmel By-The-Sea Cottage, No High-Heels, Please

What is it about a Carmel cottage, they lure you in with their simple charm and the promise of sunny days and ocean breezes. Recently, this sweet Carmel-By-The-Sea cottage caught my eye with its beautifully landscaped front yard and overflowing window boxes.

Adorable Cottage in Carmel-By-The-Sea


I did a little googling and was going to share some of the history of this area, but decided to share a fun little fact I came across, instead. Did you know it’s against the law to wear high heels in Carmel? Yep, per Wikipedia, Carmel is known for having some unusual laws and one of those is a prohibition against wearing high-heel shoes without a permit.

Apparently, the law was enacted to prevent lawsuits caused by tripping accidents due to uneven/irregular pavement. What a hoot! I’m guessing they don’t really enforce that law, it’s probably just on the books so if someone does trip while wearing high-heels and tries to sue, they won’t get very far.

Does the city or town where you live have any funny laws? There’s a city near me (cough-Kennesaw-cough) that has a law requiring every single citizen own a gun. You know that law is being broken right and left!

Window Boxes for Cottage Windows


Let’s go inside and tour this adorable cottage. Oh, and if you’re wearing heels, please remove them before we head up the steps. πŸ˜‰ Notice how the front door is kind of inset which creates a bit of a courtyard feel out front.

Adorable Cottage in Carmel-By-The-Sea 06


This cottage saw a recent renovation and it is perfect! You’ll see this wonderful raised, beam ceiling throughout the home.

Raised Beam Ceiling for Carmel Cottage


I love a window seat! I was reading an article recently that said window seats limit how space can be used in a room. I completely disagree. I think they add so much personality and charm and you can back a chair up to one as they’ve done here. Imagine this room without the window seat under all those glorious windows…just wouldn’t be the same, would it?

Notice the great built-in bookshelves on either side of that fabulous stone fireplace. And be still my heart…it has a Dutch door! Do you see it there on the left? Sooo charming!

Stone Fireplace in Carmel Cottage


This room must be stunning in person with so much natural light pouring in. I love how they made light a priority, squeezing in a window everywhere they could, including in the corner.

Adorable Cottage Carmel-By-The-Sea


A beautiful, light-filled kitchen! Notice how the refrigerator is inset/counter-depth, love that! The only thing I might change is the black stove…maybe change that to white or stainless. I like that it’s a gas stove.

Cottage Kitchen with Open Bean Ceiling


A place to dine while enjoying the views…

Farmhouse Table for Cottage


So love this bedroom with yet another greatΒ window seat. I wonder if the window seats in this home have a lift-up lid with storage underneath. They can be such a great storage area when built that way. This room feels so fresh, doesn’t it?

Cottage Bedroom with Window Seat


Love how all the bedrooms have their own window seat for taking in the views.

Carmel Cottage Bedroom


I’m pinning this bathroom. I’m starting to pin bathrooms more now as I think about updating the baths in my house. I love the soft blue of the walls. Notice the paneling in front of the tub. Not sure if that would work in my home but it’s right at home in this adorable cottage.

Cottage Bath For a Carmel Cottage Home


This home even has an elevator! Wouldn’t this come in handy for taking furniture or heavy things upstairs.

Home Elevator


I love a brick patio…just love the rich color of the brick, so pretty against the green foliage of the flowers.

Brick Patio For Cottage Home


One of the first places I ever noticed a brick patio was when we toured Colonial Heights Plantation in this previous post: Colonial Heights Plantation in Cave Spring Georgia. I would love to add something like this underneath my deck…just love the look of the brick.

Colonial Heights Plantation Cave Spring Georgia


I realized as I was creating this post, we’ve taken a fair number of Carmel Cottage tours here on the blog, so I created a separate category for those. If you love seeing these Carmel-By-The-Sea cottages as much as I do, check out the others we’ve toured here: Carmel Cottage Tours

You can see more of this charming cottage HERE where these pictures were found.

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  1. Love those exposed beam ceilings and the abundance of windows!

  2. The homes in Carmel don’t have house numbers, just names. I suspect the sign in the elevator, Oak Leaf is this homes name. It’s a bit difficult to find restaurants in this town when the address is 7th and Lincoln. The residents go to the list office to pick up their mail. My friend lives at Frog Hollow!

    • Nancy, that explains why the address was so strange on the listing. I bet you’re right about the sign. I love that! What a cute name for a house…Frog Hollow!

  3. The town I live in has an old law on the books where it is illegal to hang your underwear out to dry between the hours of 7am to 5 pm. Hahahaha

  4. Carmel is one of my very favorite places to visit. It’s filled with so much charm and it’s very dog friendly. In fact, Doris Day is part owner of the Cypress Inn which caters to dogs and their owners. Hmmm, I think I see a visit in my future. Thanks, Susan.

  5. Love this cottage, such charm and warmth!!! Love the Dutch door too!! And those Oriental carpets and many lovely antiques……ahhhhh…….thanks for the tour….

  6. Carmel used to have a law that said you could not eat an ice cream cone outside (or on the main street). It is such a beautiful little place.

  7. That was fun. Thank you for taking us with you. Beautiful home. How’s Fred doing? Talk much?

  8. bobbi duncan says

    Oh my, isn’t this just dreamy! I have never been to Carmel, but have longed to. Michael has been and says we really must make a trip there. I agree with you–window seats make a room so much more interesting. In one home that I had I even turned a wall closet into a seated space with pillows to mimic a window seat. It had a puddled drapery panel on each side with pull-backs, the walls were coffered with a picture on the rear wall and wall sconces on the interior side walls–it was sooo cozy! I love the way inset areas keep a room from being just square and boring–I’d do that in every room if I could. That room just happened to have two closets which allowed me that opportunity. It also gave us a great place to store extra blankets and pillows beneath the seat. A closet like the one I did can even be made into a temporary bed for an infant/toddler with slots on the closet’s frame in which to insert the bed railing. That way you don’t have to keep a crib up for times the Grandbabies visit, and when they’re older it just becomes a seat where they can cozy up with their books, with a pull out drawer beneath for their toys. Thanks for the tour of this charming cottage with it’s lovely landscaping.

    • I love that Bobbi. Such a genius idea to do that with the closet. It reminds me of those beds that are built in, kind of a sleeping berth. Sounds super cozy!

  9. We moved from Baltimore Maryland to Carmel by the Sea this past summer and have quickly fallen in love with our new little town. Quirks and all there is no better place to live. We have a little “Carmel Charmer” of a cottage and quick walk to the white sandy beach. I recommend everyone visit this amazing town at least once! BTW our house is Lios na Mara (home by the Sea).

    • That would have been a big lifestyle change for sure. I know you don’t miss the snow, especially THIS year. πŸ™‚ Cute name! I’ve been to Carmel once…kind of passing through, so was just there for the afternoon. I didn’t know about all the adorable cottages back then or I would have done a bit of house stalking/picture taking. πŸ™‚

  10. I love Carmel, it’s such a beautiful area. I do love all the windows they have here, but I don’t like the white walls in the lower part of the house. It just seems that when you have white walls, you are forever fighting to ‘warm up’ the room. Even with the flowery couches and red rug the living room feels cold to me. πŸ™ Even if they just pulled a soft beige from the fireplace bricks, it would warm the room a bit and tie the ceiling and fireplace together nicely. And the dining room feels like an afterthought. But I love the ceilings and the window seats and the Dutch door and the windows and the patio and the lush window box over the garage door. πŸ˜€

  11. I would buy that cottage in a heartbeat. At first I was saying, nah, it has two floors and steps and then BAM, you showed me the elevator. Yes! I love it, I love the light and airy feel with all the windows and skylights.

  12. Never tire of Carmel-by-the-Sea cottage tours, or any tour of anything there.
    This was fun, thanks!

  13. Hi Susan,

    Having been raised in Southern California, Carmel was one of my parents’ favorite getaways. Absolutely LOVE the cobblestone streets, charming shops and restaurants and, of course, the cottages lining the side streets.

    The home I grew up in was a true cottage in every sense of the word with its very own used brick patio. My dad laid it in that exact pattern over the concrete slab that was there when they bought the house in 1954. It was absolutely charming with mom’s precious dichondra lawn, true divided light dining room windows facing the small backyard, which also had a used brick wall surrounding the property. That house with it’s two bedrooms, one large bath, eat-in kitchen, “service porch” as my mom always called it (today known as the laundry room), small formal dining room with built-in bookshelves in the alcove leading into it, living room with traditional fireplace and mullioned windows will always have a special place in my heart. It was about a mile from Universal Studios.

    Thanks for this post!


  14. I’ve only been to Carmel once and I just fell in love with the place! What I was most impressed with was the flowers. Because the nighttime temps don’t go below freezing, the flowers grow year round and are huge! We didn’t go inside any homes while there, so it’s so much fun to tour these homes through you!

  15. I loved your post on Carmel. Although I have only been there once, I’m longing to go again. The houses are so cozy-looking and the flowers are just absolutely breath-taking! There are such pretty little winding streets and each house seems to have its own different personality. Thanks for letting us tour some of these homes through you!! Keep up the great posts!!

  16. Hey Susan! So love your blog! I was intrigued when reading you are planning to redo your bath. I am a single gal, and recently moved into my first house with the double sink setup in the Master bath (or should I say Madame? Mistress?! Hmmmm…) I would so much rather have that extra sink space be a vanity area with just one sink. After all, what am I supposed to do..use one as an AM and one as the PM sink?! I am not planning on moving again until
    they carry me out. What would you think about making this change? Also, wondered as you have been planning if you have seen any conversions of this type? Thanks for your time! (I did not wear high heels while writing this

    • Thanks, Vicki! lol about the high heels πŸ™‚
      About the vanitey, if you would love to have that extra space, I would definitely change. I haven’t started pricing vanities yet, but I’ve been told they aren’t that terribly expensive…guess it depends on the vanity, though. If you change it out and then for some reason do decide to move one day, it probably wouldn’t be that expensive to replace it and make it two sinks, again. They could just leave the plumbing stuff underneath in case you ever do change your mind, though it sounds like you probably won’t. I agree, probably don’t need two sinks, vanity space would be a lot more useful.

      • Thanks! I will keep you updated if I make the change. Also in the planning stages for a back porch! You are my inspiration!

        • pam ~ crumpety cottqage says

          Hi Vicki,

          It feels funny to jump into a conversation like this, (as though I had been eavesdropping) but I just wanted to tell you that my husband and I used to live in a house that had a very long vanity counter with one sink. It wasn’t a problem for us, having just the one sink … but I just wanted to mention that I LOVED having that extra counter space. Not only was there space for setting up an actual vanity, there was space for pretty things like candles, etc. If you don’t mind changing it, I would encourage you to do so because it would likely be a lot more enjoyable and practical for your purposes. Good luck! πŸ™‚

          • Pam, thanks for jumping in! I know Vicki appreciates it. When you’re trying to make a decision like this, the more input, the better! πŸ™‚

            • pam ~ crumpety cottage says


              • Absolutely Pam! Great hearing from someone who has ‘lived it’! I lived in my previous home for almost 30 years and had a lot of purging and re-doing to get it ready for sale. (So fortunate it sold the first weekend on the market!) I have been in such a sellers mind set, ‘would a buyer like this or that’ that it is taking me a while to adjust to making changes just to suit me! Thanks again to both of you for the encouragement!

  17. Absolutely beautiful!

    We stayed in Carmel-by-the-Sea for a week about 8 months ago and it was heaven. It’s SO quiet there at night but they also don’t have streetlights so bring a flashlight with you if you’re going to walk from Carmel beach to your rental. We stayed at the Nonesuch Cottage. (No addresses in Carmel, just house names and vague address like 8th and Monte Verde. That gets a little maddening when you’re not familiar with it but encourages exploration) It was a perfect home base for doing some road trips like to Big Sur or Santa Cruz. I would go back there in a heartbeat!

  18. It says peace to my soul. So lovely. Thanks for posting. Valerie

  19. Count me among those who love Carmel By the Sea cottages. We used to go there when my husband had business in San Francisco. Love that little town!

  20. Susan Crowson says

    Susan, ordinarily the only thing I do “online” is hang sheets out to dry I had to tell you how much I enjoy Between Naps On The Porch. From the cottages on the east coast to the cottages on the west coast and everything in between, it is wonderful. Thank you for doing the hard work it must take to bring this to all of us who have been housebound because of ice and snow.

  21. Mary from Virginia says

    Holy smokes, FLORAL fabric! I might cry! =)

    Everything is perfectly placed and well done. The sconces are pretty and look great in this home. Yep, I could live there!

    Thank you for the wonderful tour. I wouldn’t know about any of these places if it weren’t for you! XOXO

    Oh, I love that no high heel law! They kill my feet. πŸ˜‰

  22. I love Carmel. I love the way everyone is so friendly. I love the fact that I can bring my dogs with me and walk the streets. A few friends and I went there a couple of years ago and brought just one of the four dogs. He is the smallest of them all. When we sat down for lunch in one of the outside cafes, we got to bring in our dog. Doris Day’s hotel has people sitting in the dinner room with their dogs…..what a place, one of Gods (dogs spelled backwards) creations. Did not know about the high heel thing!!!!!

  23. Susan – Lately, I have been pinning bathrooms, as well. We have updated the floors and walls in our bathrooms over the years, but we need gut them at this point, I think. I dread it. I think building a new house would be much easier – maybe, my husband will “go” for that. I, too, love Carmel. I just hope that I did not break the law, when I was there!!!

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