A Cozy, Oceanside Cottage in Vineyard Highlands, Martha’s Vineyard

A beautiful beach cottage decorated in the latest designer fabrics and furnishings is always a treat, but there’s something equally as delightful about a cozy, vintage cottage, especially when it’s located on Martha’s Vineyard.

This oceanside cottage is located in East Chop, also known as Vineyard Highlands. Vineyard Highlands is a residential area in Oak Bluffs, Massachusetts on the north end of Martha’s Vineyard. Have you ever been to Martha’s Vineyard? I have not but it’s definitely on my bucket list!

Oceanside Cottage Vineyard Highland, Oak Bluffsm Massachusettes 03


This cute cottage faces out on Vineyard Haven Harbor, Vineyard Sound and the Elizabeth Islands. How I’d like to be there right now walking along that stretch of beach!

Oceanside Cottage Vineyard Highland, Oak Bluffsm Massachusettes 02


Such amazing views!

Oceanside Cottage Vineyard Highland, Oak Bluffsm Massachusettes 01


The inside looks like it’s been untampered with, left in its original design. It’s amazing someone hasn’t come along and painted every room white.

Oceanside Cottage Vineyard Highland, Oak Bluffsm Massachusettes 05


This looks like such a comfortable room, a great place to curl up by the fire when the sun goes down and the beach breezes turn cool.

Oceanside Cottage Vineyard Highland, Oak Bluffsm Massachusettes 07


Such a great rock fireplace and gorgeous wood floors!

Oceanside Cottage Vineyard Highland, Oak Bluffsm Massachusettes 08


The kitchen looks like it could be original, too. I wonder how common it is to find cottages on Martha’s Vineyard that are still in their original condition.

Oceanside Cottage Vineyard Highland, Oak Bluffsm Massachusettes 06


Imagine starting your day with the sun streaming in and that view each morning!

Oceanside Cottage Vineyard Highland, Oak Bluffsm Massachusettes 04


Yup, this would work! 🙂

Martha's Vineyard Cottage


The bedrooms have been lightened up and I have to admit, I do love the painted wood walls. Sheet rock walls painted white can feel kinda boring, while paint can enhance wood walls, bringing out their texture and highlighting each wood board needed to create a wall.

Oceanside Cottage Vineyard Highland, Oak Bluffsm Massachusettes 10


Love the windows with the mullions above and the open views below.

Oceanside Cottage Vineyard Highland, Oak Bluffsm Massachusettes 09


So, which way do you prefer the bedrooms, painted or left natural? I think I lean toward the painted look for the bedrooms.

Oceanside Cottage Vineyard Highland, Oak Bluffsm Massachusettes 12


This cottage has a total of four bedrooms; it’s a lot bigger than it looked.

Oceanside Cottage Vineyard Highland, Oak Bluffsm Massachusettes 13


Could you live with this view each night? Wherever I was, as nightfall approached, I’d have to hurry back home to see this each evening. I wonder if the sunrise is as beautiful as the sunset.

Oceanside Cottage Vineyard Highland, Oak Bluffsm Massachusettes 14


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Waterside Cottage


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  1. pam ~ crumpety cottage says

    To be surrounded by windows and those views whilst eating your meals … oh my goodness, how wonderful that would be!

    But yes, I absolutely would have to paint those dark 2 x 4 walls! I don’t think I could even sleep there one night until it was done! I usually love old, vintagey things, but in this case, that house could certainly benefit by being painted white or even pastel beachy colors throughout, and having a modern style kitchen installed. Imagine it then! It would surely be on Megan’s ‘list.’ Lol.

  2. Susan, this is a charming cottage, but the fact that it is right on the water is totally amazing. Wow! I could spend the summers there. Yes, I’ve been to Martha’s Vineyard, but it was many years ago. Our favorite is Nantucket, so that’s where we have returned to each time.

  3. Susan, it reminds me of the house in the movie “On Golden Pond” except there’s a bit more water here!

  4. I so enjoy this site!

    I do love cottages and this one is sweet – so much so that I would want to insulate and use beadboard for walls, or part of the walls. Then I could stretch out the seasons that I could be there enjoying the view. I like the open rafters and wood – just not the studs showing – and a bit more white with the wood.

  5. I would LOVE to own a place like that but would soooooo paint it all white.

    That sunset is heavenly. It all is for sure.

  6. I love every bit of Martha’s Vineyard—we went several years ago and I want to go back! This home is just perfect. I love the ocean views from all of the windows. I do hope they have something to keep the cold from coming in through those windows, the temps and wind are downright nasty in the winters there.

    Thanks again for a great, charming post, Susan!

    Jane c

  7. I’m with Pam. I would have to insulate those walls. Although, if it is used as an unpretentious summer cottage, I guess the way it is is fine.

    But when I look at the ocean, I hear the music from Jaws.

    • pam ~ crumpety cottage says

      Haha. I know, it’s so close a big wave could toss old sharkey right through your front window!

  8. It’s beautiful but a little too close to the water for my liking – some people call that a ‘tsunami stopper’…However, painted white it would be even lovelier. For my US friends – if you ever get to Scotland, come to our gorgeous Moray coast.

  9. Hi Susan,

    No, No Painting! The scent of whatever kind of wood they used in these old cottages (Fir maybe?) adds something special. Falling asleep, hearing the waves and smelling that wood warmed smell… Ahhh heaven.

  10. Dorinda Selke says

    Hi Susan – Yeah…I sure could get used to that cottage – what a dream! My husband and I hope to retire to Cape Cod or the islands, there is just nothing in the world like that place 🙂 It’s a view you never, ever get tired of no matter how long you look at it – who needs anything else ?

  11. This reminds me so much of my mother-in-law’s lakeside cottage in New Hampshire. Bliss! Thanks for sharing the pics of this charming cottage. I pinned every one of them!!

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

    • pam ~ crumpety cottage says

      Susan, that wouldn’t be on Lake Winnipesaukee, would it? I have great memories of visiting that area. 🙂 I always wanted to have a house there.

  12. I think I like the white painted wood better, but this is still a lovely cottage. What spectacular views! Thanks for sharing.

  13. As much as I love my job, I would definitely leave it to move in that house. Right there on the beach or by the fireplace is where you would find me. I’d never leave.

  14. Just wanted to let you know that my in laws live on Martha’s Vineyard. I am lucky enough to leave Woodstock and go to the island every year. I love it. East chop is a lighthouse located on East Chop road. The houses are beautiful. My in laws live in the Methodist Campground. It’s full of Gingerbread cottages. Vineyard haven is the next town over from Oak Bluffs. No Vineyard Highlands on the island, that’s in Atlanta.

    • Hi Julie,
      I’ve live 20 minutes north of Atlanta for 31 years and I’ve never heard of Vineyard Highlands. I’ve heard of Virginia Highlands, have friends who live in that area of Atlanta. Is that the area you are thinking of in Atlanta?
      Regarding Vineyard Highlands, I got my info from Wikipedia. It says that East Chop is also known as Vineyard Highlands. Here’s the full quote: “East Chop, also known as the Vineyard Highlands, is a residential area located in the town of Oak Bluffs, Massachusetts on the north end of the island of Martha’s Vineyard. It is a peninsula surrounded on the North and East by Vineyard Sound and on the West by Vineyard Haven Harbor, and features the high, prominent bluffs that gave Oak Bluffs its name. A lighthouse, East Chop Light, stands at the north end of the chop on Telegraph Hill.”
      You can read it here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/East_Chop
      If that’s not correct, you may want to contact them to have them correct it. Or, you may be able to go in and edit it…not sure how that works on Wikipedia.

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