A Lobster & Crab Fest: Beach Party Table Setting

Welcome to the 253rd Tablescape Thursday!

Hope your week is going great! Are you ready for a little beach trip? Even if we can’t go to the beach we can at least celebrate with a beachy tablescape out here on the porch.

Beach Themed Table Setting with Lobster & Crab Plates


The colors in this week’s table setting are creams and corals…love that combination!  When I finished writing this post, it dawned on me, this table setting incorporates 3 Pottery Barn Knock-offs: Starfish Napkin Rings, Shell Chargers and a Double-Bowl Hurricane Centerpiece. Isn’t that funny?  What would we do without Pottery Barn to inspire us!

Beach Tablescape with Shell Chargers and Lobster and Crab Plates


The centerpiece was created using the tutorial posted here: Double Bowl Hurricane Centerpiece: Pottery Barn Knock-off

Beach Tablescape with Shell Centerpiece

To make the centerpiece, I placed a smaller vase within a larger vase, then added sand and shells to the outer vase.  Then I just filled the center vase with shells but you could also use a candle which I think would be even better!

Easter Centerpiece in Pottery Barn Knock-off Double Bowl Vase


I found the “Beach Sand” in Big Lots recently. For this centerpiece, I used the darker colored “Beach” sand.

Beach Sand for Crafting


Last time I used this Pottery Barn Knock-off Vase, I created an Easter table setting with a floral centerpiece surrounded by Easter eggs tucked in Easter grass.  I love this type centerpiece because the possibilities are endless. It’s like magic…two centerpieces rolled into one.  I didn’t want to spend the $ for the PB version so I made my own with two vases from Marshalls. Or, was it TJ Max?  Ummm, the glass vases were from one of those stores. (The Easter table setting with the above double-bowl hurricane centerpiece can be viewed here:  Easter Spring Table Setting with Tulip Centerpeice)

Easter Table Setting with Tulip Centerpiece and Pottery Barn Bunny Cup Cake Stands


I think I’ll take the shells out and see how a candle would look inside the center vase. I’ll take a photo and add it to the post so you can see how that looks, too.

Beach Tablescape with Lobster & Crab Plates


Update: Here are a couple of photos showing how the centerpiece looks with a candle inside the center vase instead of shells.

Shell Centerpiece for Beach Themed Table Setting Tablescape


Which way do you like it best?

Shell and Candle Centerpiece in Double Bowl Hurricane


Today’s table is a lobster and crab fest!  Three of the plates in this table setting show a lobster and three depict a crab. Flatware is by Gourmet Settings and whenever I see it, it makes me think of nautical ropes so I love using it for beach or nautical themed tablescapes. Flatware is available here: Nautical Rope Flatware


Beach Table Setting Tablescape with Lobster Salad Plates and Shell Chargers_wm (2)


Here’s a crabby plate and  you can also see the starfish napkin rings. After painting the faux starfish white, I added a touch of coral to them to tie back to the color scheme for this setting.

Beach Table Setting with Crab and Lobster Plates_wm (2)


You’ll find the tutorial for making these napkin rings here: Make a Starfish Napkin Ring, Pottery Barn Knock-off

Starfish Napkin Ring Pottery Barn Knock-off


Still cloudy out this morn when I took these photos.

Nautical Themed Table Setting with Lobster & Crab Plates & Nautical Rope Flatware


Does this table put you in the mood for a beach trip? It makes me hungry for seafood!

Beach Tablescape with Lobster and Crab Plates on Shell Chargers


The shell napkin rings are plain wood napkin rings on which I glued a shell.  The shell chargers I used for this table setting are another Pottery Barn Knock-off.


You’ll find the tutorial here: Shell Chargers for Summer Dining: Make Your Own



Love beach/nautical themed table settings?  You’ll find many more here: Beach and Nautical Themed Table Settings

Beach Tablescape with Shell Chargers and Lobster and Crab Plates

Looking forward to all the wonderful tables posted for this Tablescape Thursday!

Beach Themed Table Setting with Lobster & Crab Plates



Shell Chargers:  Made with found and purchased shells, Tutorial available here: Shell Chargers
Dinner Plates: Lenox, Butler’s Pantry Gourmet
Lobster & Crab Salad Plates: World Market
Stemware: Breeze Clear, Provided by Noritake and available HERE
Flatware: Available here: Gourmet Settings Silver Tear
Napkins: Pier 1 and Pottery Barn
Centerpiece: Made with found and purchased shells
Shell Candle Holders: HomeGoods, several years ago


Tablescape Thursday


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  1. Made me smile to see my theme is totally in-tune with your beautiful beachy tablescape!!! Thanks for hosting! XO, Aimee

  2. I love that centerpiece! Thanks for hosting!!

    Big Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  3. All I have to do is “see food” and I get hungry for seafood…and anything else you can serve up!!!!!! I’m thinking seafood for this weekend. Grilled shrimp, maybe. It is so stinkin’ hot here that we hate to get out on the grill, but I have learned to grill shrimp the way restaurant chefs do on the stove, so I’m good to go!!! Now all I need is to get all of your tablescape transported to my house! 🙂

    Smart idea to create your own double wall centerpiece! They can be SO expensive out there in the stores, so why not use what you have to make your own? Makes perfect sense to me! (The people at PB are coming after us, you know! Run!!! Hide!!!)

    I really like the lobster plates, and I’m sure the crab ones are just as nifty. I’ll check back to catch a glimpse of them! I’ve been gone awhile due to my Daddy’s illness and subsequent death, but it’s good to be back. Thanks again for hosting, and have a terrific weekend!

    • lol, me too! Ummm, shrimp is sounding pretty good right now! HA! I keep waiting for a cease and desist letter from PB. 😉 I’m glad your back, Alycia. I remember when my Dad died when I was a Freshman in college so my heart goes out to you. We will see them again one day, that I do believe.

  4. Susan – I love this table! Your centerpiece reminds me of a piece that I have seen on the Williams Sonoma website. Of course, those fabulous shell chargers that you made are still the stars of the table – I am amazed every time that I see them – beautiful job. I am in the mood for seafood – I cannot wait to get back to the beach. I just finished shooting a beach blog, but have not posted it yet. I found the cutest glasses with waves on them… Thanks for hosting!!

    • Diane, I have to say, they were worth all the time and burnt fingers. lol I wasn’t sure when I was making ’em. 🙂 That was a loooong project…lots of movie watching took place. Oh, the glasses sound wonderful! Where did you find them. I know I don’t need more glasses but I have to ask! 🙂

      • Susan, they were Mo-Mo Panache stems that I found at Tuesday Morning, but it was a while ago and I am not sure they would have any more. I only found four – wish that I had more! By the way, I forgot to mention how much I love the way you accomplished a “sandy” look to this table with the colors you used. Beautiful!

  5. Susan, it’s so good to be back on “the porch” with a lovely tablescape. These colors are beautiful together, and I love what you did for the centerpiece. Yes, I’m ready to go to the beach after seeing this post. I wonder if my sweetheart would take me to the beach if I show him this post. laurie

  6. Once again a delightful tablescape. Where did you get the lobster & crab plates? They are gorgeous.

    • Thanks, Linda! I forgot to add that info to the end of the post…just added it all now. The lobster and crab plates came from World Market a couple of months back.

  7. I need that tablescape down here in FL! Great colors! So many neat ideas. The centerpiece offers lots of inspiration! Thanks for hosting.


  8. Great table with so many wonderful “Susan” touches. I love the coral color!! I am ready to see some seafood on a plate around here too! Love the centerpiece. I need to see what I have to replicate that. You know that play sand works well for beach sand too. I used to steal it form the sandbox (covered of course)… poor grands. LOL. Thanks for hosting and sharing your creativity with us. btw, love how you opened up the front of the house! I think removing the big tree was a great idea.

    • HA! I wish I had a sandbox around here to steal it from. Thanks, Marlis! It was scary making the decision to remove it but soooo glad now that I did. My house feels so much brighter and now I can do what I need in the yard. Appreciate that thumbs up on the decision. Everyone has really been supportive and that really helped make the decision easier.

  9. I love it, as usual, Susan. The pastel colors and the beachy theme is so refreshing to the eyes, very relaxing!..Christine

  10. Your coral and cream beach t’scape is lovely! It is a nice change from the usual blue and white seaside look. Fantastic idea for the vase within a vase centerpiece – will have to try that. Thanks for hosting TT! Still look forward to it every week!


  11. Love this beach theme! The vase within a vase is such a good idea. I’m going to give that a try. Thanks for hosting this great party! I get such creative ideas here.

  12. Peggy Thal says

    Love your table Susan. Just a few weeks ago I set mine up beach style. We are not renting a beach home this year. First time in 26 years! Have to bring the beach home or just spend a day in Virginia Beach. All there is left to do is get the margarita machine out , play some Jimmy Buffet music, and put some shrimp on the barbecue.

    • Oh Peggy…I love to listen to Jimmy on beach trips! Required music, I do believe! Do those margarita machines really work? They always seems a bit pricey so I was wondering if they are worth it. Do they make frozen margaritas…that’s the kind I like.

  13. NO place better then the beach..so..bringing it to me is the next best thing..great table..love those changers too…your back porch looks like it would over look the beach…such a wonderful spot to relax i’m sure.!!!

  14. This is beautiful. I love your vases and the simplicity of the table makes it so gorgeous.

  15. Lovely, Susan! I especially love the candleholders with the nautilus, sea urchin & conch shells. Did you make them?

    • No, I found those at Home Goods years ago. I almost didn’t buy them but at the last minute put them in my buggy. They need to bring those back into the stores for summer!

      • Good decision to put those babies in your buggy! Sadly, many times you never see the same items twice.

  16. Love the crab plates and the centerpiece with the sand and shells!

  17. Dear Susan,
    I adore the color combination in this tablescape!
    Both hurricane looks are fabulous, but I prefer the one with the candle!!!
    Thank you for hosting Tablescape Thursday each week, dear friend!!!

  18. Susan, nothing better than a seascape!! I am in serious envy over your lobster and crab plates and love the centerpiece.
    I think you are the Queen of Knockoffs!!! 🙂
    Thank you for taking us to the seaside!!

  19. Your tablescape is award winning, Susan! WOW!
    And it made me so hungry for seafood I just ate at Bonefish Grill! : – )
    I love the candle shell two-part centerpiece, it was amazing. I am so going to do that, I have the vases, just no imagination! Thanks for all the inspiration, and for hosting a truly wonderful linky party every week.

  20. Hi Susan,
    I just love your tablescape….everything about it! Nice job of bringing it all together. Your porch looks so inviting!

  21. Your tablescape is just gorgeous and love the beach theme! Also I couldn’t help but notice how pretty your home is too! I love the Summer Breeze sign too! It’s just all so lovely!!

  22. Pam ~ Crumpety Cottage says

    So pretty! And definitely has that beachy, “coastal” vibe. I love fish, I could eat it every day! I would feel so special as a guest at your place, Susan. 😀 But apparently my invitation was mislaid by the post office. Well, that’s my story anyway, lol. 😉

  23. Susan, this is a wonderful tablescape! Those large candle holders made from stacked shells really make a statement! Love the idea of using two containers to make a double walled hurricane. Every detail of your table is “sea worthy”! 😉
    Thanks for hosting each week!

  24. I vote for the candle! Lovely scape with interesting color choices. I am stiil amazed at your patience making those chargers! I gave up after 2.
    Funny you have to buy sand, but it is cleaner than ours is. We have little bits of nature in ours, skate cases, etc.
    Thanks for hosting!

  25. Susan, I love the natural sand, cream and coral as much as the blue beach themes you’ve done. And your shell chargers? My. Word! I found your tutorial back in April this year, when I was getting ready to host my daughter in law’s bridal shower tea and I thought yours were even prettier than PB’s! I want to try to make some this winter…it will be a fun project and keep me focused on sunny, beachy thoughts when the temp drops here in the Cornhusker State! 🙂

    Oh, and as a flower geek, I would be looking for some tropical flowers and maybe some faux succulents to make as an arrangement in that middle vase. I love it all!

  26. Hi Susan,
    I LOVE your coral and cream beach tablescape! I love that great coral color any time of the year, but it looks especially wonderful on your beach table! Thanks for sharing the centerpiece idea, too. I love it both ways, but I think my favorite would have to be the one with the candle. Our Goodwill has had great larger vases for the past couple of weeks……this is one idea I plan to “copy”! Thanks for hosting – I always love looking at and getting ideas from all of the great tablescapes!

  27. This makes me hungry for crab cakes for some reason! Love your colors I feel like I copied you on an upcoming table setting, which is already setup in my dining room~great minds I guess. Speaking of which -I wonder how many great minds they have over at PB to continue to put out such great ideas every season. It’s definitely a source of inspiration! Jennifer

  28. Cassie L. says

    Oh wow – totally love the centerpiece with the candle! It really lets those shells stand out and shine! Thanks for hosting!

  29. Oh, my, I remember you making “those shell chargers”…what a task and aren’t you glad you persisted!! They look seasational! franki

  30. I linked up my beachy tablescape today…:) Yours is gorgeous! Thanks for hosting!
    Blessings, Vicky

  31. Marilyn in Mt. Vernon, VA says

    Exquisite, but fun. Everything you do is perfect! I have a similar hurricane that I got from William-Sonoma and yet it exists with only a candle it it. You inspire me. Thank you, Susan.

  32. Amazing Summer table by the sea. Fabulous dishes and centerpiece with tutorial, I love it! Your chargers are awesome Susan. Thanks so much for sharing and for having me at your great party.
    Big hugs,

  33. Oh Susan,
    such a beautiful tablescape! I’m sooo in love with the colors you’ve used… actually, I prefer them to the typical blue you usually see in a beach themed table setting! 🙂
    Susan, I had to smile when I saw your centerpiece… I have a similar hurricane which is always filled with
    sea sand and some shells from Italy and a big “lighthouse” + four smaller ones from the North Sea/Germany.
    I call it my “good mood” hurricane… 😉
    ~Hugs to you~

  34. Hello Susan — One of the first things I do each morning is check out your site and see what great things you have done. This table is great and I think I need to check out fish tank rock and see what colors they have. I think it comes in all colors. Your sand has inspired me. So now I need to go to the garage and pull out my vases too. Thanks. I must say also I love the new look of your home. I love trees and they make a home look cozy but when one needs to go it needs to go. I think I go to my grocery and get some seafood pasta salad for dinner tonight. They have the best and how great is that, I didn’t cook. Looking forward to you next great post.


  35. Susan, I’m late in commenting, but wanted to add my appreciation. I love your beach table, it is perfect. I looked at those crab and lobster plates and even had them in my hands. I’m sorry now that I didn’t purchase them. It is so hard to resist dishes, that day I was trying to be “good”. So, thank you for allowing me to enjoy them via your table. MM

  36. BEAUTIFUL!!!! I love it and love love those candlesticks!!! I would love to have those if you ever tire of them!!! LOL!

    I wanted to do a tablescape Beach Themed but ran out of time! Now when is the Lobster ready?

  37. Mary Ellen Jansen says

    Susan, I have just discovered YOU! Fabulous ideas…love your website. Thanks for getting my creative juices flowing by the way of YOU…can’t wait to use some of these fantastic table settings. Love love love reading your words.

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