A Handy Mobile Phone Mounting System for the Car

Welcome to the 436th Metamorphosis Monday!

A while back a YouTuber I follow mentioned a hands-free option for using a cell phone in the car. I try to not use my mobile phone in the car while driving, but I do love listening to books on Audible via my phone. Unfortunately, I have an older car and my car’s Bluetooth will not work with the current phones of today, so typically I use a small Bluetooth Speaker to listen to books, and that works quite well. But there are times it would be really nice to have my phone up higher where I can better hear it when my speaker isn’t available.

When I’m traveling on long trips to visit my son, dil and grandchildren, my son will often call to check on my progress. It would be nice (and safer) to have my phone within reach instead of trying to find it in my purse or in the car during those trips.

And finally, because my car is much older, its GPS doesn’t cover a lot of the newer streets, so occasionally I find myself using Google Maps on my phone when traveling to a new place. Again, it would be really nice to have my phone up higher where I can better hear it and see it when using Google Maps to navigate to a new place.

So I decided to give the little phone/car mounting system a try. Here’s how it looks.And here’s where I attached it in my car.


The way it works is you attach a metal pad between your phone and the case. I attached mine to the inside back of my phone case.

Then you slide the little magnet thingie over an a/c vent in the car. It has two different “fittings” so it will fit over most a/c vents. Unfortunately, the a/c vents in the center of my dash are vertical, and it doesn’t work quite as well on a vertical vent.


So that’s why I placed mine on the vent near the door which is horizontal.


These are the parts you receive, well actually you get two magnets, so it comes with enough for two cars.


And here’s how I attached one of the plates inside the back of my phone case. I probably could have just slid the metal plate into the back of the phone case, but I went ahead and attached it as the directions recommended. Once attached, it can’t be removed, so make sure you position right where you want it. Since it can’t be removed, I would not stick it directly to the phone, only to the case itself.


Also, if you have a Samsung phone and use a wireless charging pad like I do, you’ll need to pop your phone out of its case when you charge it at night since the little metal plate will be in the way when it’s attached in the back of the case.

Update: I just bought a new clear case exactly like the one above and this time I didn’t stick the magnet down to the case, I just laid it inside the case and snapped the phone into the case. I placed the magnet across the bottom of the case when I placed it inside the case, so now I can charge my phone using the charging pad below without ever taking my phone out of its case.  Love that!

I LOVE this charging pad, by the way. I have two of them: a black one by my bed and a white one on my desk. They are the best thing ever! I love just sitting my phone on top for charging and not having to worry with plugging it in. It’s available here: Charging Pad.

Just wanted to share this in case you sometimes use the navigation on your phone and need a way to have the phone up higher up so you can hear it better, or just like having it handy and within reach in case you do get a call that you feel you have to take. You’ll find this little phone/car mount available here where I purchased mine: Car Mount for Phone.

I really don’t recommend talking on the phone while driving if you can avoid it. I see so much craziness on the road each day due to people fiddling with phones, and I’m sure you do, too. But I do like this option for listening to my Audible books, for using Google Maps and for just knowing where my phone is in the car in case I do need it.


Oh, and if you do use this system to navigate somewhere, don’t forget to put your phone in your handbag once you arrive. It would be tempting for someone to break into your car and steal it if it were visible.

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  1. That iPhone mounting system looks very interesting….Thanks for hosting Susan and have a great week! Happy Summer!

  2. Thanks so much for the party!!

  3. I had one like that and didn’t like it. One of my favorite cases was a little too thick and the magnetic would work through it and I didn’t want to ruin the look of the case by mounting the magnetic on the back side. I found a different one I like MUCH better (found it at Joann’s!) and it mounts in the vent as well but has a sliding thingy (hard to describe) that you fit the phone into. That way it adapts to several sizes.

    • Yeah, I bet it wouldn’t work with the last case I had which was an Otter Box. I love, love, love my current case, still really sturdy and durable, but not so thick. It’s the Case-Mate Naked Tough. Check it out Sherrill if you ever want a thinner case that’s super durable.
      That mount sounds really interesting! Thanks for the info!

  4. One of my friends has a similar gadget that she loves. My car will read my texts to me which is really handy, and make calls from voice commands, but that’s about all I have mastered, I think I can voice texts back too but I’m scared to try that, I can only imagine how that could get messed up Thanks Susan!

    • I would love that! My son’s car will do that. Amazing! lol about voice texts back. Yeah, you never know what might get sent! 🙂

  5. Please take care using your phone in the car Susan. Here in Australia it is highly illegal unless the car is turned off. There are so many accidents caused by people on phones or worse still, texting while driving. The police will quickly pull up drivers seen on phones. We want you to keep safe.

    • Barbara, thanks for your concern, but please go back and read the entire post. It’s not illegal here in GA, but I would be happy if they would make it illegal, I keep hoping they will do that. But right now, it’s not.

      All that aside, this post is about how to listen to a book or navigation without having to hold the phone, which is much safer! This post is not about how to talk on the phone while driving. You’re the second person today from Australia to leave a comment. The first comment was so rude and angry, I deleted it. It was obvious the person who left it had not read my post. I will never understand people who don’t read a post all the way through, but leave angry comments.

      Again, here’s what I wrote in the post:
      “I really don’t recommend talking on the phone while driving if you can avoid it. I see so much craziness on the road each day due to people fiddling with phones, and I’m sure you do, too. But I do like this option for listening to my Audible books, for using Google Maps and for just knowing where my phone is in the car in case I do need it.”

  6. Juanita in OH says

    Having grown up with a rotary phone I find all of the new technologies mind boggling. Thank you for all the wonderful information and links that you provide, it is truly appreciated. Have a great day and TFS.

    • Juanita, I kinda miss rotary phones, don’t you? I miss that sound they made. 🙂 I don’t miss having to start all over dialing though, if you make a mistake. lol At least with a cell phone, you just hit the back arrow.

  7. Patricia says

    Hi Susan, I use a similar adjustable bracket so I can hear turn by turn instructions from Wayz or Google- even used it while driving on the opposite side of the road in New Zealand and to safely navigate their single lane bridges. I also like that it keeps the map closer to eye level so I can doublecheck my position and still keep my eyes on the road. My experience with installed navigation systems with rental calls has been frustrating. Too many users mucking around with the set-up so I prefer using my phone or iPad for navigation and a free gps app.

    • Patricia, you are so brave! I don’t think I’d have the nerve to drive there or in England where you drive on the wrong side. I’d probably do find until I had to make a turn, then I’d freak out! lol
      That’s a good point about it keeping it higher where you can see it. I haven’t had a reason to use Google Maps since I started using the little holder, but I do use it all the time now for listening to my books when I’m running errands. Love it for that!

  8. Great gadget! I bought one for each of my children for Christmas and they love them. Finally purchased one for myself.

  9. Susan,

    It’s funny you should post about this item today, as my husband and I just purchased something similar from amazon. Ours also connects to the vent, but is not magnetic. It has spring arms on either side to hold the phone in place. So far it works well, but if I start having issues I’m going straight to your pick. Also, like you, I use my google maps app for navigation as my car is older and doesn’t have a GPS system and it is perfect that the phone is near the steering wheel and easier to see and hear. Thanks for another great tip!

    • I know, that helps sooo much. It’s hard to hear when your phone is laying on your lap or on the seat. I’ve really enjoyed having it up higher for listening to books, too. I rarely use my little bluetooth speaker that I purchased for the car now that I have the phone up closer to my head where I can hear it.

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