A House As Charming As The Victorian Home in the Movie, Practical Magic!

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Remember this wonderful home in the movie, Practical Magic? We toured it a while back in this post: Take a Tour of the Home in the Movie, Practical Magic. Sadly the home in the movie was only a shell created for the movie, torn down once filming was complete. The fabulous interiors we saw in Practical Magic were actually just wonderful sets created in a Los Angeles studio.

Finding out this beautiful home wasn’t a real home was disappointing and bubble bursting for sure, but I discovered something recently that may make you feel a bit better. Though this home wasn’t real, there’s a home located in St. Augustine, Florida that’s reminds me of it very much. And it’s for sale!


What do you think? Not quiet the same, but equally as enchanting, I think. I see a big, beautiful magnolia, too! Love magnolia trees!

Notice all the wonderful windows and that single, adorable dormer. If I had to choose one word to describe this home, it would have to be charming!


Wait until you see the inside, it’s wonderful!


Okay, it had my heart right here on this delightful, wrap-around porch.


Imagine having breakfast here or an afternoon tea. Love a sunny porch with a view!


As we tour this beautiful home, you’re going to see some absolutely gorgeous heart pine flooring. You could shop for years and never find hardwood flooring this gorgeous in any store. It takes years to get this rich, golden-brown patina. Just beyond stunning!


Love the bird lamps!


I always love the exterior of a Victorian homes, but sometimes the interiors can feel a bit dark. This lovely Victorian home is light-filled and bright throughout.


I love this kitchen! It has the perfect mix of warm woods and bright whites.


Notice the wonderful built-in china storage. I don’t know how they did it, but they’ve managed to update this home without stripping away its historical character and charm.


As we continue the tour, you’ll see more evidence that special care was taken during renovations to make the home functional for today without giving up the home’s authenticity and connection to the past.


A sunny breakfast nook…


A spacious dining room…have you ever seen more beautiful floors?!


There’s a wonderful butler’s pantry just off the dining room. Here’s a great close-up of the gorgeous, heart pine flooring. To. Die. For!


An updated laundry room…


Let’s go up this gorgeous staircase and check out the upstairs.


I believe this is the master bedroom. I’m glad they kept the mantel.


More wonderful built-in cabinetry…


The master bath…imagine a bathroom so large, it can hold a sofa!


It appears they kept the original tile, or do you think it’s a really good replica?


Another bathroom…

We see this tile in several baths and the laundry room, so it may be reproduction. If so, it fits the home beautifully.


Another bedroom, perfect for when adult children come back home for a visit, bringing with them the little ones. Such a sweet room! I know you’re probably tired of hearing me talk about the floors, but I can’t help it! You just never see floors this beautiful all throughout a home!


More bedrooms with lots of fabulous windows…



Another bath…love the blue and white color scheme.


Ready to check out the third floor?


This would be a wonderful hideout for reading, a great office, a guest room or even a teen’s bedroom. Notice the little room there in the corner.


Remember the two, small windows in the tower, the ones located just below the look-out?


This is what’s on the other side of those beautiful windows. I wonder if the wood walls are original? I’m guessing that they are. This would make the cutest nursery, though it’s a bit high up. What would you do with this room? I think I’d replace that strip of white molding, it’s seems out-of-place.

Oh, oh, oh! I have an idea, wouldn’t this make a magical library, maybe a little library for the children! I could see shelves down the wall on the left with wonderful books like, The Secret Garden. Add a rug, a couple of kid-size chairs, a throw and you’re all set!.


There’s a back porch with a daybed for porch naps.


See more rooms inside this wonderful home where these pictures were found here: Victorian Home, St. Augustine, Florida. You’ll also capture a view of the intra-coastal waterway in a video at that link.


Take a tour of the home created for the movie, Practical Magic here: Practical Magic Home Tour

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  1. You have the best house tours. This one does not lack for natural light, and the warm woods bring on the cozy. I like how the bedrooms are on the casual side, and not over decorated or over staged. I want it to be summer again, sigh…

    • Thanks, Mia! Me, too! It has felt like spring or early summer here for several days. We reached 73 degrees today! It’s going to be a dose of hard reality when the cold returns! I have to keep reminding myself that it’s still wintertime.

  2. Those bathroom shelves hold lined wicker baskets and I think I can see a hair dryer in one, so I am assuming it is the kinds of things would normally find in a bathrooms,

    • Oh, I can totally see them now. My brain justcouldn’t process it until you said baskets. Now I can see them with no problem. Funny how that works! 🙂

  3. Hi Susan! Oh, this house is truly stunning! Look at that stair case and the kitchen! Hope you’re doing well.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

  4. Thanks, susan – this was an awesome find! Love your special house tours – I agree with every statement you made in this post.

  5. Beautiful! I would absolutely love living there!

  6. Giuditta Reppi says

    Susan, you’re so adorable. I enjoy your tours so much, and St. Augustine is one of those places I fell in love with at first sight. With a chilly, damp week here on Cape Cod (and a trip to Buffalo this weekend), I am longing to visit my sister in Palm Coast near this charming house. And you are soooo right about the tower room being perfect for a reading nook; a drum set there is such a waste of a cozy hidey-hole.

    • lol Thanks, Giuditta! I can’t help myself, get sooo excited over these gorgeous old historic homes, especially when they have so many special features like this one.
      Oh, I hope you get your trip to Palm Coast, that would be wonderful about right now.
      Yes, out with the drums, in with the “cozy!”

  7. I love the movie Practical Magic! The house is amazing! This house does remind me of the one from the movie. The interior is beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

  8. Dee Skislak says

    Wow. I love the movie and love the house. I thought the plates hanging over the tub in the bathroom was interesting. Never would have thought about doing that in a bathroom.

  9. What a beautiful, beautiful Victorian home. I love the warm wood floors and all of the natural light beaming through all the windows. The carving on the staircase is unique. Would love to own this home!!

  10. Gorgeous!! Thank you for sharing Susan!

  11. Wow! I love this house, and you’re so right about the floors: magnificent! I had to laugh at the drum set in the “high tower room”: perfect spot, especially for someone just starting out learning how to play! Thanks for sharing. Rosie @ The Magic Hutch

  12. Sandra D in Joliet says

    The larger room on the 3rd floor would be my sewing room/art studio and the room with the drums would be a library/reading room. This is a gorgeous and charming house. I’m so glad it’s been loved and taken care of.

  13. The woodwork alone and..everything else!! franki

  14. Marlene Stephenson says

    Beautiful house with lovely windows and doors. Those steps would give you plenty of exercise,trim and slim. Haha

  15. Linda Page says

    I love St. Augustine, FL. It is a beautiful town. Love this house. The front door is gorgeous!! And so is the stairway. Beautiful home throughout.

  16. oh i know right where that is! i lived 20 minutes from st augustine for 10 years and LOVED going there to explore!
    what a dream to be there again! thank you for the post susan!!!!

  17. The bathroom with the sofa was probably converted from another room of some sort, no?

    I love this home; they did a marvelous job bringing it up to date, as you said, while keeping the integrity of the home’s roots. I prefer Victorians to have more colorful interiors, but I know I am in the minority on that!

  18. Oh, be still my heart! What a fabulous house. So light and airy, and as you say, that’s so unusual for a Victorian interior. The butler’s pantry and laundry room are to die for. I always like the service rooms the best – must be a peasant past :). Thank you so much for the tour.

  19. Lovely, so lovely. I’m not so sure that the tiny tile work in some of the bathrooms and in the laundry room is reproduction – it all looked exactly like the “old style” tile work that is still a feature in the small front hall foyer of my house (original) that used to be found in my upstairs bathroom. But, oh those floors and the wood work throughout this amazing home … just made me happy to wander through your post and then to cap it off: the video was such fun! 🙂

  20. What a gorgeous home! A lovely young family is perfect for it. An old woman like me cannot handle the stairs!

  21. What an amazing home and agree that those floors are to die for . As for the staircase; it certainly would be one that I would not mind dusting … . Thank you so much for the tour Susan as enjoyed it immensely. Have a wonderful weekend! -Brenda-

  22. I can’t believe this home is up for auction? It appears to be in immaculate condition so I don’t think its a sheriff’s auction? I would totally love to live in that house in that city. Maybe homes are sold differently there than in New England where I live.

    • I’m not sure why it’s being sold by auction…I thought that was strange, too.

    • Hi! I’m the auctioneer. This home is being sold by a private owner. As a national auction company, we reach a national pool of buyers. It makes sense to allow bidders to compete for a property of this quality rather than the traditional “sign in the yard MLS” type of marketing. A lot of private sellers are choosing auction method of marketing for a variety of reasons. Rick Eberhart, Tranzon 352-369-1047

  23. Great article on the Hibbard House! This house is being sold at auction on Valentines Day 2017. Here’s a link:
    If you have questions please call Rick Eberhart 352-369-1047

  24. LOVELY!!!!!!

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