A New Autumn Wreath for the Front Door

Summer is still very much with us here in Georgia with temps in the upper 80’s and low 90’s every day. I love the hot weather so I’m not complaining.

Though it’s not feeling one bit like fall, I came across a beautiful fall wreath recently that I couldn’t pass up. I usually have a hard time finding a wreath I like because often they are just too small. I like a nice big wreath that fills out my door.

Autumn Wreath for a Red Door


Also, finding a fall wreath that works well on a red door can be a bit tricky since so many autumn wreaths are heavy in the colors orange and red. I needed a wreath with a lot of other colors other than just orange and red to avoid having the wreath disappear into the door.

Fall Wreath with Green & White Pumpkins, Autumn Colors


I love the mix of colors in this wreath with its pretty green and white pumpkins, mixed with autumn brown and golds. I also really like the random splash of white birch leaves…at least I think those are birch leaves. Do birch trees have whitish leaves?

When wreath shopping, I also look for a good size wreath that really fills out the door. 22″ wreaths usually look too small on my door. This one is 24″ and it’s pretty much the perfect size.

Green, White Pumpkins, Fall Autumn Wreath


Welcome to my home, dear friends! Come right in!  I’m so glad you’re here!

Decorate Door for Fall with Pumpkin Wreath


This wreath is even prettier in person than I can really show in a photo. It looks so pretty against a white surface, too.

If you think it would work well on your door this fall, you’ll find it on sale here: Autumn Wreath. (Use the code SAVEMORE for additional discounts if you end up buying more than a wreath.)

White, Green Pumpkin Wreath for an Autumn Fall Door


Psst: If you need something to push you over the amount needed for the extra discount, I can recommend these adorable pumpkin chargers I just purchased. They are available here: Pumpkin Chargers. I can’t wait to use these in a Halloween table soon.

Pumpkin Charger Plates for Autumn & Halloween Table Settings


There were so many beautiful wreaths on sale. I loved this one, too. It’s slightly bigger than the one I have on my door. It would look beautiful on a red, green, blue or black door. It’s on sale here: Golden Fall Wreath.

Golden Autumn Fall Wreath


If you’re looking for something unique for your autumn door, I love the next two “wreaths!” Is this not the cutest?! Adorable!

You’ll find Mr. Fox on sale here: Fox Wreath for Fall.

Fox Wreath for Autumn


This one is super tempting for my back door since I often hear owls hooting away in my backyard. I LOVE that sound sooo much! This adorable wreath is on sale here: Owl Wreath.

Owl Wreath for Fall


If you’re looking for a Halloween wreath, here’s a cute one featuring a haunted house. It’s on sale here: Halloween Wreath.

Halloween Wreath with Haunted House


This one is sure to get some laughs on Halloween night. It’s available here: Halloween Wreath. I love the colors! I may order this one for my front door this year.

Creative Halloween Wreath


I loved the simplicity and elegance of this wreath. It’s more expensive than the others, partly because it’s a good bigger at 30 inches. It’s also all natural, made from preserved farm-raised botanicals.

It contains eucalyptus, oats and various grasses–I think it’s gorgeous! It would be stunning hanging above a fireplace mantel. I don’t think I would use it outside unless you live in a dryer climate and have a deep covered porch. I absolutely love its soft green color! I bet it would also be beautiful hanging in a kitchen on one of those really large oven hoods.

It’s currently on sale here: Preserved Green & White Wreath.

Pssst: If you end up buying something else, don’t forget to use the code SAVEMORE for additional discounts on the sale prices. You’ll find many more beautiful fall/autumn wreaths on sale here: Autumn Wreaths.

All Green Natural Wreath, Elegant


I’ll leave you with this beautiful wreath that’s not really a fall wreath, but I still love it! It would be beautiful in a little girl’s bedroom. It would also make a lovely Christmas wreath. It’s on sale here: Stars and Moon Wreath.

Stars and Moon Wreath


Have you started decorating for fall, yet?

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  1. Lots of great wreaths! I like the one you picked for your door. And that stars/moon one is darling.

  2. Cyndi Raines says

    I have one wreath up so far, haha,but tomorrow is the day I will start making the big switch, finally! But in my defense I have been busy all week painting a new restroom at our church, so now that it is finished, I can start the transition. Hello Fall! I getting ready to welcome you!

    • Awww, so nice of you to do that big job! I bet it looks great with a fresh coat of paint.
      I feel a bit silly decorating for fall when it’s 90+ degrees outside. Ha!

  3. Susan, you always surprise us with your wreaths. Who would have ever thought about pink tulips for a red door ? It was awesome. I had just looked at your fall wreath while searching Pier One’s site. Good choice. That fox is really cute too.
    I sell wreaths and it’s interesting that you said you prefer a larger wreath. Will keep that in mind.
    Hard to think about fall with near 100 degrees in the south. Hoping everyone in the path of the hurricane is safe.

    • Thanks, Myrna! I loved that wreath so much, I was hoping it would work. I was kinda surprised myself when it did!
      Yes, definitely love the bigger wreaths. They make such a nice statement, just love that look!
      I know, it’s still very much summer here, so a little weird to hang a fall wreath when it’s 91 outside, but the sale was so good on these wreaths, I had to jump on it now.

  4. All the wreaths are pretty and fun. Thanks for finding them and the links and sales advice. I’ve been making DIY wreaths and actually did an owl, but my owl was metal.

  5. I luv your choice which looks awesome on your red door!! Is the one pictured below yours the same but in different shades? I think either one would work on my door..tough decision and thank you for the links etc. 🙂

    • Thanks, Nanc! Do you mean the one on the white background that’s beneath mine? It’s the same wreath, it probably looks a bit different due to the lighting.

  6. LOVE your new wreath!! I do believe I’ll be getting the owl wreath. The site shows it’s available at the Pier 1 near my home, and I think it will delight my grandkids when they come for Thanksgiving. Thanks for sharing your finds!

  7. Donna zoltanski says

    Gorgeous wreath. I rarely stop at pier one but will be going soon. I am looking forward to cooler fall temps!

  8. Love the wreaths.. but worried.. are any of them able to be used on an unprotected door? ie…..waterproof.. I can’t begin to tell you how much I love your blog! Your messages go right to my important look at emails .. right along with only my family…I read your emails sometimes in the middle of the night … and have bought half of everything you’ve featured I think! I’ve never regretted any purchase .. love your taste in everything!

    • I don’t think I would use some of these on an unprotected door. Just not sure how they would hold up. If you don’t have a covered door area, you would probably need to use them inside. I love hanging wreaths inside and usually put one on the entry side of my door and above the fireplace, depending on the season.
      Thanks, Laurie! I only recommend things that I love and would buy or have bought. So glad they’ve worked out for you, too! XXX

  9. Your wreath looked nice on the white door on Pier 1 website, but it really looks at home on your red one. So full, and you are right about needing larger size. But oh my, that fox one. If I lived out in Virginia’s countryside, every door would be sporting one of those. Love his tail; some designer got that absolutely perfect.

    • I was just thinking that last night before I went to bed, how perfect it would be for that area of the country! It would go so well with the “hunt-country” decor.

  10. That’s a gorgeous wreath. I need 24″ for my front doorS also (x2). Still so very hot here also. The rain from Florence isn’t supposed to hit us until Monday. I have friends with homes in Oak Island, NC, and I fear complete devastation for them when they and others return to their homes in the surrounding areas. 🙁

    • That’s when we get it, I think…although I don’t think it will be bad since Florence has died down a lot. I hope your friends home is okay, Rita. I love visiting the coast but would not want to own a home there since you never know when a hurricane will head your way. I still remember when Hurricane Opal took out a tree in my front yard. That was the first time I remember a hurricane making it all the way to Atlanta!

  11. All of the wreaths are beautiful – and the one on your front door is perfect. I am a wreath “nut” – made all of mine and have one for each month. Right now it is leaves and sunflowers…but October 1 I will switch it out for a ghost wreath. I know what you mean about the color of the door…our last home had a brown wooden door and sometimes the fall or winter wreaths would blend in…plus the front door got lots of sun all day so everything faded so fast. Now in an apartment home nothing fades and the front door is a beautiful nautical/navy blue – the perfect background for so many wreaths. Hope your wreath is safe through the storms…you may get a lot of rain. And, I am with you…it is SO hot here in PA, too….anxious for FALL!

    • I think I could become a wreath “nut” pretty easily. 🙂 I love them! I used to make my own wreaths back in the day, haven’t made any in years, though.

      Where do you store your wreaths, Ann? I just started hanging mine on my garage wall. Probably not the best spot since I’m sure they will get dusty. They are pretty to see though whenever I pull in to park my car.

      I have a covered porch and so far none of the wreaths I’ve hung have gotten wet, so I think it will be okay.

      • Oh, Susan – this was a big decision for us when we moved. Similar to you, I hung them on the wall in an unfinished basement – and covered them with plastic from the dry cleaner. It was great because the ribbons or other things did not get crushed. Now we have a storage cage in the basement garage of our building. Three walls are made of fencing material so I bought “S” hooks at the hardware store and hang the wreaths on the inside of the cage. I still cover them with plastic. All but a few fit and the ones that don’t I put on the top of the plastic storage bins for each season. So far, it works…I am sure with a covered porch yours will do fine. Can’t wait to see the rest of your collection as the seasons go past!

        • Hi Susan,
          I also store mine in the unfinished area of my upstairs (which we will eventually finish and have conditioned storage area). Like Ann, I usually make my wreaths because, like you, I like a larger and full wreath and it is hard to find. Most of mine are *greenery* type wreaths. I use a wire frame and about 4 strands (garland) of *greenery*. My current wreath has dried purple salvia type flowers and am making two with greenery that has a little fall color. Sometimes I add a bow and sometimes not. With a *greenery* wreath, the bow can easily be added or removed for a different look. It usually costs me about $60-70 I’m materials for a wreath (and that is with sale prices for greenery) but I doubt I could purchase a wreath like that for under $100 and I have seen them much higher. For me, this type of greenery wreath works well I have a black door and anything too dark will get lost. For storage, I hang them on the side of wire storage shelving that is in my upstairs storage area. I use the inexpensive wreath hangers to hang them. I use the large (33 gal?) clear recycle bags to covere them. I really only have about 8 wreaths that I use for 2 doors (different areas but can both be seen from the street) so I *coordinate them*. I always love reading what you are up to next :)!

  12. Love your new front door wreath. I have a red door also and it can be a challenge to find one that has the right coloring. I believe the whiteish leaves in your wreath are weathered Oak leaves. Birch trees can have white bark but not white leaves. I must tell you that while we were preparing for hurricane Florence here in SE Virginia (75 miles from the Outter Banks of NC) I was glad I had purchased the Amerelle LED Power Failure Lights you recommended some time ago. I keep one plugged up in the kitchen and one in the master bedroom. Hubby and I love being able to grab one when we are searching a dark closet or pantry shelve. Thankfully we did not have to use them for the hurricane as it turned south instead of coming up the coast. We only got lots of rain and a bit of wind. My heart goes out to those who have suffered the brunt of this storm. I have a friend who lives in New Bern, NC and has evacuated. She is afraid her home is totally flooded. I cannot imagine what she is going through. Hopefully you won’t get any damage if it comes your way.

    • Ahh, thanks! Maybe that’s what those leaves are. I love the contrast against the other parts of the wreath.
      I hadn’t even thought using those that way…that’s a genius idea! I have one in the hall upstairs downstairs and in the basement. I will remember that next time I need a flashlight.
      Yeah, I hate even looking at the news, so upsetting to see the damage. 🙁

  13. Merlin Parde says

    Tis the season..”Changing of the Wreaths!!” NICE!! franki

  14. I love this time of year, even though down here in Miami the temps are still full summer strength! I start “pre-fall” décor with mums, sunflowers, owls, leaves and fall colored checks and plaid themed items. Then in October I start adding a little bit of the Halloween items here and there and add pumpkins. Then in November I go full turkey mode, and all my Thanksgiving stuff comes out (my favorite). I LOVE all things autumn and the colors go really well with the furnishings in my home. Funny, but I never do any permanent décor in my house (wall paint, appliances, tile) that will clash with Fall colors, maybe I just love all the soft neutrals that go so well with that theme! I can’t wait to see what you do with those pumpkin chargers, those could also be used for Thanksgiving, right?

    • Oh, I love all those things, especially the owls and sunflowers! I love your plan, Eleana! That sounds like the perfect way to ease into fall. I do love all the holidays that are soon coming up…Halloween is one of my faves!
      You’re right, the chargers would work great at Thanksgiving, too. Good point!

  15. I love the size of your new wreath. The background color makes such a difference that it almost looks like two different wreaths. My front door is also red, but not a bright red, it’s more a deep brownish red. I have always gone with the more traditional Fall colors, but your wreath gives another perspective. Thanks for posting. Jill

  16. Your new wreath looks perfect on your red door Susan!

  17. Love all the wreaths. I have two doors that form my entrance, so I usually make my own wreaths–my daughter is an artist by trade, so I have good advice. Have started decorating a bit, but that same daughter has fought fall, she is a pool or beach gal. But there is hope–she gave me and my granddaughter permission to go ahead and bake the pumpkin bread! May do that today! Susan, love your new portal to your house.

    • Thanks, Shelia! Too funny about her fighting fall, too. That’s me! lol Pumpkin bread sounds pretty tasty though…that would probably put me in the mood for a bit of all decorating.

  18. The wreaths are all so cute! I love your new wreath.

  19. Sandra Boudreaux says

    The moon wreath reminds me of New Year’s Eve. Love it!

  20. Your wreath looks beautiful…always enjoy your blog. Two pretty basic questions:
    1) How do you attach your wreath to the door? I hesitate to hang wreaths on our double front doors as I don’t want to put nails/hangers in the door itself, and there isn’t enough clearance on the top of the door to put a “wreath hanger”, or a small tack/nail from which to hang fishing line to hold the wreath.
    2) I wonder if two wreaths on the double doors is a little too busy (visually), and if it would be best to size down a bit if there are two. I see another poster mentions having two wreaths–wonder what works best?
    Thank you!

    • Command hooks can be a very good solution; there are many from which to choose and some are better for outdoor areas. In fact, there are super huge wreaths that are hung each year from an entrance sign to an office park near me. I was always curious how they were hung and last year I happened to see Command hooks after the wreaths were removed post-Christmas.

    • My door is a wood door and I do have several very skinny nails in it. I leave the nails in place and don’t remove them. Usually, when a wreath is hanging on the door, it hides any other nails I’ve placed in the door when I’ve hung something that needed to be hung lower. I don’t mind the nails since they are very skinny and only leave a tiny pinpoint hole if removed. I’ve used the wreath hangers on other doors, like my back door that’s a French door, so mostly glass. But I prefer using a nail most of the time on the front door. I did use a combination of a wreath hanger and nails in this case: https://betweennapsontheporch.net/christmas-door-ideas-decorate-with-triple-wreaths/
      I think I did the same here, too: https://betweennapsontheporch.net/decorating-the-porch-for-christmas-2/

      Personally, I love seeing two wreaths on double doors…meaning 1 wreath per door. I would still go with nice-size wreaths that fill out the door. I would not downsize the wreath just because there are two doors, you still want the wreath to look like it fits the size of each door. I think once you hold the wreaths up against the door, or have someone else hold them up so you can step back and eye them, you’ll instantly know what size works…then you can just look for that size each year.
      Hope that helps a little.

      • Thank you for both replies to my query! Command hooks…what a great idea…and if I recall, some are removable.

        Susan, the tiny nails would be nice and secure. I can deal with holes no larger than those left by Ook picture hangers (am I spelling that right? My favorite picture hanger, anyway) or maybe a very slim finish nail.

        Thank you for the comment on wreath size, especially being generous and really filling in the space proportionately.

        Regarding placement…why didn’t I think of having someone hold thm up for sizing? That’s how I decide about placing pictures on the wall (which I enjoy doing)…have someone hold them up for me and stand back, then it is immediately obvious what size works where, and what placement is best.

        I might try making a couple of “wreath” cut-outs from tissue first, to at least get a ballpark idea, before I start buying. I have even thought about two simple but substantial boxwood wreaths…you will appreciate that as a boxwood afficionado!

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