A Few Winter Wardrobe Additions and Gift Ideas

This fall/winter I’ve been on a quest to completely overhaul my winter wardrobe, focusing on two things: comfort and warmth. I added a few more pieces this past week and thought I’d share those in this post in case you’re looking to update your winter wardrobe, or just looking for some additional gift ideas.

Before this fall I didn’t own a single Fair Isle sweater. A lot of the ones I’ve found over the years were a bit too colorful for my taste. I’ve added three to my wardrobe this winter, including this one below that’s currently on sale here: Fair Isle Sweater. Use the code 30DEC17 to get 30% off. I love the little flecks in the lower part of the sweater…they remind me of stars in a night sky. Oh, and it’s long enough to wear with jeggings…love how it looks with those!

Blue Fair Isle Sweater


I’m thinking of ordering this one before the sale ends. It’s available here: Fair Isle Sweater.

Fair Isle Sweater


Added two pretty tops to my winter wardrobe, love the deep green color of this shirt paired with the tartan collar and cuffs.

Green and Red Plaid Shirt


So pretty! Red and green together are my favorite for fall and winter.

Red Plaid Collar


Here’s the blue version…it comes in several other colors.

Blue Shirt with Floral Color


Both tops are available here under the “Sweatshirts and Fleece” category: Orvis

Blue Shirt, Floral Color


Probably the most favorite thing I added recently during a sale was this adorable wool jacket. It’s lightweight and not bulky, though very warm since the plaid section is wool. The wool is not scratchy either, very soft.

Red & Black Plaid Wool Jacket


This jacket is available here: Sunderland Jacket. The easiest way to find it at that link is to type “Sunderland” in the search box. Unfortunately, I don’t think it’s currently on sale but I had to share it in case it does go on sale again since I do love it.

Wool Jacket, Plaid


While we’re talking gift ideas, I can definitely recommend either of these two tops below. I’ve been wearing them all week and love them! They are fleece on the inside and super warm, plus they are currently on sale 25% off with the code: Holiday.

You’ll find this one in several colors here: Sweater Fleece. I love the large pocket up front. It’s where I toss my car keys when I’m out running errands. So convenient!

L.L. Bean Sweater


This is the other one I’ve been wearing this week and it’s also on sale 25% off with the code “Holiday here: Sweater Fleece. The sale ends tomorrow. If you like your sweaters with a hoodie, check this one out: Hoodie Sweater.

L.L. Bean Fair Isle Pullover


I’m thinking of buying a pair of these L.L. Bean slippers. They look so cozy! Does anyone have a pair of these yet? They are on sale with the code “Holiday” here: Slippers.


These make wonderful gifts. I have two pairs and love them! You’ll find them here, again on sale: Slippers.

Update: Forgot to include these adorable blue and white Sperry Duck boots that I purchased for spring. They looked so beachy/nautical, thought they would be cute with blue or white jeans/jeggings this spring when the spring rains arrive.

Nautical Stripe Duck Boots, Sperry


They are currently on sale here: Blue and White Stripe Duck Boots. I think you may be able to get an additional 25% off the sale price with the code: SAVE25. Even without that extra code, the sale price is awesome! I usually order my duck boots a half size up to allow for thicker socks. If you don’t wear thick socks, you’ll be fine with your regular size.

Sperry Duck Boots, Nautical Stripe


Love this sweater too, it’s on sale 50% off here: Sweater. How are you doing on your Christmas shopping? Almost done? I’m pretty much done now, just waiting on one more item to arrive and I’ll be finished.


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  1. On those LL Bean slippers….I had a pair. The tie does NOT stay tied. No matter what I did (and I tried several remedies), they constantly came loose. Perhaps someone has the solution.

    • PS. I ended up going with the LL Bean ‘Wicked Good” booties and they’re awesome. https://www.llbean.com/llb/shop/23777?page=womens-wicked-good-slippers

      • Winnie, I had those but didn’t like them. I received them as a gift one year and if you step on a slightly damp surface, your feet will fly out from under you. I had that happen once in my garage and once on the deck. I threw them out after that. So stay away from any wet surfaces…they are super slippery and dangerous on a wet surface.
        I also didn’t like how hard they were to put on, you can just slide your foot into them, or at least I couldn’t with the pair I had. I had to sit down someplace and pull them on.

    • For Winnie: Google “surgical knot” and then try tying them with a surgical knot. My Dad taught me that when I was a little girl and it’s always worked like a charm in our family.
      If that doesn’t work for you (if the lacing material is too slippery of a material), then try changing out the lacings to something with some texture (“grab” to it) like cotton, etc.
      Hope this helps.

    • Winnie, check out this video by L.L. Bean: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GoVcW38r4Ek

  2. Jane Franks says

    Hi Susan! Thanks for the heads up on the L.L.Bean slippers with the cats! I didn’t know they were back in. My size is back ordered but that’s okay. I can get back. And I have a $10 gift card to use, too. So this is a good time to order them. My old slippers are falling apart and I was just going to wait until next year. Thanks!!
    P.S. I sometimes wear 8 and sometimes 8 1/2. Would you order up to 9? My feet are narrow and thin. I’m thinking 8 might work. Also, do you know if they hold off billing until they send the product? I think they do. That would be a big help, too! Thanks!

    • I ordered my normal size 7. I always wear socks with slippers since I so cold natured. When I first put them on (while wearing my heavy cotton socks) my foot was right at the very back of the slipper, but I knew the plush stuff inside would settle a bit, so I just kept wearing them. It did and the 7 was perfect after just a couple of wearings. My dil said the same thing about the ones I ordered for her. So I would stay with your normal size, especially if you don’t wear thick socks with your slippers like I do.

    • Oh, and yes, I’m almost positive they don’t bill until they are shipped.

  3. Jane Franks says

    I meant, “I can get by!” duh!

  4. Susan, I’ve been hunting Fair Isle sweaters since summer. Again, being a mind reader you may have solved the problem. Hopefully this will do it.
    If not, I’m looking into having one knitted of me. Damn the torpedoes $$$,
    full speed ahead.
    Actually this looks more Icelandic than Fair Isle. My Icelandic was stolen by a very ambitious daughter and so time to replace it.
    8″ of snow. Crazyy.

    • I love them! The one I purchased at L.L. Bean is sold out now, not even on the website anymore. I love the one I just purchased, it feels wonderful on, too. I also like that it’s long enough to wear with jeggings. I should have mentioned that in the post.

  5. Crazy.

  6. Forgot to tell you my Christmas boxes for near and dear have trucks and cars with Christmas trees on top. Couldn’t part with the pink Cadillac. Sitting in the driveway of Downton Abbey Dept. 56, now becoming a serious addiction.
    Fox Theatre is fabulous.

    • Oh my gosh, I need to see a picture of Downton Abbey with the pink Cadillac in the driveway! πŸ™‚ They made a Fox Theatre…I didn’t know that! That’s awesome!

  7. You are one jazzy gal!! They ALL look comfy and chic!! franki

  8. donna a zoltanski says

    It is fun shopping with you!

  9. Hi Susan, my son has the mens version of those slippers. So warm and cozy he won’t wear any other! Very durable too, the way that dog is looking at them shows that they love them too! I’m lucky enough to live a 1/2 hour from the Freeport Maine LL Beans so it makes shopping very easy! Merry Christmas!

    • Jodi, I hope to visit that store one day. It looks amazing in the pictures online. I will probably go nuts in there if I ever make it to that store. LOL

  10. Costco has great slippers that are a knock off of the Ugg slippers in brown with cream shearling lining or black wth black shearling. The soles are good for outside. Best part is they are $19.99. I treated myself- a “from:Me To:Me” present.

  11. Always love seeing your wardrobe selections…and I do love that jacket!

  12. Cyndi Raines says

    Pretty sweater Susan, really like the jacket. They all should keep you really warm. Any update on the Magnolia? How did it fare? Were those fallen branches from the top of the tree?

    • There are a lot of broken branches all the way around…it’s like mother nature pruned it all the way around. They are all currently still on the ground around the tree, except the few I removed so I could get down the driveway. Once the snow melts, I’ll take some photos to share. My house faces north, so very little has melted. I can see that a limb is broken from the top area because I can see the splinted limb, but I’m not sure if it was the very top of the tree since the all the limbs are still dropping very badly the last time I looked. I haven’t gone out today because honestly, it’s just too depressing to look at the shrubs and the trees right now. I know it will recover, but it’s painful to see right now. Once the snow melts, I’ll put on my big girl panties and go look. πŸ™ This is how much snow we got…I stuck a ruler into the snow beside the driveway.


    • Thanks for asking, Cyndi…sweet of you to ask and I appreciate it.

  13. You are once again rockin’ the comfort with style–head to toe!

  14. Wow, Susan, your area got a great deal of snow!! I’m glad you’ve got lots of new warm “woolies” to wear!! Thanks for sharing all of your finds. Right now, So. CA is sweltering (luckily, my area has not been affected by the horrific fires), but it’s still nice to see some pretty sweaters and tops! Have a wonderful Christmas!!

  15. The weather has sure become wacky…you have snow and we are having to water our trees in Colorado. I had the air on yesterday! Glad you are having fun shopping. I did some small damage at the Kate Spade sales as well as Talbots and Anthropologie. I always like shopping in December, good selections near the holidays.

    • That is wild, Jillian! Hope you guys get some rain soon…wish I could magically send you this snow. lol I know, the shopping is really good right now. So many great sales!

  16. Susan, I always enjoy your cloths shopping posts. But, I have to saw, all those sweaters, plaid flannel, etc I thought were great looking but overkill for Atlanta weather. After seeing all your snow ❄️ I see that I was wrong! You’ll b all toasty warm and stylish at the same time.

    • Oh, it gets really cold here during the months of December through February. We’ve even been known to have snow in March and April. I wish it didn’t get so cold here in the winter because I really, really dislike cold weather. The only good thing about the big snow storm that we just had is it will greatly reduce the number of bugs we have to contend with next summer. Thanks, Debbee!

  17. I really enjoy your shopping posts, especially since I’ve made a conscious decision to only buy clothes I’ll feel comfortable in after I retire in January 2019 – not that far away! I really want a pair of those scuffs too! Hope your snow melts really soon. Heavy snow can cause havoc for the poor trees and shrubs. I’m in Toronto and we’re only expecting our first major snowfall tonight.

  18. As usual, love all your choices Susan particularly the Sunderland jacket which would be more for Fall wear where I live. (Known as one of the many snow belt regions in Canada though just got our first blast of old man winter last evening with heavy snowfalls being forecasted for the next three days and temps dipping …. ugh.) Do hope that your shrubs and your beautiful Magnolia Tree bounce back to their original glory. Stay safe and warm. -Brenda-

  19. I have to limit my peeks at your blog as I ALWAYS wind up shopping your awesome ideas!! Thank you for your fab ideas and looks! I have passed on your blog to so many of my gf’s who also now love you too!
    Blessed and festive Christmas to you and yours beautiful lady! πŸ™‚

  20. Thank you for posting the Sunderland Jacket! I went to our local Orvis store and bought one!! The website shows it is on sale, but the store had an even lower price. LOVE IT!!

    • Diane, what did you end up paying? When I purchased mine it was on sale close to half off or around half off. I think I paid 119 or $111. Glad you got one I think it’s a beautiful coat!

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