A Christmas Table Setting Inspired by Nature

Welcome to the 271st Tablescape Thursday!

This week I’m sharing a Christmas table setting for Tablescape Thursday. Since I’ve already shared two fall tablescapes and one Thanksgiving table setting this season, I was in the mood to create something Christmas themed. I love Christmas tablescapes so there will be several more coming your way before Christmas arrives. Can you believe it’s just 33 days until the big day?

The table I created this week was inspired by some really expensive dishware I just purchased. I’ll share it with you in just a sec, but first…

Christmas Table Setting Tablescape with Plaid Dishware and Pierced Chargers


Mr. Bunny is making another appearance again. I know you’re wondering what a bunny rabbit is doing in a Christmas table setting. Shhh, don’t say that out loud, he’ll hear you!

He came bearing gifts, a pretty poinsettia in variegated shades of pink, green and white.

Christmas Table Setting Tablescape with Plaid Dishware and Pierced Chargers


Mr. Bunny always has his basket filled with goodies when he stops by to help with a tablescape. It all started when he made his first appearance in a St. Patrick’s Day table setting last March. For that occasion, he brought fresh Shamrocks blooming with the sweetest little white flowers. (Tablescape can be viewed here: St. Patrick’s Day Table Setting

St. Patrick's Day Table Setting Tablescape


When Easter came around a few week’s later, he stopped by again, this time with a basket full of Debutante Camellias. (Table Setting can be viewed here:  Easter Table Setting.)

Easter Spring Tablescape Table Setting


This past summer, the little stinker raided Mr. McGregor’s garden and almost got caught! He just narrowly escaped with his basket overflowing with yummy carrots, all freshly pulled from Mr. McGregor’s garden. (Tablescape can be viewed here: Peter Rabbit Raids McGregor’s Garden

Bunny and Vegetable Centerpiece_wm


The real reason Mr. Bunny is in our table setting this week is because I”m pretty sure he was the inspiration for our salad plates.

Christmas Table Setting Tablescape with Plaid Dishware and Pierced Chargers


See, there he is, sitting near a beautiful tree just as he is today!

Christmas Table Setting Tablescape with Plaid Dishware and Pierced Chargers


This is that “expensive” dishware I mentioned–Better Homes and Gardens salad plates purchased from Wal-Mart for $2.99 a plate. You may remember the plaid dinner plates from previous tablescapes last Christmas. They are from Pottery Barn last year.

The salad plates are available in four different scenes and they are all really cute! My local store only had them in three of the four patterns, so I bought a few of each. If you want some, go today. They are going quickly.

Update: I stopped back by the Wal-mart near me on Thursday in search of ribbon. While there I took a quick run down their dish isle and they had gotten in the fourth pattern. Funny how those came in much later than the others. So if you buy some of these and a pattern is missing, check back a week or so later and maybe they’ll have them in. It’s also available in sets online.

Christmas Table Setting Tablescape with Plaid Dinner Plate


I wanted to keep this table casual so I flipped over the velvet-edged, linen-weave napkins I’ve used in previous tables so the green velvet trim was on the inside and only slightly visible in this setting. I use these velvet-trimmed napkins as napkin sheaths so I tucked another linen napkin inside. Twig flatware worked great for this nature-themed table.

Christmas Table Setting Tablescape with Plaid Dishware and Pierced Chargers


Mr. Bunny is reenacting the scene in our plates as he sits near our tree. The tree is decorated with birds, bird nests, birdhouses and plaid ornaments I already had. Some were purchased over the years and some are hand-made by a dear friend in my home town. (Thanks, Holly!)

The ornaments all tie back to our plaid dinner plates and nature theme. If I was serving dinner at this table, I wouldn’t put a tree in the center since it would block the view of those eating here. But this centerpiece would be great for a buffet table or a sideboard filled with desserts. The salad plates would make great dessert plates, too.

Christmas Table Setting Tablescape with Plaid Dishware and Pierced Chargers


He’s a hardworking bunny, appearing in now his fourth table setting! πŸ˜‰

Christmas Table Setting with Christmas Tree Centerpiece


Hope you enjoyed this nature-themed Christmas table setting. Looking forward to the beautiful tables linked for this week’s Tablescape Thursday!

Christmas Table Setting Tablescape with Plaid Dishware and Pierced Chargers


Tablescape Thursday


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  1. Adorable, Susan. You are way ahead of me. I’m still figuring out the Thanksgiving tables. Ha!
    These new salad plates are charming. I like the detailed edges and precious scene. Great find! They pair nicely with the plaid dinner plates.

  2. Oh Susan, that is such a pretty tablescape. I love the dishes even if they are from Walmart. Sometimes you can really find some cute items there. Mt. Bunny sure has been busy this year. Thanks for sharing your beautiful table.

  3. Your table is gorgeous! Excuse me while I dash off to Wal-Mart-
    Dawn @ We Call It Junkin.com

  4. Susan, A nature-themed table is my favorite kind and I adore your table with tree and hard working bunny! I don’t need any more plates but I may have to stop by Walmart and see if there are any available! I’m still in Thanksgiving mode, with it so late this year it makes me panic to think it’s only 33 days away πŸ™‚

  5. Susan – I love seeing Mr. Bunny hop through the different seasons. What fun!! Love your new plates and I am still sick that I missed out last year on the Pottery Barn “Carson” plaid plates – “sigh”! I have several Christmas tables planned, like you. I just hope that I get to all of them.

    • I almost didn’t buy them, Diane so I know what you mean. They may bring them back some Christmas since they were pretty popular…they do that with some products. Hope they do!

  6. Hi Susan,
    Thank you so much for hosting! LOVE your new salad plates!! How sweet are those!?
    Darling table. πŸ™‚

  7. Love your table Susan. Funny thing I just bought that whole set of dinnerware too. Kind of fell in love with it. I only got 3 designs on the salad plates too. Really adore the little deer.I live in Virginia and checked 3 other Walmarts . I like how you have plaid dinner plates. It looks really perfect. Thanks for sharing!

  8. So charming! My daughter has the BHG Christmas plates that coordinate with these bunny plates (got them last year). They have the same border — no bunnies. I’m heading to Walmart when they open today to pick up these salad plates for her! Thank you SO much for sharing!!!

  9. What a cute table for the porch. Mr. Bunny would be welcome to set the table anytime at my house!! I could use his help as I am still trying to finish up my Thanksgiving table now!

  10. I love the bunny in all of the settings. He is just too cute and the dishes are adorable, Iam on my way to Wal Mart now. Thanks Susan for sharing. Have a great holiday.

  11. I love how Mr. Bunny sneaks in to decorate your tables so beautifully. I am sure he enjoyed seeing himself in your lovely WalMart plates. Well, I can’t write much because I am off to WM to get some plates before they are all gone. Thanks for the wonderful idea!

  12. Mr. Bunny is a perfect woodland creature for your nature filled table top, it looks wonderful!

  13. I hope there’s some left for me next week. I never got up there to get the Halloween plates they had last year before they were all sold out. Where did you find the plaid plates/chargers? They go so well with the tree skirt.
    That bunny is certainly a useful piece..remember where you found him? Thanks for sharing this tablescape.

    • I hope so, too…’tis the season so things are going fast now in the stores. You can also order them online if they still have them. I found the plaid plates in Pottery Barn last year. Chargers are from Horchow, online, size years ago. Mr. Bunny came from a local store called The Whimsical Nest. Thanks, Betty!

  14. You had me fooled, I had to laugh….expensive plates PFfffhhh! They are too cute. Thanks for hosting another amazing party

  15. Susan,
    Your table is beautiful. I love, love the plaid dinner plates! Thanks for sharing.

  16. Carolyn Price says

    Lovely, just lovely. You’re putting me in the “spirit,” Susan!

  17. Your tablescapes are always stunning and this time the plates with the fabulous tree and bunny is so perfect with your gorgeous bunny figurine. This is absolutely devine. Thanks so much for hosting such a fun party. Hugs, Marty

  18. I love the bunny in all of his appearances. How versatile. The table is so well thought out with the plaid tree skirt and themed ornaments. You’ve really tied the nature, bunny, plaid, Christmas tree theme together perfectly. Who knew bunnies would be just a great seasonal accent. Great job!
    Cheers! Rita

  19. Gloria in Pgh says

    Love your tablescape Susan!! I use the nature theme in my Christmas decorating but I have not extended that theme to my table. To tell theh truth, I have only just discovered doing tablescapes thanks to you! So I am short on flatware and dishes and such but I am starting to work towards that part of decorating. Your nature theme tree is very similar to a Christmas tree that I set up in our second floor sitting room/home office. O put up two trees every year — the main tree in the bay window of my front parlor and the nature themed tree in our sitting room. I call my sitting room tree “All Creatures Great and Small” after that lovely poem and James Herriot’s books. Every ornament (except for one which I will explain in a minute) is a bird or animal — all kinds of birds (eagles, owls, crows, songbirds, peacocks, etc) and all kinds of animals (dogs, cats, camels, squirrels, bunnies, bears, porcupines, piggies, cows, etc.) And all styles of ornaments from blown glass to beeswax to hand crafts. Can you guess the only human figure on this tree?? It is St. Francis of Assisi. Thanks as always for your wonderful inspirations! I look forward to seeing your other holiday themed tables. I may even borrow an idea or two (or three or four …)

  20. Ohmygosh! I’ve got to get to Wal Mart today! Those are so pretty, and you know I love a bargain. Love the way you replicated the tree and the bunny in your centerpiece. Since I host so many for Thanksgiving, I don’t get Christmas dΓ©cor out until T’giving is over. This year will be difficult, but T’gvg is so late. Thank you for hosting, Susan. laurie

  21. Awesome plates!! Thanks for hosting Susan, and Happy Thanksgiving!!

  22. Awesome plates!! Thanks for hosting Susan, and Happy Thanksgiving!!

  23. This HAS to be one of the “neatest” yet!!! Oh, that plaid…my VERY favorite!! A KEEPER!! franki

  24. Did you make the pinecone napkin rings? If so – would you share the instructions?

  25. ~Susan~
    Pretty table for sure ! I almost picked up those little plates now I wish I did, can’t go wrong at that price, but I always think I will see others I like more!?!
    Mr Bunny is cute, my bunny fell over broke his ear .

  26. Love love this table! I have it in my favorites, and I have printed it ! I have a hair appointment today, but I am headed to Walmart to get those plates!!! They are CUTE!!

    Where did you get those cute bird feeder and bird house ornaments? They are neat.

    I feel a copy cat coming on…. πŸ˜‰

    • Thanks, Mary! I have had all the bird house and bird feeder ornaments for years…bought them over the years with plans to one day do an all “nature” themed tree. Some are handmade by a dear friend from Macon GA (Thanks, Holly!) and I think I found some of them in Kohl’s a few years back. They always have great ornaments and when they go on sale, the prices are really good.

  27. Hi Susan!
    Your tablescape is gorgeous! I love everything about it, from the great find on the pretty dishes and chargers to the Mr. Winter Bunny…very cute idea! Thank you so much for hosting this wonderful party.

  28. Wow, I’ve barely gotten a Thanksgiving table done and so many of you have already moved into the next holiday. I am way behind. Always it is a treat to see the newest of your creative efforts.

  29. Susan, you’re such an enabler! I love your tablescape and the darling salad plates. They look perfect on top of the plaid dinner plates. I have a weakness for dishes and seeing your table sent me over to the Walmart website. I do not need them, but we’ll see… lol

    • lol An accidental enabler, I think. That’s why I posted this one early because normally by the time I post a table, the dishes are usually no longer available. That always makes me feel bad for folks who want them.

  30. I’m a big fan of Christmas plaid… Your plaid plates along with the beautiful white charger compliment your new salad plates very well. Love your table!

  31. Hi Susan,
    I LOVE your Christmas tablescape, especially Mr. Bunny and the poinsettias!! What a great idea! Thanks for sharing and for the great inspiration!
    Blessings to you,

  32. Susan,
    I think this table is so adorable. That bunny is so cute and loved how you have been able to use him in different tablescapes. The plaid plates are so wonderful with the Christmas Wal-Mart salad plates. I love it!!! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. I always look forward to seeing Between Naps on the Porch in my mailbox.

  33. Susan,
    Thanks for hosting..your Christmas table is certainly beautiful..
    Love, Mona

  34. Susan, this is yet another wonderful table! I love how your bunny keeps popping by. I haven’t seen these plates at WalMart, but I’ll be looking now. Love those – and the price! Thank you for sharing your table and hosting so we can share ours. Happy Thanksgiving!
    His blessings,

  35. Oh yes, Susan, Bunny can stay on the table all year round cause he is so darn cute. Love the bunny Christmas plates…..Christine

  36. Susan, the table scape is absolutely beautiful!!!! The dishes are too adorable! I wish I could find them in Georgia.

  37. I love Mr. Bunny. Your tablescape is so festive. I think it’s great that you incorporate your bunny into different holidays. Your family will probably talk about him for many years. I look forward to participating in your Tablescape Thursdays soon. My Christmas decorations are everywhere at the moment. As a new blogger, I’m excited to be involved.

  38. Mr. Bunny is a perfect addition to the table in any season! I, too, like the BHG plates at WalMart – some years the designs are especially nice. This year I bought several with red barns in the artwork, a favorite of mine. Beautiful table, again!

    PS: I am concerned about someone who joins your link parties – the first time I clicked on the photo it took me to a site that didn’t seem to be a “real” blog. Now I know which links to avoid but wanted to give you a heads up.

  39. I really like this tablescape. The bunny plates are adorable and I love Mr. Bunny. May I ask where you found him? So cute!

  40. Beautiful tablescape! So neat that the bunny has been in so many of your ‘scapes, so cute and unusual with the Christmas setting! Love the plaids, love it all!
    Thanks for hosting.

  41. Susan,
    You’ve done it once again! Beautiful!! Love the rabbit, and those dishes are gorgeous!

  42. Mr. Bunny is seriously busy and oh so versatile! I’ve shied away from using plaid but I did break down and buy a fabric remnant and now have to figure out how to use it. You’ve given me lots of ideas here. It’s also been way too long since I’ve been to Walmart. I hope some of these holiday plates are still there.

  43. Wonderful and so cheerful, that’s what I like about this time of year!!! Bunnies are for all seasons!!!

  44. The bunny tie-in is just too adorable. How long will you leave this tablescape, and when you do have to dismantle, won’t that hurt, just a little?!
    2 or 3 years ago, I bought the BH&G Amaryllis pattern plates at Walmart. I couldn’t decide if I had found a treasure, or something really tacky–so many thanks for the validation.

    • I hadn’t thought about that. It may not stay up too long because I’ll need the table again before long, although I think the next table I create will be in the dining room. Mia, BH&G has some cute plates…you did well!

  45. Susan, As usual your tablescape is beautiful, and spot on for the season. I love the plaid , and I love the tree, and I love the rabbit and I really love the Walmart plate. I have been to Walmart several times in the last two weeks and did not see these beautiful little plates πŸ™ I guess I will get dressed right now and run up to Walmart and see if I can find a few to take to my daughter in laws to use to serve the pumpkin roll that I intend to take over there in a couple of weeks.


  46. Patty S Wells says

    Susan, this is such an inviting table, with its woodland themed rabbit plates and Mr Rabbit taking pride of place next to your sweet little Christmas tree. I love how you incorporated the rabbits with the birds and birds nests on the tree, and the plaid plates. You imbued this table setting with so much warmth it makes one happy just to look at it.

  47. Hi, Susan! I think it’s a super smart idea to use that bunny so much you’d swear he’s multiplying…as bunnies will do, y’know! πŸ˜‰ Bunnies don’t just appear around Easter, so why not showcase them year round? Beautiful table as always, and I’m glad to be able to finally rejoin Tablescape Thursday. Thanks again for hosting!

  48. I just love your table – beautiful but all your tablescapes are awesome. My Aunt used to decorate her tables for all the holidays/seasons. Sometimes for no reason at all. I started decorating my tables in part from the inspiration I get from you and all the wonderful memories from my Aunt. My lovely Aunt passed away this Fall but I will remember her every time I set up and decorate my tables – she would be so proud.

  49. Absolutely darling, Susan! Now I wish I’d bought the bunny plates myself!! They look wonderful with the plaid dinner plates! Thanks as always for your inspiration!

  50. Susan, I had to come back and confess that I bought those adorable plates! The price was too good to pass up and I have the same plaid plates from PB last year. Our Walmart only had the same three, not the fourth either. I looked at it on the website and decided that I’d rather duplicate the other designs anyway. Thanks so much for the tip and fun πŸ™‚

    • I’m so glad you got some, Mary! You’re right…hard to pass up at that price and all of the patterns go well with the plaid PB plates. I actually like them better with the plates than the deer plates PB sold to go with them that year. Seems like each year I’m always posting tables so late that by the time I share something, it’s all sold out. This year I finally did it early enough that folks can snag a few before they are all gone. πŸ™‚

  51. Dear Sweet Susan,
    Oh gracious World! Mr. Bunny seems so happy joining and taking over Santa’s place, LoL*

    Thank you so much for sharing this idea. I have 8pcs bunnies and GEEEEE… I will preciously announce that I want to create my table b4 Christmas dinner. Thanks to your talent for sharing.

    Enjoy the rest of the day and have a blessed weekend ahead.

    Greetings from DΒ΄Box,
    /CC girl

  52. Linda Hastings says

    Susan….you set the prettiest tables and are always an inspiration to me…..you are also an enabeler! The BH&G line is great. I found these same plates last year and they are gorgeous. I found if I went to different Walmarts I could find more designs in this same line. You might check other Walmarts if the design you are looking for is not in one store. Gorgeous table!

  53. Beautiful setting Susan. I really want those sweet adorable plates. So cute and with the plaid ones underneath. Sigh.
    Hope your weekend is fun and blessed. πŸ™‚

  54. Susan,
    You are such a bad influence! πŸ™‚ I read your post, got dressed and drove to Walmart (a 30 minute trip) and they only had 2 of the 4 patterns available. They had the barn and the red birds. I saw the ones with the deer at my local Wamart last week (10 minutes away) and almost got those. I have a pet bunny, so I really wanted the bunny ones which I did not know existed until today. I thought the deer plates were the only ones . They are cute, but not as cute as the bunny ones. Not long ago you told us about a candle that you loved from Walmart, so out I went and bought all they had (4 each)! You should get a gift card from Walmart for all the business you send them or Better Homes and Gardens! πŸ™‚ I will keep searching for the bunny plates! πŸ™‚

    • lol Sorry, Shelly! I’ve been told that a time or two. Y’all influence me, too. After I posted about the Rustic Retreat candle, a reader commented that she bought a bunch an loves them. After I read her comment, I drove back and bought a bunch more. πŸ™‚ I do love that scent!
      It’s weird how they have gotten the plates in. The two Wally Worlds that are about 15 minutes from my home had the bunny, deer and sleigh plates but no birds. Today when I stopped in to look for plaid ribbon, they had the bird plates this time. They weren’t there 1-2 weeks ago. So I went ahead and picked up a few of those. I’m all set now next time I have a neighborhood cookie party or a party with just finger foods since the salad size plates would be perfect for that type party. I wonder if they will get more in…you NEED the bunny ones since you have a pet bunny! Maybe the manager of your store can find out if another Wally World has them for you.

  55. Do you know if Mr. Bunny or one similar is available online? My mother in love collects all things rabbit, and she truly would love him. Please let me know!

    • Ashley, I haven’t seen one online. I bought mine a couple of summers ago in a local store. You may want to Google ceramic bunny or ceramic bunny with basket to see if something comes up. Also, check on eBay. I purchased him at the end of summer a few summers ago, so you may have more luck finding him once spring rolls around again.

  56. I adore your Christmas dishes! The rabbit on the table is perfect! Love it ALL!

  57. Aw, I love Mr. Bunny! πŸ™‚ I may have to hop in my car and head to Walmart this evening……I “hop”e I’m not too late?

  58. Susan, I was late checking your post and all your fans must have rushed to Walmart first thing. Several hours and three Walmarts later, I only found one of the plates with the tree and bunny, sadly my favorite. I did purchase two each of the other designs, but I really wanted 8 of the tree/bunny ones. I’ll keep checking just in case a few more come in. As always, you shared with us a delightful table. MM

  59. Mr. Bunny looks very festive and right in place on the Christmas table sporting his poinsettia πŸ™‚ gorgeous table.

  60. GORGEOUS Susan!!

  61. Jenah Parris says

    I love Mr. Bunny! He may be my favorite of your accents! The dishes you used (BHG/Wal-Mart) are my Christmas pattern. I did not see the salad dishes this year. I am going to look again tomorrow! I did see a beautiful serving platter that matches. I hope I can find some, especially Mr. Bunny! I love your tablescapes! You always inspire me!

    • Jenah, that’s a cute pattern! This was the first year I saw them. Definitely go as soon as you can if you want to get some since I’m hearing back from folks that they are disappearing off the shelves. Thanks, Jenah!

  62. Hi……Mr bunny makes it so prefect.!! he’d be welcome at every occasion at my house..that poinsettia is my favorite as well…those dishes are fabulous..I’ll have to check in my store ASAP..my grands will love using those..most likely..all yr long..I also think the little tree is a wonderful idea..I was planning to have one on the corner of my desk this yr..since it’s a small vintage outdoor metal patio table its just the right size for a little tree..I have an antique wooden greenhouse a friend gave me when she moved..every yr I put a handmade nativity from Italy in it..I think the little tree will be the prefect accompaniment to the greenhouse..yours looks so beautiful it’s made my decision easy.!

  63. Hi! How can it be that I have never know about your tablescape Thursday?? How incredible! I have linked up for the first time and now I am off to check out so many others. Thanks so much for such a beautiful blog, and I LOVE that bunny!!

    • Carol, you are going to have so much fun! The dearhearts who join in TT each week are amazing, thoughtful, creative and so talented! You are in for a treat! So glad you are joining in, we have a lot of fun each week!

  64. pam ~ crumpety cottage says

    The combination of plates is so pretty! And I love the red swath of plaid fabric around the tree. You just can’t beat the traditional Christmas colors, imo. The red glasses are so pretty, too. And I love that Mr. Bunny has company on the table this time, with his little cousins there on the plates. πŸ™‚

    I don’t know what’s gotten in to me. I have always loved Christmas, but this year I am especially in the mood, so seeing all the early decorations and items for sale, movies, etc. as well as your tables scape before Thanksgiving, lol, just makes me feel happy and it seems right. πŸ˜€ You can’t ever get enough of Christmas. The stress we can all do without, but the true meaning of Christmas is worth celebrating every day. Thanks, Susan for another lovely table scape.

  65. I saw those last week at Walmart too! Ours had that pattern and the birds — had my hands all over them and they almost jumped into my basket…..but I’m running out of space. Love Mr. Bunny on your table for each and every season!

  66. As soon as I saw your tablescape this afternoon I jumped in my car and headed to Wal-Mart. I was able to get five of the Christmas tree, and 8 of the deer plates. I have been to three stores and they all carry different pieces to this set. I will continue to search the other Wal-marts for more of the tree plate. I’m sure I’ll be able to find them. Your table is beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

    • Good going, Glenda! Good thing you went today because each day that passes will make them tougher to find. I bet you’ll find more of the tree plates. I wonder if a manager can look in their system to see if it will say which Walmarts have certain patterns still showing in stock. A lot of stores can do that, which would save you a little driving hopefully. Maybe they’ll bring this dishware back next year, as popular as it’s been.

  67. I love your bunny, Susan!!! Just so perfect,is it going with everything!!!And that you find a plate for Christmas with a bunny on it!!!!Super cute!!!Getting so much idea from you.Thanks a lot. πŸ™‚

  68. Such a beautiful tablescape. Your new plates compliment Mr. Bunny perfectly.

  69. Susan, this is the most beautiful tablescape! Bunnies are all over my house and in my landscape. I love this time of the year because you can find so many unique items at Dollar General, Walmart, Target for reasonable prices. Keep using that bunny! He is special.

  70. Another Win!!! I’m now addicted to searching for plates. As soon as I saw your post, immediately got dressed & headed to our local Wal-Mart. Got the last 4 plates (2 Christmas tree w/rabbit, 1 barn, 1 deer). Headed on-line to see if they have any more. Susan, my holiday budget is busted big time as I see your tablescapes. Know you work long & hard to bring such great ideas & info to us, thank you!

  71. Very pretty Susan! those plates are so sweet. I’ll have to look for them. I also love the twig flatware. Could you please tell me where I can find it? Thanks πŸ™‚

    • Thanks, Jackie! I found it online at West Elm last January. It was backordered back then and I had to wait 5 months for it to arrive, but it was worth the wait. I love it! It costs a bit more than I normally pay for flatware, I guess because it’s such a novelty flatware. I did catch it during a sale with free shipping. Plus, West Elm will give you a coupon code if you sign up to receive their emails, so that saved me a bit more. That coupon offer normally pops up when you visit the site.
      I only see it in silver right now on their website. The silver is pretty, too: http://www.westelm.com/products/twig-flatware-5-pc-set-silver-d343/?pkey=cflatware-utensils&cm_src=flatware-utensils||NoFacet-_-NoFacet-_–_-
      If it’s the brown you want, Google “twig flatware.” I bet someone else has it in brown.

  72. Beautiful! Where did you get the chargers under the plaid plates?

  73. Hi Susan, just wondering where you purchased your adorable rabbit? After reading your blog today I am inspired to use a fabulous rabbit like yours in my own Christmas decorating! LOVE your blog, by the way! Thank you! Susan K

    • Thanks, Susan. I found him a couple of summers ago in a local store called The Whimsical Nest. It was toward the end of summer. He may be an item that’s easier to find in the spring around Easter. Hope you can find one!

  74. Hi Susan! I adopted a rescue rabbit 3 years ago and I try to very had to resist all urges to buy “rabbit” decor, but those plates are a must have! I’ll be heading over to my local Walmart tomorrow!

  75. Susan, I was just at Walmart day before yesterday and SEARCHEDF for ANY Christmas dishes and found NONE!!! I will go back for sure as I LOVE these!!! Your table is beautiful, I love Mr. Bunny in ALL his appearances! Love those plaid plates too. Have a great weekend and a blessed Thanksgiving. Hope you will be with your son and DIL??? XO

  76. Susan, those plates are calling my name….like I need them..and I really don’t. They are gorgeous and the bunny is delightful in the snow! Thanks for hosting!


  77. I am now the proud & happy owner of 4 bunny plates and 2 deer plates (they too were too cute to pass up)! I had to go to two stores before I found them – seems only the Super stores carry the holiday dishes. There are still a few left in Chicopee MA! Thanks so much for sharing your sources Susan!!

    P.S. I stumbled upon your blog last April via Pinterest and have been following you ever since. I love your blog name for two reasons: we also added on a porch to our house 10 years ago and I love to nap!!

    • Yay! So glad you found some, Lori! The two stores where I bought mine, one was a superstore and one wasn’t. The superstore did have a lot more that the other one did, just like you said. Thanks so much, Lori! Appreciate you so much being out there reading. This blogging thing wouldn’t be any fun at all if it wasn’t for dearhearts like you!

  78. Susan,
    I could not find these dishes anywhere on line. do you possible have the link for them. Your table is lovely, as it always is. Thanks so much and Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

    Mary L

  79. I finally found the Walmart plates and I am really happy with them, I will take them to the DIL’s next week, but even more important is that I used them to do a copycat tablescape of this post at Cuisine Kathleen’s Copycat Tablescape Challenge tonight. It’s not perfect (my table) but it is really cute!! Thank you for the inspiration!


  80. adina gabor-gagea says

    beautiful table. i found the dishes on the walmart website so i will be ordering them. where did you get the beautiful lacy charger under all the dishes? i love that one too. keep up the good work.

  81. I”d forgotten about Brer Rabbit;–one of my favorite centerpieces. His next appearance may not be due until 2015 (or later) but remember he has quite the fan club!

  82. I realize this post is a year old, but I am so happy that Walmart had these plates again this year! (since I just discovered this post on pinterest) I am trying my hardest to find tartan dinner plates to re-create your beautiful look. Not working out as well as the salad plates did!

  83. May I ask where you got your graphics for this page ? ( banner at the top )
    I love it .
    Thank you,

  84. PATRICIA HILL says

    I would love to know what is the name and where I can get the lace chargers?

    • Unfortunately, the chargers don’t have a brand name on them. I ordered them from Horchow back in the spring/summer of 2008. They came in plain boxes which makes me think they were an item made for Horchow or Neiman Marcus. Usually, those store sell the same items since they are owned by the same parent company. I keep hoping they will make them again since I get a lot of questions about them. You may want to check the Horchow site occasionally in case they ever get something similar in again. They have a lot of pretty chargers.

  85. I love this version of Mr. Bunny most of all (followed thumbnail link under Related Posts). Seems he could also pull duty on a sideboard, kitchen counter, entry table etc. I would use him somewhere every Christmas–so dapper and adorable.

  86. Sandy Park says

    Susan, beautiful table as always. No I don’t think your nuts buy stuff for a room that doesn’t exist yet. I’ve been buying stuff for a house I don’t even own yet. I think it’s a way of keeping our dreams alive.

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