A Patriotic Celebration

Welcome to the 198th Tablescape Thursday!  Hope your week is going great!  It’s 12:25 AM Thursday morn as I write this.  I am a bit late finishing up my tablescape post for this week because I’ve been hanging with my blog friends at Haven.  We all went out to dinner this evening after the kick off of the Haven Conference and I just got home around 11:30.

So, that means the pictures I’m sharing this week are straight out of the camera with no editing, sharpening, lightening or anything.  No time for that this evening…have to get to bed since Haven starts early in the morn.

This 4th of July table setting incorporates many elements I’ve use in past Independence Day tablescapes.  As we move through the post I’ll link to some of those past settings in case you wish to see the pieces I used this week used in different ways/different settings.

There’s a funny story about the chargers, which are a recent find…more on those in a sec.  Hope you enjoy this patriotic tablescape out on the porch!

I love sunflowers but there wasn’t time this week to pick up fresh ones from the market.  So I snagged this arrangement from the upstairs family room.




Salad plates go with a separate set of china used in this previous Independence Day table setting.  It is by far my favorite china for a patriotic holiday dinner/party.   (Click on the above link and check out that other tablescape to see a table setting with the full set.   I love how the salad plates meshes perfectly with the dinner plate in that previous setting.)

Funny story about the chargers.  I was shopping in my local Marshalls about three months ago and came across three beautiful, blue, glass plates.  They were on sale for $1.99 each and I could see they were large enough to make great chargers in a future table setting.  There was just one problem…there were only three.   I bought them hoping to stumble across at least one more in another Marshalls later on.

Weeks went by and despite stopping into several other Marshalls while out running errands, I was never able to find a fourth charger.  Very reluctantly, I returned the three I had purchased.  It was so hard to return them and the sales associate who rang up the refund didn’t make things any better because she kept ooohing and ahhhing over them the whole time she was ringing up the return.

Around 4 weeks later, while out of town, I came across another Marshalls.  I stopped in to look for a new planter/pot for the screened-in porch.  The blue chargers were not on my shopping radar this day, but there it was…one, lone blue charger.  I thought, what the hay…I’ll buy it and when I get back home, I’ll stop by my Marshalls and see if by some miracle the other three chargers are still there.  The worse thing that could happen is they would be long gone and I’d just return the one lone charger.

Well, I guess by now you’ve figured out what happened.   I got lucky, they were still there waiting for me.  So three of the chargers in this table setting were purchased twice!


Think I can find two more or is that just flat pushing my luck?   If I had six, you would be looking at 6 place settings today. 🙂

Wine glasses are from Dollar Tree, last summer I believe.   I just realized I have the wine glass in the wrong place for this one place setting.  Ooops.  I think I moved it over to take a pic and apparently didn’t put it back in the right spot.  Oh well, y’all know where the wine glass goes, right?  When you’re using Mason jars as tea glasses, I’m not real sure there are any hard and fast rules about where the wine glass lands. 😉  The fancy tea glasses were last used in THIS 4th of July celebration only then they had pinwheels attached with ribbon instead of flags.

Happy Tablescape Thursday, sweet friends!


I’ll be checking in to see how you’re doing in between classes at Haven today.  Looking forward to all the beautiful tablescapes for this Tablescape Thursday!


Looking for more ideas for your 4th of July celebrations? Click on the “Tablescapes” category header at the top of this blog and check out the Independence Day category…or click on “Holiday Home” category at the top of the blog, then click on “Independence Day.”

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  1. Morning Susan,
    Love your Patriotic tablescape, and love the Americana plates, so cute!
    Lovely tablescape and I like it both ways, but the lil stars just add a nice touch.
    Thanks for caring on even while you are away. your pictures still look great as always,
    and again thanks for hosting…………….it makes for a fun time for everyone.
    blessings hon, Nellie

  2. Hi Susan, I am loving your pretty and patriotic table and your story about the chargers does sound familiar. They are fabulous and worth the search effort! I hope you tell us all about the blogging conference. I am scheduled to attend the BlogHer conference in NYC this August but now my daughter is moving into her Boston apartment that weekend and wants me to help! We need a new look at your bottle tree. I can see it peeking into one of the pictures and it is looking great! Linda

  3. I’m so glad the chargers were waiting for you to return and get them. I love that shade of blue. The whole table looks like a slice of Americana. Hope you are having fun at Haven.

  4. I am getting so many great ideas from your patriotic table. I love the little flags in the mason jars! We have become more and more patriotic over the years and having a son-in-law in the Marines has kind of thrown us over the top. 🙂
    Thanks for all these years of tabletops. I never get tired of it!

  5. Hi Susan, I love the charger story, that is just too funny. You are one lucky gal to not only purchase them once but twice! Love your happy table, what fun it would be celebrating the 4TH with you on the porch. Thanks for hosting each week. hugs ~lynne~

  6. Howdy Susan!
    May you have a terrific Summer. I really like the Patriotic dishes, especially the oval one. Nice ribbon to add character. You always do a great job at this tablescaping.
    God bless,

  7. Susan – I love those stories about trying to find an even number of an item. The hunt is so much fun! I cannot believe that your three blue chargers were still there! I am totally jealous about the Haven conference. I am sure you will have much to share with us. Thanks, again, for hosting.

  8. Une table très patriotique qui est loin de me déplaire…
    Gros bisous.

  9. Love your tablescape! Especially love your flatware…I have that at my lake house. I want more but havent been able to locate it at Marshall’s, TJMaxx etc and believe that where it’s from. Love your story about the chargers….I have done that type of thing many, many times. Enjoy Haven…bet that’s a fun time!

  10. Susan, I love this table setting. The charger story is hilarious.. they were just meant to be yours!! I think that the Dollar Tree still has those goblets, just got mine this past week. Your chargers are beautiful by the way.. absolutely fabulous. Liking those patriotic plates as well.. Thanks for hosting and inspiring us. xo marlis

  11. Oh My, I would not have returned the original charges. THERE IS ALWAYS HOPE! and to “ME” one charger means “CAKE PLATE” with the addition of a cloche! So I’m always picking up VERY ODD SINGLE DISHES! Doesn’t MATTER what color or pattern(if I like it), AND there’s a cloche for ANY SIZE PLATE(Yes, Life is Good)… For you “LIFE IS GREAT”, LOVE THAT STORY!!! and it’s the Land of Blog wonderful, because “WE can all relate”…If I told Hubby that, he’d just mumble…
    I LOVE your flag plates. Hmmmm, NEW WISHLIST MATERIAL. I REALLLLY LOVE those!!!
    Thank you for sharing and hosting…
    Enjoy “HAVEN”!!!
    Big Hugs,

  12. The design of the flatware is so perfect with the chargers! Both are just right for all the stripes. Very festive table. The centerpiece is wonderful — I have stopped apologizing for “permanent” flowers every now and then.

  13. Susan,
    What a pretty table. Love that center piece with the sunflowers.
    Thank you for hosting every week.

  14. Hi Susan, Little blessings came you way disguised as a charger! What a cute story! I bet they are even more special because they were so illusive! Thanks for hosting TT. Your patriotic tables is red, white and blue perfect!

  15. Thanks for hosting, Susan. Your charger story (and they ARE awesome!!) sounds familiar–I’d be hunting them down the same way you did. And they’re perfect for your tablescape!

  16. So lovely! I adore red, white and blue. And about those chargers, that sound like the way I run around and do things. Wish I could magically duplicate the entire porch and drop the copy at my home – but I might never go to work if I had that behind my house.

  17. Hi Susan, I LOVE your patriotic tablescape, especially with the pop of color from those sunflowers. Thanks for hosting!

  18. Mary from Virginia says

    Glad you were able to get all four, it was meant to be!

  19. Susan,
    I stop at Marshall’s all the time and never saw them. What a great job finding the lone one!!! I would have purchased every one of them also.
    Beautiful table and have fun at Haven. Thanks for all your hard work.

  20. I love your patriotic table. The sunflowers set it off beautifully and the new chargers are fabulous.

  21. Hello Susan,
    I’m speechless!
    You are participating in the “Haven” conference and you post today, too?!
    You really know how to multitask!
    But, first of all, I have to apologize to you!
    I apologize for my silly grammatical errors I made in my last comment!
    Sheesh! I have shown an almost unbelievable stupidity!
    Normally, I’m not inclined to make a fool of myself but because of my love to the USA, I’m learning your beautiful language autodidactly, reading lots of books and of course, enjoying wonderful blogs from the States (e.g. yours!!!)!
    While I wrote that comment I really didn’t notice the grammar mistakes I made and as I noticed them I was horrified! I shook my head and asked myself, where was my brain while I wrote that? I don’t know!
    Maybe they were all typos?! (I’m just kidding…)
    I hate grammatical errors (!) but to my own defense I have to confess that I am still learning and I must seriously add that I spent that day with my Italian girlfriend and her German husband. That means that I had to “switch over” from Italian to German all day! OK, that’s not a problem for me but in the evening I was (a little) challenged by my knowledge of English!lol
    I regret it so much! I really could kick myself! I hope you sympathize with me…
    Now, dear Susan, I don’t want to waste your time and back to your today’s tablescape I only have three words: I LOVE IT!!! You know why… (OMG… It is six words!!!)
    Big hug from Germany!

    • Cecilia, English is my first language, and I have pressed that send button only to realize I had used incorrect grammar, and I cringe. I can only hope the reader will forgive me. BTW, the word autodidact is the second time I have seen the word this week. Even though I have a decent vocabulary I had to look it up, and now I’m also self-taught.

      Susan, I thought you were going to say you had gone back and they were marked down the plates to $1. You seem to be lucky that way. Your table setting is lovely, and I look forward to hearing more about Haven.

  22. Hello Susan I can just imagine you all having loads of fun at Haven – looking forward to hearing all your impressions and what you’ve learned.
    Love the chargers amazing how you were able to eventually get all four! I do appreciate you hosting,

  23. Your table is beautiful! I hope you find 2 more glass chargers!!! The black eyed Susans are a nice complement to the Red, White and Blue!

  24. Love it! How lucky for you to find the other plate charger. Grteat price at $1.99 each, love the color. I love your salad plates too. Perfect patriotic setting!…Christine

  25. Michele from Finch Rest says

    A beautiful table and love your new glass chargers – they’re awesome!

    Thank you for hosting a truly wonderful linky party!

  26. You have such a beautiful porch here, and in each post it looks so very different than the previous.This is so very amazing that you have maintained your kind of styling intact. I really appreciate your ability in multitasking and yet doing it with perfection.Thanks for hosting the lovely party have linked up today under “Tinseltown Tablescape”.
    Hugs Arani.

  27. Just beautiful. I love the blue glass chargers. So very, very fun!

  28. Your pictures look great without editing them! Love your patriotic tablescape. Thanks for hosting.

  29. I just enjoy seeing your patriotic displays each year….I found the blue glasses at Dollar tree as well and was so excited when I found ONE extra (that I needed) at a goodwill recently. Then I went back to Dollar Tree and they had four more! They would look great with your blue chargers! :0)

  30. Sei unica su queste cose!!
    E’ sempre un piacere venirti a trovare!!
    Il tuo buon gusto mi piace tanto tanto!!

  31. Your porch with those flag dishes and that flatware…can’t beat it Susan!! AMAZING! Thank you for hosting and having me. A question: Will you be hosting a 4th. of July motif tablescape party at BNOTP? I’d like to start preparing, although I don’t have such fabulous flag plates, lol..

  32. Lorraine says

    Looks great! You shop just like me…or I shop just like you…but I’m older so I get to be first…anyway….keeping that list in your head of the items you need pays off when you least expect it to! If only i could remember other things as easily as I remember decorating things!
    Blessings, Lorraine

  33. Beautiful, Susan! And in all my favorite colors too.

  34. Thanks for hosting!

  35. -Brenda- (aka mrsben) says

    A $1.99 for such a pretty plate. Holy Hana, or should I say ‘Oh SUSANna’, wish we had a Marshalls in Canada. 🙂 Glad you were able to get the four.
    Beautful tabelscape as always. Very festive. -Brenda-

  36. Lucky find on the 4th plate – just goes to prove you should never give up! Love your patriotic tablescape, the dishes all are gorgeous. I linked my magazine copy cat (Southern Lady) and linked back to you. Hugs ~ Mary

  37. Susan, your table as always is lovely. The porch is so inviting, I would love to have such a special place for relaxing and entertaining. Since having such a porch is an impossibility, I enjoy yours through your posts. Thank you. The blue glass chargers are wonderful. I often find myself “on the hunt”, and know how exciting it is when you finally make a find. I will keep my eye out for your chargers. I checked at a Marshalls yesterday but they had no glass plates. I have a feeling, however, that you just might get lucky! MM

  38. I love anything patriotic…the blue glasses are what sets it off for me! You always have such lovely tables…I enjoy every visit here, whether I comment or not! Thank you for sharing such beauty with us!
    Hugs, GraceinAZ (Pat)

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