A New Year’s Eve Table Setting

Welcome to the 228th Tablescape Thursday!

Every year I plan to create a New Year’s Eve table setting to share here on BNOTP and every year, time gets away from me and I never seem to get one done.  I’ve had an idea brewing in the back of mind forever.  Even though I didn’t have a New Year’s party this year, I decided to go ahead and put a table together just for fun.  Before I share my New Year’s Eve tablescape…

New Year's Eve Table Setting


…I should show you this.  Long before I began blogging, I threw a little birthday dinner for a good friend.  Fortunately, I took a picture of the decorations.  Never knew I’d be sharing them on something called a blog one day. 😉  Back then the dining room was painted red above and below the chair rail, instead of just above it.

I had so much fun decorating for the party and went wild with streamers and birthday garland.  You may remember seeing this photo (below) from a previous post published in January 2009  about adding picture molding to the dining room.  If you missed that post, you’ll find it here: Add Picture Molding to a Dining Room

Decorating for a Birthday Dinner Party


I didn’t string garland for this New Year’s table, but did hang some streamers from the dining room chandelier.  That’s such an easy, quick way to add a little fun to your dinner party.

I didn’t buy anything to create this New Year’s table, just used “party stuff” I had stashed away in a closet upstairs. These pictures were all taken after dark since I wanted to make this a candlelight table.  The streamers are a shiny metallic paper and are black, silver and gold in color.

New Year's Eve Table Setting


I’m not sure if I’ve ever mentioned this before on BNOTP but I have a passion for antique clocks.  The first antique anything I ever purchased was a clock and over the past 30 years I’ve added a few more to my home.  I love hearing them chime so I placed one in each room on the main floor of my home.

For this New Year’s table setting, I gathered together four clocks, pulling them from various rooms in the house.  I clustered the clocks together in the center of the table, facing them outward.  For an actual New Year’s Eve table, I would not have all of them running.   Can you imagine if they all began chiming at once!   It would be fun to set them all to various times for the tablescape.

New Year's Eve Table Setting


Initially, I thought my New Year’s eve tablescape would be all glitz and glam, but once I placed the clocks on the table, the warmth of the wood led me to use my Spode, Woodland china.

New Year's Eve Table Setting


Spode Woodland is my go-to china for fall and winter anyway.  It just feels so cozy and perfect for this time of year.

New Year's Eve Table Setting


I added a bit of glamour to this table with champagne flutes, shimmery napkin sheaths and mercury-glass napkin rings.  Mercury-glass votives are sprinkled throughout this setting, too.

New Year's Eve Table Setting


I decided to use my acorn tureens in this tablescape because I loved how they looked with the warm wood tones of the clocks.

New Year's Eve Table Setting

Here’s a picture from my Thanksgiving table setting this year showing the design of the Spode Woodland dishware.

Spode Woodland Dishware
In addition to champagne flutes, I used “numbered” glasses in this setting.  You may remember when I used these in this previous tablescape:  Halloween Table Setting with Spider Cupcakes.   This one has the number 12 on it…hard to see in the photo.

Numbered Glasses in New Year's Eve Table Setting


I bought a dozen of these glasses from the Ballard Designs Outlet when they were marked down to just $1 each.  I had a New Year’s Eve table in mind when I bought them.  This one has the number 9 spelled out, “nine.”   That votive is behind the glass but the glass is so clear, it almost looks like it’s sitting inside of it, doesn’t it?

Numbered Glasses in New Year's Eve Table Setting


This one is much easier to see.  Some of the glasses have the number written as a numeral and others have the number spelled out like you see below.

Numbered Glasses in New Year's Eve Table Setting


I filled the champagne flutes with silver confetti.    Each glass also has a party horn, perfect for ringing in the new year and for annoying anyone who happens to be sitting next to you. 😉



I snagged this anniversary clock from my bedroom.

Anniversary Clock


It was inherited from a grandmother and amazingly, it still works!

Anniversary Clock


This is my very favorite clock…shhh, don’t tell the others.  It was the first antique/vintage thing I ever bought.  I was just 23 or 24 years old and new absolutely nothing about clocks or antiques, but it stole my heart.  I paid around $79 for it and that seemed like a small fortune back then.  It has a Westminster chime so it sings to you four times per hour.  It chimes at the quarter hour, half hour, three-quarter hour and at the top of the hour.  Each time it plays a bit more of the Westminster chime, playing the full chime at the top of the hour.  It has a wonderfully deep voice.  If you heard it but couldn’t see it, you would think it was a much larger clock.

Mantel Clock with Westminster Chime


It almost met with disaster a few years ago when the mirror hanging above it in the family room leapt off the wall during the middle of the night.   The mirror just barely grazed it on the way to the floor.  Somehow the clock stayed on the mantel and only suffered a small scratch.  The mirror was a mess and had to be repaired but I was so glad the clock didn’t crash to the floor along with the mirror.

Mantel decorated for autumn


I placed this French balloon clock at one end of the table.  It’s a find from an antique store that used to be about 5 miles from my home.  Unfortunately, the shop closed a few years ago.  I miss it and the couple who used to own it.  The gentleman could repair any clock…he was amazing.

French Balloon Clock


These clocks are called balloon clocks because they are shaped a bit like a hot air balloon.  Don’t you love that!   This one normally lives on the sideboard here in the dining room, so it didn’t have to travel far for this table setting.  It chimes at the bottom and top of the hour.  It has a beautiful chime…very sweet.

French Balloon Clock


The other end of the table is decorated with this lovely Sessions clock that belonged to my mother and father-in-law.  It also chimes at the top and bottom of the hour.  It has a bold chime; you can hear it no matter where you are in the house.  All of the clocks are 8-day clocks meaning they can go 8 days before they need to be wound.  Actually, the balloon clock can last for several days longer.  Sunday is usually clock winding day around here.  It only takes about 5-10 minutes to wind them all and they reward you with music the whole week long.

New Year's Day Party Decorating and Table Setting Ideas



The sideboard is decorated with Swarovski snowflake and star ornaments.  I usually pull these out at Christmastime and leave them up for a few months since they are perfect for winter decorating.   I started collecting these 21 years ago, one per year.  Eventually the collection grew too large for one tree.  If you collect these and you’re looking for a way to display them, I found these inexpensive silverplate trees at Ross-Simon.  I’ve always been afraid to hang the ornaments on a regular Christmastree.  I worried I would I’d miss one and accidentally break it or throw it out, back when I had a live tree.  The silverplate trees let me keep them out all winter.  That’s silver confetti underneath them.  It didn’t photograph well by candle and lamp light.

Swarovski Crystal Ornaments


Happy New Year to you, dear friends.  I’m so looking forward to traveling this next year with you!

New Year's Eve Table Setting


Looking forward to all the tablescapes for this Tablescape Thursday!

Tablescape Thursday

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  1. I just adore your clocks! Smart girl collecting early as they are tres expensive now and very hard to find. Lovely table with so much thought put into it as always. Happy New year to you, looking forward to 2013’s posts and more loveliness and creativity. Patty/BC

  2. Beautiful post, Susan. Your dining room looks lovely! I also love antique clocks; we recently acquired a Seth Thomas wall clock that belonged to my husband’s grandmother, and I love the way it sounds. It has a nice deep chime — once on the half hour and then every hour. They add so much personality to a home, I think. My husband’s uncle has been repairing clocks for many years as a hobby. He attended some classes in Switzerland, and he repairs clocks and watches. He’s such an interesting person, always learning something new.

    Your New Year’s Eve table turned out to be very festive. Happy New Year to you, too, and happy blogging in 2013!


  3. Beautiful New Year’s Eve Tablescape, I love the antique time pieces included in the setting! Very festive!
    Thank you for hosting, have a wonderful week!

  4. Your clocks are all so beautiful, I love the balloon clock especially. I remember your numbered glasses from Halloween, so so cute! What are your napkins made of? Such a light airy look to compliment all the sparkle! What a wonderful evening you must have enjoyed. Thanks for sharing so many creative ideas and hosting this fun tablescaping party!

    • Thanks, Jenna! The napkins are white linen napkins with sheer napkin sheaths over them. I found the sheaths at a local gift/antique shop called The Magnolia Room but you can also find them online in lots of pretty colors. I would love to have had silver or gold ones for this setting. They really do add a touch of glam/elegance to a setting.

  5. Susan,
    I know it is past New Year’s Eve, but “Mr. Ed” & I are thinking of a New Years day Brunch for 2014!
    I adore the festive streamers from the chandelier!
    Your Antique clock collection is exquisite!!! Your first purchase shows what elegance and style you had in your beginning as a collector and still shines through today! I could only image the harmonous sound at Midnight!
    Thank you for inspiring me (and Others) through this weekly meme! 2013 is a GREAT year…and I’m already planning for festivities from its beginning to its end!!!

    • Thanks so much, Pat. ♥ It’s funny, you get so used to them that sometimes you don’t even hear them. They become a part of the house. 🙂 I love that you’re already thinking about a New Year’s Day brunch for next year. I’ve never had one of those but I love that idea!

  6. Very festive and regal – love it 🙂

  7. I like your tablescape, Susan. You have an amazing clock collection. I like clocks too! The table looks so festive and warm at the same time. Beautiful plates!…Christine

  8. I’ve found your tablescapes to be inspirational for creating themes, and this one’s such an interesting take on New Years’ Eve. I look forward to many more Tablescape Thursdays!

  9. Hi Susan, what a beautiful and inspiring post. I too have a “passion” for clocks. Love the drapes are they taupe or yellow can’t really tell in the photos. Thanks so much for hosting each week.
    hugs ~lynne ~

  10. I’m thinking I would love to be a guest at one of your beautifully creative tables. Hmmm, next time I head toward Atlanta…….

  11. I too love clocks! But I never would have thought to put a collection on the table like that! What a perfect idea, especially for New Year’s Eve! I too think it would be great to set every clock in the house to chime together at midnight! Wow! That would be so much fun and everyone would just laugh in spite of themselves! LOL I had already fallen in love with your clock dishes and am on the look out for some, as I don’t trust myself to make them! You sparkle in word and decor! Thank you for lightingup our day which is dark and rainy here in Raleigh, NC, where it was 75 last weekend, but might snow tonight! Winter in the South! I love it! thanks again for all the inspiration Susan, so much fun! Helen

    • Thanks so much, Helen! They are talking possible snow here in the next day or two, also. And it was 70 degrees four days ago. You can’t say we don’t have variety! 😉

  12. Hi Susan! Happy 2013! I do remember you mentioning your interest in clocks as many of the famous old clock manufacturing companies were originally here in CT, including Sessions, in my high school town, and Seth Thomas, in my childhood hometown of Thomaston. The companies provided so much employment for the state but unfortunately all have closed or left. Many of the factory buildings were interesting, however, and have been transformed for other functions! I wonder who the maker is of your original mantel clock? It’s beautiful!! And so is your table including that chandelier. I love it! Linda

  13. That was very timely! I, too, love vintage clocks…especially the “chimers.” franki

  14. Hi Susan and Happy New Year. Love your table and the little goodies hanging down above
    your table. That is so beautiful and festive and happy looking. What a great idea.
    And the clock, that was a great idea too. Can’t wait to see what you do for Valentine’s day!
    I always think of you when I see cute table ideas and things at the store. Have a lovely week.

  15. My mom loved clocks too. They were never in sync and the chimes drove us crazy. I have one of hers on my wall, but I don’t wind it! 🙂
    Thanks for hosting!

  16. Your table is gorgeous…really loved all the clocks! I’m really enthralled with the balloon clock…now I have to save my pennies! 😉

  17. Loving your table and your collection of clocks, Susan! I’m particularly adoring the style of the Balloon clock.

    On another note, regarding the hemming of your drapes. You may want to try placing the pins ‘vertically’ spacing them no further than 3″ to 4″ apart when first pinning them up and let them hang for two or three days. If okay then stitich. If not, re-pin and repeat. Placing the pins this way will allow the fabric to fall correctly and assist when either stitching them by hand or sewing machine.

    Also regarding the napkin sheaths that are l-o-v-i-l-e-e. Could you share with me the dimensions of them and confirm if they have a serged rolled hem as it appears in the photo they do. THANK YOU!
    Warmest hugs -Brenda-

    P.S: I have all kinds of Organza that was left over from my daughter’s wedding of a few years ago and this would be a perfect solution to recycle it. ☺

  18. What a fun table for New Year’s Eve! I love the streamers from the chandelier and all the wonderful clocks! The Spode Woodland works beautifully with this pretty setting! Thank you for hosting so faithfully!

  19. Oh Susan, I LOVE your clock collection! They are certainly an unexpected touch for the tablescape. You are right, you do get used to the chiming in your home. When you work at home, chiming clocks are a great way to keep you aware of the time throughout the day. However, I forget that guests are often caught off gaurd. Several years ago we had a group of teenagers at our house as part of a church weekend retreat. One of the adult chaperones decided to sleep on the sofa in the den. I completely forgot about the cuckoo clock!! He was too nice to say anything but later told us that “that darned cuckoo clock woke him up every hour” for the few short hours that he had to sleep!

  20. Susan putting the clocks on a New Years table was sheer genius. Love that idea. I have an antique German anniversary clock as well but because my house shakes from local trains passing by some distance away I can’t keep it running. Mine is all black and gold and was made by the Schantz company. Beautiful aren’t they.

  21. Susan, your scape is stunning!!! I love the use of clocks. Elegant simplicity with a bit of bling. Perfect for the holiday. I appreciate took the time it took to put it together to share….it’s a lot of work. I’m going to pin this for my inspiration for next year.

  22. Good Morning, Susan! Sure enjoyed your Tablescape post today. I too have a crystal snowflake so seeing your’s made
    me get mine out. One Christmas my mother told me she had bought a special gift for me and couldn’t wait to give it to me. It was the crystal snowflake. Mine actually came on a heavy silver chain and was to be worn as a long necklace. I have thought about putting just the snowflake on the Christmas Tree but, like you, I didn’t want to take the chance of if breaking. You gave me the idea of how to display it and I’ll get a tabletop silver display hook for it next year. I thought mine was probably Swarovski but when I got it out today the information card that came with it says Gorham Austria & it’s dated 1975. So, while it’s not exactly like your’s, it’s very similar. Love all the sparkle in your Tablescape today!

  23. Oh, Susan,
    I bet your friend was speechless when she saw how beautiful and opulent you did decorate for her birthday dinner! My friends never throw a b-day party for me… hmm… I think I need new friends! Ha! lol
    I love your tablescape and I also love your Swarowski snowflakes and stars on those wonderful silverplate trees! Your antique/vintage clocks collection is amazing! I especially like the Sessions clock that belonged to your parents- in-law and that “feminine” one that belonged to your grandmother! Sooo beautiful! But, Susan, I’ve got a glimpse of another beauty in your dining room… she sits on your glass cabinet, opposite to the mirror… is she an Angel or a fairy? (You know I love Angels… 🙂 )
    ~Hugs to you~

  24. I love the mixture of the warm wood with all of the crystal and silver confetti! You have some beautiful clocks, I can imagine that it all sounded like music at midnight!

  25. Hi Susan,
    Loved this Happy New Year’s look. My eyes went to the Swarovski Snowflakes which I collect. Presently mine are gracing the only hanging lamp I have, but in years past I hung them on my crystal chandelier. My friend adds hers to a multi-armed brass chandelier… beautiful! We both keep them out during the winter months. Love the sparkle and the little rainbows they provide when the sun shine hits them. Do you happen to know where previous years ornaments might be available…

  26. Louise Sassano says

    I think everything you do is beautiful and perfect. What an eye you have!
    I have just purchased a ranch style home that has a large foyer that is beautifully tiled in black and white. The dining room is to the left , the formal living room is on the right, and straight ahead opens to the greatroom . I’m puzzled on what type of floors I should add.
    The dining room has a laminate dark wood. The formal living room and great room is all carpeted in a light sandy beige color. The walls are all painted “Home Sweet Home” (creamy beige) by Benjamin Moore. The foyer is painted “Caliente” (red) by Benjamin Moore.
    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  27. Love your blog. Every Thursday when I see the tablescape, it makes me want to have a party!

  28. Gorgeous tablescape! Have a wonderful week!

  29. Wow! You did go all out with your beautiful New Year’s tablescape. Love all your clocks but I have never seen a balloon clock before.

    Thank you for hosting,

  30. Susan, the table looks beautiful and sparkly. I especially like your crystals. When we were children in England, we decorated our house with streamers across the room.
    I too love clocks and have quite a few but alas, none are antique although one did belong to my mother.
    None of these clocks chime, but one does have birds chirping on the hour, I keep this in the garage so it can annoy my husband and not me!! 🙂 It used to make me jump.
    Your first antique clock brought back a very pleasant memory. My mother-in-law had an identical clock to that in England and on Sunday after tea on her amazing china which I have now inherited, we would sit with a cup of tea on the sofa opposite the fireplace mantle, a fire roaring and the sound of the clock as it chimed away.
    Although I did inherit the china which was her wedding present in the early 1900’s, the clock must have gone to someone else, as I never saw it again after she passed.
    Thank you Susan, you often evoke memories for me.

  31. FABULOUS TABLE for NEW YEAR’S EVE!! Love that ballon clock. Gorgeous! Thank you for hosting, Susan.

  32. You always fill my soul with inspiration Susan. Beautiful New Year’s Eve Tablescape with the antique time pieces.
    Thank you for hosting.

  33. Thanks for a beautiful and informative post, Susan. Your elegant dining room became even more lovely, when you added the paneling below the chair rail. I also love the balloon clock, really all of them. Elegance absolutely makes the perfect atmosphere for a great celebration. I love it all.

  34. So festive, Susan. What a great idea to use the antique clocks. I loved reading about each clock. They are all so pretty. Your table and your sideboard both look so beautiful. You should have had a party. It’s a shame nobody saw in the new year in this beautiful setting. laurie

  35. Cassie Myers says

    Susan, you have made Thursday one of my favorite days of the week with TT. Love your New Year’s table and the clocks are outstanding. I really enjoy viewing all participators to TT. Thank you! 🙂

  36. The antique clocks are the perfect element for a New Year’s tablescape. I had to smile. I had planned to create a “Tempus Fugit” table design for New Year, but it just didn’t happen. I love the thought of an antique clock in each room…like having music all day long. Thanks for inviting us for a peak and for hosting us each week. I always look forward to the party. Cherry Kay

  37. Thank you for hosting this lovely party Susan! Your table is so lovely with the clock! Happy New Year! Angie xo

  38. Susan….I so love your tablescape with those gorgeous clocks…what a great idea for a New Year’s theme…As usual, your attention to every detail on the table is just magnificent!….and I must say I love your Swarovski snowflake ornaments as I have some hanging from my windows that stay there all year round….the sun hits them and they project such gorgeous rays of color…A BFF sends me one every year…so when the beautiful color from the crystal hits the floor or wall, I think of her …Your display of them is so beautiful!

  39. Sharon McMurray says

    Absolutely beautiful! I love the idea of the clocks around the table and Love Love Love the snowflakes and sparkles you’ve added! I have only one chiming clock in my house and I love it! My hubby and daughter not so much tho! Happy 2013 to you and I look forward to all your lovely posts! 🙂

  40. It just takes my breath away every time I see your dining room. I love your take on New Years! It is so warm but elegant too.


  41. Hi Susan! Well, you did it again!!! What a beautiful tablescape! This is so elegant!!! Was that tinsel that you put into the goblets? I LOVE that idea! Thanks for posting this, and for hosting this great Tablescape Thursday! Have a great weekend! =D

  42. Just beautiful. Your buffet and dining room table look a lot like my mom’s Duncan Phyfe set. That mirror is to die for. I joined the party….Fashionably late as usual!! Thanks for hosting!

  43. You have a beautiful clock collection! I don’t have ANY:( The table setting is beautiful and unexpected for New Years but it all works!!! So glad I didn’t miss this. XO, pinky

  44. My mother-in-law had an identical clock to that in England and on Sunday after tea on her amazing china which I have now inherited, we would sit with a cup of tea on the sofa opposite the fireplace mantle, a fire roaring and the sound of the clock as it chimed away.

  45. oh my goodness!!
    Thanks for pointing me to this post Susan, I don’t know how I missed it…. it’s like a dream come true, beautiful clocks and such a clever table scape.. my eyes were flitting from one thing to the next, so many treasures to admire.
    What a great idea for a New Years Eve dinner party, so perfect and timeless.
    I have my heart set on a beautiful french balloon clock for my living room mantle, I’ve got a real soft spot when it comes to antique clocks, they make me feel so happy just watching them tick away and then the chimes… ohhhh the chimes, music to my ears.
    You have some amazing clocks, thank you for sharing. 🙂

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