You’re Invited to a French “Queen Bee” Party!

Welcome to the 457th Tablescape Thursday!

Recently, I shared Debbie’s wonderful, 3rd Annual, My Favorite Things, party. If you missed that post, you’ll find it here: Breakfast at Tiffany’s Brunch Event.

I asked Debbie if she took photos of her first My Favorite Things party which she planned with a “French Queen Bee” theme, and she did! A couple of days ago I shared three adorable bee-themed wreaths she made for the party. (See that post here: Bee Wreaths.)  Today we’re checking out some of the tables Debbie set up for this event. I’ll also be sharing the wonderful appetizers and desserts Debbie served!

Debbie’s friends and family call her the “Queen of Theme” because when she chooses a theme for a party, she goes all out and carries it through for every aspect of the event. These were the beautiful invitations Debbie sent out for her French Queen Bee party.

Debbie said, “These were actually part of a wedding invitation kit I found at Hobby Lobby at 40% off. I loved the black lattice slip, and envelope lining.”


Aren’t these just beautiful! Debbie shared where she found her imagery for her invites. She said, “The vintage imagery was downloaded free from the Vintage Fairy website. I also used some bee and crown ink stamps on the envelopes. Then, I found these lovely black and white floral imagery stamps at the post office. I love making invitations as I think they set the tone for the event, and get my theme off and running!”


In the kitchen Debbie had name tags handy to help her guests get better acquainted.

Name Tags for Party


When Debbie held her first My Favorite Things party, it wasn’t a dinner affair, as it later became. Debbie said, “The first MFT party took place on a Sunday afternoon, and I did not serve a meal. Instead there were beverages, three appetizers, and lots of desserts and coffee.”

This photo is a bit dark but I wanted to include it so you would have an idea how the desserts were arranged. You’ll get a much better view of all those later in this post.


This was one of the tables where Debbie served appetizers for her guests. Debbie said, “The buffet table is actually an antique wallpaper worktable that collapses and folds in half lengthwise. I absolutely love it! It’s narrow and about eight feet long.”

“I used real dishes and glasses that first year. The clear glass plates were my French great grandmother’s. They are from the U.S., though. I have matching wine and champagne glasses (Cambridge Rose Point, depression etched crystal).
The green cabbage bowl and plates are from William Sonoma, and there’s also a lidded, clear cabbage small server. White, bird place card holders are used as menu tent cards (from Pier 1).”


Debbie found her flatware on sale at Overstock dot com. I checked and it’s currently out of stock there, but I did find it still available and on sale here: Bee Flatware. I have a set of this flatware and love it! I’ve used mine in many table settings over the years and it’s always a big hit.


Debbie used her Bee Hive Server to serve Honey Rosemary Sparkling Lemonade. Debbie said, “Fresh lemon slices floated in the dispenser.”

Bee Hive Drink Server


“Mason jars served as glasses, along with fresh rosemary sprigs and lemon slice garnishes.”

Ball Jars for Serving Lemonade


Debbie used these adorable bee glasses to serve  a drink called, “Bee Sting of Bourbon Buzz.”  She garnished them with cute, yellow peeps. You’ll find these same bee glasses available here: French Bee Glasses.

I have these bee glasses in 3 different sizes and they are actually my everyday glasses. The ones I use for everyday hold 12 ounces and are available here: Bee Glasses. You’ll find them in several sizes/styles here: French Bee Glasses.


Love these cut beehive milk-jug style glasses! Debbie found these a few years back in Tuesday Morning and she used them at her party to serve Cucumber Mint infused water.

Bee Hive Glasses


I just looked to see if I could find some online. I didn’t find those but I found some that are very similar. I just ordered a set of six of these adorable bee hive milk-style glasses. I can’t wait to use them in a table this summer! If you would like a set too, you’ll find them here: Bee Milk Bottles.


For her dessert table, Debbie used these beautiful bee plates, a birthday gift from her hubby. They are still available where Debbie’s husband found them here: Bee Plates. I’m seriously thinking I may need some of these.  🙂

French Bee Plates from Anthropologie


Debbie offered her guests a variety of desserts.

Honey Hives Made From Donuts & Oreo Bees for a Bee Themed Party


Debbie made two adorable honey bear cakes for her party. Debbie said, “I made them out of a packaged lemon pound cake mix. Delicious! The tough part was icing and decorating those bears and adding yet more little bees to torment them! No one wanted to slice into them though!

So, for the party they were mostly decorative, but my family loved eating them afterwards. It was good balancing the time intensive desserts with the ones I just basically assembled. It’s easy to find the large bear mold, the little one I only saw at Hobby Lobby.”

Debbie made the adorable “bee-hive” desserts by stacking two Little Debbie cupcakes together. She drizzled a lemon glaze over them and added a few sugar bees as the finishing touch. To serve them, she placed each hive inside a black and white cupcake liner.

Honey Bee Hives Made from Donuts, Bear Cake, Oreo Bee Cookies


Debbie shared how she made her Oreo Bee Cookies. She said, “In the late spring summer you can find the blond Oreos with lemon cream filing. I just got some last week at the grocery. I also found chocolate ones with yellow filling. You just spread these out on waxed paper and using a tiny black icing tube, candy eyes, and sliced almonds for the wings to assemble them. Just don’t expect to fly through quickly, they take some careful work and patience.

I put a ‘nest’ of them on a wooden slice block I had, then, a few of them buzzed about the rest of the table. Nothing gourmet, just theme perfection and no stings!”

Oreo Bees


Debbie made these Honey Cupcakes with Honey Cheese Frosting from scratch. She embellished them with little sugar bees.

Honey Bear and Bee Cupcakes


A favorite dessert at Debbie’s party was, Limoncello Tiramisu Parfaits. Debbie shared how she made them saying, “Basically I made a sheet cake, then using the plastic glasses cut out disks. These went into the bottom of the glass. I added a tablespoon of the Limoncello to the cake disk before assembling the rest.

I used jars of prepared lemon curd, packaged Lady Fingers, and whipped cream in a can, but real Limoncello. My dear friend, Bruna (she lives back in Italy now) got me addicted to it. I even add Limoncello to ice tea–something my book club went crazy for.

I put these together the night before, adding the top-tier of whipped cream right before the party. Then I shaved a bit of fresh lemon rind on top and added a lemon candy slice. Remember those from when we were kids? I found these at Party City.”

Such a great idea for an easy dessert and I love the little candy lemon slice as a garnish! Oh, and in case you’re wondering, Debbie found her parfait glasses in Dollar Tree, 5 for $1. She used them again when she hosted her Breakfast at Tiffany’s party.

Limoncello Tiramisu Parfaits


Debbie also served the following at her party: Warm Honey Fig Dip with Blue Cheese and Garlic Pitas, Crisps with Goat Cheese, Blackberry and Honey, Crostini with Peaches, Blue Cheese and Honey. You’ll find all the recipes mentioned in this post linked on Debbie’s Pinterest page here: Debra M.

Thanks so much to Debbie for sharing her party preparations for this wonderful French Bee themed party! I loved every single detail and it has definitely put me in the mood to create a bee-themed table this summer! So much inspiration and wonderful ideas!

I hope to share some of the other details like the decorations and party games Debbie put together for this party. Will try to get those posted very soon!

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Looking forward to all the tables linked for this week’s Tablescape Thursday!

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  1. Susan, I have loved seeing Debbie’s “my favorite things parties! I also love a themed party and she really presents her theme wonderfully
    well! I did two parties several years ago called “my best friend’s party” where I gave each guest a decorated bag full of some of my favorite things, maybe I need to revive the idea! Thanks so much for the party!

  2. What a lovely party! I just love the theme and the desserts are amazing!!

  3. I love the Limoncello Tiramisu Parfaits idea, especially since it has been so hot here. Guest should really appreciate all the effort Debbie has invested.

    • Debbie M says

      Thanks so much! I made a different type of individual tiramisu for my peacock themed party since it worked out so well.

  4. some people can just pull magic out of a hat and that would be your friend, Debbie. Some great ideas there.

  5. Debbie puts so much thought and prep into her theme parties. I love all of it. Now, how do I get on her Guest list??????

  6. Such a fun party! Debbie makes it look easy, but I can tell she worked very hard for her friends! Lovely as ever can’t wait to hear more!

  7. Thanks for sharing this! I love the Queen Bee theme- Ms. Debbie rocks! So often a random find can snowball into inspiration. This adorable party illustrates how the little things come together-details make the difference.

  8. Wow she did a fantastic job! Love the dishes and the recipes!

    • Debbie M says

      Thank u ever so much. With two single adult sons,I sure hope I eventually get daughter in laws who will want my stuff!

  9. Another fabulous themed party, what a treat to look at all the photos! I really like the bee plates also. Thanks for another great Tablescape Thursday!

  10. Love the theme, lots of fun details! Good job Debbie!

  11. bobbi duncan says

    Another fun party! Debbie really has a great imagination, and I’m sure her guests appreciate all the effort she puts in to show them how important they are to her.

    • Debbie M says

      I’m blessed to have them. Sometimes we get so caught up in the day to day and our own woes, it’s good to remind ourselves of the importance and value of friendships, including those who r also relatives. Many of these lovely ladies I only actually see once a year at my party. It’s great to have a happy occasion to get together.

  12. Susan, thank you for sharing another one of Debbie’s parties. Her bee theme is adorable and has given me a few new ideas. I love a bee theme and have used it myself for entertaining. One of my favorite items is my Wilton individual bee hive cake pan. You should order one if you don’t already have it. They are adorable, easy to make, and perfect individual dessert. I have one of the bee plates that I bought years ago at Anthropologie. They are adorable!

  13. Thanks for the party, Susan! On vacation so will be back later.

  14. Tracie Andreski says

    Wow! I love the theme party and am grateful you help people recreate these looks. I feel like I just spent the afternoon with a friend. I seriously need these bee plates! Thank you Susan and Debbie and keep the ideas coming.

  15. Debbie, this is the bee’s knees! So many great details, just like your Tiffany party. Those invitations!
    Susan, thank you for sharing Debbie’s party details with links. I am slowly but surely assembling my own personal Queen Bee collection (for the B I am, hehe, jk, not really). WS has had some great items, and some of these I hadn’t seen before (the Anthro plate). I keep hesitating on the flatware, waiting on the best deal, but do have some of the glassware. Love all of this.

    • Debbie M says

      One thing I didn’t photograph was my WS bee hive cloche. I adore it. I used it to cover one of the appetizer plates. Most of the summer it’s on my kitchen island covering breads on a cake stand. See it on my Pinterest board.

  16. I just love the bee themed party idea. I have been looking for the Bee flatware, I believe it is by Wallace Silversmiths, in Canada for a while. I can’t find it. I may have to look for them on my next visit to the U.S. Thanks for hosting the party.

  17. Charlotte says

    Cute party idea! I love the idea of a Favorite Things Party, so fun! I really want to know the details of the games, they are the perfect way to get to know everyone and have fun.

    • I shared details with Susan on all three with some pix too. I think she is planning on sharing them sometime.

    • Charlotte, I hope to share the game and all the decorations, etc… in a post for either Monday or Tuesday. I just couldn’t fit it all into one post since it’s a lot of information and pictures. So look for that real soon.

  18. Simply superkalafragilisticexpialadosious. My spelling may be off, but this generated a big buzz with me. Outstanding Debra.

    • Ha! spelling or not, any compliment that starts with ‘super’ and ends with ‘outstanding’ is MUCH appreciated

  19. well how fun is that party!! Love the bee-youtiful theme!

  20. I think those glasses would be a nice touch to my lemon table since their are bees all over them. I would also like to possibly add the bee flatware too. Such a cute a party. I have a little entertainment table I use for a table lamp that is moved at Christmas for the tree. That would be a nice addition to add for the bee milk bottles on a tray. That’s where I set up my hot chocolate bar.

    • Debbie M says

      The glasses are great for several reasons, one being they r kind of neutral – clear glass with a few bees embossed around them. They r also very durable, like Susan, these r actually my everyday glasses. And, I love that they r French! I have at least 4 French surnames in my DNA that start with the letter B. My dad calls my mom Frenchie sometimes. So the glasses and bee flatware r my everyday reminders of my own first name and my mom’s French ancestry.

  21. The lemonade sounds wonderful, is there a recipe you could share with us?

    • Mary, I think Debbie may have it linked on her Pinterest page. Here’s a link to her Pinterest:

      Yes, I think I see it there. Just scroll down on her Pinterest and you’ll see a photo that says “Sparkling Honey Rosemary Lemonade. Click on that and it should take you to the site where she found the recipe.

      • Yes, that’s it. Very refreshing and an opportunity to use herbs from my garden. Plus, heating the rosemary and creating a simple syrup made the house smell fantastic. I think I’ll make some this weekend…..

  22. I’m on my way to share this with my KC. Beatrice Emaline has long been called “Honey Bee”. I can just imagine a wonderful birthday party using some of these darling ideas. Thanks for inviting us for a peek and for hosting us each week. Cherry Kay

  23. Susan, this is absolutely darling!! Is this Deb from Pinterest who also uploads from time to time to your group board? If so, she is a talent and needs to start blogging posthaste! I adore her work, and this is no exception. Thank you for sharing such a cute theme!

    • Debbie M says

      No, that’s not me. I don’t have a blog, and although a number of people have suggested I do, it’s a little overwhelming to get started. First off, whatever would I call it? And, I’ve done just three of these parties – once a year. Most of my tablescapes don’t include food, favors and other decor, so not over the top stuff. I’m thinking leave the blogging to Susan and maybe she can post things I do from time to time?

    • Debbie M says

      I have in the past uploaded tablescapes to Susan’s three group boards but not as ‘Deb.’ Haven’t in about a year though.

      • Hmm, maybe I missed something. The link in the post here lead directly to a gal on Pinterest by the name of Deb (whom I have followed for some time now). 🙂
        You could call your blog “Queen of the theme.” Either way, I was just stating the obvious…nice work (a compliment).

        • Debbie M says

          It’s probably me that’s confused! On Pinterest I’m Debra M, here Debbie M. Maybe u were just referring to me as Deb for short? Yes, u and I have followed each other for some time on Pinterest. I appreciate all your encouragement! And, I love your tablescapes!

  24. What a most beautiful and creative MFT party!!!….Love the bee theme! I am so very partial to the Napolean Bee..thanks for sharing this Susan!

  25. Kathleen says

    What a fun filled party! Have to say that I have my grandfather’s wallpaper work table and I am inspired to get it out and spruce it up.

    • Debbie M says

      Aren’t u lucky to have it! I actually use a bees wax product every year to rub into the wood to help it from drying out. After all, the wood isn’t high quality. I paid a rather pricey sum for it at one of my favorite vintage shops. She had sanded, stained the wood and painted the legs black. At least two of my friends have bee unsuccessful at finding one. During the winter it spends some time in my finished game room, displaying my Dpt 56 village

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