A “Puzzling” Before and After

Welcome to the 322nd Metamorphosis Monday!

How was your weekend? Was it nice enough to get out a bit and enjoy some spring weather?

I spent part of the weekend viewing chickens, goats, bunnies and pigs (more on that soon) and part of the weekend experimenting with an idea for the puzzle board I ordered recently. You may remember it was supposed to look like this with a pretty green background on which to work puzzles.

Adjustable Tabletop Puzzle Board Saves The Back and Neck

But when it arrived, it actually looked like this with a black background. I liked the green better but apparently the manufacturer changed it to black. This tilt board is available here: Puzzle Board.

Adjustable Height Puzzle Board with 500 piece puzzle


On Saturday, I stopped by a local fabric store and picked up some green felt. They had felt in a lot of different colors. I considered using a pretty cream-colored felt since that was mentioned in the comments as being a great background and easy on the eyes when completing puzzles online. But when I looked at the cream-colored felt, I noticed it was kind of see-through, I could see my fingers through it since it was so light in color. I was concerned the black felt would be visible through the cream color, so I decided I’d better stay with green.

I chose this color shown below called “Kelly green.” By the way, the picture below is an accurate depiction of the color. It will look a fair amount darker in other photos in this post, but in person it looks like the color shown below. I used a coupon on my phone which gave me 50% off, so the cost for the felt was just $2.64 including tax. I ended up with enough green felt left over to recover it again if needed at some point.

To cover the board, I measured it as carefully as possible, then marked off the measurements on the felt. When I placed the felt atop the board, it was still too big as you can see below. Felt is a kind of stretchy so I think that’s why it ended up a little too large.

Using a white colored pencil, I marked the edges again by running the point of the pencil along the inside edge of the puzzle board where you see the crease below. Once again, I cut the felt to fit.

Green Felt for Puzzle Board_wm


To see how it would look in place, I used glue dots I already had and attached the felt around the edges of the puzzle board.

Glue Dots

Here’s how it looked with the fabric in place using glue dots. (This picture isn’t the most accurate of the color, the close-up photo above is a better depiction of the color.)

Puzzle Board


I placed the cover that comes with the puzzle board on top to see if it would still fit with a puzzle inside and the extra layer of felt in place, and it did! It was a bit tighter fit, but it worked! That had been one of my biggest concerns about adding a different color/layer of felt to the board so I was glad to see that there was enough space. I wouldn’t want to give up the ability to use the cover since it allows one to store a puzzle away with it partially finished.

Adjustable Tilt Puzzle Board_wm


I noticed the weight of the puzzle was pulling downward a little on the felt when the board was in the back-saving, slanted position, and that was after having the puzzle on top for just a few minutes. So, I don’t think using glue dots to hold it in place is a good permanent solution. Also, the felt fabric was puckering a little around the edges where it was attached with the glue dots. So, if I do go through with recovering it, I need to look into a more permanent way of attaching the green felt to the black felt underneath.

Puzzle Board Covered with Green Felt_wm


I did a bit of research online and this spray adhesive was getting great reviews on Amazon. It’s available here: General Purpose Spray Adhesive.  The info on this adhesive says that it will not bleed through. I’ll definitely test the adhesive on a piece of scrap felt first to confirm that before I use it, if I do decide to use it. So, that’s the progress so far.

Spray Adhesive

Update: I decided to leave the board as it is because I found I’ve gotten used to the black background. So it’s working fine just as it is.

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  1. No outside time this weekend, Susan…it snowed A LOT here, again! I am waiting for spring with baited breath!! Thanks for the party!

  2. Thanks for the party today Susan! I’ve enjoyed reading about your puzzle hobby, I used to be ADDICTED, and haven’t done one in ages…I can see why black would be a nightmare! Your new storage board is awesome, you make me want to go buy a puzzle!

  3. crumpety cottage says:

    I’m so glad you’ve found a solution to your puzzle dilemma. And I always learn something from you. I’ve never heard of glue dots! As for chickens, I couldn’t have them in my subdivision, but I have thought about it if we get some land, which we hope to do. In the meantime, I go down to the co-op every spring and fawn over the baby chicks and ducklings. 😀

  4. Hey Susan! Maybe they will learn to only use green on that in the future. Chickens huh?! I would love to have fresh eggs straight from their arse! Haha! They taste so much better honestly. I have three dogs and I don’t think my alpha female schnauzer would allow it or at least she would make it very difficult.

    • lol The way you worded that made me laugh out loud, Jan! I actually held an egg yesterday that was just “hot off the press.” It was still warm having just been laid moments before. 🙂

  5. Great idea to change from the black to the green Susan…thanks for the recommendation on the spray adhesive….and looking forward to the Chicken Coop Tour!…thanks for hosting and have a great day!

  6. It is cold and rainy here in the NC mountains:-) Thanks for hosting Susan!!

  7. Glad you found a solution, but what a hassle when you’ve spent good $ on something and it’s not what you expect. I’m afraid about as close as I’ll get to chickens will be scavenging a feeder or two for resale in our latest booth space expansion with a farmhouse vibe. Or making devilled eggs for a spring buffet, lol. Happy Easter week, Susan.

  8. Hi Susan, I am glad you found a solution for the felt on the puzzle board:) BTW, I mentioned you in my post today…which is titled Rustic Bunny Napkin Rings. Thanks for hosting Susan, and have a wonderful day.

  9. That worked great! I was going to suggest a spray adhesive but you already figured it out! At least you got to experiment with the glue dots go make sure it all works. My neighbors had chickens for a while. Every so often they would migrate to our back yard and I got such a kick out of seeing them.

  10. I don’t know what rock I’ve been living under Susan but I’ve never seen one of these in my life ( because I don’t do puzzles? )
    What a fabulous item – and a great makeover !
    ( my Uncle did huge puzzles – had a special table designated for them – I get anxiety when I see a lot of puzzle pieces LOL )
    Thanks so much for another great party !

  11. Now I get it. I thought the puzzle looked good on the black, and it does as a frame of sorts. But seeing it on the green, I understand how working a puzzle would be easier on the eyes, with less contrast.

  12. You are so smart to change it out, Susan! I only seem to be able to work the 45 piece puzzles with the help of my little grands! lol Happy week!…hugs…Debbie

  13. Well that’s just crazy. I think black would be the worse color to use as a background for puzzles. You’re so smart to come up with a fix, and it really does look better with the green. As always, thank you for hosting.

  14. Susan, thanks for hosting! I can see where the black felt would be hard on the eyes. Great job switching out to the green!

  15. “Where there is a will, there is a way” comes to my mind with your fixing of the black felt issue. Good Job! Thanks for the spray adhesive tip. I need to buy some.
    Thanks for the party!

  16. Hi Susan! Oh, yay! A great way for your puzzle and it is addicting working these things! Thank you so much for hosting your party.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

  17. Oooo, puzzles. Love puzzles and your new board. We do a fair few of them with our girls at Christmas. I would really like to have some chickens so I’m anxious to hear about your chicken coup tour. Thanks so much for hosting. Hope your week is great and you have a Happy Easter!

  18. I definitely like the green better! Hope you are enjoying it as well! Have a great Monday!

  19. The spray adhesive should give you the result you are looking for. It doesn’t take a lot, either. I use it when I sculpt and shape a seat or back for upholstery. Thanks for continuing this party! It has been a long time now.

  20. Thanks for the party!!


  21. Thanks for hosting, Susan, and I love your solution to the puzzle board. I also couldn’t help but notice the alphabet mat on the floor — is that a DIY or a rug? Sorry if you’ve mentioned it before, but it looks cool! 🙂

  22. I agree, I feel that the green makes for a better back ground. The black seems as if it would be very difficult to work with. This is a great link party, thanks for hosting.

  23. Susan,
    I like how your puzzle board sits at an angle on an easel. I purchased one years ago, that just rolled up. Thank you for hosting Metamorphosis Monday!

  24. Thank you for hosting, Susan!

  25. The green seems like a MUCH better choice! Mt SIL used to raise chickens. They were so pretty. Now they moved to Fl. and can’t have chickens. Thanks so much for the party and the random posting!!

  26. No Spring weather here in Mass. yet Susan :(. I think we returned from Florida about a month too soon!

    Looking forward to that chicken coop tour! Thanks for the link up and have a great week!!

  27. I love the idea of a puzzle board that can be moved from place to place. That is going right on my wish list since we often have a puzzle in the works.

  28. Thanks for hosting the party. We love puzzles and love this idea!

  29. I have got to get me one of those puzzle boards! That is great and I have never seen on before, I love puzzle. And it would be so handy… so thanks for sharing. Even though I am not joining the party, thanks for hosting it. I love to visit and see all the inspiration. Have a great week.

  30. Here are a couple more suggestions for adhering your green felt to your black felt. These are products that I have used that I think would work for your project. One is a basting spray. It is used by quilters and other sewers to hold two pieces of fabrics together. It is a temporary adhesive which allows for repositioning if needed. I have found that it pretty much sticks together until you physically separate the layers. Another product that is more permanent is a scrapbooking product called scor-tape. It is a double sided tape that comes in different widths. It is on a roll and when you unwind it from the roll there will be one sticky side and one covered side. You put the sticky side on one piece of your paper (or fabric) and then once the tape is positioned where you want it you remove the covering from the tape and attach the other piece of paper (or fabric). It has a more permanent bond. It is a papercrafting adhesive but I put a bit between some felt scraps and it seemed to stick pretty well. Good luck with your project.

  31. So happy that you found a solution to your dilemma. Agree, that the green is far more attractive and easier on the eyes. Re an adhesive and ‘Lorri’s’ recommendations of using ‘tape rolls’ IMHO is a good idea and if it were me I would opt for a repositioning type first to see how effective it is. Application of it could be just around the perimeter and it would also give you the option of an easy change if the felt should become damaged or worn. With respect to the fabric type many are permanent adhesives that of which I have used on occasion. (ie: Heming of leather or suede fabric.)
    P.S: We are still waiting for Spring where I live in Canada. Though we are in lighter weight winter clothing we are still having the odd snowfall but the skiers are in 7th heaven …. LOL!

  32. So glad you figured out how to get your green felt onto your puzzle board. Your family room looks like such a comfortable place to hang out and do puzzles. Thanks for hosting!
    Lynda @ Gates of Crystal

  33. Hi Susan, Great solution for the puzzle board. Thanks for hosting!

  34. Marny CA says:

    Brilliant idea! Good for you!

    Meanwhile — your floor is gorgeous! Can you share the story on it, please.

    • Thanks, Marny! I’ve just been gradually adding hardwood flooring throughout my home. It started with the downstairs and then I added it up stairs, doing the hallway and the master bedroom suite area next. When I first started removing the carpet and adding hardwood flooring, I showed a picture I found in a magazine to the company I chose to do them. The floor were a golden brown color that just reminded me of sunshine. I loved them! They suggested going with white oak flooring, not the standard red oak you see in a lot of homes, to get the golden yellow tones that I loved in the flooring in the photo. So all the floors are white oak. It was installed raw (not prefinished) and finished in place. Because I went with unfinished hardwood flooring, the flooring could be sanded down and refinished 6-7 times over the years. I’ve never had to have them refinished but I like knowing that can be done if ever necessary. Some prefinished hardwood flooring can’t ever be refinished, so that was a big part of wanting to go with this type flooring. The important thing is just making sure you go with a really good company, even if that means spending a bit more.

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