A Handbag Before & After, A New Book & A Bit of Whimsy for Valentine’s Day

Welcome to the 576th Metamorphosis Monday!

Since I didn’t have a home-related Before and After to share today for this week’s Met Monday, I had planned to post a beautiful home tour. At the last minute I remembered a small, yet dramatic, Before and After I recently shared at Under Moonlight and Magnolias on Instagram that I thought you might find interesting.

When I first purchased this Prada wicker basket bag a couple of years ago, it came with this silly raffia/feather tassel. I knew when I purchased the bag that the tassel had to go. I felt like it cheapened the look of the bag and overshadowed the bag entirely. I removed the tassel the day the bag arrived and carried it with the little gold loop on the front devoid of any ornamentation.

Prada Wicker Basket Bag with Raffia Feather Tassel


Wouldn’t you know, the second year Prada produced this bag, they got rid of the tassel and added one of their nice leather hangtags instead. Arggg. That made me wish I had waited one more year before purchasing it, but who knew they would do that.

I contacted the Saks Prada where I had purchased my bag and asked if I could purchase just the leather tag I had seen on the newer versions. I thought maybe they would have some extras available in case someone lost or damaged the one that came on the bag. It took a few months but the wonderful Saks Sales Associate helping me with this issue was able to have one shipped in.

Prada Wicker Basket Bag with Raffia Feather Tassel


What a difference!

Prada Wicker Basket Bag with Leather Luggage Hang Tag


Here’s another photo of how it looks taken in natural lighting coming in through my upstairs family room. So much better than the tassel! I don’t know why they didn’t go with a leather tag that first year. Maybe they thought a leather tag didn’t suit a wicker bag. Anyway, I like it so much more this way. What about you?

Prada Wicker Basket Bag with Matching Leather Wallet


One More Valentine’s Day Gift Idea

Yesterday I posted a few gift ideas for Valentine’s Day. Here’s one more I thought of last night that I thought would be super cute and fun.

I purchased this adorable pink “service” bell a couple of weeks ago and was thinking last night how cute it would be to have a bottle of pink champagne chilling in the fridge, then wrap up the bell (it comes in a cute package) and give it to your sweetie on Valentine’s Day. You know as soon as they open the package, they’re going to try it out. You, of course, having prepared for that moment would immediately present them with a glass of chilled pink champagne. lol Now that’s the way to kick off Valentine’s Day, sipping champagne!

It would also be really cute to include on a breakfast tray when you’re serving your sweetheart breakfast in bed on their birthday or on Father’s/Mother’s Day.

If you need one of these little bells in your life, you’ll find this one here: Champagne Please Bell. It’s a prettier shade of pink than it looks in my photo. I love the color! I currently keep mine displayed with my handbags and other goodies and it makes an adorable decoration.

Champagne Please, Pink Service Bell


A Book I Just Purchased

One last goodie to share: If you are a Dior fan or love interior design as I do, this book is delightful! I’m just getting into it but I love the stories included along with the beautiful pictures. If you love both fashion and decor, you’ll love this book! Some of the photos are pretty amazing, an era that I’m not sure we’ll ever see again.

This book is available here: Dior and His Decorators. Be sure and check out the reviews for more information at that link.

Dior and his Decorators by Maureen Footer


Looking forward to all the wonderful Before and Afters linked for this week’s Met Monday!

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  1. What were they thinking?! That tassel looks like it belongs on a stripper!

  2. Such a cute handbag and the Prada tag looks ever so much better!

  3. Yikes, no wonder they changed it! Good for you to get the new replacement, thanks Susan!

  4. Love the pink Prada handbag and I agree, like the leather tag much more than the tassel(s). You are so good at decorating…I recently purchased a 3 tier gold/marble dessert (or cake) stand. Now I have it home, sitting on a corner of the breakfast bar and have NO idea of how to use it or accessorize it…I tried small candles on 3 of the round marble plates and on the top a darling Anthropologie small vase but it just looks like I am trying too hard to make it work…which is exactly correct. Maybe it doesn’t even belong on the breakfast bar? Since we are seldom in our dining room anymore, wanted to put it out where I could see it…….as in many homes now the breakfast bar separates the great room from the kitchen. Any recommendation or suggestions on how to use this 3 tier stand? Thanks in advance.

  5. What a HUGE difference in the Prada tag. What were they thinking before?? Love the champagne bell, and really cute idea. It’s been a long time since you featured a book, I always liked those posts. Have a wonderful Valentine’s, Susan. Treat yo self right!

  6. Susan, your pink Prada bag is one of my very favorites in your collection. But when shown with the original tassel my mind immediately goes to the line in “Breakfast At Tiffany’s” where Holly Golightly stands in front of a mirror removing something saying “the mind reels”. You have transformed the bag to another level. Well done. Thank you for always putting so much thought and effort into your site. You are such a delight and we truly appreciate what you research for us, suggest as possibilities, and share with your fortunate readers. Happiest of Valentine days to you.

    • lol That’s a great line! I need to watch that movie again, I have seen in ages.
      Thanks, Rebecca! I do like it so much more with the leather tassel.
      Awww, thanks so much! Appreciate those kinds words so much! Happy Valentine’s Day to you! XXX

  7. Susan, you are right about the raffia/feather tassel it would make a lovely gift for kitty. Your Saks Sales Associate knew they could get you a nice leather hang/tag. Prada knows how to use their advertisements. They are happy to keep the ladies happy. They would be out of business quickly if the ladies are unhappy…It’s amazing how the women of the world could close a company over night if they wonted to.

  8. The bell and the bag – wonderful combination!

  9. Wow! What a beautiful bag. I really love it with the leather instead of the tassel.

  10. Hi Susan,

    Your Tablescape Thursday was the very first blog party I ever linked to ten years ago when I started my blog. All those pretty tables were so inspiring! Thank you so much for hosting your twice-a-week parties all these years; you’ve made a great place for bloggers to meet one another!

    I love the Prada handbag and the darling bee purse! That’s one of my favorite colors. 🙂 Thanks for hosting today and have a great week!!



    • Thanks so much for joining in each week, Denise! Really it’s everyone who joins in that makes it so much fun! So I appreciate you!
      Thanks, I’m looking forward to carrying it some this summer now that’s it all spiffed up with its new hang tag. lol
      Happy Valentine’s Day to you!

  11. I’m not sure how I lived my adult life without that Champagne bell!! ❤️ That’s the cutest funniest thing ever! Might have to check out the Dior book too. Thanks as always for hosting and coming up with great ideas. I wouldn’t miss your blog for the world!

  12. Thanks so much for hosting each week!!

  13. What a huge difference that tag makes! Really is much classier than the tassel. Thanks for hosting and have a great Valentine’s Day!

    • Thanks, Pamela! It really did make a big change!
      Hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day! Wasn’t it just Christmas? How can it almost be Valentine’s Day!

  14. Omgosh, the tassel/feather thing is hideous! And I love the tag. I would be like you and have left it plain before leaving the tassel thing on.

    And Susan, where are you going for vacation this year? I think this year we’re doing another Mediterranean cruise again but this time with stops in Istanbul, Kusadasi, Cypress, Crete, etc. I love your travel posts so I was just wondering what I have to look forward to???? Hugs to you!

    • lol I know, it was so distracting on the bag!
      You know, I’ve been trying to decide. I’ll be visiting family toward the end of March, then they are coming here in June, then I go back to visit them for a while in July/August. I would LOVE to take a trip in there somewhere, though. I never travel ever during the late fall/winter months after coming down with Influenza A two years ago in December while on a Christmas Markets tour in Germany. So late spring to early fall is about the only time I do travel now. I need to get busy and find a good trip! Your Mediterranean crusie sounds fun! I would love to go to Greece or Machu Picchu or the Galapagos Islands, Scotland or even back to England. There’s still so much of England that I’ve never seen. I eventually want to visit Paris, too.

  15. Brenda Lawrence says

    Yes, I’m not sure what they were thinking with that tassel. Didn’t like it when you showed it on Instagram, and still don’t like it. The leather tag is so much classier. Ha, that bell is adorable! So fun too. Hugs, Brenda

    • Thanks, Brenda! I do love the leather tag a lot better.
      We all need that bell, don’t we?! lol I texted a picture of the bell to my daughter-in-love the evening of the day it arrived. I told her that I thought it was broken because I had been ringing it all evening and no one ever showed up with champagne. 😉

  16. Call me crazy, but I kind of like the tassel….it’s more fun!

    • lol Maybe if I was headed to the beach or on a tropical vacation. I think it would be cute for that. I didn’t throw it away, still have it. 🙂

  17. Cyndi Raines says

    I think this purse is my favorite in your collection and you are so right, that tassel has no right to be on such a classy looking purse, the tag looks so much better. Amazing that the little bee wallet / credit card holder is such a great match. Good eye, Susan!

    • Thanks, Cindy! I so agree! Def felt like it too the bag a step up. I know, isn’t that wild! I had no idea it would match so well when I purchased it because it’s a bit darker than it appeared online. Amazing how that worked out!

  18. What a gorgeous handbag, you lucky lady!

  19. Bonnie Short says

    Hi Susan! Love the new tag for your purse, good that they were able to get it for you. Great customer service!
    That cute little service bell really caught my eye. My guest room is peachy pink and I think it would be darling to put on the nightstand! Of course I’d have to also have to have a bottle of pink champagne chilling in the refer too!

  20. Thank you so much for hosting. This week I am excited to share my Laura Ingalls Wilder free printable, a few of my book recommendations and some Galentine’s celebration inspiration! Hope you have a great week!

  21. Love it with the leather hang tag. There has got to be a use for that tassel, maybe on a desk key? I would want to remove the stubby light pink part though, you always have such great ideas!

  22. I can see why they started with the tassel. These bags are essentially just baskets with handles; something summery and fun. I doubt they realized people would start to think of them as anything meant to be elegant, per se. A summery, silly tassel seems perfect for such a bag.

    The luggage tag definitely dresses it up beautifully, but I don’t get this fad, either. They look nice, I don’t mean that, I just don’t get the purpose for it. Decoration, I guess, just like the Hermes Rodeo ponies. But I always take the luggage tags off my bags if I can. That goes for any extras, like tassels, too! ( I confess that for some reason I do like the alphabet charms on my Lady Dior!)

    • I’m completely the opposite, I don’t like the charms on the My Lady Dior. I like it better since they offered letters so you can at least personalize it with your monogram, but I still prefer the strap without it.
      I have mixed feelings about rodeos. I like how they harken back to the equestrian heritage of Hermes. The thing I dislike about most of the rodeos is the color combos Hermes creates them in…meaning the saddle, body, hanging string. I don’t understand the wild colors they use. I have one rodeo that’s pretty much all red and brown (not a crazy mix of colors) and I’ve only used it on my bag 2-3 times. I just love the look of the bag without it.
      The tassel on the wicker bag was just a bit too out there for me, at least for such a structured bag. I do love the traditional Prada tag very much, though. I don’t think of it as elegant, just very traditional. Wicker bags are a very traditional bag, they’ve been popular and a staple here in the south as long as I can remember. I remember all my friends had white wicker handbags when I was growing up and I’m 63 now, so that’s how long they’ve been a staple here in the south.

      • Oh my gosh, YES, the Rodeo colors are crazy, especially given that Hermes most bags are usually classic and understated!

        I think in general I just don’t like things dangling from my bags. (Which is why it puzzles me that I like those doggone clangy Diors, ha!) I just got a pretty Brahmain mock-croc, and sure enough, it has one of those tags. Is there a purpose for them, that I’m not aware of?

        And in case it sounded different, I meant the luggage tag as the trend, not the wicker bags. I love wicker bags! We’re about the same age, and definitely remember ladies carrying them when I was a little girl. I would imagine they go back to previous centuries, in different forms, maybe?

        Your Prada is gorgeous, and you’ve got me wondering if I ought to get one. I just don’t think I’m girly enough to carry it off, if that makes sense?

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